Soledad O’Brien annoyed many earlier this year by dredging up writings from 1992 by convicted Atlanta child-killer Wayne Williams, wherein Mr. Williams discusses training that he allegedly received at a camp after being approached by an associate of an “old World War II spy” living in the Atlanta area, with ambiguous CIA connections, as part of a program to send young black agents into the worst trouble-spots in Africa in the late ’70s.

Bloggers debated & spewed forth opinions aplenty: “He’s guilty! “He’s innocent!”, but pretty much everyone agreed that WW was lying.

“–nothing to see here–no conspiracy–that’s right–keep movin’–everybody go home back to bed…”

Or one could go for more exotic explanations: The Process did it! My, that would be tasty, as presented by Rigorous Intuition’s Jeff Wells for instance…

How did Jeff know? He read it in Executive Intelligence Review.

Or–and please forgive my outrageously unorthodox approach here–you could google around to, you know, see if there were any such training camps consistent with WW’s claims. Or not.

So…who’s got a camp near Atlanta with CIA connections?

Mitch WerBell, that’s who. A para-military training camp called “The Farm” or Camp Cobray, in Powder Springs, right outside of Atlanta, where the deadly arts were/are taught in wooded seclusion.

WerBell’s career is a whole book or series of books unto itself, from the OSS, to the JFK assassination, to Company funded coup attempts in Haiti, the Abaco Islands, the Dominican Republic, to name a few.

WerBell’s nickname was “Mr. Whispering Death” in honor of his role in the development of state-of-the-art silencers for machine-guns and other life-enriching technological advances.

Some of Mr. WerBell’s colleagues by the mid ’70s would include Nazi/KKK Grand Dragon Roy Frankhouser, Bethel Babtist Church bomber and attorney for James Earl Ray, J. B. Stoner, and Gerry Patrick Hemming.

“A key figure in these murky doings was an obscure far rightist self-proclaimed occultist named Ken Duggan. Duggan, who lived in New York City, was a Minuteman activist. Duggan was also a male witch or Warlock.”

“Duggan worked closely with another New York-based far right occultist named James Madole, who created the Yorkville-based Nazi sect, the National Renaissance Party (NRP) in the late 1940s.”

“The NRP also had ties to a group called “The Temple of Baal” located in Long Island. In Michigan, a few NRP members even set up their own occult fascist sect known as “The Order of the Black Ram”.

“Duggan also helped put the NCLC into contact with his and Miles’ good friend Roy Frankhouser”, and Frankhouser would in turn hook WerBell up with Lyndon Larouche, who was Frankhouser’s employer at the time.

WerBell would go to work as a “security consultant” for Larouche in ’77 along with Frankhouser, and according to ex-Larouchies, being sent down to WerBell’s camp was the highest honor to be obtained in the NCLC. Numbers vary depending on who’s telling the story, but it would appear that all of the top level NCLC personnel and then some, would go through Werbell’s training course.

Wayne Williams was 19 years of age in 1977.

Not everybody loved WerBell.

Did I mention that Larouche seems to harbor a bit of animosty toward persons of color?

A noticable pattern to Larouche’s behavior, is the obvious pleasure LL takes in the subjugation and degradation of his “enemies”, by making them his pets, and having Jews make viciously anti-semitic proclamations on his behalf, and corrupting once revered figures in the African-American community like Roy Innes to do his bidding, and having pedophile James Bevel act as liason with Louie Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, and lead the charge in the Franklin “investigation”.

Some say that the KKK was too disorganized and understaffed in the Atlanta area at that point to carry out the systematic murder of dozens on their own and get away with it. And it has been pointed out that there would be difficulties in luring young black kids to their doom as the casualties pile up and fear grips the community, said kids becoming increasingly wary in the presence of predatory white yahoos.

A front-man would be needed who would seem unthreatening to the intended victims, and could serve as the Oswald/Berkowitz type patsy, and best of all, to a certain obsessive sensibility, have the African-American community stalked, terrorized, desecrated, mutilated, and demoralized by one of it’s own, reinforcing a viewpoint held by certain personages central to our narrative that “These people are animals!”

Some people valued WerBell’s camp so much that they might have been tempted to…indulge in unethical behavior to obtain it:

From the wookiepedia:

“In the 1989 Cotton Club murder case of Roy Radin, Arthur Michael Pascal, then owner of a Beverly Hills security firm, testified that prosecution witness William Rider, (Larry) Flynt’s former brother in law and private security agent, “told him of poisoning soldier of fortune Mitchell WerBell in 1983 in order to take over WerBell’s counterterrorist school in Atlanta. Pascal said that Rider and…Flynt poured four to six ounces of a digitoxin, a powerful heart relaxant, into WerBell’s drink during a party at Flynt’s Los Angeles mansion. WerBell a security consultant for Flynt…died of a heart attack at UCLA Medical Center a few days later.”

While back “in 1988, Sheriff Sherman Block of Los Angeles announced that Hustler publisher Larry Flynt wrote WerBell a $1 million check in 1983 to kill Hugh Hefner, Bob Guccione, Walter Annenberg, and Frank Sinatra. Los Angeles television station KNBC dispalyed a photocopy of the check. WerBell died in Los Angeles a month after receiving the check.”

To re-cap: During the time-frame that Wayne Williams claims to have received deadly training skills, Camp Cobray was bristling with Larouche’s top NCLC management, and assorted professional racist terrorists, who all seem to be inextricably enmeshed in white on black violence and murder.

And NOBODY finds this at all suspicious or worthy of investigation?

As Lee Harvey Oswald case officer and WerBell “business partner” Gerry Patrick Hemming would say: “Let’s talk about the Martin Luther King thing, let’s talk about Don Freed, Le Coubre, nigger-killers in bed with the Mafia, the Mafia in bed with the FBI, and the goddamn CIA in bed with all of them.”

Naw, I’m probably just being paranoid…just ignore the preceding bullshit, I’m sure there’s a more reasonable explanation…

Just ask Jeff Wells…

Hell, just ask Lyndon Larouche!


  1. Hylozoic Hedgeghog Says:

    For background on the far right activist and occultist Ken Duggan and his membership in the Church of Satan, please see

    This report also reproduces an FBI file where Duggan describes his membership in the Church of Satan.

    Duggan’s role with LaRouche is also detailed in other chapters of the e-book Smiling Man from a Dead Planet: The Mystery of Lyndon LaRouche, in particular the chapters “Unity Now” and an appendix entitled “Palimpsest World.” Both chapters also go into detailed descriptions of other racists close to LaRouche such as Roy Frankhouser and Michigan KKK leader Robert Miles.

    See for the broader story.

    • There are actually quite a few linked sources, including LaRouche Planet/Unity Now material, in the orange highlighted words, and in some cases, letters in the posted text.

      It’s good to see some interest in the Duggan/LaRouche/Frankhouser/Miles/Hemming/Werbell connections, which I think have been grossly overlooked & ignored. Especially in relation to the time frame when LaRouche personnel were attending Camp Cobray in droves, overlapping with the possible presence of Wayne Williams, whose description of a CIA connected training training camp run by an “old World War II spy”, seems mighty specific to me.

      A nontroversy, to be sure. Your comment is the first of any kind to notice or respond in any way to this information, which has been posted here for over two years.

      I am nonetheless very impressed by the otherwise total lack of interest out there on this subject, and the possible answers that might exist beyond the routine rehashing of the Same Old Shit.

      Almost as if “They” didn’t want to know.

      • The “Espresso Stalinist” mentions Werbell in this interesting, but long-winded hyper-caffeinated neo-Marxist commentary on the Atlanta murder investigation. They claim that Werbell was invited to join in the manhunt, although I have not personally seen independent corroboration of this assertion.

        “In retrospect, the whole odious design is clear as day: while the police/FBI task force was leading hundreds of people on wild goose chases through the woods, police informants were selling the murderers automatic rifles and grenades and listening to them brag about the killings. The height of the irony of the police/FBI task force was reached when police invited Mitchell WerBell and the Camp Cobrey Rangers to lead the search parties. WerBell is a well-known fascist and an international arms merchant and drug dealer. Camp Cobrey is a major para-military training camp in Georgia which prepares mercenaries to fight for the fascist regimes in southern Africa, Central America and elsewhere. These were the people the reformist misleaders were asking the people to place their trust in.”

  2. Hylozoic Hedgeghog Says:

    As for LaRouche’s grotesque racism, see Dennis King’s web site at LaRouche’s attack on Obama’s mother is especially jaw-dropping:

    The ties to the far right in the 1970s were largely kept secret from the general membership. Keep in mind that the Labor Committee included a high percentage of Jewish members. This didn’t prevent the group’s Security Staff — led by Paul Goldstein, Jeff Steinberg and Scott Thompson — from forging alliances with some of America’s worst anti-Semites, racists, and Holocaust Deniers. (Needless to add, they did so under direct orders from LaRouche.) By the late 1970s, these previously covert connections became more and more public as LaRouche fled from his Marxist past into the never-never land of anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

    Yet this is the same group responsible for the Obama-Hitler mustache poster! (As Bill Clinton would say, “it takes brass . . .”)

    Although I give new background information (including a chapter to WerBell in my e-book at, Smiling Man from a Dead Planet really ends in the late 1970s just as the WerBell-LaRouche connection was really getting underway.

    The best overview of the LaRouche group’s dealings with the far right and WerBell in particular from the late 1970s into the 1980s (the time of the Atlanta murders) remains Dennis King’s book Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism.

    Unfortunately, many top Labor Committee members who later left for various reasons continue to remain silent about the organization’s dealings with the far right both in the United States and overseas. One example of the foreign connections: In the late 1980s Goldstein and Steinberg toured Japan with the leading Japanese promoter of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion named Masami Uno. They even published a book together in Japanese called “Confessions of the Jews.”

    (On the Japan trip, see )

    As a result of the refusal of former Labor Committee leaders to break the code of silence, even King’s book is far from definitive on the subject of LaRouche’s ties to WerBell.

    In short, there remains a lot we don’t know and given the shoddy state of investigative journalism in the United States these days, probably a lot we will never know. However if anyone seriously wanted to know more about WerBell and Cobray, I imagine they would first start by trying to declassify his government files via FOIA.

    Finally, I should add that there is also some interest in WerBell and another of his associates named Gordon Novel in the world of JFK assassination research.

  3. Here’s your typical damage control post spinning deftly away from any of the possibilities discussed above, which is all publicly available information.

    I guess Ty/DE333 and his little chum “Vindalf” didn’t think it was important, as long as we’re assured that absolutely NO ritual occultists were involved in any way at all no way Jose, because after all, Larouche tried to blame it on the Process, which is an easily debunked strawman, so there. (as long as they can keep the gate closed on D-U-G-G-A-N & M-A-D-O-L-E)

    So far, so good. Nice work guys. I hope Mr Sunstein or Mr Matheny or Mr Breeze or Mr Flynt popped for a nice bonus on this one. 🙂

    …keep movin’…nothin’ to see here…no conspiracy…take your Alex Jones tin-hat elsewhere…keep movin’…

  4. Well, I came to this party late. But I (actually, one of my readers) independently flashed on the WerBell connection to the Wayne Williams document.

    The above post gets into areas that are rather too “out there” for the likes of me. I became interested in the Atlanta case after reading Dave McGowan’s book, but I consider a lot of what McGowan says to be way over the top. And frankly, I don’t even know who YOU people are.

    That said, I would not mind communicating with anyone who would like to delve into the WerBell connection further.

    My big questions:

    Has anyone actually seen the document titled “Finding Myself,” written by Wayne Williams in 1992?

    Does this document contain details which can be verified independently? 1992 was pre-internet, and Williams has been in jail since the early 1980s. If (for example) he displayed detailed knowledge of how things worked at The Farm, then the document deserves to be taken seriously.

    My email address is on my web site.

  5. Ever notice that all those hard hitting Limited Hangout Keyboard Komandos over at Rigorous Intimidation:

    …you know, like Alex Jones Mini-Me, Elfis Simes

    …or the queen of Big Pharm Chem, known at RI as Compared2What?, who in real life is known as now dysfunctional ex Rolling Stooge “writer” Mim Udovitch

    …or Grand Wazoo/cult leader, Jeff “I read it in EIR” Wells…

    …for all their self-righteous huffing and puffing, seem not to have a fuckin’ clue for all these years as to what might have gone on down in Atlanta, until this post.

    Willful stupidity?

    Or just more Pimping for Larouche?


    Look, just because Jeff based his article on the Atlanta Child Murders on an article he read in Larouche’s EIR, and the fact that the Larouche org is the most likely suspect in those crimes with plenty of Motive, Means, and Opportunity, doesn’t necessarily mean that Wells is an idiot or a limited hangout disinfo shill!!!!

    It just means that if you disagree with him and his usual ass-kissing sycophants, then you’re FAKE NEWS!!

    (does this sound at all familiar?)

  7. Speaking of the process, they were in Atlanta during the murders. They moved there after the Yonkers police started investigating them. We know they’re basically a fascist Neo Nazi/satanic cult. We also know they had extensive intelligence ties to both the US and The British. We know they were involved in child pornography. Intelligence uses these cults the same way they use the mafia; as middlemen between them and the public. This way the blame can be placed on a cult in case their lone gunman propaganda falls apart in the public opinion.

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