FOR GONE CONCLUSION (Chasen shadows)

EXT: Corner of Pico & Ficino, beneath a malfunctioning streetlamp flickering in the shadowed twilight, just like at The Cowboy’s ranch…

GITTES: This stinks Escobar. Your flunkies have been on the tube sayin’ that only an expert marksman shooting from an elevated angle, like from an SUV, coulda put five shots in her chest at that tight of a pattern and gotten away from the scene, and now yer tryna sell us this lone-nut-on-a-bicycle bullshit? Nobody’s gonna buy this crap Escobar! Ya hear me? Nobody!

ESCOBAR: That’s where you’re wrong Gittes. Three months from now, nobody’s going to remember any of this. The wheels will turn, and the Industry will grind on, and it’ll be business as usual. All this will be just so much stale popcorn.

GITTES: Bullshit Escobar! I’ll still be here, and I’ll remember. I’m not just gonna push the envelope on this, I’m gonna rip it wide open and set the fuckin’ pieces on fire, this isn’t the last of this, not by a long shot…

ESCOBAR: You just don’t get it, do you? There’s some factions in this town that draw lines that you just don’t Cross. Celebrity trumps everything–no exceptions. And I think we know who owns celebrity around here, don’t we? You think anybody up or down the food-chain is gonna ask questions that would embarrass Tom Cruise, or Cher, or Travolta, or Oprah, or Will Smith?

There’s too much at stake here for the truth to come out.

I got a call from the Captain, who got a call from the Commander, who got a call from the D.A., who got a call from the Commissioner, who got a call from the Attorney General, who got a call from the Governor, who got a call from the Secretary of Defense, who got a call from the President, who got a call from a figure in the shadows way up at the apex of the pyramid that if you’ve lived right you don’t know nothin’ about, and if you want to live long, you’ll stay blissfully ignorant of.

And when that figure in the shadows way up at the top sez: LAY OFF!! You’d better fucking listen.

Believe me Gittes, there’s some things well worth not knowing.

You go stickin’ yer nose in this, and I think you already know what’s gonna happen. Am I right?

Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown…


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