According to Sir Laurence Gardiner, Mary Magdalene was known as
the “Mistress of the Waters”. This title aligns her with the mother
goddess Accan (Isis). As the Miriam, she was the Head Sister of
the Order of Dan. Her order appears to be the continuation of
the mysterious tribe of Daniel. Daniel was not a personal name.
It was a group of people, The question who or what then are the
Daniel takes on Paramount importance.

In her ‘Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets’, Barbara Walker
answers this question by saying ‘Daniel’ was a title used to distinguish
“a person of the goddess Dana or Diana.”

Maat is probably Tiamat, one of the Pleiades.

Fascinatingly, the Pleiades have also been linked to a
bunch of grapes or Blue Apples.

Suddenly, the story of Jesus’ “curing” of Mary Magdalene, his chief
apostle, of “possession” by “seven demons” takes on new meaning.
These seven demons may well be the seven stars of the Pleiades.

William Henry

The sun, the universal Apollo, the absolute light, is reflected
in it’s shadow, it’s moon, it’s Diana, which is the world of
universal nature in which the enthusiast hunts for the vestiges
of the divine, the reflections of the divine light in nature, and
the hunter becomes converted into what he hunts after, that is
to say, he becomes divine. Hence the wonderful image of Actaeon
and his dogs, hunting after the “vestiges”, which recurs again and
again in the Eroici furori, until by progressive insights, devour Actaeon
and he becomes wild, like a stag dwelling in the woods, and obtains
the power of contemplating the nude Diana, the beautiful disposition
of the body of nature. He sees All as One. He sees Amphirtrite the ocean
which is the source of all numbers, the monad, and if he does not see it
in it’s essence, the absolute light, he sees it in his image, for from the
monad which is the divinity proceeds this monad which is the World.
–Francis A.Yates
‘Giordano [GiorDANo] Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition’ p.278


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