20 Responses to “TRACY KEPT HER VOW”

  1. Fultiltredhead Says:


      The Family p 443 “Fylfot” = Process/4pi

      Dornan said that he had read reports made by the California State Attorney General’s office about the travels of Fylfot, and its founder, through California. Dornan claimed that the reports indicated that Fylfot’s leader was in California, including Los Angeles, in 1969, before Manson was charged with the Tate/Labianca murders. The report, according to Dornan, said that after a final sweep through California, that Fylfot left the USA around the first of November 1969 and that the leader of Fylfot had met with a member in Santa Barbara and left that member behind as the “American head of Fylfot”.

      And earlier on the page, attorney Paul Fitzgerald remarks:

      “He says that–I don’t know what the hell he’s saying–I guess he’s saying that this guy, the head of Fylfot killed the two Scientology kids and killed all the people along the beach, killed all the Santa Barbara people and–…”


        ‘The Family’ –Sanders p79:

        In September of 1968, on the Labor Day “run” to Mendocino, Brother Ely went along and observed with dispassion, according to a witness, a violent sadistic “turnout”, which is biker terminology for a violent gang rape. Only this girl was nearly killed–punched, slugged, gagging and puking with mouth rape, while four men held her down, punching her in the face whenever she wouldn’t obey. Later, they picked her up, put her clothes on, and dumped her at a road near the location of the biker frolics.

        In August of 1968, Brother Ely and his girlfriend casually watched some members of the Gypsy Jokers repeatedly slam a car door on the head of a middle aged man who had called one of the bikers a punk in an obscure bar in San Jose.


      • Alphonse Says:



  2. Arch Stanton Says:

  3. Grand Chingon JR Says:

    “I play this, Ronald Hadley Stark, whenever I remember how you saved my life. Buddy.”

  4. Mad in France Says:

    Having worn out their welcome in Britain for a while, where do you take an act like that where one might expect a modicum of tolerance or, I daresay, even encouragement?

    Well, if you google around just a bit, I think you might find that Ursula and Sabina have settled in none other than Goleta, California. They should fit right in. Interesting place, but I wouldn’t recommend sleeping on the beaches there. Post office is kind of iffy too.

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