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  1. Fultiltredhead Says:


      The Family p 443

      “Fylfot” = Process/4pi

      Dornan said that he had read reports made by the California State Attorney General’s office about the travels of Fylfot, and its founder, through California. Dornan claimed that the reports indicated that Fylfot’s leader was in California, including Los Angeles, in 1969, before Manson was charged with the Tate/Labianca murders. The report, according to Dornan, said that after a final sweep through California, that Fylfot left the USA around the first of November 1969 and that the leader of Fylfot had met with a member in Santa Barbara and left that member behind as the “American head of Fylfot”.

      And earlier on the page, attorney Paul Fitzgerald remarks:

      “He says that–I don’t know what the hell he’s saying–I guess he’s saying that this guy, the head of Fylfot killed the two Scientology kids and killed all the people along the beach, killed all the Santa Barbara people and–…”


        ‘The Family’ –Sanders p79:

        In September of 1968, on the Labor Day “run” to Mendocino, Brother Ely went along and observed with dispassion, according to a witness, a violent sadistic “turnout”, which is biker terminology for a violent gang rape. Only this girl was nearly killed–punched, slugged, gagging and puking with mouth rape, while four men held her down, punching her in the face whenever she wouldn’t obey. Later, they picked her up, put her clothes on, and dumped her at a road near the location of the biker frolics.

        In August of 1968, Brother Ely and his girlfriend casually watched some members of the Gypsy Jokers repeatedly slam a car door on the head of a middle aged man who had called one of the bikers a punk in an obscure bar in San Jose.


      • Alphonse Says:



      • Mad in France Says:

      • Mad in France Says:


      • Fatlay Good Says:

      • Yeah, but why?

      • — to initiate apocalyptic Helter Skelter race war?

        — payback for rejection by Melcher?

        — payback for yet another in a series of moronic Manson Family “drug burns”?

        — to discredit the “hippie” movement?

        — to nullify anti-war activism?

        — an SRI “social experiment” fronted through Esalen?

        — domestic extension of the Phoenix Project?

        — copycat of Hinman hit to get Bobby B off the hook?

        — a contract on Frykowski for infringing on high-roller MDA/LSD market turf?

        — contract on Folger for cutting $$$ flow to Manson/Himalayan Academy/Straight Theater etc?

        — contract on Tate for $25k by Degrimston because Sirhan/RFK?

        — Sinatra pissed at Polanski for breaking up his marriage to Mia Farrow over ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ thereby humiliating Frank in front of his mobster buddies?

        — disgruntled Sebring customer over bad haircut?

        — inner intel agency rift between rival Operation Gladio participants Col Paul Tate and Ronald Hadley Stark over control & monopoly of Hollywood drug scene?

        — no reason–the whole thing was a fake according to arch disinfo purveyor “Miles Mathis” who says they all faked their deaths including Sharon who posed as her younger sister Patti Tate for the rest of her life, while John Lennon faked his death so he could pose as a John Lennon imitator in Traverse City Michigan (yuck!) while Theresa & Jeremy didn’t have to fake their deaths since they never existed in the first place and JFK faked his assassination and lives on as underground King of America just as surely as the faked deaths of RFK MLK JFK jr and Jackie O and Hendrix and Sinatra and Jimmy Hoffa and Marilyn Monroe and Jim Morrison and Prince and Hitler and Maya Deren and David Bowie and Mark Twain and Euripides and Catherine the Great and Frank Zappa and Cleopatra and Flannery O’Connor and Leonard Cohen and Princess Di and Jim Varney and Lenny Bruce and R Gordon Wasson and G Gordon Liddy and L Ron Hubbard and Nabokov and Russ Meyer and Doris Lessing and Timothy Leary and Ayn Rand and Paganini and Zoroaster and Mozart and Sappho and Buddy Holly and Valentino and Alexander the Great and Vittorio de Sica and Nazimova and August Strindberg and Joseph Smith and John the Baptist and Gurdjieff and Houdini and Ghandi and Andy Kaufman and Rudolph Hess and John Belushi and Vlad the Impaler etc etc…

      • Fatlay Good Says:

        All of the above, I guess. But that’s still only a total of five souls, meaning that they had to go out the next night, August 10th (happy birthday Mr Robert Degrimston!) and take two more in Los Feliz to make it an even seven.

        “I’ll be there in just a little while…you see, I gotta go out in this car with these people and…”

      • Mad in France Says:

        “Of the over five hundred cities in California, Suzan Laberge just happens to end up in the small town of Carpinteria, CA, where Patti Tate and her three children reside. Out of a class of over 130 children, Laberge’s daughter Rommi just so happens to befriend Patti’s daughter.”

      • OK, I may have just found the ultimate so far. This is way more paranoid and delusional than Alex Jones, Miles Mathis and Dreamsend combined.

        This one claims that JJ Abrams is the son of Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate (who of course faked her death) and best of all, that Polanski and Thomas Pynchon are the SAME PERSON, that person being the son of Genrikh Yagoda, who of course was actually B Traven! Something about Jewwwws in there too.


        In her book Restless Souls, and in this article Alisa Statman alludes to a plot between Tex Watson and Suzan LaBerge. But lets take a look at what seems clearly obvious to us.

        Out of over five hundred cities in California, Suzan LaBerge just so happens to end up in the small town of Carpinteria, CA, where Patti Tate and her 3 children reside. Out of a class of over 130 children, LaBerge’s daughter, Rommi just so happens to befriend Patti’s daughter.

        And, it just so happens, that LaBerge is now friends with Watson who is due for parole that year and will once again come up against Doris Tate and her victim impact statement and one of the strongest reasons for his continued incarceration.

        And, so begins what could be an elaborate, unbelievable plot. Is it possible that Watson either blackmailed or paid LaBerge to pull off a sure-fire plan to get him a parole date – befriend him as a born-again-Christian, keep Doris Tate (and her powerful impact statements) away from his parole hearing while another victim (LaBerge) makes a statement for his release?

        Was that the plan – for LaBerge to gain the trust of both Patti and her daughter and that either the day of or the day before Watson’s hearing, Patti’s daughter would go missing – about the only thing that would keep Doris from attending that hearing? In Doris’ absence LaBerge would give the parole board such a moving speech for his release that they would grant him a date.

        Is it possible Suzan and Tex thought they were going to make a fortune with their story once he was released with shows like Dateline and 20/20 in a bidding war for an interview?

        Is it possible that what they didn’t count on was the fact that Doris would have an informant at CMC tattling on Watson and giving away his plan? Or, that the whole thing would backfire and blow up in their face by…

        …Bill Nelson. He latched onto the LaBerge/Watson friendship like a Terrier and supposedly exposed LaBerge’s dark side. He uncovered court documents showing her as an abusive mother. He got her ex-husband, Wok, to admit that he was scared of her, scared for his children that were in her custody, and he confirmed that she was a Satanist not a Christian. Then Nelson went on to expose Watson and his wife’s Medi-Cal fraud and found proof that both, (good Christians that they were) were not only ripping off the government, ripping off donators to his ALMS, but both were having numerous affairs.

  2. Arch Stanton Says:

  3. Grand Chingon JR Says:

    “I play this, Ronald Hadley Stark, whenever I remember how you saved my life. Buddy.”

  4. Mad in France Says:

    Having worn out their welcome in Britain for a while, where do you take an act like that where one might expect a modicum of tolerance or, I daresay, even encouragement?

    Well, if you google around just a bit, I think you might find that Ursula and Sabina have settled in none other than Goleta, California. They should fit right in. Interesting place, but I wouldn’t recommend sleeping on the beaches there. Post office is kind of iffy too.

  5. Fatlay Good Says:

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