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    As described in The Repairer of Reputations, the manuscript, with pages well-worn only from the constant handling and reading by Hildred Castaigne, concerns itself with the imperial dynasty that spreads from Carcosa to America.

    The manuscript begins with the words “When from Carcosa, the Hyades, Hastur and Aldebaran” – indicating that each is an ancestral home of the dynasty, and continuing onto “Louis Castaigne, born December 19, 1887… Hildred Castaigne, only son of Hildred Castaigne Snr and Edythe Landes Castaigne, first in succession…” It is perhaps relevant that it never states explicitly that this is the end of the manuscript.

  4. n his tribe, Zoroaster held the hereditary office of witch-doctor or medicine-man. He faithfully fulfilled the duties that were attached to this position among the savage tribes of inner-Asia before they were subdued and civilized by the Persian Empire. Their religion can be best described as a form of shamanism; its chief points are two, both of equal importance: the ordeal and the Maga. The tribal mythology, theology, and all rites derive from ordeal and Maga; they are their functions. The ordeal, the divine judgment here carried out by pouring molten metal on the litigants, it) self-explanatory ; it was administered by a college of Fellow of the Ordeal, presided over by Zoroaster as medicine-man and shamanism chief.

    It is less easy to explain the purport of the Maga. Secondarily, the Maga is an enclosure within which the sacred rites are performed; primarily it is a term for ‘magic singing’, and as a collective, ‘a group of people engaging in magic songs’. Within the Maga the members of the tribe who were admitted to the sacred community met from time to time to perform certain acts that aimed at reaching a state of ecstasy. The chief means employed to this end were singing and probably dancing, hence the curious name. Quicker results were reached by the application of steam and hemp (the question whether Zoroaster used hemp for such purposes will be discussed later),

    As soon as the participants in these ceremonies had fallen into a trance, they began to shout incomprehensible words and syllables; but presently they fell into a complete coma. In this state, they imagined themselves to reach a mystical union with God, or rather with Vohu Manah. Their souls, released by trance from the body, rose up to the higher regional to join with other souls who had been freed either in the same way or by death; there is no real difference: between these two groups: as we might say ‘sleep is the brother of death’ the shamanists would have said ‘trance is the brother of death’. Vohu Manah is the collective of the Free-souls, or the cosmic, divine Free-soul.

    To reach a trance or a coma was regarded as the greatest boon; to be excluded from the fellowship of the Maga a terrible misfortune. It is clear that in a given tribe the leading shaman must have exercised great influence; for beside presiding over the ceremonies connected with the ordeal he was the chief of the Maga and as such determined who was to be admitted to the supreme happiness the Maga alone could bestow.

    We also begin to understand now why the Gatha, the poems by Zoroaster, which his community so faithfully transmitted through the centuries, have presented so great difficulties to the scholars who have hitherto tried to fathom their meaning. If the Gathas are crazy, mutterings shouted by a senseless man in, a hemp-induced stupor, it is pointless to seek much meaning in them. It was also rather pointless that those who-mistakenly — believed – themselves to be following in the footsteps of Zoroaster should have taken so much trouble to preserve what turns out to be gibberish. As to the scholars who in modern times studied the Gathas without finding the true key to them, the less we say about their inept attempts the better.

    • This is the central point in the religion into which Zoroaster was born. He would no doubt have transmitted it unchanged to succeeding generations, had not exterior events compelled him to search his heart and reformulate his creed. The event that produced a revolution in his mind was missionary activity by primitive polytheists, by that group which put the God Mithra into the foreground. The propagandists of Mithraism, with their animal sacrifices and nocturnal haoma orgies, exercised an unholy fascination upon the simple, unsophisticated members of Zoroaster’s community. The number of those who attended the Maga to spend their days in a peaceful coma grew less and less; the situation worsened from day to day. Zoroaster held stoutly ‘to his ancient religion at the beginning, but soon his mind was affected by doubts. This is the ‘great crisis’ in his life.

      In his perplexity, he turned to his God: Ahura Mazdah heard his prayer: he received a revelation. In a vision, he saw that his earlier theology had been wrong Ahura Mazdah, in truth, was not I the God who keeps aloof from the world, the God that had created both the Good and the Evil Spirits. No, Ahura Mazdah was an I active God, who guided the good, who was ever ready to stretch out a helping hand to those who fought for Truth, He had not I created the Evil Spirit: the Evil Spirit was independent, hostile to him and all his creatures, equal or almost equal in power. In short, while he had been a Zervanist before, Zoroaster now became a strict Dualist, the author of that dualism that has characterized Zoroastrianism through the ages.

      Armed with his new theology Zoroaster turned to the attack. However, while he had been able to do very little against the lusty Mithraists before, his sudden change of front did not improve matters. One can easily imagine that the few faithful friends that were ready to stand by him now despaired and lured away. At any rate, he had to leave his tribe, reviled by his enemies, abandoned by his friends. The great crisis in Zoroaster’s life — if I may use words I used once before — can be summed up in four words: alcohol prevailed over hemp.

      • Zoroastrianism and the Cult of Angels share many features, among which are the belief in seven good angels and seven “bad” ones in charge of the world, and a hereditary priestly class. These common features are natural results of the long and eventful contact between the two religions. Other common features may be the result of the religious imprint of the Aryan settlers of Kurdistan, whose original religion must have been the same as that which the Prophet Zoroaster later reformed and reconstituted into the religion of Zoroastrianism. In its present form, however, the Cult shows the greatest mutuality with Islam, which has been its neighbor for the past 14 centuries. Nearly a thousand years after the first attempt on Zoroastrianism, followers of the Cult made another, less successful, bid to take over, or eliminate, Zoroastrianism. This was in the form of the Mazdakite movement.

        The cult or movement of Mazdak rose in the Sth century AD in response to the rigid social and economic class system instituted by the Zoroastrian state religion of Sasanian Persia. The movement spread out from the Zagros region led by a native son, Mazdak, who eventually even succeeded in converting the Sasanian king Kavât or Qubâd (r. AD 488-53 1).

        The Mazdakites’ fundamental belief in the social equality of people, still largely present in the Cult of Angels, gave this religion special attraction to the poor and the objects of discrimination. Mazdak (whose name may mean “lesser Mazdâ,” with Mazdâ being the shortened form for the name of the Zoroastrian supreme god Ahurâ Mazdâ), preached communal ownership of many worldly possessions, and was accused of having included women in this same category-an accusation of sexual promiscuity still levied on the Cult of Angels.

        The practice of communal ownership has prompted many modern writers to flamboyantly brand the cult of Mazdak as the first world communist system (see Classical History). In this religion was also embedded a militancy that continued to manifest itself in several socioreligious movements in the Islamic era, and indirectly through the militant Shi’ism of modern times.

        Despite, or perhaps because of, their earlier successes, the Mazdakites were soon subjected to widespread massacres towards the end of Kavât’s rule ca. AD 528 (as he had by then reverted to Zoroastrianism). Under the rule of Kavât’s son and successor, Chosroes I Anoshervân, pogroms were extended to all corners of the country, prompting the king soon to declare them all destroyed. Far from being destroyed, the movement resurfaced, albeit fragmented, after the destruction of the staunchly Zoroastrian Sasanian Persian Empire. Mazdak remains one of the two patron saints of the populous Khushnow Kurdish tribe in central Kurdistan (Sykes 1908, 457).

        Muslim rulers in their turn had to face and put down successiva waves of economically driven messianic religious movements originating in this same area of Jibâl (Arabic for “[Zagrosl mountains,” i.e., old Media). The most important movement, that of the Khurramiyya, was led by religious and military leader Bâbak. The Khurramiyya believed in transmigration of souls, especially those of their leaders and religious figures. Bâbak and his followers, like Mazdak and the Mazdakites earlier, were known for their practice of communal ownership of all properties and means of economic production, and lack of social distinctions.

      • Fulltiltredhead© ⅊ ⎋ ☭ ☫ ☬ Says:

        The hallmark of the Mazdakites and the Khurramis was their use of the color red for their banners and clothing. They were thus called the Surkhalamân, “the people of red banners,” or Surkhjâmagân, “the people of red cloths.” This signature reappeared in the 14th and 15th centuries in another movement from among the followers of the Cult, when the Alevis came to be called the Qizilbâsh, or “the red heads,” from their red headgear (see Alevism and Medieval History).

      • THE YELLOW SIGN Says:


      • Fulltiltredhead© ⅊ ⎋ ☭ ☫ ☬ Says:

        “TELL UKBARA”!

      • Ezra Buckley Says:

        Thanx for playing ǾÜǷƝƎƘĦÅŦ©!

      • The world-tree of the ancient religion of Persia is called the Haoma. The ancient Chaldeans and Assyrians believed that in the forest of Eridhu a great tree grew. Its seat was the centre of the earth and its roots of white crystal stretched towards the deep, whilst its foliage, which encompassed the heavens, was the residence of the primeval mother Zikum, and the tree in which Tammuz, the Chaldean Adonis, hid himself. There are said to be two Haoma’s,[1] the earthly or Yellow Haoma, which is the king of healing plants, and the White Haoma, the Gaokerena of the Zendavesta[2]. This Haoma, the sacred plant of the Zoroastrians, provides the primal drink of immortality. It is the first of all trees, planted in heaven by Ormuzd, in the fountain of life, near another tree called the “inviolable,” which bears the seeds of every kind of vegetable life. Both these trees are situated in a lake called Vouru Kasha, and are guarded by ten fish, who keep a ceaseless watch upon a lizard, (some say a dragon), sent by the evil Ahriman, to destroy the sacred Tree.

      • ǾÜǷƝƎƘĦÅŦ© Says:

        “the earthly or YELLOW Haoma, which is the KING of healing plants”

      • ALDEBARAN (Alpha Tauri). Aldebaran is by far the brightest, and therefore the Alpha, star of the constellation Taurus. The ancient name, from Arabic, means “the Follower,” as the star seems to follow the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters star cluster, across the sky.

    • Mad in France Says:

      In artworks, the Scythians are portrayed exhibiting European traits.[130] In Histories, the 5th-century Greek historian Herodotus describes the Budini of Scythia as red-haired and grey-eyed.[130] In the 5th century BC, Greek physician Hippocrates argued that the Scythians have purron (ruddy) skin.[130][131] In the 3rd century BC, the Greek poet Callimachus described the Arismapes (Arimaspi) of Scythia as fair-haired.[130][132] The 2nd century BC Han Chinese envoy Zhang Qian described the Sai (Scythians) as having yellow (probably meaning hazel or green), and blue eyes.[130] In Natural History, the 1st century AD Roman author Pliny the Elder characterizes the Seres, sometimes identified as Iranians (Scythians) or Tocharians, as red-haired and blue-eyed.[130][133] In the late 2nd century AD, the Christian theologian Clement of Alexandria says that the Scythians are fair-haired.[130][134] The 2nd century Greek philosopher Polemon includes the Scythians among the northern peoples characterized by red hair and blue-grey eyes.[130] In the late 2nd or early 3rd century AD, the Greek physician Galen declares that Sarmatians, Scythians and other northern peoples have reddish hair.[130][135] The fourth-century Roman historian Ammianus Marcellinus wrote that the Alans, a people closely related to the Scythians, were tall, blond and light-eyed.[136] The 4th century bishop of Nyssa Gregory of Nyssa wrote that the Scythians were fair skinned and blond haired.[137] The 5th-century physician Adamantius, who often follow Polemon, describes the Scythians are fair-haired.[130][138] It is possible that the later physical descriptions by Adamantius and Gregory of Scythians refer to East Germanic tribes, as the latter were frequently referred to as “Scythians” in Roman sources at that time.

  5. Small Batch Lemming Pledge Says:


  6. John Barron Says:

    Hooray for the Precedent! Jobs are coming back now that we are soon to be freed from Obama’s tyranny of unions and minimum wage! Thanks to Mr Trump my kids can now grow up to be coal-miners and chiminy-sweeps for just pennies a day!

    • John Miller! Says:

    • Ronnie Eldridge — a New York City Council member and wife of Daily News columnist Jimmy Breslin — was one of the first politicians to laugh off Trump’s plans to conquer Roman theme parks.

      Asked by Newsday about the project, Eldridge replied, “I didn’t know he thought he was Julius Caesar.”

      • редложение структуралиста Says:

      • John Miller! Says:

        Hooray for Law n’Order! Hooray for Officer Yanez and his fearless confrontation against the pervasive lawlessness in this land exemplified by Dangerous Knee-grows With Broken Tail Lights!

      • Barron Barron III Says:

        You’re so right John! I’m so glad that Officer Yanez was able to take down this Castile monster and end his horrific crime spree! Now my little daughter can walk to the Mall without fear of being attacked by these savages! SEVEN shots is not enough! Damn the furor! Praise the Führer!

      • ☺☻☹☞✃✂✁☻⚉⚈☠☠☠☜☺ Says:

        UPDATE: Yanez just been promote to preside over new Presidential Federal Comission to oversee confiscation of new Travel Ray-Ban® sunglasses designed to obscure identity of wearer to help Hindoos and Musselmen sneak into country undetect! Just like Gurdjieff!!


    • John Barron Says:

      To push back on all of this vicious Fake News trying to besmirch the sterling character of Mr Trump, we have contacted Mr Wilde to repair the President’s reputation! Let the Dynasty live on! It’s Imperial®! I can’t believe it’s not butter!

    • Dr Jack Griffin Says:

      Actually, that whole Travel Ray Ban scam is a hoax. Completely obsolete now with the new app developed by Raytheon thru our front, The Invisible Light Agency. We insist on absolute transparency.

      • 5th Floor Ghost Girl Says:

        I hear ya, Doc!

      • Jinn & Tonix Says:

        I liked the Invisible Light Agency’s first couple of albums, and ‘Telephone Line’ and ‘Mr Blue Sky’ were pretty good too. Then that same dude went and joined the Traveling Pillsburys. Better dough, I guess.

      • The 1st actor ever to win an Oscar was also among the first to build a home in Bel- Air, which later became the site of an orgy house for the designer of the Barbie doll.

        Warner Baxter was the 1st actor to win the Oscar for Best Actor for his role as the Cisco Kid in the film In Old Arizona (1928).

        He built the 16,000 square-foot home at 688 Nimes Rd in 1932, and died in 1951. The actor-inventor also invented a traffic light switch for emergency vehicle drivers to change traffic light signals.

        In 1962, Barbie doll (b. 1959) and Hot Wheels designer Jack Ryan (who committed suicide today in 1991) who also became Zsa Zsa Gabor’s 6th husband, bought the site and lived here 1963-1977.

        He installed 144 phones, afraid to miss out on business activities. Trees had phones that rang with the sounds of birds chirping.

        He furnished his real-life Barbie house regally.

        The regular cocaine user and former military missile designer at Raytheon, hosted at least 182 parties a year, and featured Bacchanalian orgies in the 1970s with jugglers, fortune tellers, acrobats and dancers. Prostitutes were regulars at this house that Barbie built.

        The home had a dungeon and black torture chamber with black fox fur.

        His wife and kids were in the “Personal Quarters” never allowed to see the orgies. His swinging ways drove his wife to divorce him. Ryan was married 5x.

        Mattel owner Ruth Handler was outraged by his behavior and cut his royalties dramatically from around 1970, resulting in Mattel being sued for millions by Ryan. He originally had a 1.5% share of sales revenue.

        Ruth Handler also tried to claim sole credit for designing Barbie. They also fought over who named Barbie. Ryan’s wife was named Barbara. Ruth’s daughter was named Barbara. They both claimed Barbie was their Barbara.

        The war with Handler and decreased royalties caused him to drink heavily and use drugs for depression. He later married his Bel-Air neighbor Zsa Zsa Gabor. She was also driven to divorce him for his promiscuity after just over a year of marriage.

        At a very reduced rate, Ryan sold the notorious home he called The Castle in 1977, to finance his lawsuit further against Mattel. He had a heart attack in 1979, and he eventually settled the lawsuit in 1980 after a decade-long legal war with Handler.

        In 1989, he had a stroke, leaving him speechless and confined to a wheelchair. He shot himself August 13, 1991, at age 64, unable to live like this.

  7. kidkenoma Says:

    Elizabeth Short, victim of the Black Dahlia murder, the city’s best-known unsolved killing, supposedly made the Cecil her last stop before her death in 1947, though such information is disputed.[8]

    The Cecil is also notable for having been the reported residence for serial killers Richard Ramirez in 1985 and Jack Unterweger in 1991.[9][10]

    Timeline of suicides, murder or unexplained deaths associated with the Cecil:

    On 19 November 1931, the Los Angeles Times reported that a search for 46 year-old Manhattan Beach resident W.K Norton was over. He had checked into the Cecil as “James Willys of Chicago” a week earlier and, once in his room, had taken a number of poison capsules. This appears to be the earliest known suicide at the hotel.[7]
    Less than a year later, the LA Times reported another suicide at the hotel: Benjamin Dodich, 25, had shot himself in the head in his room and his body was found the next morning by a maid named Carrie Brown, though there was no suicide note.[7]
    In late July 1934, a 53 year-old former Army Medical Corps sergeant named Louis D. Borden slashed his throat with a razor in his room. Mr Borden left a note mentioning his ill health.[7]
    In March 1937, it was reported that Grace E. Magro had fallen from a ninth story window. Police were unsure as to whether this had been an accident or suicide, and her fall had been broken by suspended telephone wiring which was “entangled about her body”. Ms Magro died later in hospital.[7]
    In January 1938, Roy Thompson, a 35 year-old marine fireman took “a suicide leap” from the hotel’s top floor. He had been registered here for several weeks and his body was found on the skylight of a building next door.[7]
    In May 1939, another sailor, Erwin C. Neblett, 39, of the USS Wright died in his room after taking poison, and in January of the following year it was reported that teacher, Dorothy Sceiger, 45, had employed the same method and was said to be “near death”.[7]
    In September 1944, Dorothy Jean Purcell, 19, threw her newborn son from a window. Apparently unaware she was pregnant, Purcell hadn’t wanted to wake her sleeping partner, shoe salesman, Ben Levine, 38, when she woke with stomach pains, so she went to the nearby rest room and delivered the baby herself. Believing the child to be dead, she threw it from a window and the tiny body was later found on the roof of an adjacent building. After hearing testimony, a juror declared her account to be “almost beyond belief”, and it was determined she be charged with homicide. However, matters were finally concluded in January of the following year, when Purcell was found not guilty by reason of insanity.[7]
    In November 1947, it was reported that 35 year-old Robert Smith of Long Beach had met his death after falling from the Cecil’s seventh floor.[7]
    On October 22, 1954, Helen Gurnee, stepped from her window, also on the seventh floor, and landed on top of the hotel’s marquee. She had registered as Margaret Brown a week before.[7]
    On February 11, 1962, Julia Frances Moore, 50, climbed out of her eighth floor room window and landed in a second-story interior light well. She left no note, just a bus ticket from St. Louis, 59 cents in change, and an Illinois bank book showing a balance of $1800.[7]
    On October 12, 1962, Pauline Otton, 27, had been arguing with her estranged husband Dewey in a room on the ninth floor when he decided he’d had enough and went out to get some dinner. In his absence, she decided she too had had enough and jumped from the window, landing on top of a pedestrian, George Gianinni, 65. Both were killed instantly. Since no one saw Pauline jump, police initially thought that there had been a double suicide, but on closer examination, it was found that George had his hands in his pockets and was still wearing shoes, which would have been unlikely if he’d fallen ninety feet.[7]
    On June 4, 1964, “Pigeon Goldie” Osgood, a retired telephone operator was found dead in her ransacked room by a hotel worker distributing phone books. Ms Osgood, who had earned her nickname due to the fact that she befriended and fed the birds in nearby Pershing Square, had been stabbed, strangled and raped and near her body were found the Dodgers cap she always wore and a paper sack full of birdseed. Soon after, Jacques B. Ehlinger, 29, was seen walking through Pershing Square in bloodstained clothing. He was arrested, but cleared of the crime, for which no one was ever arrested.[7]
    On 19 February 2013, the naked[11] body of Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old Canadian student, was found inside one of the water supply tanks on the hotel roof. Lam had gone missing almost three weeks earlier, on January 31, 2013, and her decomposed body was discovered by a maintenance worker in one of the rooftop water tanks, after guests had complained about low water pressure and water that “tasted funny”.[12][13] Authorities later ruled Lam’s death as an accidental drowning. Video surveillance footage taken from inside an elevator shortly before her disappearance showed Lam acting strangely, pressing multiple elevator buttons, hiding in the corner of the elevator, and waving her arms wildly, causing widespread speculation about the cause of her death.[14] After the elevator video was made public, many started to believe in a more paranormal explanation, some even going to the extent to claim Lam was possessed. Lam was thought to have had bipolar disorder, which could have contributed to her death as well as her strange behavior in the elevator.[15]
    On 13 June 2015, the Los Angeles Times reported that the body of a twenty-eight year old male had been found outside the hotel. Some conjectured that the male may have committed suicide by jumping from the hotel, though a spokesperson for the county coroner informed the newspaper that the cause of death had not been determined and that his name would not be released until his family could be notified.[16]
    Thus it would appear that there have been at least 15 deaths at the Cecil, resulting from non-natural causes: either as a result of suicide, accident or murder. This excludes the case of Dorothy Sceiger (1940) who was reported to be in a critical condition after ingesting poison at the hotel, but with no further reportage as to whether she died as a result.

    • kidkenoma Says:

      Players should locate an elevator in a building with 10 floors or more, ride it alone and visit different floors in a specific order, with special instructions not to trust other passengers if they join the elevator.[3]

      Floors to visit[edit]

      The player must stay in the elevator for the entirety of this time and press the following floor buttons in sequence: 1 4 2 6 2 10 5 1.[3]

      The game rules state if the ritual succeeds, when the player finally presses 1, instead of going down to the first floor, the elevator will return to the tenth floor.[3]

      Alternative world[edit]

      The game goal is to access “another world”: the tenth floor should lead to an alternative reality, where nobody exists except for the player.[3]

      Travel back[edit]

      The steps must be done in the same sequence up to the fifth floor. Then the final button will return the player to the first floor. The game rules ask the player to check for small things to be sure they are back in the real world and offer steps to do if the player considers this is not the case.[3]

      The fifth floor ghost girl[edit]

      At the 5th floor, a girl could appear, in person or disguised, luring the player. The game rules states the girl must not be talked to. Some versions state that the girl must not even be looked at or touched.[2][3]

      • THE YELLOW SIGN Says:

      • THE YELLOW SIGN Says:

      • 14, 10, 7, 4, B and Block/Hold Says:

        “The player must stay in the elevator for the entirety of this time and press the following floor buttons in sequence: 1 4 2 6 2 10 5 1”

      • Phillip Jeffries Says:

      • Bee EmGee Says:

      • 5th Floor Ghost Girl Says:

      • Fatlay Good Says:

      • John Barron Says:

        Let me be perfectly clear in asserting that the President most certainly does NOT read this stupid pipsqueak blog, but if he did, I imagine he’d be pretty upset with all of these violent images about beheadings and ghosts and demons and annoying creepy Iranian religions! So just let me insert a word of caution here to remind those who might be playing that Oupnek-hat game or whatever it is, to not become confused with reality, and so PLEASE refrain from any acts of violence like decapitating The President with a vintage antique jewel encrusted scimitar or a custom-designed guillotine assembled from a kit [available online at a verrry reasonable price!] or small petite purse-sized designer chainsaw or an offical ICP hatchet or Berserker’s axe or a 1863 Confederate officer’s sabre or any other sharp objects! And PLEASE, whatever you do, for God’s sake, don’t start riling up all of those malevolent ghosts, demons and random Quipoloth and manipulating them into showing up at the White House or Trump Tower or-GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

      • 5th Floor Ghost Girl Says:

      • Alphonse Says:

      • Hassan I Sabbah Says:

        To address Mr Barron’s concerns about “malevolent ghosts, demons, and random Quipoloth” showing up at the White House or Trump Tower, let me just assure you that these kinds of worries are vastly overstated! There’s really only two kinds of malevolent spirits that you need to worry about, and those are the Angry Ghosts, and the Hungry Ghosts. Now the Angry Ghosts will cause a violent disturbance and throw stuff around and break things and generally keep you awake until you melt down completely and hurl yourself off the top floor of some grotesque downtown hotel. The Hungry Ghosts, on the other hand, won’t bother carrying on with all of the poltergeist crap, they just want to EAT you. Mr Barron should advise the President that if he hears disturbing, inexplicable noises emanating from the White House kitchen area very late at night, it’s probably not a ghost or demon, but just a Poor Person who has snuck into the President’s cabinet. Beware The Snowflake’s Revenge©!

      • 5th Floor Ghost Girl Says:

      • Dr TJ Eckleburg I.C.U. Says:


      • "No mask? No mask!" #NO TAPE! Says:

    • Fatlay Good Says:

    • ǾÜǷƝƎƘĦÅŦ© Says:

      The Cecil Hotel? How will I know when I’m there?

      • 5th Floor Ghost Girl Says:

        Just take the bus to the end of the line and get out at Skid Row and keep walking till you see the yellow sign.

      • DEEP ARCHER Says:

        Follow the arrows to the shadow of the suns setting with Aldebaran in the seventh house.

      • Alphonse Says:

        I have often gazed with full intensity into the glowing coals of the campfire, having tasted the Soma®, and inhaled the hemp, waiting for an almost imperceptable shift in the wind where you can now hear the soft whisper of spirits from the next world with a bounty of eternal wisdom and arcane secrets, and none of them EVER recommended superimposing the Kabbalah onto a skid row elevator control panel ESPECIALLY if the whole fucking grid using the individual floors as sefirot is INVERTED in the Crowley/Grant/Jones tradition! But then, I’m picky.

      • Fulltiltredhead© ⅊ ⎋ ☭ ☫ ☬ Says:


      • 5th Floor Ghost Girl Says:

        When I get back, I’m gonna take a trip with my girlfriend down to L.A
        Gonna stay at the Cecil hotel for a night, where an alleged girl, allegedly named Elisa Lam, allegedly stayed
        It’s been on my mind since I think the story of her death was possibly staged
        She died at 21 years old in 2013, the height of the internet age
        Yet only 2 known photos, plus the one on the elevator with the pixelated face
        Not one press conference about how a Canadian’s dead body was found on that February day

        I once worked at a residential hotel with one fourth the amount of rooms as the Cecil
        And the elevators and hallways were always active with hookers and pimps and drug addicts and SSI people
        And I’m telling you all that elevator footage of Elisa Lam looks totally rigged
        Six hundred rooms and no one walked down the hall and tried to get on that elevator with her
        Who in the fuck do you think you’re kidding?

        Well I’m gonna check it out, I’m gonna ask for the room with the old tenant, Richard Ramirez
        I don’t spook easy and true crime is fascinating to me and that’s my right as an American

        My girlfriend said she’s totally not into it but she’s happy to take me there and drive me home
        As long as in the morning we can visit her parents, and I said, great, I liked the bed in the guest room, it’s nice and soft
        An interesting thing to know in regards to the Cecil
        There are two elevator doors in the lobby and two up above
        On the mezzanine level
        But in the famous footage that you see of the girl there’s definitely an elevator door on the guest room hallway
        ‘Cause when you step out of the door to go to your room you see the white comms that were right in front of her and the wooden panel that goes sideways
        The amount of the activity in the lobby and the elevators in that hotel was more than any in all my years of world traveling
        The amount of staff members and maids and maintenance workers roaming around that place was totally mind boggling
        At all times young, foreign tourists were lined up at the front desk
        As long as lines you’d see at a busy, big city post office
        Would I say it’d be easy to snatch up a girl and drag her up onto the roof in a 700-room place like that?
        Fuck yes
        Would I say she could have been invited up there by a group of people to check out the view? Yes
        Would I say she could have been pulled into one of the multiple shared bathrooms and choked out then dragged up and dumped into a shark tank?
        Fuck yes
        Would I say that she could have easily went up there all on her own and went for a swim? Yes
        Would I believe even more a kid pulled a prank and is sitting back on a love in the soap opera? Yes
        ‘Cause I see no evidence to support her death besides
        Vague news reports
        And one photo of what were allegedly her parents showing up
        At the LAX airport
        Talk of losses but no legal documents have I ever seen to support it
        No lawyers speaking on behalf of the alleged Lams and no friends who ever spoke on Elisa’s behalf

        I asked a parking lot attendant who had been working there for ten years
        “When that girl was found dead up there in 2013, were you here?”
        She said, “Ah, I don’t believe no girl up there ever even died.”
        I said, “Me either but can I ask why you think that, if you don’t mind?”
        She said, “You know how a little thing is said and gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and bigger?”
        And I said, “Yes.”
        And she said, “I think that’s what happened next door.”
        I was completely with her
        Caroline picked me up and I told her everything that happened
        She said, “Cool, glad you got that out of your system
        Now let’s go check into a real hotel down the street
        And get down to Manhattan Beach and say hi to Cameron On the way to Long Beach today
        We stopped along the way
        To see her brother and say hey
        To his family and the kids spraying
        Each other with hoses in the yard
        And I thought about when I was young
        And how the yard was so much fun
        Oh, I thought about when I was young
        At the Long Beach airport, waiting for the flight to San Francisco
        Said I like this airport, it’s not too fucking big enough
        At the Long Beach airport
        Waiting for a flight to San Francisco
        I said, “Caroline, thanks for coming down. I love you.”
        She said, “I had a good time and I love you too.”

      • BLUE CHILD Says:

        So Was she A chapter within an agenda? ….Of who then?
        Who is playing the cards?…or atleast why does so many fit perfectly with some sinister plan straight out of a Marvel comic or the like…, was it Murder?,suicide? Or unfortunate accident, another false flag?….Or wut? did we , the internet, let ourselves be fooled into some freaky global goverment-engineered socialmedia project, with the girl as the doomed victim lured to here death amidst all of a sick psychological project? I mean,.. This elevator video and the whole lot of crazyness around it, the symbolism, all the connections, anagrams, poetry… I mean, it had a huge impact on alot of people world wide.
        So much data.

        Dont underestimate that.

        I never believed in this Ilumminati shit, hell, i never gave it any thought untill i started seeing all connections.

        The fact that it is awfully silence in the media after all the hype is not a good sign really. LAPD is clueless.

        The toxicology report wont reveal anything im afraid and her end will always be a mystery.

        So what will be the next card do you think huh?

      • Déjà vu Says:

        “…did we , the internet, let ourselves be fooled into some freaky global goverment-engineered socialmedia project, with the girl as the doomed victim lured to here death amidst all of a sick psychological project?”

      • In a new study, electrical engineers at the University of California, San Diego have designed a cloaking device that is both thin and does not alter the brightness of light around a hidden object. The technology behind this cloak will have more applications than invisibility, such as concentrating solar energy and increasing signal speed in optical communications.

        “Invisibility may seem like magic at first, but its underlying concepts are familiar to everyone. All it requires is a clever manipulation of our perception,” said Boubacar Kanté, a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering and the senior author of the study. “Full invisibility still seems beyond reach today, but it might become a reality in the near future thanks to recent progress in cloaking devices.”

        As their name implies, cloaks are devices that cover objects to make them appear invisible. The idea behind cloaking is to change the scattering of electromagnetic waves — such as light and radar — off an object to make it less detectable to these wave frequencies.

        One of the drawbacks of cloaking devices is that they are typically bulky.

        “Previous cloaking studies needed many layers of materials to hide an object, the cloak ended up being much thicker than the size of the object being covered,” said Li-Yi Hsu, electrical engineering Ph.D. student at UC San Diego and the first author of the study, which was recently published in the journal Progress In Electromagnetics Research. “In this study, we show that we can use a thin single-layer sheet for cloaking.”

        The researchers say that their cloak also overcomes another fundamental drawback of existing cloaking devices: being “lossy.” Cloaks that are lossy reflect light at a lower intensity than what hits their surface.

        “Imagine if you saw a sharp drop in brightness around the hidden object, it would be an obvious telltale. This is what happens when you use a lossy cloaking device,” said Kanté. “What we have achieved in this study is a ‘lossless’ cloak. It won’t lose any intensity of the light that it reflects.”

        Many cloaks are lossy because they are made with metal particles, which absorb light. The researchers report that one of the keys to their cloak’s design is the use of non-conductive materials called dielectrics, which unlike metals do not absorb light. This cloak includes two dielectrics, a proprietary ceramic and Teflon, which are structurally tailored on a very fine scale to change the way light waves reflect off of the cloak.

        The reflection pattern from an uncloaked object on a flat surface (top) compared to the reflection pattern of the same object covered with the cloaking device (bottom), which effectively mimics the reflection from a completely flat surface. Credit: Li-Yi Hsu/UC San Diego.
        In their experiments, the researchers specifically designed a “carpet” cloak, which works by cloaking an object sitting on top of a flat surface. The cloak makes the whole system — object and surface — appear flat by mimicking the reflection of light off the flat surface. Any object reflects light differently from a flat surface, but when the object is covered by the cloak, light from different points is reflected out of sync, effectively cancelling the overall distortion of light caused by the object’s shape.

        “This cloaking device basically fools the observer into thinking that there’s a flat surface,” said Kanté.

      • 5th Floor Ghost Girl Says:

        “She said she planned to stop in San Diego, Los Angeles,
        Santa Cruz and San Francisco.” [did Lam Ho Yi know Li-Yi Hsu?]

      • 5th Floor Ghost Girl Says:

      • Fatlay Good Says:

        Haven’t had enough church? Visit St. Mark’s Cathedral, another Episcopal Church with some supernatural tendencies. Take a tour of the East Village landmark where many a body is buried, including the likes of Daniel Tompkins and Alexander Stewart. Peter Stuyvesant, who owned a farm that took up most of the East Village, is said to haunt the area, along with his friends Edgar Allen Poe, Washington Irving and Harry Houdini. Spend enough time around St. Mark’s Cathedral and you’re likely to have some pretty unusual celebrity sightings.

        Not all residents of the cemetery at St. Mark’s have stayed beneath the ground, however. Wealthy department-store owner A.T. Stewart was buried there in 1876 but two years later, as the New York Times reported at the time, thieves snatched his corpse and held it for ransom. His body (at least what is believed to be his body) was eventually recovered and buried elsewhere. St. Mark’s Chruch in-the-Bowery is the second-oldest church in Manhattan, splitting from Trinity Church in 1799. Built on Dutch colonial governor Peter Stuyvesant’s family farm, legend has it that the cantankerous, peg-legged Dutchman still haunts the area. He’s been known to harass clergymen and parishioners, ring the bells, and loudly interrupt services by stomping around and singing Calvinist hymns in Dutch. Apparently, English Episcopal hymns simply don’t agree with him.


        The D.A. could not have asked for a badder-looking, badass, dark-side, black magician. Patrick fit the bill perfectly. He was a tarot card reader on St. Mark’s Place and heavily identified himself with necromancy, a type of black magic. Locally, Patrick Geoffrois got his magical props on St. Mark’s by reading palms and tarot cards. His musical legacy came from being a member of the James Chance Band — having played with Jean-Michel Basquiat and Blondie’s Chris Stein — with his skinny-model good looks. He was neat and well-dressed in a prince of darkness style with plenty of silver accessories, which gave an impression of wealth.

      • “In the band’s early days, circa 1975, I lived with Debbie Harry and her boyfriend, Chris Stein, who was the guitarist in the group. I played bass and wrote a few songs, one of which, (I’m Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear, which is about telepathy between my girlfriend and me, became a big hit.

        Harry had a casual interest in X-Files sort of things — she once told me she thought she was an alien. But Stein had a real penchant for black magic, voodoo, and satanic bric-a-brac, a kitschy obsession with collecting occult trinkets and books. One book caught my eye, and once I had started reading, I didn’t put it down for a week. It was The Occult by Colin Wilson.

      • The DeGrimstons, according to author Maury Terry in his book The Ultimate Evil, settled in New York and “recruited among the artists, poets, and hordes of counterculture youth” in Greenwich Village, the neighborhood where BOC keyboardist Allen Lanier shared an apartment with his girlfriend Patti Smith for much of the 1970’s. Smith, the “punk poet laureate,” was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007. She recorded four studio albums in the 1970’s and helped write five songs from BOC’s first six albums. She also showed a Processian contempt for the Gospel when she wrote and sang the line, “Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine.”

        By the end of 1971, Lanier had moved into the loft in New York City that Smith was sharing with Robert Mapplethorpe, and three of them lived there together, according to Patricia Morrisroe’s book Mapplethorpe: A Biography. Smith later wrote a book about her close relationship with the controversial photographer who died of AIDS in 1989 and was known for pushing the boundaries of obscenity. Mapplethorpe’s name eventually came up during interviews about the Sam murders.

        Two prisoners who were locked up with Berkowitz relayed to Terry some of what they learned from the convicted killer. Twelve members of Berkowitz’s cult had a hand in the Sam killings, which were planned at the home of a high-level Process leader in Westchester County, north of New York City. The cult’s headquarters was an abandoned church on Salem Road in the town of Pound Ridge. A rural area about 45 miles away from New York City- it’s not the kind of place city dwellers would stumble upon by accident.

        Just three miles away from the Salem Road turnoff was another church, this one made to look sinister through the use of distortion photography. St. Paul’s Chapel, at 313 Smith Ridge Road in South Salem, is pictured on the front of BOC’s 1975 live album, On Your Feet Or On Your Knees. The black book pictured on the album’s back cover looks like the Book of Deeds, a volume in which Process cult members were required to record their crimes so that cult leaders could monitor activity and control members through blackmail.

        The Process, whose leaders sometimes wore capes, was known to raise and travel with German Shepherds. The Sam cult sacrificed German Shepherds to Satan in the mid-1970’s. The dead dogs began turning up north of New York City during the killings in 1976, according to news reports. Three were found in Yonkers, New York, around Christmas 1976, and 85 dead dogs, including German Shepherds, were found in Walden, New York, between October 1976 and 1977.

        A full two years earlier, BOC’s Secret Treaties was released with cover art showing a drawing of German Shepherds at the feet of singer Eric Bloom, who is dressed in a cape, and the other band members. On the back cover, the band is gone, and the German Shepherds are lying dead on the ground.

        The 10 songs on Agents of Fortune, released just two months before the first Sam shooting, include some notables besides the much-discussed “(Don’t Fear) the Reaper.” Proclaiming “no angels above,” “This Ain’t the Summer of Love” is the perfect opening for the season of Sam. “Morning Final,” the dirge about “motiveless murder,” takes place in a big city with busy streets and includes a chase that leads down subway stairs. “Sinful Love” includes the lyric “looking for a pistol” and “I’m possessed.” “E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)” revisits the theme of conspiracy, with two references to three men dressed in dark clothes saying, “don’t report this.”

        On the subject of conspiracy, Berkowitz said he pulled the trigger in only two of the eight Sam attacks. His neighbors John and Michael Carr, brothers whose father was named Sam and who both died violent deaths before the end of the 1970’s, each pulled the trigger in one, according to Terry. Another shooting was said to have been done by a mysterious figure named as “Manson II,” who lived in Southern California in the late 1960’s and knew the original Manson and members of the Process church there, Terry reported.

        In the final Sam attack, the victims were selected because they were parked under a street light, which created optimal conditions for filming. Three people in a van a few feet away made a video recording, a snuff film of the attack, for sale underground, Terry reported.

        A convicted bank robber named Jesse Turner, who once lived with Smith and Mapplethorpe, told Terry that Mapplethorpe knew about this tape. In fact, Turner said, Mapplethorpe asked him to arrange the killing of Ronald Sisman, the man who had the tape, which was filmed at the Process’ request. Sisman was murdered in 1981, and the two hit men recovered five snuff films from Sisman’s apartment, including the Son of Sam tape.

        Turner said he was a good friend of Michael Carr, who supposedly pulled the trigger in the seventh of the eight Son of Sam shootings. About halfway into the killings, Turner told Terry that he learned “the Process was behind Son of Sam. They called it one of their ‘Apocalyptic Trials,’ which meant a major display of public violence.”

      • Fulltiltredhead© ⅊ ⎋ ☭ ☫ ☬ Says:

        Does this new streamlined Invisibility Cloak® make my ass look fat?

      • ΜǞḠỈ ȫḟ ӍЭƉĬǞ Says:

        Yesod is a higher plane of existence in the Jewish mysticism of Cabbalah. The REAL Caballah, that is, and not the one that involves paying large amounts of dollars to wear a red thread round your wrist. It overlaps our plane of existence, Malkuth the Earth-plane, and is the Lower Astral, the place of illusions that we may visit in dreams. Recognising illusion allows you to pass beyond Yesod and progress to higher levels still… and like all stations on the Tree of Life, it has its klithoth, its demon-haunted dark side of the Moon.
        The Blue Öyster Cult did a long impenetrable track called “Seven Screaming Dizbusters”, which suffers a bit from word salad lyrics, but relates the fate of seven renegade Angels who rebelled twice, once against God, and a second time against Lucifer. It’s a bit out of phase here, as it appears on BÖC’s second album and had already been written and recorded by the time of this story, but I wondered about what might transpire if the story was for real… Buck Dharma’s “dream” also sets up the main point of this story.

      • редложение структуралиста Says:

        Central to this story are Les Invisibles (The Invisible Ones), a group of seven beings worshipped by the natives of Mexico and Haiti prior to the arrival of Spanish colonists in the 16th century, identified by some fans as the Loa of the Voodoo religion. Центральное место в этой истории Les invisibles (Невидимые), группа из семи существ , почитаемых местными жителями Мексики и Гаити до прибытия испанских колонистов в 16 – м веке, выявленных некоторыми поклонниками как Лоа религии Вуду. The nature of Les Invisibles is left unclear, though it is hinted that they may be extraterrestrials, or beings akin to the Great Old Ones in the works of HP Lovecraft. Характер Les минипуты остается неясным, хотя и дал понять , что они могут быть инопланетяне, или существа сродни Великих Древних в произведениях Лавкрафта.

        Bear in mind this is the same band- or brand , more accurately- that gave us “Joan Crawford Has Risen From the Grave.” Имейте в виду , что это тот же бренд или зонной, более accurately- , который дал нам “Джоан Кроуфорд восстал из могилы.” Well, without Pearlman, that is. Ну, без Перлман, то есть. With him? С ним?

        An interpretation of the lyrics of the song “Astronomy” by some fans suggests that the star Sirius is of particular astrological significance to Les Invisibles, with clues identifying it as their place of origin; Интерпретация текста песни “Астрономия” некоторыми фанатами предполагает , что звезда Сириус имеет особое значение для астрологического Les минипуты, с подсказки , идентифицирующих его как места их происхождения; it is during the so-called Dog Days of August, when Sirius is in conjunction with the Sun that their influence over mankind is at its apex. это во время так называемых Dog Days августа, когда Сириус находится в соединении с Солнцем , что их влияние на человечество находится на ее вершине.


        Contempt, contempt, and contempt for the seething for writhing and reeling and two-bit reportage, for sick with the body and sinister holy, the drown burst blue babies now dead on the seashore, the valorous horseman, who hang from the ceiling, the pig on the carpet, the dusty pale jissom, that has no effect for the sick with the see-saw, the inverse, obverse converse, reverse of reverse the diverse and converse of reverse and perverse and sweet pyrotechnics, and let’s have another of inverse, converse, diverse, perverse and reverse, hell’s graveyard is damned as they chew on their brains, the slick and the scum, reverse, inverse and perverse

        Plowing while it’s done away dumb and ready pig meat sick upon the carpet climb into the casket safe within the parapet sack is in the parapet pigs are out and growling slaughter by the seashore see the lifeguard drowning sea is full of fishes fish’s full of china china plates are falling all fall down sick and shiny carpet lie before my eyes eyes lead me to the ceiling walk upon the wall wall tender as the green grass drink the whisky horror see the young girls dancing flies upon the beaches beaches are for sailors nuns across the sea-wall black hood horseman raging swordsman eating fire

        Sick upon the staircase sick upon the staircase blood upon the pillow climb into the parapet see the church bells gleaming knife that scrapes a sick plates of dentures full of air holes the tailor couldn’t mend straight shoot her full of air holes climbing up the casket take me to the casket teeth upon her red throat screw me in the daisies rip apart her holler snip the seas fantastic treat her like a sailor full and free and nervous out to make his fortune either this or that way sickly or in good health piss upon a building like a dog in training teach to heel or holler yodel on a sing song down upon the carpet

        Fire on the carpet set the house ablazing seize and bring it flaming gently to the ground ground Dizzy Bell Miss Fortune fat and full of love-juice drip it on the carpet down below the fire hose weep and whisky fortune sail me to the moon, dear drunken dungeon sailors headless Roman horsemen the king and queen are empty their heads are in the outhouse fish upon the water bowl upon the saviour tooothless wigged Laureate plain and full of fancy name upon a letterhead impressing all wheatgerm love you for a nickel ball you for a quarter set the casket flaming do not go gentle blazing

        Tickle polyester sick within the parapet screwing for a dollar sucking on a fire-hose chewing on a rubber line tied to chairs and rare bits pay another player oh you’re such a good lad here’s another dollar tie him to the bedpost sick with witches’ covens craving for a raw meat bones upon the metal sick upon the circle down upon the carpet down upon the carpet down below the parapet waiting for your bidding pig upon the carpet tumescent railroad neuro-anaesthesia analog ready for a good look drooling at the birches swinging from the birches succulent Nebraska

      • ΜǞḠỈ ȫḟ ӍЭƉĬǞ Says:

        Once I had a little game
        I liked to crawl back in my brain
        I think you know, the game I mean
        I mean the game, called, ‘Go insane’

        You should try this little game
        Just close your eyes forget your name
        Forget the world, forget the people
        And we’ll erect, a different steeple

        This little game is fun to do
        Just close your eyes, no way to lose
        And I’m right there, I’m going too
        Release control, we’re breaking through

        Way back deep into the brain
        Back where there’s never any pain
        And the rain falls gently on the town
        And over the heads of all of us
        And in the labyrinth of streams

        Beneath, the quiet unearthly presence of
        Gentle hill dwellers, in the gentle hills around
        Reptiles abounding
        Fossils, caves, cool air heights

        Each house repeats a mold, windows rolled
        Beast car locked in against morning
        All now sleeping
        Rugs silent, mirrors vacant

        Dust Lying under the beds of lawful couples
        Wound in sheets
        And daughters, smug
        With semen eyes in their nipples

        There’s been a slaughter here

        Don’t stop to speak or look around
        Your gloves and fan are on the ground
        We’re getting out of town, we’re going on the run
        And you’re the one I want to come

        Not to touch the earth
        Not to see the sun
        Nothing left to do, but
        Run, run, run
        Let’s run, let’s run

        House upon the hill, moon is lying still
        Shadows of the trees
        Witnessing the wild breeze
        C’mon baby run with me
        Let’s run

        Run with me
        Run with me
        Run with me
        Let’s run

        The mansion is warm at the top of the hill
        Rich are the rooms and the comforts there
        Red are the arms of luxuriant chairs
        And you won’t know a thing till you get inside

        Dead President’s corpse in the driver’s car
        The engine runs on glue and tar
        C’mon along, we’re not going very far
        To the East to meet the Czar

        Run with me
        Run with me
        Run with me
        Let’s run

        Some outlaws lived by the side of the lake
        The minister’s daughter’s in love with the snake
        Who lives in a well by the side of the road
        Wake up, girl! We’re almost home

        We should see the gates by mornin’
        We should be inside by evening

        Sun, sun, sun
        Burn, burn, burn
        Burn, burn, burn
        I will get you
        Soon, soon, soon

        I am the lizard king
        I can do anything

        We came down
        The rivers and highways
        We came down from
        Forests and falls

        We came down from
        Carson and Springfield
        We came down from
        Phoenix enthralled
        And I can tell you

        The names of the Kingdom
        I can tell you
        The things that you know
        Listening for a fistful of silence
        Climbing valleys into the shade

        For seven years, I dwelt
        In the loose palace of exile
        Playing strange games with the girls of the island
        Now, I have come again
        To the land of the fair and the strong and the wise
        Brothers and sisters of the pale forest

        Children of night
        Who among you will run with the hunt?
        Now night arrives with her purple legion
        Retire now to your tents and to your dreams
        Tomorrow we enter the town of my birth
        I want to be ready

      • IMAGINӦS Says:

        In the beginning
        We could hang with the dude
        But it’s been too much of nothing
        Of that stank attitude
        Now they curse your name
        And there’s a bounty on your face
        It’s your own fault daddy
        Godwhacker’s on the case

        We track your almighty ass thru seven heaven worlds
        Me, Slinky Redfoot
        And our trusty Angel-girls
        And when the stars bleed out
        That be the fever of the chase
        You better get gone poppie
        Godwhacker’s on the case

        Be very very quiet
        Clock everything you see
        Little things might matter later
        At the start of the end of history

        Climb up the glacier
        Across bridges of light
        We sniff you, Big Tiger
        In the forest of the night
        ‘Cause there’s no escape
        From the Rajahs of Erase
        Better run run run
        Godwhacker’s on the case

        Be very, very quiet
        Clock everything you see
        Little things might matter later
        At the start of the end of history

        Yes we are the Godwhackers
        Who rip and chop and slice
        For crimes beyond imagining
        It’s time to pay the price
        You better step back son
        Give the man some whacking space
        You know this might get messy
        GodWhacker’s on the case

      • 5th Floor Ghost Girl Says:

        Along the world axis
        The Empress lay sleeping
        To the rhyme of the, of the, of the star clock
        Seven sleepers
        Seven sages
        Seven ladders to the, to the
        Seventh heaven

        Seven stars
        Had Ursa Major
        Tables turning, turning
        And rain maker
        While the seven
        The visitors
        All went, all went
        A drumming

        Dance a Don Pedro
        Do the Don Pedro
        Games after death
        Night dances ’round
        Samedi and Petre
        In Alchemy

        Salute the Four Quarters
        Before I leave your eyes
        Twinned in the mirror
        Les Mesteres come
        End me adoration
        Before I leave your eyes
        World in the mirror
        Waters of amnesia come

        Do you know (do you know), do you know (do you know)
        Do you know (do you know), do you know (do you know)
        The court of Eve
        Beneath the Polar Mountain
        Rose cross and crosser there
        Symbols of the swan
        Aerial races
        In rotation over
        The magical casement
        Visions of a parallel world

      • Jack Unterweger Says:

        I demand the immediate release of the West Memphis Three®!!!!

      • ǾÜǷƝƎƘĦÅŦ© Says:


      • THE YELLOW SIGN Says:

        Intended appearance of the Yellow Sign by Kevin Ross

        Ross later stated in an interview that the image used is actually a corruption of his original drawing; apparently, Chaosium printed the image both upside-down and backwards. Flipping the image horizontally and vertically reveals Ross’ original conception of the Yellow Sign, which resembles a coiled body or tentacle with two tentacles branching upward. Fans have pointed out that this image bears a resemblance to the “Kronos” symbol used by the band Blue Oyster Cult. When asked, Ross admitted to being a big fan of the band, but could not remember if the resemblance was deliberate.

      • Les Brouillards Says:

        We are a postmodern secret society, muthas, and as such we are above the Illuminati. Many of you may have spent years climbing to the top of some pyramid like a trained mule only to find when you get there that the Los Angeles Lunar Society is a [CLOUD] hanging over you, obscuring or revealing your line of sight, just as the top of San Francisco’s Transamerica building is often [MYSTERIOUSLY CLOAKED] in a churning impenetrable [FOG] while the bums on the street at the very same moment are joyously twitch-dancing to boom boxes blasting Libertines or other rock records on a perfect fall day. Each of our members is a molecule, fuckas, and we form a Deleuzian [CLOUD] to obscure your view from whatever top you have clawed your way to in your frankly womanly fashion. These are songs heard only faintly for the last six years that were suddenly gone, like the deep bass of a far-off [FOG]horn warning some large and increasingly unseaworthy vessel that it is about to be dashed to smithereens on rocks it never reckoned on…

      • Knights of the Black Circle Says:

        From Barbie to Klaus Barbie…

        According to NY Daily News and, the small time entrepreneur Mike Fosella, 43, of Pound Ridge in Westchester County has launched a line of limited edition collector’s dolls of leaders of Nazi Germany, including Adolf Hitler and Josef Mengele. All in Action Man size, and limited to 50 of each doll. Fosella said he made the dolls to sell to serious collectors and history buffs.

        “They don’t glorify Hitler or Nazis,” said Fosella. “How can they glorify anything when there are only 50? If I were mass marketing them at the toy store, that would be another story.”

        Ken Jacobson, associate national director of the Anti-Defamation League, warned that many people, particularly Holocaust survivors, could find the dolls offensive.

        Fosella said he is sold out of both the Hitler and Mengele dolls, which cost $170 each. He plans to continue the series with Nazi Gestapo chief Heinrich Himmler and propagandist Joseph Goebbels. Fosella, who said he rejects Nazism and Mengele’s cruel experiments on humans, insisted he was proud nonetheless of the craftsmanship and detail of his dolls. They have plastic bodies and 24 movable pivot points, he said. The heads are made of cast resin and are hand-painted. The Hitler doll was modeled on a photograph of the future dictator as he left Landsburg Prison, where he wrote his manifesto, “Mein Kampf.”

        Fosella said he screens his buyers and wouldn’t sell to anyone who seemed like a skinhead or a Hitler fanatic. He said most of his customers are World War II veterans and history professors.

        “A hundred years from now, these will be in Sotheby’s,” he said. “These are museum-quality.”

        “I decided to do Nazi leaders for historical reasons and nothing more. To me, it’s an art form,” he said.

        Check out Fosella’s RESIN FROM THE GRAVE website, where he offers a grand selection of horror movie figures, but it doesn’t seem to be updated with the nazi toys …

      • ΜǞḠỈ ȫḟ ӍЭƉĬǞ Says:

        I had this bitch you see
        She made lies to me
        Her deceit ah, it gave me a chill
        But I found out now
        That baby, that baby ice dog

        She said we would wed
        In Mongolian country
        Lilies shoot free
        But she was a-stoning me
        In the mountains, no
        Her intent it was all too clear
        All too clear

        It was quite a sin
        How the ice caved in
        I was numb
        I could not assist
        Baby ice went down
        To the cold cold cold ground
        I said “Baby…that’s the breaks”

        Turn me around like broke down hound now
        Crossing me once too often
        Now she’s bound for a lower station
        She crossing me once too often

        Hey baby, don’t cross me, baby
        I’m bad

        And now the ladies all fear this Mongolian man
        With ice down his face
        You know I get involved
        In unnatural acts
        With the aid of my cold cold stare

        They’d like to make it
        With my big black dog
        But they just don’t know how to ask
        You know they’d like to try
        Anything that comes into their minds ~ BOC

      • DEEP ARCHER Says:


      • Ðęʂƫĩŋęđ Ɲȫva ʡ.:.ʢ Says:

        Unfortunately, I have no additional information to provide concerning Susie at this point. Despite seemingly having some significance to the Imaginos song cycle, no one with the band, least of Pearlman has yet to offer a truly compelling explanation of her.

        But back to “Before the Kiss…” Lyrically, this track sticks to Pearlman’s fetish for bikers and secret societies.
        “The album’s next track was one of those slightly Sabbath send-ups, containing much of Albert’s stated jazziness, but fraught with doom tones, not to mention the sinister clown music break that adds splendidly to the record’s enigma. Lyrically, Sandy taps into a rich amalgam of personal interests, weaving a tale with links to the other tunes from all eras of the BOC catalogue, a strong sense of magic, bikers and intrigue pervading the scene.
        ” ‘ “Before the Kiss” is another of your pre-classic conspiracy theory takes on the way things work,’ pontificates Pearlman. ‘I posited that there was a secret organization called The Motif of the Rose, sort of like those French or Belgian fascist organizations, something right wing. So they sort of ran this place, this bar on Long Island called Conry’s Bar, where Blue Oyster Cult actually used to play all the time. They would induct people into their cult by transferring a drug from the tip of their tongues extending and retracting and the redcap before the kiss. So the drug was the redcap. They delivered this pill, and then you’re made humanoid.’ Curiously, Eric [Bloom, BOC’s frontman —Recluse] has stated something resembling this story actually happened, to Sandy himself, in the Corny’s Bar washroom, at the hands –or tongue –of a burly biker. Also of note: the line about the gin glowing in the dark refers to another incident where a scuffle broke out in Conry’s, and a gin and tonic was spilled onto Sandy’s table, where it proceeded to glow in the dark.
        “Albert [Bouchard, BOC’s drummer –Recluse] has said that there were in fact a Conry’s East and Conry’s West, both having closed down some 20 years ago. Blue Oyster Cult were the house band at Conry’s West for several months in 1969-’70, and had played Conry’s East on New Year’s Eve, 1970-’71, playing an ‘Auld Lange Syne’/’In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida’ medley at midnight.”
        (Agents of Fortune, Martin Popoff, pgs. 27-28)
        There’s a lot to take in here. For one, the locations of the Conry’s bars is ripe with some compelling twilight language. Previously, of it I had written:
        … BoC was famously the house band for a biker bar named Conry’s, located along the Hempstead Turnpike, a road that stretches all the way from Queens Village to the Suffolk County town of Babylon. Historically, the major motorcycle club along the East Coast was an outfit known as the Pagans (though they’ve apparently lost some territory to the Hell’s Angels in the North East in recent years). The Pagans were long considered one of the ‘Big 4’ among motorcycle clubs, along with the Angels, the Bandidos and the Outlaws. The Pagans have apparently always had a heavy presence in Long Island. According to this website, the Pagans have generally kept their headquarters in Long Island, alternating between Suffolk and Nassau counties.

        Another early version of BOC was the Stalk-Forrest Group
        Apparently both Conry’s were located on either ends of the Hempstead Turnpike, leading from Queens to Babylon. Throw in the possible presence of the Pagans MC and one is left with some rather occulted naming, It is interesting to note that Bobby Liebling, the frontman for Pentagram (whom Pearlman nearly signed in 1975, as noted in the prior installment), alleged that his first band had started out playing as the house band for the Pagans in the mid-1960s. Liebling would have been eleven at the time of these events and is known to embellish things greatly, so the credibility of this claim is highly suspect. But moving along.

        Pearlman paints an image of Long Island awash in sinister secret societies masquerading as agents of the counterculture is hardly without merit. The great Christopher Knowles has recently done a superb job of outlining the rumblings of cult active in and around New York City during this era and beyond. This included one especially notorious cult that has long fascinated conspiracy theorists, as I noted before here and which will be dealt with further in a future installment.

        Pearlman’s comments about the cult depicted in “Before the Kiss…”, the “Motif of the Rose,” and his likening it to “those French or Belgian fascist organizations” is quite striking as well. This blog has already dealt with the fascist underground in Belgium as well as its links to the highly secretive Le Cercle clique, a group with origins in French synarchist secret societies. Many of these groups were part of what is commonly referred to as Operation Gladio, a highly secretive US-NATO project that has long been linked to far right terrorism. Was Pearlman hinting at its US counterpart with this fascist cult within a motorcycle gang on the fringes of the increasingly violent counterculture?

      • 1111111111110111 1111101101011110

      • kidkenoma Says:

        It is said there are two types of artisan craftsmen and it is especially true in fiber work. There are Process & there are Project –

        I am very much a Process person. Working with fiber is, for me, something soothing to my soul. There really is almost no part of the process I do not enjoy – and that one thing is not really a fiber thing – I just don’t like the fume headache that comes with glue –

      • Some might consider me something of a technogeek thanks to my background in telephony and communications (about 45 years) and computers (maybe 30) and more recently “the Internet and the World Wide Web” (approximately 25 years I can document) * Hat Number 5 and the oldest relates to integrated voice data systems particularly in Tele-Messaging, live operator services, and telephony which rather interestingly evolved into “the Internet and the web” so in 2007, we will be taking beyond just an ISP for our group and expanding it unique perspective to Retailers and others in the Fiber Arts distribution channels.

      • Our top match for Wheat Carr is an individual named Wheat M Carr, 66 years old, related to Frances E Carr, Samuel Carr, Georgina G Edwards, Henry Moore Edwards, and John Frederick McCabe. We found Wheat in Sykesville, MD, 21784.
        Name Wheat M Carr
        Age 66
        Locations Sykesville, Maryland 21784
        Laurel, Maryland 20707
        Yonkers, New York, in zip codes 10701 and 10702.
        Hastings On Hudson, New York 10706
        Relatives Frances E and Samuel Carr
        Georgina G and Henry Moore Edwards
        John Frederick McCabe

      • Amos Carr also takes up a lot of the narrative, and humorously enough his contacts in the “occult world” know all about the Chingons and the Children of the Flame (supposedly the true force behind the Son of Sam murders) and etc, as if there’s an occult newspaper they all read. One thing I’ve always loved about Christian paranoia tales is that people in the occult are always “in the know,” like there’s this Satanic grapevine that keeps them all up-to-date on everything in the occult world.

        But anyway, one of Carr’s contacts turns out to be a very attractive witch named Cassandra “Cass” Poole who, as we learn in the many sequences from her viewpoint, soon develops certain thoughts about Bolan. These thoughts are actualized in a Wiccan ritual Bolan attends with her (for absolutely no reason); Cass asks Bolan if he will “assist” her in the last part of the ritual, which entails the two of them bumping uglies beneath a tree. The sex scene here is more explicit than I expected it to be – nothing outrageous or anything, but more than I figured Gold Eagle would allow. At any rate it was nice to know Bolan can still get lucky every once in a while.

        Many pages are also given over to the cult of Satanists who have infiltrated Apocalypse’s camp; the group’s “spiritual adviser,” a longhaired occultist named Lucian Slate, is a full-on Satanist, and has ties with one of the more violent cults. Made up of a group of “hunters” who work for a leader who calls himself Scratch, the cult is clearly based on the Children of the Flame. And Scratch himself is clearly based on Manson II, Maury Terry’s name for a “superstar of the occult world” who was a professional hitman who pulled off at least one of the Son of Sam murders (per David Berkowitz). Manson II by the way was still a mystery when Night Kill was published, but when the paperback edition of The Ultimate Evil came out later in 1989, he was outed as William Mentzer…who apparently lived right down the road from me at the time, in Cumberland, Maryland!!

      • Curt,

        I would agree there’s no Zodiac or Smiley Face Killers conspiracy, but I’m not so sure I’d say the same regarding SOS.

        You interviewed Wheat Carr face-to-face, correct?

        So are you saying you don’t see a similarity between Wheat and that one composite sketch that bears a feminine appearance?

        Or the similarities between two of the other composites and her brothers?

        Kind of funny how several different people describe the shooters to the police, and all have strikingly different appearances, but just happen to look like Berkowitz and his three misfit neighbors with the dog who won’t shut up.

        A country-wide Grand Satanic Conspiracy behind SOS? More-than-probably not….but a small group of drug-fueled imbeciles dabbling in their misguided idea of “Satanism” and getting out of control? Not too far-fetched, IMO.

      • I am not sure I want to admit how close to reality this amuzing little article is, but

        Just for Giggles, take a moment and see how Pauline Rogers views Quiilters and their relationship to the Zodiac.

        Now maybe I should do some delving into a version for YARNandTHREAD people as well.

      • Fulltiltredhead© ⅊ ⎋ ☭ ☫ ☬ Says:


      • Charlie Chan Says:

        Inside job police dispatcher most helpful in fingering scapegoat for Police/Press feeding frenzy.

      • Charlie Chan Says:

        Truth sometimes like stab of cruel knife.

      • Mad in France Says:

        With stocking face I bought a gun
        The plan was set the plan was done
        Looked at my watch and started for the door
        Now the food here ain’t so good no more
        And they closed the package store

        Love your mama, love your brother
        Love ’em till they run for cover
        Turn the light off, keep your shirt on
        Cry a jag on me

        Oh Michael, oh Jesus
        You know I’m not to blame
        You know my reputation
        For playing a good clean game
        Oh Michael, oh Jesus
        I’ll keep my promise when
        You turn that heartbeat over again

        My poison’s named, you know my brand
        So please make mine a double, Sam
        Stir it up nice, I’ll eat it right here
        This highway runs from Paraguay
        And I’ve just come all the way

        Love your mama, love your brother
        Love ’em till they run for cover
        Turn the light off, keep your shirt on
        Cry a jag on me

        Oh Michael, oh Jesus
        You know I’m not to blame
        You know my reputation
        For playing a good clean game
        Oh Michael, oh Jesus
        I’ll keep my promise when
        You turn that heartbeat over again


        We warned the corpse of William Wright
        Not to cuss and drink all night
        Ticket in hand, we saw him laid to rest
        But zombie see and zombie do
        He’s here with me and you

        Love your mama, love your brother
        Love ’em till they run for cover
        Turn the light off, keep your shirt on
        Cry a jag on me

        Oh Michael, oh Jesus
        You know I’m not to blame
        You know my reputation
        For playing a good clean game
        Oh Michael, oh Jesus
        I’ll keep my promise when
        You turn that heartbeat over again
        Turn that heartbeat over again

      • Ghost of Stacy Moskowitz Says:

        Lots of people do not understand the attraction of Donald Trump – and I have said it might be that maybe one has to have been politically active as a business (not politician) person in NY and the world to begin to understand his attraction.

        In my 20’s I had the opportunity to be “in the room” and see him action. I am not a fan of him as a man , but do respect his ability as someone who seemed to find that balance in nearly every instance that is so necessary to a solid business deal –

        There is no question that those deals usually had more benefit to the Trump organizations, so yes, the NY “It’s just business” enters the judgement equation.

        Still those that closed were the ones where you do not necessarily get everything you want, but everyone gets enough to walk away accepting its terms.

        Much is being said about his ability to work with Congress – well, isn’t that what the system of checks and balances is about? Until term limits exist for the members of Congress – The Executive branch should still be able to exercise it ability to contribute to the balance. The self interest of desiring re=election in a all access world means that a fair number of members of Congress will need to act in the something resembling the best interest of their constituents

        I am opposed as an American to socialism. I am opposed to the callous disregard of the Clintons and the Obamas for what I perceive as the best interests of the citizens of the United States.

        So that brings us to a choice between, at the moment of an obvious party hack – one most likely to continue the policies and practices of division in order to increase and retain personal power, , a caped crusader who may not be able bend in order to get anything done
        and a business man with no political track record other than what we see in his life long long business practices (including the common practice of donating to all parties because that is “just business” )

        The only thing I am now clear about is not that I want to make American great – I continue to believe the United States is already great –

        What I want is President I can believe until proven otherwise that will put the interests of the USA and it citizens first.

      • Charlie Chan Says:

        Culprit often use tall yarn to weave web of deception to shield truth from view.

      • Charlie Chan Says:

        Small kernel of truth in big pile of distraction chaff most useful to Omega spin when justis call.

      • Jerry Berg Says:

        yeah, but what about Aquarius Hador and the great Milenko?

      • kidkenoma Says:

        “…as if there’s an occult newspaper they all read. One thing I’ve always loved about Christian paranoia tales is that people in the occult are always “in the know,” like there’s this Satanic grapevine that keeps them all up-to-date on everything in the occult world.” [heh!]

      • ΜǞḠỈ ȫḟ ӍЭƉĬǞ Says:

      • Alphonse Says:

      • Fulltiltredhead© ⅊ ⎋ ☭ ☫ ☬ Says:

        I, man, am Regal, a German am I
        Never odd or even
        If I had a Hi-Fi
        Madam, I’m Adam
        Too hot to hoot
        No lemon no melon
        Too bad I hid a boot
        Lisa Bonet ate no basil
        Warsaw was raw
        Was it a car or a cat I saw?

        Rise to vote, sir
        Do geese see God?
        Do nine men Interpret? Nine men I nod
        Rats live on no evil star
        Won’t lovers revolt now?
        Race fast safe car
        Pa’s a sap
        Ma is as selfless as I am
        May a moody baby doom a yam

        Ah Satan sees Natasha
        No devil lived on
        Lonely Tylenol
        Not a banana baton
        No X in Nixon
        O stone, be not so
        O Geronimo, no minor ego
        “Naomi.” I moan
        A Toyota’s a Toyota
        A Dog! A panic! In a pagoda!

        Oh no, Don Ho!
        Nurse, I spy gypsies, run!
        Senile felines
        Now I see bees I won
        UFO tofu
        We panic an a pew
        Oozy rat in a sanitary zoo
        God, a red nugget, a fat egg under a dog
        Go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog

      • DEEP ARCHER Says:

        Sons of Satan Motorcycle Club, known locally as The Sons, is an outlaw motorcycle club and support club for the Pagan’s Motorcycle Club. It was formed in 1949 and incorpohrated in 1954 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania by returning World War II veterans. The club was eventually taken over by its namesake, John ‘Satan’ Marron, who later became the National President of the Pagan’s Motorcycle Club.[1] Marron is thought to be the one that converted The Sons from a fairly friendly, family-oriented club into a violent outlaw motorcycle gang.


        The Sons of Satan were originally the dominant motorcycle club in Central Pennsylvania, with over 100 members from Lancaster County and surrounding areas. During the 1960s, The Pagans began moving north into Central Pennsylvania which sparked a brief conflict between the two clubs. The conflict was resolved when Sons of Satan President John Marron and Pagans’ President Fred ‘Dutch’ Burhans formally met and became close friends. Marron and a few select Sons members soon moved over to the Pagans while the remaining Sons were allowed to continue their club under Pagan oversight.[2] Marron was later imprisoned after being convicted of maiming and homicide charges in the mid 1970s.[3] Sons members wear a diamond shaped patch with the letter “P”, as opposed to the traditional “1%” diamond patch.

      • DEEP ARCHER Says:

        “Carol was asking people about the OTO a year prior to the murders. I can’t accept that the people responsible for this are still walking around free. I’m afraid that the problem will not go away and that minds this unbalanced may perpetrate additional horrors. Forgive me for not signing my name. I haven’t gotten over the fear.”

        The writer was apparently a woman friend of one Carol Marron, 33, a Brooklyn resident. Marron was a secretary at the Pratt Institute [!] in Brooklyn and designed clothing to supplement her income. For seven years she lived with Howard Green, 53, an abstract painter who drove a cab for his steady paycheck.

        As the letter writer said, for more than a year Marron and Green had been delving into the occult. Their small basement apartment at 270 DeKalb Avenue was spiced with various items of satanic influence. Chances are excellent that this paraphernalia was purchased at a certain occult store located not far from their residence — a store that served more purposes than one for certain occult adepts.

        In the early evening hours of Saturday, December 15th, Marron and Green were spotted by an acquaintance on a subway train in Manhattan. The friend left the train at 59th street, but Marron and Green kept going. The subway they were riding would carry them past Columbia University before continuing to the end of the line at the Bronx/Yonkers border.

        Sometime later that night, Green and Marron returned to their Brooklyn apartment. The next time they were sighted was at 7 p.m. the following evening. They were lying next to each other off route 80 in West Patterson, New Jersey, not far from New York City. Both were bludgeoned on their left sides. Both had right eye wounds. And both clutched clumps of hair in their fists, a satanic symbol.

        And there was one other similarity. Every drop of blood had been drained from the bodies of Carol Marron and Howard Green with a veterinarian’s syringe.


        Ok, Charles Manson wasn’t at Altamont. He was already in police custody after an October 1969 raid on the Spahn Ranch for car theft. They booked him under the name “Manson, Charles M., aka Jesus Christ, God”.

        One of the gang talked and soon the press knew Manson had ordered the murders of Sharon Tate, Gary Hinman, and too many others. The hippy dream was souring fast. Then a 6 December free festival at the Altamont speedway track in California ended with Hell’s Angels stabbing a man to death. It was a custom-made metaphor for the end of the love-and-peace era.

        The Manson Connection

        But there is a more direct connection between Manson and Altamont. One of the Hell’s Angels doing security at the festival was 35-year-old Bill “Sweet William Tumbleweed” Fritsch. He can be seen in film footage arguing over the microphone with members of Jefferson Airplane after Angels beat back concert-goers trying to climb on stage. Later he tried to calm people when the Rolling Stones halted their set during Sympathy for the Devil. A few songs after, 18-year-old African-American Meredith Hunter, high on meth, pulled a gun on the Angels. He was stabbed to death.

        Fritsch was a friend of Bobby Beausoleil, a member of the Manson Family. Both men appeared in Kenneth Anger’s occult art film Lucifer Rising. Or at least in the original attempt to film it before Beausoleil dropped out and Anger re-purposed the footage into Invocation of my Demon Brother. Beausoleil was the first Manson follower to be arrested. Police caught him trying to escape the Hinman murder scene on 6 August.

        Sympathy for the Devil

        Crowleyite and gossip-monger Anger provides another link to the Rolling Stones. He hung out with them in London, having been introduced by art dealer Robert Fraser. Anger’s occult interests provided one of the inspirations (along with Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita) for the song Sympathy for the Devil. Which the Stones were playing when everything started to go wrong at Altamont.

        Bill Fritsch was originally a poet on the San Francisco scene who became part of the Diggers, proto-Hippy community activists. He had a “a left-wing, longshoreman, Communist Party, good Jewish boy, Jewish progressive radical from Brooklyn, background” according to a fellow Digger. Fritsch shook that off and joined the Hell’s Angels in 1967. He was around in London the next year when The Beatles were recording the White Album, which featured the track Helter Skelter, a big influence on Charles Manson’s apocalyptic worldview.

        Then Altamont, a last minute venue for a scrappy free festival where the Hell’s Angels were paid in beer to control a rowdy crowd. And things went badly wrong.

        Fritsch got shot in the head a few years after Altamont and left partially paralysed down the left side of his body. He moved in San Francisco and read a poem at The Band’s 1976 final concert, limping on stage at Winterland with a cane. He died in 2015.

        George Lucas, future creator of Star Wars, was also at Altamont. But that’s another story.

      • London Bridges Says:

        The book’s author concludes, after years of interviews with principals in the case as well as dogged research, that the one loose thread in the story is the role of a mysterious English satanic cult that was active in LA in those years.

        The author learned new details after working with LA private investigator Larry Larsen, a former LA County deputy who assisted the investigation into the death of Robert F. Kennedy.

        Larsen had been informed through associates that the English satanic group had recruited Charles Manson to murder Tate because of information she had learned about RFK’s assassination.

        The contention is that members of the English cult had invited Sirhan Sirhan to LA parties and one such party took place at Sharon Tate’s residence, where sexual and ritualistic rites occurred – along with heavy drug use.

        According to an Immigration and Naturalization Service report, the English Satanist group had commissioned Manson to kill Sharon because of ‘something that she unfortunately overheard that she was not supposed to overhear either in regards to Sirhan Sirhan or about Sirhan Sirhan’.

        Whether or not Sharon knew something about the Robert Kennedy assassination remains unanswered.

        Sanders conducted a correspondence with Manson back in the 1980s. Manson sent him a six-page reply to a question list but also said ‘I’m not schooled enough to play words on paper with you…’

        Manson refused to answer a follow up question asking whether he was offered $25,000 to kill Tate as alleged by a woman and her husband who stated they witnessed the contact with Manson.

        ‘Indeed, it may all be smoke and mirrors and ultimately impossible to prove beyond doubt’s shadow,’ writes Sanders.

        ‘No loose ends can prevent our sense of outrage and anger for the horrible injustice perpetrated upon Sharon Tate and her friends.’

        Sharon Tate: A Life, by Ed Sanders and published by Da Capo Press is available on Amazon

      • Savile Row Says:

        “I would say that I am highly moral during the day, and even higherly moral during the evening, but of course we won’t say anything about night-time, because that is when all real wolves like myself rise from the darkness and leap about causing mayhem left and right.”

      • ΜǞḠỈ ȫḟ ӍЭƉĬǞ Says:

      • S.O.S. [P-P-P-P] Says:

        Sons Of Satan MC Patch / Motto / Colors
        The Sons of Satan Motorcycle Club wear a “P” patch to signify their support of the Pagans Motorcycle Club.

        Sons Of Satan MC Chapters
        The Sons of Satan Motorcycle Club have chapters based in Pennsylvania. Further details of the chapters are unavailable.

        Famous Sons Of Satan MC Members
        John “Satan” Marron – President

        John Marron was the Sons of Satan President for a time before he became the Pagans MC National President.

        Sons Of Satan MC Crime / In The Media
        1970 – 2 June, 1970. Members of Sons of Satan Motorcycle Club Arthur “Moose” Hulse, who was prospecting at the time for the club and President Steven Hurd, murder gas station attendant Jerry Carlin using a Boy Scout hatchet after taking him to a restroom. It is believed that they licked the blood from the hatchet after the murder. Jerry Carlin’s wife, Patricia Kramer was pregnant with their child at the time of his death. Arthur Hulse, along with President Steven Hurd, were convicted of the murder of Jerry Carlin.

        1970 – 3 June, 1970. Sons of Satan members hijack a station wagon driven by Nancy Brown, a mother of four aged 29. They stab her more than 20 times and leave her body in a field in Irvine. It is believed that they forced her to beg for her life before killing her.

      • CHINGON AND ON AND ON... Says:

        Hurd wanted to see the man he called “the chief devil”. According to Hurd’s attorney Steven was not referring to the head of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey.

        For his part, LaVey was dismissive of many of the so-called devil worshipers of the time and referred to them as: “kooks and creeps who are out of their minds on drugs.” Maybe LaVey wasn’t Hurd’s chief devil, but I can’t imagine Steven passing up an opportunity to see LaVey’s documentary film SATANIS, released in March 1970.

        The drive up north was particularly bizarre. Hurd was on a mission to visit with the chief devil, whoever he was, and Melanie Daniels wanted to visit a boyfriend of hers who was doing time in San Quentin. Daniels actually got as far as the gate of the prison where guards turned her away.

        The group drove Florence Brown’s car south again where they abandoned and then torched the station wagon in Los Gatos. The drifters split up there, each hitchhiking back to Orange County where they were arrested.

      • “My main concern in The Process was the children. They rarely saw their parents unless their parents made efforts to do so, particularly in the New York City Chapter. I know this because in New York I had sole care from 9 a.m. to midnight of eight babies and children under the age of five, after which I gave birth to my own son.
        “When I was in New York City a second time, I found out that older children had already been moved to a ‘farm’ out of the city, and the younger ones, age four and under, were being housed in a windowless basement room measuring about 10′ X 10′. They were receiving regular medical care, their shoes were too small and cramping their feet, and they were bathed in a dank boiler room in which a kind of shower hose was rigged up.
        “The rules concerning parents and children seemed arbitrary, harsh and sometimes just mean. I was punished, for example, by being shunned, for insisting on medical care for my son (he ended up in hospital) and then again for coming to his aid after a traumatic event.
        “One Processean confided in me that her child was taken in the middle of the night, that she had no idea where the child was living, and that she was not to speak of it. Another told me that after her baby had died of SIDS in New Orleans she was transferred right away to another Chapter and was forbidden to tell anyone that her baby was dead.
        “I was allowed to receive prenatal care only one month prior to giving birth. I was not permitted to go to the hospital once I’d entered labor until the higher-ups said I could, and I was in labor for 36 hours. At the time I was living in a room with one other woman (I had the bottom bunk bed, she the top), and about seven children.
        “Mother Diana had her second child (Lucius was the father) taken away from her immediately after she gave birth. I don’t know if she knew where the child was.
        “In Chicago the children were cared for during the day by a woman with a heroin problem and an ex-con who used to wash paper diapers for reuse. There were unconfirmed allegations of sexual abuse of the children. They were left alone at night and their first-floor apartment. One child, Daniel (age eight or nine), leapt from the roof and fell on his back and was refused medical care.
        “When I first got to the city, I was asked to go to the kitchen to help prepare a meal. I heard little kids voices from a room off the kitchen. The room turned out to be a pantry. When I open the door I found two approximately 18-month-old babies in nothing but dirty diapers, and a 3′ X 8′ room with a couple of windows place near the ceiling of the room. This is where they spent their whole days.
        “When we were told money was tight and all food was ‘retrieved,’ Sister Julia fed her premature twins tea instead of formula for at least a couple of weeks. Her mother had to give her a charge card so she was able to buy formula for the infants.
        “The dogs were fed much better than we were. They were being given nice big chunks of red meat while our dinner was whatever we found in the dumpsters behind the supermarket in Toronto.”
        (Love Sex Fear Death, “Marriage and Children in the Process Church,” Kathe McCaffrey, pgs. 163-164)

      • Alphonse Says:

      • There’s always more to the story just off screen than we can ever know, but at this juncture it seems that much of what Berkowitz had to say, directly or indirectly, about the much disputed organization behind the SOS killings has been corroborated by other sources.

        And so, certain parties must have asked themselves: “How, can we possibly discredit this guy and make him look like a raving, drooling, brain damaged, manipulated moron thereby discrediting everything that he has said up till now?”

        Well, Berkie, meet MaryAnn!

        No, not THAT MaryAnn. This one is apparently American, and dresses in biker leathers, and as far as I can tell, seems quite intent on forming a neo-Christian messianic cult with Berkie as the centerpiece. #444! No more processed cheese. Will the MaryAnn from Glasgow be keyword highjacked by the new MaryAnn?

      • “Did you know Debra Harry was picked up by The Family one time?”

      • Maxine Tarnow Says:

      • DEEP ARCHER Says:

        The Process is a novel by Brion Gysin which was published in 1969. Gysin was a painter and composer, and also collaborated with Beat Generation author William S. Burroughs on many occasions. The Process was his first full-length novel.

        Described by The Overlook Press (which published a posthumous edition in 1987) as “a powerfully psychological novel”, The Process tells the story of a professor named Ulys O. Hanson who sets out on a pilgrimage across the Sahara Desert which turns out to be a hallucinatory experience.

        The Process is notable not only for its evocative and poetic descriptions of the Sahara Desert and Sufi culture, but also for the history it documents. Most notably, Gysin’s encounters with L. Ron Hubbard and The Master Musicians of Jajouka.

        The Process features Thay and Mya Himmer, who are based on John and Mary Cooke, a couple who financed Gysin’s 1001 Nights restaurant in Tangier. John Starr Cooke gave Gysin the large emerald which features as the Seal of the Sahara.

      • DEEP ARCHER Says:

        In August 1956 the Cookes planned to move to Algiers and live in a renovated colonial villa; however, their plans changed after a mysterious encounter in a Tangier bank with family members of the Sufi sect. According to his sister Alice, as Cooke stood in the bank queue, a scarf was placed on his shoulders. As he left the bank, he suddenly tore the scarf off, due to a burning sensation on his shoulder, simultaneous with the feeling of a heavy blow to the base of the spine. He was thereafter paralysed and remained unable to use his legs properly for the rest of his life. In addition, he had a burn-like mark on his shoulder that remained with him for life.[2]

        The Cookes continued to Algiers as planned, but Mary called Gysin in Tangier for assistance. She paid him to close 1001 Nights for a time and in Algiers Gysin carried Cooke around on his back in search of medical help. Gysin also adopted Cooke’s appearance of close-shaven head and goatee.

        John and Mary Cooke sent word to L. Ron Hubbard in London to come and cure John. Hubbard couldn’t come but sent his right-hand man “Lucky” Jim Skelton, an Australian Scientologist the Cookes had previously met in London. Gysin had also met Skelton in London. Skelton met with some success in reducing the paralysis, but complained to Hubbard that the method was not fully effective. Hubbard countered that Skelton was not performing the method correctly, which led Skelton to split from Hubbard and Scientology. In addition, Lucky Jim fell in love with both John and Mary and lived together with them.

        John and Mary’s son Chamba was born October 3, 1956. Soon after the birth, Mary decided that John was not stable enough to be a father to Chamba so she divorced him. Mary married Jim Skelton in July 1957.

        After unsuccessful treatment in France and Denmark, John Cooke returned to the United States. [2][10]

      • “In California, through the 1960s, leaders of the Process Church of Final Judgement actively recruited from the ranks of Hell’s Angels and Gypsy Jokers, calling the bikers ‘agents of Satan.’ One Processean, known to the faithful as ‘Brother Ely,’ actively rode with the Jokers for two years, before a rumble with Angels drove him out of San Francisco during 1969.”
        (Raising Hell, Michael Newton, pg. 261)

      • GRAND CHINGON JR Says:

        The Manson Cartel, you know, those retarded groupie/ghouls, with names like “Lynyrd Skynyrd, “Starship”, “St Circumstance”, “Panamint Patty”, “the Colonel” etc, who OWN the Manson mythos and whose main goal in life is to categorically, and emphatetically deny ANY connection between M and any of those cults that were always in such close proximity to the action, would certainly ignore any of the following and continue ghouling with their fan-fic groupie fantasies. WE MUST NOT THINK BAD THOUGHTS! However, the No-Cult narrative gets kinda strained if you just connect the dots around Victor Floyd Wild aka “Brother Ely”, a man of many talents including leather tanning and design, who resided at 407 Cole Street, where he invited the Process to move in lock, stock and barrel. “And no one was as gung-ho for the Process as Victor Wild aka Brother Ely”. Besides swiftly becoming a Process leader, in fact, according to Sanders, Wild was left in charge of the West Coast operation when the elder British leaders left town in the wake of the RFK assassination, which might or might not mean that he was promoted to “Grand Chingon II”, VFW also supposedly rode with the Gypsy Jokers, and was known to the Mansonoids as the guy who made their spiffy buckskins. At the very least. This connects a lot of dots that the Manson Cartel would rather not see connected for some reason.

      • GRAND CHINGON JR Says:

        Unlike so many in this narrative, Brother Ely has not only surrvived, but prospered! Modestly described on his own website as a “national treasure”, “His [sic] is a scientist, artist, and inventor”, “A Santa Fe New Mexico artist, Victor and his wife also manage a medical device company in San Diego California were they create advances in microfibers, implants and bioabsorbable technologies.” Which in the context of Mary Ann Degrimston running a “pet shelter” makes perfect sense. Funny how in his résumé, this “national treasure” kind of ommited any mention of the Process, the Gypsy Jokers, buckskin/leather goods, or even ol’ No-name Maddox hisself. How soon we forget!


        And passed from man to man
        A wanton child, too dead to care
        That each would find his pleasure as he might
        For this fantastic night was billed
        As nothing less than the end of an age
        A last crusade, a final outrage
        In this day of flaccid plumage Behind the pantry, behind the tree, the ghouls adopt that child
        Whose name resounds forever, whose name resounds on terror
        And I’m no fool to call that hog, ’cause man I remember
        Those who did resign their souls
        To transmaniacon MC

      • Hey, ya like Art? Who doesn't? Says:

        “The simplest Surrealist act consists of dashing down the street, pistol in hand, and firing blindly, as fast as you can pull the trigger, into the crowd.” -A Breton 2nd Manifesto

      • Hey, ya like Art? Who doesn't? Says:


        “bioabsorbable technologies” translates as G-R-A-Y G-O-O

      • Who Said It: Kasowitz or Manson? Says:

        “I’m on you now. You are [expletive] with me now Let’s see who you are Watch your back , [expletive],” according to ProPublica.

        In another message, according to the publication, ******** wrote, “Call me. Don’t be afraid, you piece of [expletive]. Stand up. If you don’t call, you’re just afraid.”

        And another: “I already know where you live, I’m on you. You might as well call me. You will see me. I promise. Bro.”


        Father Alban gave a lecture on the Berkeley campus of the University of California sometime in that fall of 1967. For his lecture, there was an advertisement in the Berkeley campus newspaper. Attending the Process recruiting meeting was a former dental student, Victor Wild, a twenty-seven-year-old dropout from Los Angeles. Wild had been attending dental school in Chicago and had experienced a vision on LSD that involved a Christ-figure telling Wild to gather up a group of followers and go to California. Later he associated this vision-wraith of Christ with Robert DeGrimston.
        He went to San Francisco in 1967 where he found employment servicing artificial kidney machines. He had been graduated in 1964 from UCLA with a degree in zoology.
        Evidently Wild lived at 407 Cole Street near Panhandle Park. He was living in a commune where other ripe plums for the Process also lived. He saw the ad for the Process meeting on the Berkeley campus and decided to attend. It was the answer to his prayers.
        After the meeting Wild brought Father Alban back to meet the members of his commune on Cole Street. Process members have claimed that Father Alban almost wept at the sight of such a large group of people waiting for the word. He went Jaweh-batty with happiness.
        Victor Wild turned over his followers and his possessions including almost a thousand dollars to the Process. In due time, after proper instruction, Wild was renamed Brother Ely.
        And no one was as gung-ho for the Process as Victor Wild aka Brother Ely.


        One place that spring where the Process distributed their literature was at the Omnibus Restaurant on North LaCienega Boulevard. A lot of the bikers that later associated with Manson hung out there. Rick, “a biker,” brought in Process material to the Omnibus. Rick worked at a Shell station on Sunset across from Whiskey A Go-Go. The Process tried to deal with the Satan-oriented bike groups but had to be content with stirring them up. One girl associated with the cult then said this: “They tried, you know, getting them [the bikers] to come to meetings and you just can’t do nothing with a motorcycle rider. So they decided to use them and it would be easier to sort of incite them and get them to do what they wanted done. That is the thing, you know, figuring they were the forces of Satan. ”
        They, or at least Brother Ely, had great visions of the bikers becoming Process assault squads. Sound like Manson?
        “When it really gets going, we’ll have a mobile conversion unit with messengers in jack boots on black Harleys, wearing black leather jackets with the Process symbol [ an inverted swastika] in studs on the front and the cross in studs on the back.” This is what a dropout from the Process says that Brother Ely told him in the summer of 1968, following the breakup of Process activities in Los Angeles.
        It was the message of the unity of Christ and Satan that Manson grooved with. “Christ and Satan through love dissolved the enmity that existed between them and the unity of Christ and Satan is what the process is all about. They’ve come together to usher in the end of the world,” said Brother Ely to a reporter from an English occult magazine.
        The unification of Christ and Satan is exactly what Manson was getting into at that time, when the family was roaming Hollywood in the black bus. The Process decided to make it big in the entertainment business, so they formed a rock and roll group called The Black Swan. Some Process members claim that the rock group was actually called the Voice of the Process. The Black Swan consisted of Brother Joshua on guitar-Brother Joshua had been in a pop group in London for quite a while-and Brother Benedict, the satanist, on drums. Brother Ely on flute and Brother Bamabas on string bass. Says Father Ely: “Brother Barnabas was a really good string bass player. You know, he was doing lounge shows in Las Vegas. Very professional bass player.
        “We never made much money. We used to pass the hat. Sometimes we’d get a couple of bucks, but that’s about all.” The Black Swan, the world’s only rock group that believed in human sacrifice, at least publicly, would play in various clubs and bars, generally filling in between the main acts.
        “We went into a biker bar one time. They took up a collection for us. They really liked us,” said flutist Ely. The biker bar was on Sunset Boulevard near the Strip.


        There was one Process member named Lloyd who was working as a chef for one of the large Los Angeles hotels, either the Ambassador or the Sheraton. Lloyd was around fifty years old and was always complaining of the penurious life of the Jehovans while Bob and Hecate cruised the world in jet comfort.
        It is probably a coincidence that Sirhan seems to have visited a friend who worked in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel the day before he shot Senator Kennedy. Sometime in mid or late June, the Process was holding internal meetings at a Hollywood motel. Some people interviewed claim that the gatherings were public recruiting meetings for new followers. But others say it was for internal Process members only. The motel may have been the Yucca Motel, a known Process haunt on Hollywood Boulevard. This may have been the motel where Robert DeGrimston caused a Process member to freak out and require sedation, merely by being in the same hotel as the member. It will be remembered that the ace selling point of the Process, besides being the “chosen few,” was that DeGrlmston was Jesus Christ snuffing the world. The DeGrimstons were never seen by the underlings of the cult. Cult members were expected to have the attitude of fawning dogs wetting in fear.
        This is what our trusty informant tells us about the event: “They were not allowed to see Robert because they were on the bottom floor of this one hotel and he was on the top floor and they were just all shaking and crying because he was so powerful. One of the men happened to see him and just ran back into the room and had hysterics and they had to sedate him: “We discovered the Process group staying in a Hollywood motel… and reported it to immigration authorities,” said Reverend Gordon Mustain, a Deputy Guardian of the Church of Scientology.
        Some sort of raid ensued but the wily Processans had already hit the bricks. Some members of the Process, including Robert and Mary Anne DeGrimston, went to New York, where they set up a church there for a while. Others went underground and traveled north to San Francisco and to the Santa Cruz Mountains and evidently to King City and points here and there. Their subsequent activities will be recounted later.
        Brother Ely aka Victor Wild went to San Francisco and then to San Jose, where he opened up a leather shop and became rich.

      • DEEP ARCHER Says:

        Some years later, Jerry Owen would end up on TV with his own Sunday morning televangelist show on Los Angeles station KCOP, which he paid for himself. No one was quite sure where Owen had come up with that cash to foot the bill. As a street preacher he rarely had more than a few dollars at any one time, but seems to have come in to quite a bit of money right around the time Bobby Kennedy was shot.

        The first episode of Owen’s show featured a very special guest, standing on the stage right next to Owen praising Jesus. Owen, the nut whose story about Sirhan had been dismissed and who was marginalized as someone only looking for publicity, introduced his good friend Sam Yorty, the Mayor of Los Angeles. Yorty was instrumental in helping the LAPD cover up the facts of the Kennedy assassination.

        When the general manager of KCOP learned of Owen’s possible involvement in the Kennedy assassination, he canceled Owen’s show, leading to a breach of contract suit filed by Owen. During the ensuing trial, Owen’s attorneys had scheduled a friend and devoted follower of Owen to take the stand as a character witness. Her name was Gail Aiken. Ms. Aiken had worked as secretary for Jerry Owen’s brother and considered Owen a friend whom she had known for years.

        Aiken never took the stand in that case. Two days before her scheduled appearance, the attorney for KCOP, Vincent Bugliosi (yes, the same Bugliosi who convicted Charles Manson) found out a bit about Ms. Aiken’s family ties. This was learned by Owen’s attorney, at which point Gail Aiken was suddenly called away to Florida on urgent business.

        What sort of family ties could be so potentially damaging to Owen’s case? Gail Aiken’s brother was Arthur Bremer, the would-be assassin of George Wallace.

      • DEEP ARCHER Says:

        “The shorter hitchiker whom Owen subsequently identified as Sirhan asked if he could sit in the cab of the truck. After moving into the cab, the man asked Owen if he would stop for a few minutes at the “big hotel” while he visited a friend who worked in the kitchen. The hotel was later identified as the Ambassador Hotel.” p363 ‘The Assasination of RFK’ William Turner and John Christian~Thunder Mouth Press

      • Fulltiltredhead© ⅊ ⎋ ☭ ☫ ☬ Says:

        Wow! That Jerry Owens is definitely the most impressive tarbaby of mega-convolution that I’ve ever seen! I mean, who would buy a horse fom this guy? Me? You? Charlene Cafritz? Melba Cronkite? Leno Labianca? George Spahn? Sirhan? The four horsemen of the apocalypse? I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name/in the desert you can’t remember your name etc etc…

      • DEEP ARCHER Says:

        “To try and bolster his point, [Captain Hugh] Brown suddenly revealed that the preacher [Owen] had also injected himself into the Tate-Labianca murder case. He reported to the Hollywood Division that the day before the killings he picked up a hitchhiker named William Garretson–the nineteen year old caretaker of the Tate estate whom the police held for several days before releasing him. Owen said that Garretson was looking for extra work as a dishwasher, and he took the young man to the Carolina Pines restaurant to introduce him to the management.” p148 Turner/Christian

      • DEEP ARCHER Says:

        “In late 1975 we informed Vince Bugliosi about Owen’s ‘involvement” in the Manson case. His reaction was instant: “I personally examined every single LAPD report in that case, including those dealing with publicity freaks and the nuts. Owen’s name never appeared anywhere. If it had–especially after his involvement in the Kennedy case–you can bet I’d have found out why, fast!” p149 Christian & Turner

      • VIN-DOLFѮѮѮ Says:

        Stop being mean to the Process! Can’t you just leave them alone? More Ed Sanders Fake News! A total nothingburger! Next you’ll be telling me that Walter Breen was an unfit chaperone for young children! Or that the Finders were more that just innocent misunderstood spiritual seekers! Yet more Sanders bullshit trying to connect the Process with child abuse! How absurd! Reusing paper diapers! Refusing medial care! Feeding premature twins tea instead of formula! 18 month old babies living unattended in a pantry! Where do you get this crap? Oh, ‘Love Sex Fear Death’? Timothy Wylie? Oh…never mind…

      • NOTHINGBURGER® ƾ Says:

        Do you want Fries with that?

      • TRANSMANIACON MC® ƾ Says:

        Witness LA ran a story on July 18, 2014 regarding an LASD officer who went undercover in an Outlaw Biker gang, and subsequently falsified a drug transaction report and “manufactured crime” …..anyway, all this was exposed.

        What I found in the comments section was more than interesting. A blogger that goes by the name of “The Past” posted this comment:

        “I admit I know zero about the circumstances surrounding the rebuff of Investigator Berncato by Federal Judge Frenbach. What I do know though, when dealing with outlaw bike groups such as the Vagos, Angels or others, you are dealing with people who should be devoid of normal rights. I cite a kidnapping of a young woman in the late 60′s by an outlaw biker group from the Sunset Strip. She was home from the University of Hawaii for Christmas break and was abducted &’found dead off of Mulholland some days later. Evidence & investigation revealed that she was tethered, held for several days, gang raped,an ultimately killed by a well known outlaw biker group. The grotesqueness of her death will never be forgotten by me. I made a promise from that incident that I would not give any outlaw biker the slightest break.

      • BORN TO BE WILD ƾ Says:

        One girl associated with the cult then said this: “They tried, you know, getting them [the bikers] to come to meetings and you just can’t do nothing with a motorcycle rider. So they decided to use them and it would be easier to sort of incite them and get them to do what they wanted done. That is the thing, you know, figuring they were the forces of Satan. ”
        They, or at least Brother Ely, had great visions of the bikers becoming Process assault squads. Sound like Manson?
        “When it really gets going, we’ll have a mobile conversion unit with messengers in jack boots on black Harleys, wearing black leather jackets with the Process symbol [ an inverted swastika] in studs on the front and the cross in studs on the back.” This is what a dropout from the Process says that Brother Ely told him in the summer of 1968, following the breakup of Process activities in Los Angeles.

      • BORN TO BE WILD ƾ Says:

        Trilby said…
        I’ve always thought the choice of leather thongs were key in this case. Victor Wild had that leather shop (originally in San Jose, then in Goleta). There was a Process splinter group allegedly headed by Wild in the Santa Barbara area. DeCarlo allegedly ran with them, as did Manson. The Gypsy Jokers, Satan’s Slaves, & Straight Satans all were affiliated with splinter factions of the Process at one time or another. The Jokers made an annual “run” to Ukiah. Manson and Davis were both mingling in these circles with Wild. Did anyone related to or known by the victims have any connections that overlapped?

      • Maybe there’s a Voodoo connection here I was reading Victor Wild’s book on How to Succeed With Women published in 1981. He has a Voodoo Method it consist of making a small wooden fire and taking two pinches of Rosemary and Thyme and throwing them into the fire. Then make two small statues of your intended lover one made of paraffin wax and one of water base clay place figures near the fire. While the figures go through their transformations go back into your E/T ritual. Picture the heart of your intended lover hardening against other lovers and picture the hearts of other women melting for you. Bring up your thought power chant. As the figures respectively melt and harden you should bring yourself slowly up out of alpha state. Finally carefully cover the fire with clean dry sand? The Process Church was in New Orleans in 1968 it’s said they got into Voodoo.

      • TRANSMANIACON MC® ƾ Says:

        One day, Mr. Cross stuffed the leader in a ringer-type washing machine and joined a club called the Gypsy Jokers. He started a San Jose chapter of the Jokers and embarked on the most action-packed years of his life. The Jokers were in the midst of a shooting war with the real Hells Angels. The fighting became so intense that the Jokers posted snipers atop their clubhouse. This was a rough time, but it was also the height of the free-love hippie era, and as a young man, Phil enjoyed himself to the fullest. He never let anything as minor as a little jail time stop his fun. Once, while serving time for fighting and fleeing an officer, Phil broke out of jail, entered his bike in a bike show, won the bike show, and broke back into jail before anyone discovered he was missing. Though Phil was tough—he was a certififed martial arts instructor—the Angels proved a tough foe. After multiple beating-induced emergency room visits, Mr. Cross decided that if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, so he and most of his club brothers patched over to become the San Jose chapter of the Hells Angels.

        This book chronicles the life and wild times of Mr. Cross in words and photos.
        The Author
        Phil Cross is a former bodyguard, martial-arts instructor, and amateur photographer. A former member of the Gypsy Jokers Motorcycle Club, he has been a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club since 1969 and is still active in the club. He is the author of Phil Cross: Gypsy Joker to a Hells Angel, a true chronicle of his life and wild times.

        Phil Cross is a former bodyguard, martial-arts instructor, and amatuer photographer. A former member of the Gypsy Jokers Motorcycle Club, he has been a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club since 1969 and is still active in the club. This is his first book.

      • TRANSMANIACON MC® ƾ Says:

        So alleged high-ranking Process member Victor Wild aka Brother Ely, who allegedly rode with the Gypsy Jokers, and who would relocate his leather goods business from San Francisco to San Jose and later to the Goleta/Santa Barbara area, was, we might reasonably assume, riding with the San Jose chapter of the Jokers, who apparently “patched over” to the Hells Angels in 1969, just in time for the Charlie Manson Memorial Hippie Love Death Cult Festival aka ‘Altamont’. What was Sandy Pearlman trying to tell us, and why?

      • The Stones found themselves on a tiny stage, so littered with Hells Angels, members of the audience, stage hands and various other people that they could barely move. The documentary captures scenes, with the camera looking down from behind the stage, in which Jagger and Richards look like they’re about to be swallowed up by the writhing mass of people. In a comic moment, a large Alsatian dog walks across the front of the stage as Jagger sings.

      • In other passages, Selvin goes out of his way to corroborate Jerry Garcia’s claim that the wannabe-Hells Angels and hangers-on from San Jose are the ones who ruined everything. “Prospects” are prospective Hells Angels, the aspiring members, the ones who set up chairs at meetings and stuff like that. Selvin writes that prospects from San Jose followed along to join the fracas and it was they who acted the worst. This is in addition to the San Jose Hells Angel who killed Meredith Hunter.

      • Alphonse Says:

        Mr. Wit during this time also suddenly remembered that busy Cownie often travelled to South Dakota to attend some of the Midwest’s more unsavory biker rallies. But I guess being friends with ex-con bikers and Vegas mobsters doesn’t necessarily point to somebody who would, like, hire thugs to harass, threaten or–wow–maybe even kill people.

        Much of the harassment of me and Mr. Wit was also conducted by the Church Of Scientology in L. A., who Cownie also no doubt also “does business with.” U.S. Intelligence “black ops” and “psy ops” have long relied on (or just outright invented) religious cults (including the Manson Family–Charles Manson received 150 hours of in-prison Scientology “auditing”), biker gangs, and the like in Federal Counterintelligence prorgrams in order to disrupt the counterculture since the 1960s. Read more about the CIA and cults here and couch jumping, Katie kidnapping mind controlled movie star Tom Crusie’s meeting with Scooter Libby and State Department head Richard Armitage here.

      • Courtroom testimony has been contradictory about Pickton’s persona, variously described as kindly and contemptuous towards sex-trade workers, either a frequent client or someone with a dim libido.
        In fact – apart from what the Crown has alleged Pickton did to the six drug-addicted prostitutes he’s accused of murdering and dismembering – a history of violence against women has more quantifiably been mounted against little brother Dave: convicted in ’93 of sexual assault and investigated in ’98 over another assault.
        While earlier telling police that each of her limbs had been tied to a corner of the bed with a bungee cord, and pills shoved into her mouth, the woman afterwards refused to testify against Dave in court and the investigation was dropped.
        Dave Pickton remains, police have told court, a “person of interest” in this case, but there was never enough evidence against the man to justify charges.
        He’s never agreed to be formally interviewed.
        In June, Dave Pickton was notified that the Crown was seeking to subpoena him for this trial, but that never happened. At the time, Dave Pickton told reporters he had more important things to do anyway – specifically, attending a biker rally in South Dakota.

      • Do You Know the Way from San Jose? Ω_Ξ_Ω Says:

      • LOMPOC – 1969

        On Sunday, August 3, 1969 the body of a murder victim was found by hunters near a quarry on Highway 1, south of Lompoc. The victim’s identity was not established following a lengthy investigation, hence the “Jane Doe” identity. She died from multiple stab wounds.

        Jane Doe is described as being a white female between 16-25 years of age, approximately 5’4″ tall, about 125 pounds and medium-brown colored shoulder length hair. Jane Doe had pierced ears, current dental work and most notably, “bucked teeth”. Jane Doe was wearing what appeared to be home-made clothing with a flower print. The clothing appeared consistent with that worn by youth during this time period.

        Jane Doe’s remains were buried at the Lompoc Cemetery in 1969.

        In 2001, Sheriff Department Detectives, in conjunction with the noted author, Sue Grafton, exhumed Jane Doe’s remains. Tissue samples were obtained for DNA comparison purposes. Jane Doe’s skull and jaw were sent to a Forensic Reconstruction Artist, who created a rendition of Jane Doe’s appearance.

        Sue Grafton’s newest novel, “Q” Is For Quarry, is loosely based on our investigation into the murder of Jane Doe 1969.

        If you have any information which could lead to the identification of this victim, please e-mail our detectives at:

      • BORN TO BE WILD ƾ Says:

      • Fulltiltredhead© ⅊ ⎋ ☭ ☫ ☬ Says:

        Quarrier was a close friend of Roman Polanski and his wife Sharon Tate. On 8 August 1969, the night of the murder of Tate and four other people by the Manson Family, he had been invited by Tate to her house. However, he was delayed during filming of Vanishing Point in the California desert (Quarrier was a creative associate on the film). Arriving late in Los Angeles he decided not to bother the pregnant Tate at such a late hour and traveled onto the Vanishing Point wrap party instead.[2]

        His last film role was in 1968’s Wonderwall.

        After Tate’s death, Quarrier retired from the film business.

        Later life[edit]

        After suffering a mental breakdown in 1972, Quarrier spent time at Bethlem Royal Hospital.

        In 1996, Quarrier received a police caution for indecently assaulting two girls.

        On 7 October 2008, Quarrier pleaded guilty at Blackfriars Crown Court to the attempted abduction of a five-year-old girl in a busy supermarket in Ladbroke Grove, West London. He was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, suspended for two years. Two weeks prior to the incident, Quarrier had attempted to ‘purchase’ a nine-year-old girl in the same supermarket. Quarrier also received a Prohibitive Activity Order, banning him from unsupervised contact with children under the age of 16 years. He was also ordered to comply with an alcohol treatment directed by his probation officer.[3]

      • On Oct. 1, 1979, a couple from Goleta survived an attack from a man believed to be the Golden State Killer, according to a report in the Santa Maria Times. More than two months later, in late December, the Santa Maria Times reported that 35-year-old Santa Maria psychologist Alexandria Manning and 44-year-old Dr. Robert Offerman were found murdered, shot multiple times, in a residence located on Avenida Pequena in Goleta.

        Manning’s co-workers at a child abuse hotline were shocked to learn of her death.

        “She was a totally non-violent person, so alive,” a source told the Santa Maria Times in a January 1980 article. “She gave so much to her patients.”

        More victims followed. A couple was found murdered at their home in Ventura. Their wrists were bound with drapery cord using a diamond knot, and the suspect also became known as The Diamond Knot Killer.

        A year and a half later, in July 1981, 35-year-old Cheri Domingo, a corporate secretary, and 28-year-old Gregory Sanchez, an electronic engineering technician, were found shot and bludgeoned to death in a home located on Toltec Way in Goleta, according to an article published at the time in the Santa Maria Times.

        It’s believed that the Golden State Killer would sometimes call his victims’ homes pretending he had called a wrong number. He became so brazen with his reputation that the Golden State Killer taunted the public in a poem he sent to Sacramento-area news outlets.

        The most recent killing linked to the Golden State Killer occurred in 1986, and he has remained elusive ever since. Authorities believe he could still be alive.

        Thirty years later, the FBI, in conjunction with police from Contra Costa and Sacramento counties, announced in June a national campaign to identify the killer. Police are offering a $50,000 reward to anyone with information leading to the revelation of the identity of the Golden State Killer. They also plan to erect electronic billboards nationwide with information on the crimes in order to encourage the public to come forward with information.

        In an online video, retired Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department detective Ray Biondi said he regrets not being able to solve the crimes.

        “It is mind-boggling that he committed so many crimes without a slip-up,” Biondi said, adding that he still believes the killer can be brought to justice.

        If the Golden State Killer is still alive, police believe he is somewhere in the range of 60 to 75 years old. At the time, he was described as a white male with blond hair and in good physical condition, articulate, well dressed, and clean-cut. Marcus Knutson, a FBI special agent, believes the killer may have a collection of crime scene tokens stashed away somewhere.

        “We know that our guy took items,” Knutson said on the FBI website. “So if for some reason [someone]—whether their family member is deceased or they’re cleaning out a storage unit—come[s] across a weird collection of items such as women’s IDs, rings, earrings—anything that’s out of the ordinary—it could be significant.”

        Anyone with information is urged to call 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324) or submit tips online at

      • GRAND CHINGON JR Says:

        It was a breezy summer night in Goleta…On September 24, 1979, a young man was walking his dog, which was off its leash and wandered into a yard off Berkeley. The dog returned badly cut up. No one was home when he knocked on the door. He then bothered a neighbor and called somebody to come help him. A man came and picked him and his dog up. It required 70 stitches. He returned to the homeowner who had helped him and left a solitary rose in gratitude for allowing him to call.

        That October EAR would attack at Queen Ann Lane. That December 30, he would attack closer to Berkeley at Avenida Pequena.

        Now on the night of July 26, a local resident on Merida saw a white male leaning against a tree at 9:45 p.m. Later at 10 p.m. a man and wife were walking. They were followed by a blond man, young, shoulder length hair, about 5 foot 10 inches tall. At 11 p.m. a mother was jogging with her daughter. They saw a white male standing on the sidewalk in front of the house on Merida that was right behind Cheri’s house. He had a dog with him. They described the young man as in his 20s, white, blond, and the dog a German Shepherd.

        Safe in the house neither Cheri nor Greg knew of this. Why should it be a big deal anyway? A late summer night. People are out and about. But at 3 a.m. all was quiet. The sky was indigo. The streets were awash with the bloodless light of the halogen lamps.

        Around 3:25 a.m. a neighbor, Virginia Wood, heard a gunshot. There was a scream. Dogs barked for about 45 minutes. It was quiet again.

        Because the house was for sale a real estate agent came by around 12 noon to show it. The door was locked. She let herself in. She walked around and came to the front bedroom. There, nude, partially in the closet, slumped over and covered with some loose clothes, was a man. It was clear he was dead. A body was under the covers on the bed. There was blood splattered about. She called the listing agent. “I don’t know what to say, but there is the body of a man face down in the bedroom,” she reportedly said.–_cheri_domingo_.html

      • DEEP ARCHER Says:

        Release the Fiend that lies dormant within you, for he is strong and ruthless, and his power is far beyond the bounds of human frailty.
        Come forth in your savage might, rampant with the lust of battle, tense and quivering with the urge to strike, to smash, to split asunder all that seek to detain you. And cast your eye upon the land before you. Choose what road of slaughter and violation you will follow. Then stride out upon the land and amongst the people.
        Rape with the crushing force of your virility; kill with the devastating precision of your sword arm; maim with the ruthless ingenuity of your pitiless cruelty; destroy with the overpowering fury of your bestial strength; lay waste with the all-encompassing majesty of your power…
        For the world can be yours, and the blood of men can be yours to spill as you please. And you can have your pleasure of the world through violence and the wielding of the sword. And your lust can stride upon the face of the land, taking whatever it desires, and discarding the empty husks when you’ve sucked them dry.

      • DEEP ARCHER Says:

        “It was in an article or one of the books that LE had a tracking dog come in from San Luis Obispo to help after one of the Goleta murders. I can’t remember if it specified which murder.”

        “To intentionally throw off LE – some possibilities are to use someone else’s dog to mislead LE into looking at them. Isn’t that what eventually happened with Kona’s family due to the rumors that it was their dog?”

        “Another possibility is just to get LE bogged down in looking for who owned the dog. That did happen and they spent time and resources checking for who owned the dog during neighborhood canvases and whatnot.”

        “Another possibility is if he was pretending to be someone from the Process Church or one of their offshoots. There were rumors swirling about them being involved in murders (Son of Sam murders and Manson being involved with the Church) and they supposedly had an affinity for having German Shepherds with them or killing the dogs depending on which version you read. Since EAR referenced Son of Sam in Excitement’s Crave and some of the Manson Family were living in an area he attacked in Sac; he may have been keeping apprised of the claims and info about them and they had ties to the SB area. Perhaps wanted to mislead LE into thinking they were involved? You never know. Remember Pool wanting to have Cornfed Schneider’s DNA checked? Manson was associated with the group Schneider was a member of and the group had some ideological alliances to some of the Process Church folks types and dogs, too, iIrc. There are some possible ties to all of that and why he left the trail of the pieces of binding to the home of a specific family on another street.”

        “Didn’t Michelle’s article in LA Magazine originally say that LE analysis confirmed the presence of a 3-toed, white, German Shepherd at one of the murder scenes?”


        All those mortal’s surviving birth
        Upon facing maturity,
        Take inventory of their worth
        To prevailing society.

        Choosing values becomes a task;
        Oneself must seek satisfaction.
        The selected route will unmask
        Character when plans take action

        Accepting some work to perform
        At fixed pay, but promise for more,
        Is a recognized social norm,
        As is decorum, seeking lore.

        Achieving while others lifting
        Should be cause for deserving fame.
        Leisure tempts excitement seeking,
        What’s right and expected seems tame.

        “Jessie James” has been seen by all,
        And “Son of Sam” has an author.
        Others now feel temptations call.
        Sacramento should make an offer.

        To make a movie of my life
        That will pay for my planned exile.
        Just now I’d like to add the wife
        Of a Mafia lord to my file.

        Your East Area Rapist
        And deserving pest
        See you in the press or on T.V.


        By Ed N (Ed_N) ( – on Tuesday, February 19, 2002 – 10:34 pm:
        All I know so far is that [Paul] Stine lived at 615 Cole St. apartment 10 in 1965-66, and moved to 1842 Fell by late 1967. Charles Manson stayed at 636 Cole (across the street and three doors down from 615) from March/April to July 1967, and so Stine may in fact have lived there at the same time the Family did.


        Evidently Wild lived at 407 Cole Street near Panhandle Park. He was living in a commune where other ripe plums for the Process also lived.

      • DEEP ARCHER Says:

        Aug. 6, 1969, 1057 Hrs, Subject #1 (Beausoleil) was advised of legal rights by investigating officer by reading of San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Form #7
        Subj.#1 – Beausoleil, Robert Kenneth
        AKA Daniels, Jason Lee
        Male, 22 or 23 yrs. Address: 14400 Sunset Bl. Los Angeles
        Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office Detective Division APB BC-10 File Number 069-02378-1076-016 Dated 8-3-69 (See attached sheet) ***************************** How far is Lompoc from San Luis Obispo? Here’s the quick answer if you drive this relatively short distance without making any stops.

        Nonstop drive: 59 miles or 95 km

        Driving time: 1 hour, 7 minutes

        Even though you can drive this distance straight through, it might be more interesting to stop along the way. You can scroll down to calculate how many hours it would take if you drive with stops.

      • kidkenoma Says:

        Feb 15, 2016 12:08:10 GMT
        Post by killerchaser on Feb 15, 2016 12:08:10 GMT

        Feb 15, 2016 9:52:38 GMT killerchaser said:

        Dec 9, 2015 5:21:52 GMT wm3guilty said:
        I don’t believe there’s a thread discussing the Manson Family. Charles Manson, Tex Watson, and some of the Manson girls were convicted for a total of 9 murders, but it has been long believed they were responsible for up to 35 murders.

        I’m curious what y’all think. Do you believe Charles was indeed the master mind of the murders he was convicted of or is he being blamed for what some of his “family” members did?
        I think Victor Floyd Wild also known as Brother Ely of the Process Church was the real ringleader of the Manson group he sewed the buckskins for the Manson family. Victor’s father lived in San Diego were Manson said he was when the murders took place. It’s on from 48:00-49:00. As for the large number of 35 it’s from here and growing. Me-37 SFPD-0. Take a look at the Zodiac sketch with the German Shepard in the photo stream on 2011.
        He was married twice once in November 22, 1974 in Santa Barbara and in Tulare just below Visalia on April 7, 1979.

      • The Goleta postal facility shootings were a spree killing by Jennifer San Marco (December 6, 1961 – January 30, 2006), a former US Postal Service employee who shot and killed seven people in Goleta, California on January 30, 2006, before taking her own life.

        San Marco apparently believed that she was the target of a conspiracy centered at the Goleta postal facility, according to writings recovered from her house in New Mexico. A spokesman for the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office speculated that San Marco’s paranoia and history of mental illness may have motivated her to commit the murders.[2]


        Santa Barbara[edit]

        Beverly Graham, 54
        Post office shooting[edit]

        Ze Fairchild, 37 years old.
        Meleka Higgins, 28 years old.
        Nicola Grant, 42 years old.
        Charlotte Colton, 44 years old.
        Lupe Swartz, 52 years old.
        Dexter Shannon, 57

        Jennifer San Marco

        Born Jennifer San Marco
        December 6, 1961
        Died January 30, 2006 (aged 44)
        Goleta, California, United States
        Cause of death Suicide by gunshot
        Occupation Former postal worker
        San Marco had previously worked as a dispatcher for the Santa Barbara Police Department in the mid-1990s, a job for which she underwent a background check and psychological evaluation. She left the job after several months, which was not unusual for the high-stress occupation.[3] San Marco eventually went to work for the postal service as a clerk, but left on psychological disability following a 2003 incident in which she had to be removed from her workplace by police.[1] San Marco subsequently moved to Grants, New Mexico sometime in 2004. In the small town of Grants, San Marco earned a reputation for her strange behavior which included speaking to herself and stripping naked in public. In July 2004, she was denied a business license to begin publishing a periodical which would have been known as The Racist Press.[4]

      • Fatlay Good Says:

        Yeah, the life of a police dispatcher sounds pretty stressful. It would behoove one in that situation to cultivate a crafty hobby like yarn braiding or even leather crafts by acquiring the ability to tie a real smooth lanyard/diamond knot under stress with minimal light! It would also be a plus to have a support group of two wacky, fun lovin’, boisterous but pure-as- the-driven-snow siblings whose impish pranks never fail to bring a bloodless puckered smile to your face.

      • DEEP ARCHER Says:

        catscradle77 said…
        7…..I wish the police re-opened the Scientology murders case in time for Bruce’s next parole hearing.

        Would be nice, for the Gaul and Sharp families deserve closure and an answer to what happened to their loved ones.

        If Bruce had a hand in it, then he needs to admit it or be punished for it. A week prior to her murder, Doreen was hit from behind and injured and was planning to return home to NY.

        The police had another suspect, that the one cop felt strongly about, but Lt. Deemer didn’t.(the man was questioned) Also questioned concerning this, was one Leslie B., who was present at the attack on a man with Victor Wild aka Brother Eli (who visited Manson in jail and ran with the Gypsy Jokers and was a member of the Process Church, not saying either one of the former mentioned groups had anything to do with this), where Victor watched a man get his head slammed in by a car door. Why she was questioned-I don’t know but with the wounds to Doreen’s face by the bike chain, it certainly is a possibility (along with Bruce)being that Scientology and the Process Church were offshoots of another organization. (to my recollection, and it is early and my brain is fuzzy).Leslie B was also referred to other agencies concerning other unsolved murders in the area.

        But the Gaul and Sharp families bith deserve closure and the end to speculation.

        1:59 AM, October 30, 2007


        Trilby said…
        Hey, This post is great, BTW, V.B. I think where a lot of hairs get split, so to speak, when it comes to the Process, is in the labels. An aggregate “The Process” seems to have been used when really the Process spawned different offshoots, chapters, & I’d bet alliances with other like-minded groups. Not to mention the hierarchy, Satan/Jehovah/Lucifer factions, etc. To be truthful, I find the subject both repulsive & fascinating. I’m like a moth to a flame. Bugliosi alleged that Danny DeCarlo was a member of a Santa Barbara offshoot. Wild/Ely was based out of Goleta at the time. Ed S. said Ely was selected as “American head” after the Process L.A. contingent left Cali. Manson (as told to Emmons) described stopping “outside of Santa Barbara” to get a stock of drugs on his way to Big Sur the week prior to TLB. So we have the whole recurring Santa Barbara thing.


        BoscGirl said…
        Just found this site… so interesting!

        Random comment here regarding Victor Wild: a few years ago I bought some handmade leather belts from a guy in San Francisco. I decided to ask him if he ever ran into Victor Wild, and he said yes, he’d met him. He said he was still around, and that he was missing several fingers on his hands! Odd.

        December 3, 2012 at 4:33 PM


        12-19-69 – 1000 – Interview Leslie Ann Bouffard, 8901 Laurel Canyon, Van Nuys ****************************************************Bouffard is an “Ex-Process” member and was active in the San Jose Chapter from May 1967 to October 1968. …During Bouffard’s tenure in the “Process” she witnessed two probable murders and has knowledge of other crimes the “Process” and motorcycle gangs in the San Francisco Bay area are involved. Investigators from San Francisco Police Department, San Jose Police Department, Santa Barbara County Sherrif’s and Napa County District Attorney’s Office have been notified. Tape available at Rampart Detectives.


        As I have mentioned before, the Santa Barbara News-Press underreported crime news in the time EAR-ONS was active. The other day I found crime reports from the Goleta Valley News, which shed more light onto what he may have been up to.

        In the fall/winter of 1979, it has been surmised that EAR-ONS lived in Goleta/Santa Barbara, possibly attending UC Santa Barbara or working on a construction job. We know he committed two crimes in late 1979 — the botched attack on Queen Ann Lane Oct. 1 and the murder of Offerman and Manning on Dec. 30.


        EAR-ONS’ activities in Goleta really make me stop and wonder about the hospital connection again. The proximity of Goleta Valley Hospital to the crime scenes, the fact that medical personnel often travel from job to job, and easy access to information about potential victims who happen to have some connection to the hospital. In addition, Ventura Medical Center is 3.4 miles from the Lyman & Charlene Smith residence. I wouldn’t be surprised if EAR-ONS had some kind of traveling medical job that brought him to Goleta, Ventura and Irvine.


        Victor Wild, a twenty-seven-year-old dropout from Los Angeles. Wild had been attending dental school in Chicago and had experienced a vision on LSD that involved a Christ-figure telling Wild to gather up a group of followers and go to California. Later he associated this vision-wraith of Christ with Robert DeGrimston.
        He went to San Francisco in 1967 where he found employment servicing artificial kidney machines.


        Contact Information
        Biogeneral, Inc.
        9925 Mesa Rim Rd
        San Diego, CA 92121

        Contact: Victor Wild
        Title: President
        Phone: 858-453-4451

        Biogeneral, Inc. is the only company located at 9925 Mesa Rim Rd, San Diego, CA 92121 Business Description
        Biogeneral is located in San Diego, California. This organization primarily operates in the Surgical and Medical Instruments business / industry within the Measuring, Photographic, Medical, & Optical Goods, & Clocks sector. This organization has been operating for approximately 31 years. Biogeneral is estimated to generate $3.1 million in annual revenues, and employs approximately 15 people at this single location.
        Sector: Measuring, Photographic, Medical, & Optical Goods, & Clocks
        Category: Surgical and Medical Instruments
        Industry: Surgical and Medical Instruments
        SIC Code: 3841
        Biogeneral, Inc.
        Year Founded:
        State of Inc:
        Location Type:
        $ 3,111,925
        Facility Size:
        * Revenue & Employees are estimates

      • DEEP ARCHER Says: Apr 2, 2016 6:58:04 GMT albion likes this
        Post by almagata on Apr 2, 2016 6:58:04 GMT
        I found this section of Timothy Wyllie’s book Love Sex Fear Death about his memories of the Process Church to have similar themes to Excitement’s Crave. The Process Church founders were excommunicated from the Church of Scientology and were deemed “suppressive persons” by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. Mary Ann and Robert deGrimston, the Process founders, took an E-meter from Scientology when they left and incorporated it into the Process Church practices. E-meters read electrical resistance on the skin and display them on gauge. Members of the Process Church, like in Scientology, were asked a series of questions and the E-Meter was used to track the persons electrical responses during the sessions.

        Here is the quote from Timothy Wyllie’s book:

        “Mary Ann was dismissive of the way Ron Hubbard had trained his Scientologists to use the machine, laughing that all he was doing with the E-meter was turning people into little Hubbards.

        Between them, Robert and Mary Ann arrived at an ontological approach to working with the E-meter in which the answers to lines of questions like “What is your purpose in life?” could be measured for the degree of unconscious emotional charge. Having established the most pertinent answers – and they were almost always along spiritual lines – one then progressed to questions as to how one might be unconsciously thwarting one’s purpose and others that laid bare the consequences of attaining, or not attaining, that purpose.

        Whether or not there was anything to the E-meter, Mary Ann was a master at tickling out answers that I never knew I had within me and yet frequently moved me to tears of recognition. To know and understand my basic goals in life, and all the myriad ways and reasons for achieving, or not achieving, them. I found immensely clarifying and helpful. The causal detritus of everyday life gets cleaned up and drops away in the light of a far more fundamental clarity of mind, and with that comes a deepening understanding of who we are and why we are here. ”


      • DEEP ARCHER Says:

        We note that the attempt at swaggering arrogance in tandem with the cringeworthily pretentious syntax in “Excitement’s Crave”, does indeed invoke the bloated toxic verbiage of onetime messianic Jesus contender/Telephone Company employee, Robert Degrimston’s classic “Process” tracts. Perhaps a tribute from an unabashed admirer. Also, for more of that “I-am-the-superior-übermensch/genius-never-to-be-caught-by-you-lowly-inferior-mortals” type arrogance, check out the comments by a poster at ‘earonsgsk.proboards’ calling itself “liedetector”. Methinks I smell Agenda.


        John Franklin Hood

        On Saturday, February 21, 1970 the couple packed up food and a blanket and headed to a beach east of Santa Barbara, just down from Santa Barbara Cemetery.

        Maybe they wanted to gaze at the partial lunar eclipse that occurred that night. Maybe they wanted to talk about their upcoming wedding. Maybe they just wanted to steal some time together and listen to the waves.

        At some point the owner of the bone-handled fish knife startled them. A violent struggle ensued. Hood was stabbed 11 times, mostly in the face and back. Sandra allegedly suffered much worse.

        It was a puzzling crime. Their property wasn’t stolen or disturbed. Sandra wasn’t raped. No one could identify any enemies that might want to hurt the couple. The double murder at Cemetery Beach went cold.

        Forty-two years later the unsolved Garcia and Hood murders are only occasionally mentioned, usually among Zodiac sleuths who wonder if he was responsible. There’s also sporadic chatter about a possible connection to Charles Manson, who lived for a time in Santa Barbara at 705 Bath Street.

        What’s rarely mentioned, but what I find interesting, is something that happened a few months after the Garcia/Hood murders. This was a few miles north. On July 5, another early Sunday morning, a stroller along the beach next to University of California Santa Barbara stumbled upon two young men hacked to death in their sleeping bags. A third young man with multiple head wounds was seriously wounded but still alive.

        Thomas Dolan, 17, had hitchhiked from his family’s home in Manhattan Beach to San Francisco with a cousin and two friends. On their way back to southern California the group stopped to camp out on the Santa Barbara beach and watch 4th of July fireworks. Sometime during the night as they slept the group was attacked with a knife and hatchet. Dolan and another young man died. Thomas Hayes, 19, of Hermosa Beach, survived. Robbery wasn’t the motive. The victims still had their money and watches.

        Very little has been written about the 4th of July murders. A few articles from that time mention in passing the Garcia/Hood double homicide, but that’s the extent of speculation about a possible link.

        The Santa Barbara cases came to mind recently because while researching a longer story I kept running into examples of what’s known as “linkage blindness,” which is the failure to recognize a series of offenses as the work of one person, usually because investigators focus too much on dissimilarities. For example, the last three victims of the BTK killer weren’t originally linked to him, as it had been almost a decade since his infamous serial murders, and his last two victims in particular didn’t fit his typical victim profile.

        The linkage blindness examples I encountered on my story mostly had to do with jurisdictions not cooperating with each other, or ridding themselves of responsibility once they felt the offender had moved to a different area. It was less about not seeing similarities and more about not wanting to.

        I don’t know what happened in Santa Barbara, or whether they felt, or feel, the violent knife attacks on their beaches a few months apart in 1970 could be connected. It certainly seems worth exploring, though the more time that passes the harder that will be.
        In 2005 Tom Dolan’s mother told the Ojai Valley News that she was turning 80 and feeling “old,” and she’d like to see her son’s case solved before she dies.

        “It’s a mystery that nobody has bothered all these years to delve into,” she said.


        In late July 1970, while Manson was on trial, three persons were hacked, two fatally, on the beach near Santa Barbara, California. One of the Manson girls spoke of this incident as “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”, an Abbey Road song that plainly is about homicidal madness.[71]


        Chris Ballmer
        Ventura, CA
        April 11, 2012, 1:07 am
        WoW! I just watched my life again on this show. It reminded me of the drive for purpose which caused me to accept whatever someone else told me when I believed it was ‘for God’. I really, truly hope that Warren Jeffs has his balls ripped off and fed to him in jail by someone. As well as these Militant idiots who are so egocentric and sad people. This was painful but a good reminder for me to be grateful that I wasn’t led down an even darker path during my 13 years in my cult in Goleta.

      • DEEP ARCHER Says:

        Alas, Mr Ballmer’s reference to a “cult in Goleta” refers to a repugnantly abusive “Christian” ministry run by one George Geftakys, who has since gone on to his Great Reward. Quite an unpleasant bunch by all accounts, but nowhere near the level of probable malevolence manifested by some other cults alleged to be infesting the area.

      • Mad in France Says:

        Shadow Of California Lyrics

        Beneath the freeway at the cloverleaf junction
        A symbol of good luck eminates darkness
        The shadow will grow to cover California
        Somewhere on the road from San Bernadino
        Its future is steering the past … will not pass

        Speed is the game in the shadow of kings
        Where the company of angels fly
        They appear at the crossroads at once in the future
        Clad in the darkness on the highways of night
        With no love … from the past

        Night makes right
        The symbol remains
        Into the darkness
        Must pour the brains
        In the shadow of California

        Revolution by night grant me this future
        Kings of the shadow on the highways of night
        From San Bernadino these angels are racing
        This night to your city
        The host of angels … Los Angeles

        Night makes right
        The symbol remains
        Into the darkness
        Must pour the brains
        In the shadow of California

      • Fulltiltredhead© ⅊ ⎋ ☭ ☫ ☬ Says:

        Oh, the farmers and the businessmen, they all did decide
        To show you where the dead angels are that they used to hide
        But why did they pick you to sympathize with their side?
        How could they ever mistake you?

      • GRAND CHINGON JR Says: Jayrot
        09-28-2006, 05:48 PM
        OK, so perhaps this question could be asked and answered better somewhere else, but I know that we do have a number of SB Dopers here. Also, the question could be generalized to other cities with similar situations.

        Basically, “Madam Rosinka” is a palm reader/fortune teller that has (AFAIK) 3 locations here in town. The odd thing is that all three locations are pretty much about as “prime” as prime real estate goes in Santa Barbara (we’re talking commercially). One is out at the end of Stearn’s Wharf, which is the ridiculously touristy pier that’s pretty much endemic to central and southern California cities. Another location is right on the roundabout at the bottom of Milpas St. where a huge amount of people pass through every day, and another is right on the corner of Fairview and Hollister, a likewise highly visible and commercially desirable intersection.

        Now, I know there are a lot of rubes out there these days, but how in the name of Sweet Zombie Jesus can these places survive? I can somewhat see the one on the pier since idiot tourists might stop in there for a reading on a lark. I’ve otherwise pretty much assumed that it’s got to be a drug front.

        Does your city have one of these enigmas? What’s the deal?

        …I mean, seriously, a fortune teller? :smack:

        09-30-2006, 12:39 AM
        I have worked in Goleta for sixteen years and have driven by the Fairview location thousands of times. I have never seen anyone go into that place. Come to think of it, I have never seen anyone in the parking lot at the Milpas location. They must make a lot of money off of a very few people.

      • PROCESS OF ELIMINATION Says: Dec 9, 2014 11:09:18 GMT artemisia1 likes this
        Post by IHateMiseryGimps on Dec 9, 2014 11:09:18 GMT
        This case is the most interesting because of the gap in attacks,it probably was his last,and the way he attacked her…was she running from him when he hit her,or did he hit her because he may have been handicapped of some sort,and could not control her any other way?

        I could easily see this guy having a knee cap blown off hitting the wrong house in mid 1981,and not being able to move so quickly afterwards…They may need to look at burglarys where the intruder got wounded,but got away in 81/82

        Just throwing that out there..there’s reason there’s gap,there’s a reason he stopped..
        Hasta la vista, baby

        Posts: 1,846

        Dec 10, 2014 10:45:39 GMT ice likes this
        Post by IHateMiseryGimps on Dec 10, 2014 10:45:39 GMT

        Dec 9, 2014 16:40:02 GMT sammyt said:

        What I was saying is I read that the first thing he did was pick up something from her garage and belt her in the hallway..not the bedroom..That’s different than any of his other crimes..this nut tied up couples,and entire familys before..he couldn’t subdue her and tie her up like all the rest?…It makes me think he was handicapped..bad arm,bad leg? probably from a bullet/shotgun he took 5 years before?

        Maybe he stopped because he can’t do it like his glory days…this theory explains the gap,and explains the stopping…Just a theory,but what if?
        Hasta la vista, baby

        Posts: 1,846

        Dec 10, 2014 13:17:40 GMT
        Post by sammyt on Dec 10, 2014 13:17:40 GMT
        It seems to me like the Cruz case might have been EARONS proving that he could still do what he did in his glory days.

        That he was still ‘the man’ – despite the press coverage of Richard Ramirez as the Nightstalker.

        That he was still able to ‘have’ a beautiful teen girl, like he used to in his EAR (and possibly VR) days.

        Quite a few of the early EAR (and VR) crimes involve younger girls outside their homes, whereas of course the ‘main body’ of the EAR and ONS crimes involve couples controlled in their own homes.

        Who knows if between 1981-86 EAR was somehow physically handicapped; if he was in prison; if he moved out of state; if he almost got caught or killed in 1981 and it spooked him into resisting his urges for a good few years; if he was an older offender who had reached middle age and slowed down; or if he was a younger offender who now had a wife, children and just got busy with life.


        Random comment here regarding Victor Wild: a few years ago I bought some handmade leather belts from a guy in San Francisco. I decided to ask him if he ever ran into Victor Wild, and he said yes, he’d met him. He said he was still around, and that he was missing several fingers on his hands! Odd.

        December 3, 2012 at 4:33 PM

      • kidkenoma Says:

        Quarrier was a close friend of Roman Polanski and his wife Sharon Tate. On 8 August 1969, the night of the murder of Tate and four other people by the Manson Family, he had been invited by Tate to her house. However, he was delayed during filming of Vanishing Point in the California desert (Quarrier was a creative associate on the film). Arriving late in Los Angeles he decided not to bother the pregnant Tate at such a late hour and traveled onto the Vanishing Point wrap party instead.[2]

      • kidkenoma Says: Principal photography began in the summer of 1970 with a planned shooting schedule of 60 days.

      • The film ends where it began. The prologue to Vanishing Point finishes with two cars passing just before they reach a road block of unyielding bulldozers. The film freezes and one of the cars, the Dodge Challenger, fades out, leaving the other, a black Chrysler. Kowalski is now in the Chrysler, delivering it before his next mission begins; the chase back to Frisco in the white Dodge Challenger. This is one of many vanishing points in the film, where black and white cross. The haze on the horizon where the road disappears represents a physical vanishing point. The end of one phase of American history as it morphs into the next represents another… Look closely at the end scene and you might be lucky enough to see the escape he yearns for. Or is he doomed to repeat events? The answer to that will require your interpretation and a scroll back to the start of the film.

      • Charles Ray Hatcher Says:

        I demand the immediate release of the West Memphis Three®!!

      • Mad in France Says:

        Officer Codella’s informant was formerly a member of a nasty old-school biker club named the Rat Pack, and was serving time for sexual crimes against his wife, son, and daughter. Codella recalled that the guy more or less had the body-build of a bear, and gave the officers so many details in different directions, that it was hard to keep a focus at first.

        Opperman’s interview with Codella focuses around two narratives: the visits with the biker-informant, and the follow-up investigations into his claims. What came from the informant’s mouth was not disappointing, and was verified in a variety of different aspects, although astonishingly, no arrests were possible through unfolding circumstances. Codella supervised an investigation that withstood for a year, looking into the claims of this informant, and followed interesting leads throughout many different directions in hopes to sniff out a piece of this cult network that NYPD could pounce on—one piece of the investigation even leading them to a car dealership in Florida, where the successful dealership was shut down without a trace quickly after being contacted in person by the department.

        Among many interesting details discussed in this interview, Codella tells that his informant was a prominent member of the Rat Pack biker-gang, which ran a business providing black-market security to anyone who had the money, and this biker-security force was often rented by cult-members to maintain a perimeter outside of houses where satanic rituals, often sacrifices and orgies, would take place. The cult considered at hand was the infamous Process Church of the Final Judgement. After a withstanding business arrangement between the “Church” and the Rat Pack, the informant and other bikers were reported to have initiated themselves into the Process Church, where they enjoyed the long list of any and all illicit black market activities, including pedophilia, and even kidnapping for specific purposes of ritual sacrifice.

        While Codella withholds the name of the individual, he tells of one case where his informant claimed to witness the sacrifice of a person who was a well-known missing-persons case in New York for quite some time, and still remains unsolved. Codella regrettably admits that some officers are still doing work on the case, and he does not want to stifle any further investigations. (On record, of course, the informant claimed to have walked out of the room right before the sacrifice occurred, and had it confirmed to him later.)

        Lastly, but perhaps most pertinent, the informant claims to have seen David Berkowitz, known as the “Son of Sam” serial killer (who claimed that Satan spoke to him telepathically through his neighbor’s dog and gave him a list of people to kill) at a number of these Process Church gatherings, long before the infamous killings took place. Rothstein also had informants who claimed the same thing, and Codella said that upon talking to Rothstein recently, that Rothstein’s informant had indeed been a man who Codella had investigated for the same reasons years later without knowing.

        Despite the Process Church’s avid and continuous attempt at upkeep of their public image, with documentaries, social media accounts, “tell-all” books, et cetera, the evidence refuses to go away, and continues to surmount towards the Process Church’s fractional involvement (at minimum) with the vast amount of occultist corruption that elitist communities like Hollywood and Washington DC.

        From allegations of members ranging from Sirhan-Sirhan, Manson, and Berkowitz, to many known political officials throughout the decades, and many famous celebrity followers such as Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski, Jayne Mansfield, John Phillips and Cass Eliot of The Mamas and the Papas, Sammy Davis Jr., Liberace, a whole host of people in the old-school and modern heavy-metal music scene, and an obscenely longer list from there.


        May 5, 2015 6:20:47 GMT @privatecitizen said:

        May 5, 2015 4:44:45 GMT killerchaser said:
        I would like to find out who did this sketch of this guy with the Zodiac style hood and the german shepherd.

        You know, one of the possibilities I’m wondering about, is if by bringing the German Shepherds and some other things, was he trying to make LE think he was part of the Process Church and that they were responsible for the Goleta murders?
        It’s possible? I was thinking maybe there was a biker connection with the Gypsy Jokers most of them became Hells Angels.The tattoo of the bull on his arm and the crossed gun belt buckle sounds more like a biker. Some more in San Diego were Victor currently lives. The RS Press Enterprise published a list of cold cases in the RS area (even a minister that was reading the Bible in his car as someone walked up and shot him to death) and I got a copy that they sent to me, but it is somewhere in my Z boxes. Not saying they were all Z, but there are several cases that could be attributed to Z, but we just don’t know which ones. Like he wrote, ‘I hope you have fun trying to figure out who I killed.’ If SB was his first then that area, and he moved down the state. Look at the Ear-ons or the Golden State killer. He started in N CA as a vicious rapist then moved towards Southern CA. Then he seems to have ceased(?) killing for any number of reason even death. Complex case. One of the most evil serial killers ever makes Z seem like a nursery school teacher.
        I’ve always wondered if there could be a connection with these two.I would sure like to know who made this pencil sketch of this guy in a Zodiac style hood with the german shepherd.

        The sketch of the suspect in the Julia Wilkinson looks a lot like the Carmichael sketch on 10/18/76

        sandy betts #82 [url] [-]

        Posts: 1627
        May 5 15 3:29 AM
        Killerchaser ,The couple who were attacked while sleeping on Torry Pines beach on 8-13- 78 is like a Zodiac like crime. Again the boy survives like at Lake B, the female Barbara Nantais did not. (Thank you for that link)

        It reminded me very much of another beach murder ,the Jenner couple Allen 26 and Cutshall 23 ,again both were killed while sleeping on a beach,in August about 8- 14- 2004 .
        As if it was done on the August anniversary of the Torry pines murder?

        The Celebrity cipher sent Sept 25th 1990 was close to the 21st anniversary of Lake Berryessa Sept 27th 1969 . That card was titled “Sandy Beaches”- California.
        Was that card sent as a clue to look for murders at the beaches in California, sent on 9-25 to arrive on 9-27 ? My guess is yes and “water” is important to Zodiac.

        My Recent Posts
        sandy betts #83 [url] [-]

        Posts: 1627
        May 5 15 4:37 AM
        Another possible Z victim could be Tammy Vincent age 17 beaten ,” shot” “stabbed”, set on” fire”,( By Gun ,By Knife, By fire ) found on the beach in Tiburon Ca.

        Sept 26th 1979 almost 10 yrs to the day of Lake Berryessa.

        killerchaser #84 [url] [-]

        Old Newbie
        Posts: 89
        Jul 26 15 7:36 PM
        killerchaser wrote:
        Victor Floyd Wild’s father Hugo Wild lived in Vista. These two are worth looking at Valentine’s Day Jane Doe and Elizabeth Schultz.

        sandy betts wrote:
        Killerchaser ,The couple who were attacked while sleeping on Torry Pines beach on 8-13- 78 is like a Zodiac like crime. Again the boy survives like at Lake B, the female Barbara Nantais did not. (Thank you for that link)

        It reminded me very much of another beach murder ,the Jenner couple Allen 26 and Cutshall 23 ,again both were killed while sleeping on a beach,in August about 8- 14- 2004 .
        As if it was done on the August anniversary of the Torry pines murder?

        The Celebrity cipher sent Sept 25th 1990 was close to the 21st anniversary of Lake Berryessa Sept 27th 1969 . That card was titled “Sandy Beaches”- California.
        Was that card sent as a clue to look for murders at the beaches in California, sent on 9-25 to arrive on 9-27 ? My guess is yes and “water” is important to Zodiac.
        Another possible connection?
        May 5, 2015 6:20:47 GMT @privatecitizen said:

        May 5, 2015 4:44:45 GMT killerchaser said:
        I would like to find out who did this sketch of this guy with the Zodiac style hood and the german shepherd.

        You know, one of the possibilities I’m wondering about, is if by bringing the German Shepherds and some other things, was he trying to make LE think he was part of the Process Church and that they were responsible for the Goleta murders?
        It’s possible? I was thinking maybe there was a biker connection with the Gypsy Jokers most of them became Hells Angels.The tattoo of the bull on his arm and the crossed gun belt buckle sounds more like a biker. Some more in San Diego were Victor currently lives.


    I hear the music, daylight disc
    Three men in black said, “Don’t report this”
    “Ascension,” and that’s all they said
    Sickness now, the hour’s dread

    All praise
    He’s found the awful truth, Balthazar
    He’s found the saucer news

    I’m in fairy rings and tower beds
    “Don’t report this,” three men said
    Books by the blameless and by the dead
    King in yellow, queen in red

  9. Ɖȫƥƥɛɭɠǻиɠɛȓ ѦҨӜ Says:


    The Journal News i
    White Plains, New York
    Issue Date:
    Sunday, October 12, 1980
    Page 17 ‘ ‘ t ‘ 1 “‘ THE JOURNAL-NEWS, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1980 17A on or Sam accomplice’ theory un resolve (Continued from 1A) ) – ” :’r ‘ 4 ‘ . I s i- – . i” m if V-rM’ si- yy killer and VW driver, both in physical appearance and clothing, was totally at odds with that of Berkowitz. Another suppressed report was that of a witness who positively identified Berkowitz as driving his own Ford Galaxie away from the scene to follow a police car shortly before the shots were fired. That report effectively put Berkowitz in two places at the same time Cult connection: From the outset, the “Son of Sam” case has been peppered with occi ‘t references, beginning with the letter to columnist Jirr y Breslin in which “Son of Sam” bestowed greetings ‘ irem the gutters of NYC which are filled with dog manure, vomit, stale wine, urine and blood.” The statement apparently refers to a satanic “Black Mass,” in which the host is frequently smeared with excrement, blood is drunk, participants may also vomit on the altar and drink urine or stale wine as a substitute for sacramental wine. After Berkowitz was captured and began serving his sentence, he told reporters that there was a cult active near his home in Yonkers but stopped short of saying he was a member of it. Berkowitz said that John Carr was “a devil worshipper,” a statement that was later confirmed by Carr, his friends and a therapist in North Dakota, who said he was a member of satanic cults in Yonkers and in North Dakota. The cult’s turf, a section of Untermyer Park in Yonkers, just blocks from Carr’s and Berkowitz’s homes, was located in early 1979 by Gannett after interviews with area residents and workers who described strange caped figures chanting and burning torches at night. Throughout Berkowitz’s Pine Street neighborhood authorities found dead German shepherds, commonly used as occult sacrifices, both before and after his arrest. In addition, an animal placement worker in the Bronx said she received a call from a person who identified himself as David Berkowitz two days before Berkowitz was arrested. The caller wanted to adopt a German shepherd. The call further suggests links between Berkowitz and satanic cults. In North Dakota, members of a cult Carr belonged to were known to use German shepherds as sacrifices. Monday in The Journal-News and TODAY: Prior to Berkowitz pleading guilty to being the lone “Son of Sam,” prosecutors In Brooklyn apparently chose to disregard evidence Indicating others played a role in the case. Had they investigated they would have found convincing evidence of an accomplice. V J AP Photo David Berkowitz is arrested by New York City police in 1 977. The murderous spree had begun on July 29, 1976 Before it was stilled one year and eight attacks later, the largest and most expensive manhunt in New York history – at times involving more than 300 police officers and costing more than $1 million struggled for months in what insiders now acknowledge was a poorly coordinated effort to halt the ever-increasing flow of innocent blood. The elite of the police department, taunted throughout their investigation by the killer, had come up empty, but a Brooklyn widow’s recollection of a parking ticket near a shooting scene had led back to Yonkers and suddenly David Berkowitz wasn’t anonymous any longer. Berkowitz became known as the “Son of Sam” for two reasons: Most importantly, he said he was. “You got me,” he told New York City detectives when he was arrested. Within hours of that arrest he had recited a full confession to all the murders. And, in a brown paper bag he carried as he left 35 Pine St. in Yonkers for the last time that hot night in August of 1977 was a gun – a .44-caliber Charter Arms Bulldog revolver, serial number 212927. It was the trademark weapon of the Son of Sam. And although it couldn’t be matched to all the killings, it was deemed enough, especially when coupled with Berkowitz’s explanation for the killings. The murders had apparently been the work of a madman and Berkowitz’s irrational explanation of his motive furthered the perception of him as a demented lunatic. He said demons and the barking dog of an elderly neighbor, Sam Carr, ordered him to kill. He said Carr’s dog was really the spirit of a 6,000-year-old man. He said the demons demanded young blood. He said he did it all and that he did it alone. He said a lot of things, but in time not all of them would prove to be true. Perpetrator caught. Confession in hand. Promotions secure. Case closed. There was now nothing left to do, but bang the gavel and get him out of sight quickly. It didn’t take long. Within a year of his arrest, Berkowitz stood in a tightly guarded Brooklyn courtroom. Ignoring the advice of his two attorneys, who had urged him to plead not guilty by reason of insanity, he confessed to all six “Son of Sam” murders and was sentenced to serve six consecutive life terms in state prison. “Berkowitz was definitely involved,” says an assistant district attorney who was involved in the case. “But was he alone? That’s the big question. It was easy to believe he was because that’s what everyone wanted to believe. Now, it looks different. Or rather, it really always looked different, but no one wanted to pay attention.” As the probe of the “Son of Sam” case continues, there are four primary areas that suggest the involvement of accomplices: The sketches: Eyebrows were first raised when Berkowitz was arrested and resembled only one of the police composites of the killer, but police said such discrepancies were not unusual given the fact that witnesses often provided unreliable physical details of a suspect’s features. The fact remains, however, that during the murder spree, witnesses and surviving victims had described assailants whose descriptions were so markedly different that The New York Times, before Berkowitz’s arrest, had written : “The descriptions vary so widely that police are considering that the killer might have gained weight and altered his appearance through the use of various disguises, including wigs and mustaches.” But what has most aroused investigators’ suspicions The Moscowitz shooting: The July 31, 1977 murder of Stacy Moskowitz and blinding of Robert Violante in Brooklyn the final “Son of Sam” attack and the one that led to Berkowitz’s arrest has produced some of the most damaging evidence against the “Berkowitz alone” position. In brief, these newspapers were able to frame the scenario with the time on a parking ticket Berkowitz received before the shots rang out and the time the police 911 computer was notified of the shooting. Additionally, an eyewitness who had seen Berkowitz and checked the time on his watch provided corroborating information. Through the analysis of the time, and interviews with witnesses, it was established that Berkowitz was blocks away from the shooting scene at the same time as he said he was stalking his victims in a playground adjacent to the shooting location. Further, eyewitnesses interviewed by Gannett revealed critical details withheld by authorities which demonstrated Berkowitz lied in his confession and apparently acted as a lookout for a long-haired killer who fled the scene in a yellow Volkswagen. The VW was chased by a witness for some nine blocks before it escaped. The Volkswagen driver’s description matched that of the gunman which was provided by the key witness to the shooting itself. The description of the…is that at least two of the composites bear striking resemblances to persons that have been connected either directly to Berkowitz or to persons who have been the subject of the renewed “Son of Sam” investigation. John Carr: The name of John Carr repeatedly turns up in the renewed probe and has become a key element, which some investigators believe could resolve many lingering doubts. He was the son of Sam Carr Berkowitz’s neighbor and so-called imaginary “master.” John Carr’s nickname was ” Wheaties ” the same as an alias of the killer in a Son of Sam letter – “John Whea ties; rapist and suffocater of young girls.” Carr also closely resembled the police sketcnes ol son oi &am mai depicted the killer with long, straight hair, totally unlike Berkowitz. And, authorities have detailed Carr’s travels to and from New York, finding that his visits here corresponded with some of the “Son of Sam” slayings. But most importantly, police have been told by Carr’s therapist and others that Carr spoke about the “Son of Sam” killings even before Berkowitz was arrested and demonstrated a detailed knowledge of the shootings. And shortly after Berkowitz’s arrest, Carr told his girlfriend the police were looking for him in connection with the “Son of Sam” case. Carr’s friends told police he feared he would be “fried in the electric chair” if New York authorities caught up with him. Carr died before police ever got to question him. His death in North Dakota, where he was living after serving a 12-year hitch there in the U.S. Air Force, was initially termed a suicide. However, it is now being probed as a possible murder. “We have a motive for both murder and suicide,” says Ward County (N.D.) police lieutenant Terry Gardner. “Murder to silence him and suicide-


      September 15, 2015 at 8:12 pm
      They got Berkowitz for the son of Sam killings in NYC, but he had accomplices who were never apprehended…the Carr Brothers, both of whom ended up dead after the investigation swung their way, and an eye witness said there was a woman shooter…thought to be one Jane Harney…who was never arrested…These people all had one thing in common, they were all “counselled” or “counselling” at scientology cult NYC facilifty…in the case of one of the Carr brothers and Ms Harney they were high level “counsellers” at scientology…read Maury Terry book Ultimate Evil…the DA at the time, was also in agreement that there were accomplices, but when they grabbed Berkowitz they closed the case…


        As far as I can tell, after a quick skim across the webz, the commenter “Jed” at the aptly titled ‘Paranoia Magazine’, is the singular and only reference to the name “Jane Harney” as being connected to “Son of Sam” or Berkowitz, the Carrs, $cientology, or the Process or any alleged offshoots, real or imagined, before, during or after the fact. We note that a person by that name did reside in White Plains and the Bronx at some point in the past. The supposed leader of “the Children”, “Mr Real Estate” was alleged by Berkowitz to reside and/or have a business office in White Plains, while the Bronx was Berkowitz’ favorite hunting ground. The location would make for a convenient commute for that sort of thing, but I’d need a whole lot more details before I’d make any acrimonious accusations. Does “Jed” possess inside info, or is he just blowing smoke out his ass? Stay tuned…

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