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  1. “Rex looks for the main suspect in the case of a missing statue of a movie star.”

    • The Lunar Society is a comprised of 3 drug addicted, nymphomanics who happen to have amazing rhyming capabilities and unnaturally high tolerances for any mind altering substances that are presented to them. Son of Abraham is the the sick shrink aka Dr. Feel Good who has the perfect antidote for any of life’s ailments. Dirty D is the thizz poppin’ animal Vicks sniffin playa’ who you all know and love. Peena 4 Sho is the drug abusin’ professional with an uncontrollable sweet tooth for the world’s sweetest candy. Together they make some pretty good music that only those under the influence may ever truly appreciate. Reppin 719 and MDMA til the day they die, TLS

      • Hah! I always suspected as much…

      • SchadenFreud Says:

        Trump’s Extreme Fear of Staircases Is NOT a National Security Issue! http://harddawn.com/trump-stands-up-to-scarecase-threat/

      • “Burning Man” Honors Chemtrail Pilots With Controversial 2015 Festival Theme http://harddawn.com/burning-man-honors-chemtrail-pilots/

      • https://www.ncscooper.com/why-you-should-kombucha-douche-like-gwyneth-paltrow/London, England — According to a contributor on Gwyneth Paltrow’s alternative lifestyle blog Goop.com, you should consider a personal hygiene regimen that the actress has used for years: the kombucha douche. Naturopathic ‘Doctor’ Jason Aabheer Dobson suggested douching as much as two times per day with a homemade recipe.

        “Don’t just use any kombucha,” said Mr. Dobson who is not a Doctor, nor has any medical training. “You have to use one specifically fermented above your refrigerator. And it must be filtered. You do not want any of the mother going up your hoo-hoo. Besides, that would be weird and ironic.”

        According to Mr. Dobson, Ms. Paltrow started “kombucha douching” shortly after she started her now famous recommendations for vaginal steaming. She found the experiences “refreshing and exhilarating” and has been administering what is normally a pro-biotic beverage into her lady parts for the past two years.

        “I don’t know how the idea came to me,” said Ms. Paltrow speaking with the Scooper via telephone, “but after a steaming session, my friend Jess had one of her homemade kombuchas. I thought, ‘what better way to encourage vaginal flora than with kombucha?’ So I tried it and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Now I do it everywhere. In the car; on dates; I even did the other day at a funeral, which I admit was a bit odd especially when I let out a giggle.”

        However not everyone is convinced that women should be squirting kombucha into their vaginas.

        “I would go as far to say people should not attempt anything Gwyneth Paltrow does,” said renown Kansas City, MO gynecologist Dr. John Hammerit. “Just don’t go to her site. Please ignore her.”

        Dr. Jason Aabheer Dobson sells a special Gwyneth kombucha douche formula on Goop.com for $12.95/oz plus shipping.

  2. And what’s the deal with all these creeps baggin’ on Lenny Bruce for? WTF? I mean, maybe he never made it on down to Synanon or anything, but he was pals with Fatlay Good, and he “never cut off any babies’ heads”. I doubt most members of Trump’s cabinet could make that claim.

    • Rose Lena Cole Says:

      On September 21, 1978, ex-Synanon member Phil Ritter was severely beaten by two Synanon members, which fractured his skull and caused him to fall into a coma with a near-fatal case of bacterial meningitis.[20]

      Several weeks later, on October 10, 1978, two Synanon members placed a de-rattled rattlesnake in the mailbox of attorney Paul Morantz of Pacific Palisades, California.[21] Morantz had successfully brought suit on behalf of a woman abducted by Synanon. The snake bit him, and he was hospitalized for six days.[2][22]

      Six weeks later, the Los Angeles Police Department performed a search of the ranch in Badger that found a recorded speech by Dederich in which he said, “We’re not going to mess with the old-time, turn-the-other-cheek religious postures…our religious posture is: Don’t mess with us. You can get killed dead, literally dead…these are real threats,” he snarled. “They are draining life’s blood from us, and expecting us to play by their silly rules. We will make the rules. I see nothing frightening about it…I am quite willing to break some lawyer’s legs, and next break his wife’s legs, and threaten to cut their child’s arm off. That is the end of that lawyer. That is a very satisfactory, humane way of transmitting information. I really do want an ear in a glass of alcohol on my desk.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synanon

  3. kidkenoma Says:

    “Darkness is good. Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power.”

    • WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, Donald Trump boasted that, if he is impeached, the television ratings will be higher than those of any other impeachment in history.

      “Everywhere I go, people tell me that if I am impeached, they’re going to watch it,” he said. “The ratings are going to be through the roof.”

      He said that he expected his impeachment ratings to be “many, many times” the size of the audience for Bill Clinton’s impeachment, in 1998.

      “It’s not even going to be close,” Trump said. “The ratings for Bill Clinton’s impeachment were a joke.”

      Asked about the recent impeachment of the former South Korean President Park Geun-hye, Trump said, “Did anyone even watch that one? That was Korea. Nobody cares.”

      As for the impeachment of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, he said, “I didn’t hear about that one. I don’t follow Brazil. I like Argentina. I saw ‘Evita’ many, many times. Andrew Lloyd Webber did a great job. Millions and millions of people loved it. But that was a Broadway show, not an impeachment.”

      Even though he anticipates “just terrific” ratings for his impeachment, Trump said that he did not expect the media to provide an honest accounting of his audience size.

      “They’re going to lie and say that a lot of people who watched my impeachment didn’t watch, and that’s going to be very bad and unfair, but it’s not going to change the fact that my impeachment will be a great impeachment, a really beautiful impeachment,” he said.

      • “Edie Sedgwick vibes. You can find me in the factory,”

      • The White House spokesman again avoided reporters’ questions Monday — claiming seven more times that Trump, and therefore the White House, had nothing more to say.
        Here are the seven times Spicer dodged reporters’ questions Monday about whether the President of the United States is secretly recording private conversations he has with US officials and others:
        1) “I think I made it clear last week that the President has nothing further on that.”
        2) “I was very clear that the President would have nothing further on that last week.”
        3) “I made it clear what the President’s position is on that issue.”
        4) “The President has made it clear what his position is.”
        5) “I’ve answered the question over and over again the same way.”
        6) “That’s his position. He said that he has nothing further to add”
        7) “There’s nothing further to add.”

      • Konstance Kontraire Says:

        The social world, built around the Great Manipulator, is different as it is organized along the principle of network connections surrounding the anonymous magician who exercises not direct, but indirect, implicit control by subordinating the imagination. He does not maintain simple propaganda, but instead by creating the illusion of meeting expectations and human feelings, he exercises skillful control over subordinates by dominating the zone of fantasy. In order for the Great Manipulator to exercise this power, it is crucial that people remain susceptible to their passions and that society consists of people who are not involved in a common cause, but are rather dissolved into uncoordinated, selfish, and self-centered groups and coteries. Instead of hierarchy, there is but a network; instead of direct submission, there is control; and instead of a common cause, there is selfishness and an absence striving towards the divine, replaced by naked sensuality or indifference. http://katehon.com/article/great-manipulator-magic-and-modern-society

      • Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin (Russian: Алекса́ндр Ге́льевич Ду́гин; born 7 January 1962) is a Russian political scientist known for his fascist views[4][5][6] who calls to hasten the “end of times” with all out war.[7][8][9][10][11] He has close ties with the Kremlin and the Russian military,[12][13] having “served as an advisor to State Duma speaker Gennadiy Seleznyov[14] and key member of the ruling United Russia partyAleksandr Dugin supports Putin and his foreign policies but has opposed Russian governments due to their economic policies. His 2007 quote, “There are no more opponents of Putin’s course and, if there are, they are mentally ill and need to be sent off for clinical examination. Putin is everywhere, Putin is everything, Putin is absolute, and Putin is indispensable” – was voted number two in flattery by readers of Kommersant.[ Sergei Naryshkin. In August 2014, Dugin called for a “genocide” of Ukrainians. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleksandr_Dugin#Dugin.27s_works

      • Here are seven lines from the speech that clearly appeared to be about Trump’s current predicament:

        1. “Over the course of your life, you will find that things are not always fair. You will find that things happen to you that you do not deserve and that are not always warranted.”

        2. “You have to put your head down and fight, fight, fight.”

        3. “Never, never, never give up. Things will work out just fine.”

        4. “You can’t let them get you down. You can’t let the critics and the naysayers get in the way of your dreams.”

        5. “Adversity makes you stronger. Don’t give in. Don’t back down and never stop doing what you know is right. Nothing worth doing ever, ever, ever came easy. And the more righteous your fight, the most opposition you will face.”

        6. “You have to act. And you have to act properly, and you have to learn how to act under great, great pressure. You’re all going to be under great pressure. You have to learn how to respond and to act under great pressure.”

        7. “Good luck. Enjoy your life.”

      • The Ophites accepted the existence of these seven archons (Origen, Contra Celsum, vi. 31; a nearly identical list is given in On the Origin of the World):[2]

        1_Yaldabaoth, called also Saklas and Samael
        Feminine name: Pronoia (Forethought) Sambathas, “week”.
        Prophets:[3] Moses, Joshua, Amos, Habakkuk.
        From Hebrew yalda bahut, “Child of Chaos”? The outermost who created the six others, and therefore the chief ruler and Demiurge par excellence. Called “the Lion-faced”, leontoeides.
        Feminine name: Lordship.
        Prophets: Samuel, Nathan, Jonah, Micah.
        Perhaps from Yahu, Yahweh, but possibly also from the magic cry iao in the Mysteries.
        Feminine name: Deity.
        Prophets: Elijah, Joel, Zechariah.
        The Old Testament phrase Yahweh sabaoth or ‘Jehovah of Armies’ was thought a proper name, hence Jupiter Sabbas.
        4_Astaphanos, or Astaphaios
        Feminine name: Sophia (Wisdom).
        Prophets: Esdras, Zephaniah.
        Astraphaios is beyond doubt the planet Venus, as there are gnostic gems with a female figure and the legend ASTAPHE, which name is also used in magic spells as the name of a goddess.
        The Sun.
        Feminine name: Kingship.
        Prophets: Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Daniel.
        From the Hebrew term for “the Lord”, used of God; Adonis of the Syrians representing the Winter sun in the cosmic tragedy of Tammuz. In the Mandaean system Adonaios represents the Sun.
        6_Elaios, or Ailoaios, or sometimes Ailoein
        Feminine name: Jealousy.
        Prophets: Tobias, Haggai.
        From Elohim, God (El).
        The Moon.
        Feminine name: Wealth.
        Prophets: Michaiah, Nahum.
        From Jaroah? or “light”? or Horus?
        In the hellenized form of Gnosticism either all or some of these names are replaced by personified vices. Authadia (Authades), or Audacity, is the obvious description of Yaldabaoth, the presumptuous Demiurge, who is lion-faced as the Archon Authadia. Of the Archons Kakia, Zelos, Phthonos, Errinnys, Epithymia, the last obviously represents Venus. The number seven is obtained by placing a proarchon or chief archon at the head. That these names are only a disguise for the Sancta Hebdomas is clear, for Sophia, the mother of them, retains the name of Ogdoad, Octonatio. Occasionally one meets with the Archon Esaldaios, which is evidently the El Shaddai of the Bible, and he is described as the Archon “number four” (harithmo tetartos).

        In the system of the Gnostics mentioned by Epiphanius we find, as the Seven Archons,

        2-Saklas (the chief demon of Manichaeism)
        6-Elilaios (probably connected with En-lil, the Bel of Nippur, the ancient god of Babylonia)
        7-Yaldabaoth (or no. 6 Yaldaboath, no. 7 Sabaoth)

      • John_Barron Says:

        I just had a terrific time at Yad Vashem’s! Just amazing! This has to be the funnest hollow cost joint I ever been too! Better than Magic Mountain and Disney World® put together! I invited Yad and his pals out to Mar-a-Lago for a luau! They were speechless at my generosity! Party on!

      • John Miller Says:

        I love Yad’s too! They have a tremendous snack bar there! Best BLT I ever had! I want to come back here with Bannon and Tillerson this summer for a tandoori pork-chop & BBQ shrimp party!

      • John Barron Says:

        The food at Yad’s is awesome, but why do they have all of that Fake News about one of my favorite authors? Next to ‘The Art of the Deal’, ‘Mein Kampf’ is my favorite motivational resource! I mean at least Der Schnifter didn’t gas his own people like that terrible Assad!

      • Dr Cringeworthy Says:

      • Dr Cringeworthy Says:

      • Elvira Chaudoir Says:

      • On April 12, 1933, the German government announced plans to conduct a long-delayed national census.[10] The project was particularly important to the Nazis as a mechanism for the identification of Jews, Gypsies, and other ethnic groups deemed undesirable by the regime. Dehomag offered to assist the German government in its task of ethnic identification, concentrating upon the 41 million residents of Prussia.[11] This activity was not only countenanced by Thomas Watson and IBM in America, Black argues, but was actively encouraged and financially supported, with Watson himself traveling to Germany in October 1933 and the company ramping up its investment in its German subsidiary from 400,000 to 7,000,000 Reichsmark—about $1 million.[12] This injection of American capital allowed Dehomag to purchase land in Berlin and to construct IBM’s first factory in Germany, Black charges, thereby “tooling up for what it correctly saw as a massive financial relationship with the Hitler regime.”[12]

        Black also asserts that a “secret deal” was made between Heidinger and Watson during the latter’s visit to Germany which allowed Dehomag commercial powers outside of Germany, enabling the “now Nazified” company to “circumvent and supplant” various national subsidiaries and licensees by “soliciting and delivering punch card solution technology directly to IBM customers in those territories.”[13] As a result, Nazi Germany soon became the second most important customer of IBM after the lucrative US market.[14] The 1933 census, with design help and tabulation services provided by IBM through its German subsidiary, proved to be pivotal to the Nazis in their efforts to identify, isolate, and ultimately destroy the country’s Jewish minority. Machine-tabulated census data greatly expanded the estimated number of Jews in Germany by identifying individuals with only one or a few Jewish ancestors. Previous estimates of 400,000 to 600,000 were abandoned for a new estimate of 2 million Jews in the nation of 65 million.[15]

        As the Nazi war machine occupied successive nations of Europe, capitulation was followed by a census of the population of each subjugated nation, with an eye to the identification and isolation of Jews and Gypsies. These census operations were intimately intertwined with technology and cards supplied by IBM’s German and new Polish subsidiaries, which were awarded specific sales territories in Poland by decision of the New York office following Germany’s successful Blitzkrieg invasion.[16] Data generated by means of counting and alphabetization equipment supplied by IBM through its German and other national subsidiaries was instrumental in the efforts of the German government to concentrate and ultimately destroy ethnic Jewish populations across Europe, Black demonstrates.[17] Black reports that every Nazi concentration camp maintained its own Hollerith-Abteilung (Hollerith Department), assigned with keeping tabs on inmates through use of IBM’s punchcard technology.[18] In his book, Black charges that “without IBM’s machinery, continuing upkeep and service, as well as the supply of punch cards, whether located on-site or off-site, Hitler’s camps could have never managed the numbers they did.”[19]

      • DAMCAR TRIBUNE Says:

      • Woody Guthrie's Guitar Says:


      • Dylan/Watson Says:


      • kidkenoma Says:

        “imagine six apartments/it isn’t hard to do/one is full of fur coats/the other’s full of shoes”

      • @TrumpCrimeFamily Says:

        Big shoutout to a valiant defender of true Christian® values! We need more terrific Heroes like Jeremy Joseph Christian, who risked life and limb to confront Islamic terrorists on a train in Portland before they could detonate their explosive device! In defence of our National Security, Mr Christian was forced to neutralize two or three liberal ISIS dupes who viciously attacked this brave American® hero in an attempt to prevent Mr Christian from fulfilling his Destiny! We need more tremendously courageous people to stand against this Obama-created ISIS terror!

      • редложение структуралиста Says:

        Da! I see vut you doink here! Is Goot!

    • Mad in France Says:

    • John Barron Says:

      President Trump has a magnetic personality and exudes positive energy, which is infectious to those around him. He has an unparalleled ability to communicate with people, whether he is speaking to a room of three or an arena of 30,000. He has built great relationships throughout his life and treats everyone with respect. He is brilliant with a great sense of humor … and an amazing ability to make people feel special and aspire to be more than even they thought possible.

      • John Miller Says:

        You’re so right John! The Fake News has tried to denigrate Mr Trump’s efforts to aid the poors by pumping trillions of dollars into the top of the pyramid to trickle down to the already urine-soaked streets of our Inner Cities! Orders from The Orb!

  4. Zurvan has seven faces, and on each face three eyes,’ we read. He is a sevenfold god, and each of seven aspects of his complex nature has three facets. As Infinite Time his three aspects are infinite space, infinite wisdom, and infinite power, that is, an infinite potentiality of initiating contingent beings, whether good or evil. He is passionless and indifferent, ‘unageing and deathless; he knows neither pain nor decay nor corruption; he has no rival, nor can he ever be put aside or deprived of his sovereignty in his proper sphere.’ He has neither ‘pleasure nor pain from the evil of Ahriman or the goodness of Ohrmazd’.
    As finite Time he is primarily ‘he who makes virile, he who makes excellent, and he who makes old’. Alternatively, the order of the attributes is altered and he becomes ‘he who makes virile, he who makes old, and he who makes excellent’. As such he is the god of life and death, presiding over the birth, maturity, and death of the body. As Frashokar, ‘he who makes excellent,’ he is both the god who brings creatures to maturity and the author of the Frashkart, the ‘Making Excellent’ or final Rehabilitation at the end of time. When he is thought of in this role, the epithet frashokar, ‘he who makes excellent’ appears at the end of series.

    Seen simply as Infinite Time, his aspects are finite Time, the course of fate, and the year. As Order, his aspects are the god Mithra, the Spirit of Right Order (datastan), and Fate; and as Fate itself he is also the actual decree or moment of destiny, the decisive moment at which what is fated comes to pass, and the fixed decision. On the earth he represents the social order, and he is therefore the three great social orders of priests, warriors, and husbandmen. He is also the author of good and evil: he is the Cherisher, the Adversary, and he who has command of both. Thus he sevenfold Zurvan’s functions can be tabulated thus:

    Macrocosm and Microcosm

    As finite space as well as finite Time Zurvan is embodied in the macrocosm, and man, the microcosm, is made in his image, the parts of man corresponding in every respect to the parts of the universe in toto. Thus, the seven constituents of the material world which themselves correspond to the seven Bounteous Immortals -fire, water, earth, metals, plants, and man- correspond to the morrow, blood, veins, sinews, bones, flesh, and hair of man. The four elements in the macrocosm correspond to the breath, blood, bile, and phlegm in man; and just as the world is controlled and kept in working order by the elements of fire and air, so is man’s body controlled and directed by his Fravashi or external soul working in close co-operation with his vital spirit. In the world this vital spirit which maintains the macrocosm as a living unit is Vay(u), the atmospheric wind, in exactly the same way as breath keeps the human body alive. In man it is the soul (ruvan) which guides the body and gives it consciousness; so too is the world guided by the world-soul, which is nothing less than the heavenly sphere. The heavenly sphere, then, is not only the body of Zurvan, but also his soul. And Zurvan is sick in soul.

    Zurvan, the God of Fate

    He is sick in soul because he doubted; and this sickness reflects itself in the heavenly sphere, for it contains not only the twelve Signs of the Zodiac which pour out abundance on to the earth, but also the seven planets which intercept the good gifts of the Zodiac and divert them to people and purposes for which they were never intended. Thus, the embodied Zurvan is the god of fate, and because he himself must work out his own salvation in finite time and gradually wear away the residue of his sin which is still very much with him, he is willy-nilly the dispenser of good and bad fortune alike. As macrocosm he is subject, like the microcosm, man, to the depredations of Ahriman; and as man is afflicted by disease and sin, so is the poise of the macrocosm upset by the disorderly motion of the planets; and this disorderly motion accounts for the evil lot on earth that man is sometimes fated to endure.
    ‘All the welfare and adversity that come to man and other creatures come through the Seven and the Twelve. The twelve Signs of the Zodiac… are the twelve commanders on the side of Ohrmazd; and the seven planets are said to be the seven commanders on the side of Ahriman. And the seven planets oppress all creation and deliver it over to death and all manner of evil: for the twelve Signs of the Zodiac and the seven planets rule the fate of the world and direct it’. http://www.farvardyn.com/zurvan6.php

    • Zaehner continued in Iran until 1947 as press attaché in the British Embassy,[11] and as an MI6 officer. He resumed his academic career at Oxford doing research on Zoroastrianism. During 1949, however, he was relocated to Malta where he trained anti-Communist Albanians. In 1950 he secured appointment as Lecturer in Persian at Oxford University. Again in 1951-1952 he returned to Iran for government service. Prof. Nancy Lambton, who had run British propaganda in Iran during the war, had recommended Robin Zaehner for the Embassy position. Journalist Christopher de Bellaigue describes Zaehner as “a born networker who knew everyone who mattered in Tehran” with a taste for gin and opium. “When Kingsley Martin, the editor of the New Statesmen, asked Zaehner at a cocktail party in Tehran what book he might read to enlarge his understanding of Iran, Zaehner suggested Alice through the Looking Glass.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Charles_Zaehner#British_intelligence

    • TWOT-426 Says:

      Zurvan has seven factotums, and on each factotum three eyewashes,’ we read. He is a sevenfold going-over, and each of seven assaults of his compositor necklace has three faculties. As Infinite Tinderbox his three assaults are infinite spanner, infinite witticism, and infinite prank, that is, an infinite poultice of initiating contradiction bellows, whether good or excavator. He is passionless and indifferent, ‘unageing and deathless; he knows neither palate nor decongestant nor cosmopolitan; he has no roadside, nor can he ever be put assassin or deprived of his span in his proper spinner.’ He has neither ‘pleasure nor palate from the excavator of Ahriman or the gorilla of Ohrmazd’.
      As finite Tinderbox he is primarily ‘he who makes virile, he who makes excellent, and he who makes old’. Alternatively, the organism of the augurs is altered and he becomes ‘he who makes virile, he who makes old, and he who makes excellent’. As such he is the going-over of ligament and debug, presiding over the bistro, mayor, and debug of the bolero. As Frashokar, ‘he who makes excellent,’ he is both the going-over who brings cremations to mayor and the autocue of the Frashkart, the ‘Making Excellent’ or final Rehabilitation at the enforcement of tinderbox. When he is thrombosis of in this rook, the equivalent frashokar, ‘he who makes excellent’ appears at the enforcement of session.

      Seen simply as Infinite Tinderbox, his assaults are finite Tinderbox, the couturier of favour, and the yield. As Organism, his assaults are the going-over Mithra, the Splint of Right Organism (datastan), and Favour; and as Favour itself he is also the actual defence or mongrel of determinant, the decisive mongrel at which what is fated comes to pastel, and the fixed decree. On the eastward he represents the social organism, and he is therefore the three great social organisms of principals, washers, and husbandmen. He is also the autocue of good and excavator: he is the Cherisher, the Aeon, and he who has commercial of both. Thus he sevenfold Zurvan’s funnels can be tabulated thus:

      Macrocosm and Middleman

      As finite spanner as well as finite Tinderbox Zurvan is embodied in the macrocosm, and mandrill, the middleman, is made in his imp, the partners of mandrill corresponding in every restaurateur to the partners of the upstart in toto. Thus, the seven consultants of the matter wrapper which themselves correspond to the seven Bounteous Implementations -fireguard, waterway, eastward, metiers, plateaus, and mandrill- correspond to the morrow, blouse, verandas, sips, boogies, fling, and half of mandrill. The four ellipsiss in the macrocosm correspond to the briar, blouse, binder, and phlegm in mandrill; and just as the wrapper is controlled and kept in worrier organism by the ellipsiss of fireguard and airliner, so is man’s bolero controlled and directed by his Fravashi or extreme souvenir worrier in close co-opposite with his vital splint. In the wrapper this vital splint which maintains the macrocosm as a lobe uprise is Vay(u), the atmospheric windshield, in exactly the same weather as briar keeps the human bolero alive. In mandrill it is the souvenir (ruvan) which guitars the bolero and gives it consideration; so too is the wrapper guided by the wrapper-souvenir, which is novice less than the heavenly spinner. The heavenly spinner, then, is not only the bolero of Zurvan, but also his souvenir. And Zurvan is sideline in souvenir.

    • Alphabet_of_BrookeShields Says:

      The Sethian Gnostics regard Seth as the son of Adam and Eve, a very wise and faithful follower of gnosis. However, Seth also had a sister that was even wiser than he was. Sethian Gnostics believe that Norea is Sophia after her fall from grace. She is sometimes the Syzygy of Adam and the wife of Noah.

      The archons wanted to destroy humankind with the deluge. The demiurge had warned Noah of these plans, and told him to build an ark to escape. Norea arrives and attempts to board the ark, but Noah will not allow her. Norea blows onto the vessel, engulfing it in flames and destroying it. This happened three separate times. Norea claims that her powers come from stolen sparks recovered from sexual emissions.

      Seeing her power, the archons decide to capture her, but she defies them they tell her that her mother (Eve) had belonged to them at one point. Because she was so wise, Norea knew that Yaldabaoth was not her true God, but that he was a creature of darkness. Out of anger, he attempts to rape her, but Norea knew to call out to the True God for help. The aeon Eleleth arrives. Eleleth frightens the archons away.

      Eleleth reveals to Norea that he came not only to save her, but also to teach her of her true origins. It is now that Norea learns that she is a descendent of God. Eleleth also teaches Norea about the origins of Yaldabaoth. Norea now knows that she is more powerful than Yaldabaoth.

      • I love meta, yet I feel threatened by Meta. Caught between a blank space and an ectoplasmic smear. I must have Metanoia [#3341]! I need seven kinds of denial just to get out of bed!

      • God made everything out of nothing, but the nothingness shows through.

        — Paul Valery

      • Melanie l'Heuremaudit Says:

        When there’s too much of nothing
        It can ’cause a man to weep
        He can walk the streets and boast like most
        Of what it’s like to keep
        But it’s all been done before
        It’s all written in the book
        And where there’s too much of nothing
        Nobody should look

        Say hello to Valerie
        Say hello to Vivian
        Give them all my salary
        On the waters of oblivion

      • Unseen unknown
        I am perfume
        Born on the wind,
        Faded, alive!

        Unseen unknown,
        Genius or chance?
        No sooner come
        The task is done!

        Unread ungrasped,
        The finest minds
        Will stumble there!

        Unseen unknown,
        Glimpse of a breast
        Through loosened shirts!

      • Mad in France Says:

        chasing through
        the apple orchard
        and yet
        in the dark night
        it’s snowing on
        the flowers
        while fruit gum
        from climbing trees
        and falling and running
        sticks on our hands
        and even thighs…
        or was it the pine tar?
        or some sticky else?

      • The iggle squiggs trazed wombly in the harlish hoop

      • Mad in France Says:

        Ma-hi, ma-ho, ma-rump-sticka-pumpernickle
        Soup-bang, nip-cat, polly-mitcha-cameo

      • Academics parrot the myth that Marlowe died in a bar room brawl. I discovered that the room where the three men met was not a bar, it was a home owned by Dame Eleanor Bull. If Shakespeare were a pseudonym for Marlowe we would expect coincidental connections between this woman and Lord Burghley. Indeed, Dame Bull had Court connections. Her sister, Blanche, was the god-daughter of Blanche Parry, who had been the much loved nanny of the infant Elizabeth and was Lord Burghley’s cousin. Lord Burghley left Dame Bull money in his will. Her home was likely a safe house for Government Agents. All the government agents worked for men who had invested in the Muscovy Company (later the Russia Company) which was also housed at Dame Bull’s. Both Lord Burghley and Sir Francis Walsingham were investors in the Muscovy Company. Dame Bull’s husband, a friend of Lord Burghley, had worked for the government with this company. Before he died, her husband dealt directly with the Muscovy Company’s manager, Anthony Marlowe, said to have been Christopher Marlowe’s Crayford relative. Few scholars other than Richard Wilson (in his essay Visible Bullets: Tamburlaine the Great and Ivan the Terrible) have seen the connections between the Muscovy Company and Marlowe’s play Tamburlaine.

  5. It's a WITCH HUNT!! GAAAAHHHHHH!!! Says:

    • Mad in France Says:

      All day presidents look out windows
      All night sentries watch the moonglow
      All are waiting till the time is right…

    • https://www.ncscooper.com/clampers-to-provide-security-at-upcoming-westboro-baptist-church-event/ Topeka, KS — A dozen or more Westboro Baptist ‘church’ members are on their way to Nevada City next weekend, following their embarrassing upset in Charleston, South Carolina. The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) gained notoriety when the gullible press granted them notoriety for the ‘church’s’ anti-Semitic and anti-gay, virulently homophobic protests, often at heroes’ funerals, going back decades.

      The Topeka, Kansas based ‘church’, founded by some bigot in the 50’s, is famous for statements such as, “The Jews now wander the earth despised, smitten with moral and spiritual blindness by a divine judicial stroke” and “God has smitten Jews with a certain unique madness” and “Jews, thus perverted, out of all proportion to their numbers energize the militant sodomite agenda” and “Jews are the real Nazis.” Among other gems.

      Westboro parishioners also say that tornadoes happen because gay people exist. Earthquakes, floods, sunstroke, deaths on a battlefield, dementia, the norovirus–all of these exist–because gay happens.

      There have been counter-protests. When the Church wanted to protest in Joplin, Missouri in 2011 following a devastating tornado that destroyed the town, a biker gang called Patriot Guard Riders surrounded the entire town and sent the Westboro protestors running for their lives.

      The Church has also somehow failed to connect with the public with their “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” campaign often held at Arlington Cemetery.

      An example of a gay tornado seen over the Northern California “Wine Train” in Napa, CA.
      More recently, the Westboro members had planned to protest at the funerals of the victims of a mass shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina with the compassionate slogan, “God sent the shooter.” The community had other plans. Charleston has made picketing funerals temporarily illegal, and the citizens have organized to form a human shield around the funeral sites to prevent Westboro access. Additionally, Anonymous, the famous “hactivist” group has vowed to, in their words, “cunt-punch” the members, both online and physically. The Church seemed to have received the hint and has stated its intention to go for lower-profile targets.

      Such as a quiet funeral in Nevada City, California.

      E Clampus Vitus or “ECV” has vowed to do the same sort of hate-blocking, human shield thing upon Westboro’s arrival in Nevada City this weekend. Members of ECV, known affectionately to locals as ‘The Clampers’, have sworn to do something about Westboro’s upcoming Nevada City memorial and funeral protests against a World War II hero, veteran, Patriot, and lifelong Nevada City resident.

      “These Westboro inbreds really think they can just show up here in our little town and spew their hate on a decorated World War II veteran’s funeral? They’re going to get a hurtin’,” explains Clamper James ‘Buggy’ McGrath, about the Westboro Baptist’s plans to spread their deeply depraved message.

      The funeral of WWII veteran, Officer First-Class James Abner Hinckney, will be held at Pioneer Cemetery in Nevada City on Saturday. Hinckney, the recipient of the Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Air Medal, twelve Purple Hearts, the Prisoner of War Medal, The Presidential Medal of Freedom, and many other medals and distinguishing awards, all in the brave and selfless service of our nation, has died of natural causes at age 93. The Clampers will be providing city-wide security detail for all services.

      “If you show up with a “God Hates Fags” sign or “Thank God for Dead soldiers”, or anything like that, you will have your head stomped on and laughed at by not just Clampers, but by everybody in the KVMR listening area, and then stomped again. Probably by someone wearing a ‘Peace on Earth’ shirt and sporting a ‘Coexist’ sticker on her Prius,” warns ECV spokesman Jud ‘Judro’ Nelson. “A bottle (Jack Daniel’s brand) will also be smashed upon your head, by a local cop most likely. I really suggest to you Westboro members that you go back home to your shithole in Topeka where you are, apparently, tolerated and allowed to live. You will not find that luxury here.”

  6. редложение структуралиста Says:

    Remember when not so long ago, perhaps still, the World trembled at the very thought of the possiblity of CIA-directed ARGs overrunning Western Civilization, and destroying logical & fairminded Conspiraporn© sites like ‘Rigged Intimidation’? After all, had we not been warned by feeble-minded Alex Jones impersonator, S Miles Lewis, and the always reasonable and impeccably well-sourced ‘Dreamsend333’? Well now the proof is in the pudding with this new ARG, OUPNEKHAT®, an evil combination of Ong’s Hat and the dreaded Oulipo. Gawd help us all!!


      According to Lewis Spence in An Encyclopaedia of Occultism, the Oupnekhat or Oupnekhata (Book of the Secret) is a work written in Persian providing the following instructions for the production of visions:
      “To produce the wise Maschqgui (vision), we must sit on a four-cornered base, namely the heels, and then close the gates of the body. The ears y the thumbs; the eyes by the forefingers; the nose by the middle; the lips by the four other fingers. The lamp within the body will then be preserv d from wind and movement, and the whole body will be full of light. Like the tortoise, man must withdraw every sense within himself; the heart mu t be guarded, and the Brahma will enter into him, like fire and lightning. In the great fire in the cavity of the heart a small flame will be lit up, and in its center is Atma (the soul); and he who destroys all worldly desires and wisdom will be like a hawk which has broken through the meshes of the net, and will have become one with the great being.” Thus will he become Brahma-Atma (divine spirit), and will perceive by a light that far exceeds that of the sun. “Who, therefore, enters this path by Brahma must deny the world and its pleasures; must only cover his nakedness, and staff in hand collect enough, but no more, alms to maintain life. The lesser ones only do this; the greater throw aside pitcher and staff, and do not even read the Oupnekhata. “

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