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  1. LiL_POP_ZEN Says:

  2. AlphabetofBrookeShields Says:

    • Mad in France Says:

      According to a UN report Levenda cites, detainees of the Colony had their heads covered with leather hoods, and were then taken to these underground cells were they were subjected to a bombardment of electronic equipment including loudspeakers and microphones in addition to electric shocks. The Colony’s interrogation techniques have shades of both Gitmo and 1984 in addition to the CIA’s own experiments in its various MK-ULTRA projects.

      The primary liaison between Colonia Dignidad and the Pincochet regime was an American CIA agent named Michael Townley who also served as a member of the Chilean secret police in addition to helping plan the military coup that ousted Allende.

      “With the coup, however, the Colony got a chance to put its electroshock and narcotics ‘therapies’ to the test. Townley and DINA agents had the run of the Colony, both at Parral and at the Colony office in Santiago. While DINA maintained contact with its agents all over the world through the Colony’s radio link, Townley helped design the specially equipped interrogation cells. These were tiny, soundproofed rooms built underground where ‘poltical prisoners’ were taken not only for actual; interrogation of a political or military nature, but also for the purpose of developing new methods of torture.


      • Argyle Lec-cia Says:

        Ha! I see you have fallen for that old Colonial Digitalis ARG hoax! A torture fantasy camp cobbled together from James Bond flix and old ‘Man From U.N.C.L.E.’ reruns!

        As for Michael Townley? He’s just a fictional character like Tony Montana and his daughter Hannah! Part of an ARG! Like their fictional assassination of Orlando Letelier that they ripped off from Mr Brian dePalma’s brilliant ‘Scarface’ (1983) No more factual than that ridiculous ‘Finders©’ ARG that was so masterfully debunked by my good friends Vin’dolf & DE333!

        You can’t spell Leccia without the “cia”!

        Thanks for playing!

    • Bee EmGee Says:

      Delete, please

      • kidkenoma Says:

        Are you sure you want to delete that comment? We will, if you so further request, but we do find it an interesting and pertinent link. Crowd sourced speculation in this case seems very consistent.

        Prince had performed in Atlanta six days ago just before his plane’s emergency landing. Haven’t seen the show myself, but all reports are consistent with that of calassic Prince performance, which requires an exertion of sheer physical energy not likely posessed by patients in the terminal phase of HIV.

        As for the “mystery celebrity”, I would have considered Afrika Bambaata (sp?).

        Interestingly, fellow Minnesota native Bob Dylan was alleged to be HIV+ by arch nemesis, mega-idiot AJ Weberman. Dylan, who is well into his 70s, is still touring constantly, which would be an awesome achievment for a dying guy.

        Again: if you are uncomfortable with the comment and require deletion, let us know and we’ll zap it pronto. (gotta leave a note here though, the kk gmail account is “currently unaccessable” to us)

    • kidkenoma Says:

      From the Venice Boardwalk to Santa Monica Pier, the word on The Street is:


  3. Bee EmGee Says:

    Membership in secretive apocalyptic cults can be bad for your health, it appears.

    If the rumors are true, that makes two seminal artists who hid their terminal diseases from the public, who kept going in spite of. Remarkable daimonic energy.

    This is what I meant to post:

    • kidkenoma Says:

      And who would have thought that the two most successful iconic African American dancin’ & singin’ crossover pop stars of the Eighties, like Prince and Michael Jackson, would both just HAPPEN to be Jehovah’s Witnesses?

      The main Sex Icons ot the era, Madonna and Prince, both rocketed to superduper Stardom in the early eighties just as AIDS was taking off as sex plague epidemic.

      And what was the message from Prince & Madonna to impressionable young folks, as grotesquely amplified by MTV?

      “Let’s FUUUUUCCCCKKK! Let’s have LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of wild uninhibited relentless, unprotected, multi-partner, jackhammer S-E-X!!! Party like there’s no tomorrow!!! WHOOOO!!!”

      I dunno. Me? I’m kind of a square, I guess. Maybe there’s a more elegant, romantic interpretation of those “Trojans” left behind by the “jockeys who were there before me”, but I thought it was referencing splooge spattered used condoms strewn around the ‘Little Red Corvette’. Or maybe they weren’t USED Trojans. Either way, as desirable as a dream date with Charlie Sheen.

      • BeeEmGee Says:

        So I’m guessing you’re not on board with the premise of “The feminist power of Prince’s sex-positive songs”?

        (Of course, Marcotte’s a Hillary supporter, so her definition of “feminist” is highly suspect.)

        I can’t speak for anyone else, but I distinctly remember in 1983, the year after the release of “Little Red Corvette,” being tutored along with my fellow coeds in a dorm meeting about the whys and wherefores of condoms and dental dams, and being warned to avoid direct exposure to ANY bodily fluids because “you could never be too safe.” Scary shit. So I’d argue that Prince and Madonna were most likely the only ones having “relentless, unprotected, multi-partner, jackhammer S-E-X” at that time, and even that only on the em tee vee…

        For a large part of his career, Prince definitely had the Dionysian thing going on, and even though, to his credit, he never abandoned funk, the Jehovah’s Witnesses got him to drop the explicitly sexual content and the pansexual persona. In the last decade he was making some pretty homophobic remarks and shunning old musical partners like Wendy and Lisa.


      • Bee EmGee Says:

        (it’s strange–i wrote a comment and it seemed to post but it’s disappeared into the ether)

        “splooge” is a hilarious word 🙂

        My memories, such as they are, of the time of “little red corvette” and “burning up” are of being tutored along with the other coeds on the whys and wherefores of condoms and dental dams, and being admonished to avoid ANY bodily fluids because “you couldn’t be too careful.” Scary shit. My guess is that the only people having “wild uninhibited relentless unprotected multi-partner jackhammer S-E-X” were Prince and Madonna (who actually dated for a short period) and maybe even then only on the Em Tee Vee. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t us, their target audience…

        Anyhoo, the Jehovah’s Witnesses put a quick end to Prince’s dirty mind and pansexual persona (although he never abandoned the funk, to his credit) and in the last decade Mr. If I Was Your Girlfriend was spouting homophobic rhetoric and shunning old collaborators like Wendy and Lisa.


  4. kidkenoma Says:

    A leading Satanist group is trying to distance itself from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) after the presidential candidate was compared to Lucifer this week.


    So they don’t like Cruz? Well, nobody does, actually, but I can think of one ignorant orange-faced, Greg Stillson inspired hobgoblin ready, willing and able to deliver the much-yearned-for apocalypse NOW, if so nominated…

    • kidkenoma Says:

      Jeezis! No fucking wonder:

      Trump accuses Cruz’s father of helping JFK’s assassin.


      Trumpkins sez he read it in the National Enquirer, so there can be no room for doubt.

      Now it takes a village to raise an assassain, and Oswald needed all the help he could get. Some of Oswald’s other benefactors, as documented by non-National Enquirer sources include:

      -Michael Paine, stepson to Arthur M Young, former Grand Poobah at Bell Helicopter, and founder of the “Round Table” that purported to be in telepathic contact with “The Nine” gods of the Egyptian pantheon.

      -George deMohrenschildt (sp?) Possible Nazi sympathizer, probable CIA asset, who was a friend of Jackie Kennedy’s family when she was a small child. George was also a friend of Abraham Zapruder, who filmed the Big Event, and a good buddy to Lee and Marina Oswald, back when they were still dressing for their salad days in Dallas.

      It’s a small world.

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