Paul A. Rothchild (April 18, 1935 – March 30, 1995) was a prominent
American record producer of the late 1960s and 1970s, widely known for
his historic work with The Doors, producing Janis Joplin’s final album
Pearl and early production of The Paul Butterfield Blues Band.He is
considered the 5th door in the band,and one of the greatest producers
in the 60s.

Born in Brooklyn, Rothchild grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey[1] and
graduated from Teaneck High School in 1953. His was a musical family;
his mother was an opera singer, and Rothchild studied classical music

According to Sports Illustrated journalist Bjarne Rostaing, in 1959
Paul was in the same Military Intelligence Corps (United States Army)
unit as him.[2]

Zappa (born, curiously enough, on the Winter Solstice of 1940) never
really made a secret of the fact that he had nothing but contempt for
the ‘hippie’ culture that he helped create and that he surrounded
himself with.

And it is probably safe to say that Frank’s dad also had little regard
for the youth culture of the 1960s, given that Francis Zappa was, in
case you were wondering, a chemical warfare specialist assigned to –
where else? – the Edgewood Arsenal. Edgewood is, of course, the
longtime home of America’s chemical warfare program, as well as a
facility frequently cited as being deeply enmeshed in MK-ULTRA
operations. Curiously enough, Frank Zappa literally grew up at the
Edgewood Arsenal, having lived the first seven years of his life in
military housing on the grounds of the facility.

Zappa’s manager, by the way, is a shadowy character by the name of
Herb Cohen, who had come out to L.A. from the Bronx with his brother
Mutt just before the music and club scene began heating up. Cohen, a
former U.S. Marine, had spent a few years traveling the world before
his arrival on the Laurel Canyon scene. Those travels, curiously, had
taken him to the Congo in 1961, at the very time that leftist Prime
Minister Patrice Lumumba was being tortured and killed by our very own
CIA. Not to worry though; according to one of Zappa’s biographers,
Cohen wasn’t in the Congo on some kind of nefarious intelligence
mission. No, he was there, believe it or not, to supply arms to
Lumumba “in defiance of the CIA.” Because, you know, that is the kind
of thing that globetrotting ex-Marines did in those days

Making up the other half of Laurel Canyon’s First Family is Frank’s
wife, Gail Zappa, known formerly as Adelaide Sloatman. Gail hails from
a long line of career Naval officers, including her father, who spent
his life working on classified nuclear weapons research for the U.S.
Navy. Gail herself had once worked as a secretary for the Office of
Naval Research and Development (she also once told an interviewer that
she had “heard voices all [her] life”). Many years before their nearly
simultaneous arrival in Laurel Canyon, Gail had attended a Naval
kindergarten with “Mr. Mojo Risin’” himself, Jim Morrison (it is
claimed that, as children, Gail once hit Jim over the head with a

The very same Jim Morrison had later attended the same Alexandria,
Virginia high school as two other future Laurel Canyon luminaries –
John Phillips and Cass Elliott.

John Phillips

Before arriving in Laurel Canyon and opening the doors of his home to
the soon-to-be famous, the already famous, and the infamous (such as
the aforementioned Charlie Manson, whose ‘Family’ also spent time at
the Log Cabin and at the Laurel Canyon home of “Mama” Cass Elliot,
which, in case you didn’t know, sat right across the street from the
Laurel Canyon home of Abigail Folger and Voytek Frykowski, but let’s
not get ahead of ourselves here), John Edmund Andrew Phillips was,
shockingly enough, yet another child of the military/intelligence
complex. The son of U.S. Marine Corp Captain Claude Andrew Phillips
and a mother who claimed to have psychic and telekinetic powers, John
attended a series of elite military prep schools in the Washington,
D.C. area, culminating in an appointment to the prestigious U.S. Naval
Academy at Annapolis

Before succeeding in his musical career, however, John did seem to
find himself, quite innocently of course, in some rather unusual
places. One such place was Havana, Cuba, where Phillips arrived at the
very height of the Cuban Revolution. For the record, Phillips has
claimed that he went to Havana as nothing more than a concerned
private citizen, with the intention of – you’re going to love this one
– “fighting for Castro.” Because, as I mentioned earlier, a lot of
folks in those days traveled abroad to thwart CIA operations before
taking up residence in Laurel Canyon and joining the ‘hippie’
generation. During the two weeks or so that the Cuban Missile Crisis
played out, a few years after Castro took power, Phillips found
himself cooling his heels in Jacksonville, Florida – alongside,
coincidentally I’m sure, the Mayport Naval Station.

Leonard Cohen

On one side, 1,400 American paratroopers tried to invade Cuba in April
of 1961. On another side, Cuba repelled the invasion. And on the third
side – the underappreciated side – a 27 year old Canadian by the name
of Leonard Cohen was certainly doing something, though the nailed down
quality of what it actually was seems to be up in the air.

In one telling, Cohen went to Cuba because he was “fighting on both
sides.” In another, he went because of “a deep interest in violence. I
was very interested in what it really meant for a man to to carry arms
and to kill other men – and how attracted I was exactly to that
process.” And in the the third, he went, he got drunk (on rum, Cuba
libre, or mojitos, quien sabe; déjame en paz y me deja escribir),
spent his time with late night movie operators and hookers, was woken
up by an official from the Canadian embassy, taken to said embassy,
and politely and firmly informed that his mother was worried about

Ira Nadel – the biographer quoted above – explains: “Wearing his
khakis and carrying a hunting knife, he was suddenly surrounded by
twelve soldiers with Czech submachine guns. It was late at night and
they thought he was the first of an American landing team. They
marched him to the local police station while he repeated the only
Spanish he knew, a slogan of Castro’s: Amistad del pueblo, ‘Friendship
of the People.’ This made no impression on his captors, but after an
hour and a half of interrogation, Cohen convinced them he was not a
spy buy a fan of the regime who wanted to be there.”

Richard Farina

Richard Fariña, (born April 30, 1937?, New York, N.Y., U.S.—died April 30, 1966, Carmel, Calif.), American folk singer and novelist who, with his wife, Mimi Fariña, played a significant role in the folk music revival of the 1960s.

Fariña studied engineering and literature at Cornell University and reputedly served with the Irish Republican Army in the mid-1950s and later briefly with Fidel Castro’s guerrillas in Cuba.


On April 30, 1966, two days after the publication of his novel, Fariña attended a book-signing ceremony at a Carmel Valley Village bookstore, the Thunderbird. Later that day, while at a party to celebrate his wife Mimi’s twenty-first birthday, Fariña saw a guest with a motorcycle, who later gave Fariña a ride up Carmel Valley Road, heading east toward the rural Cachagua area of Carmel Valley.

At an S-turn the driver lost control. The motorcycle tipped over on the right side of the road, came back to the other side, and tore through a barbed wire fence into a field where a small vineyard now exists. The driver survived, but Fariña was killed instantly. According to Pynchon’s preface to Been Down…, the police said the motorcycle must have been traveling at 90 miles per hour (140 km/h), even though “a prudent speed” would have been 30 miles per hour (48 km/h).


Walpurgis Night is the English translation of Walpurgisnacht, one of the German names for the night of 30 April, so called because it is the eve of the feast day of Saint Walpurga, an 8th-century abbess in Germania. In Germanic folklore Walpurgisnacht, also called Hexennacht (Dutch: heksennacht; literally “Witches’ Night”), is believed to be the night of a witches’ meeting on the Brocken, the highest peak in the Harz Mountains, a range of wooded hills in central Germany between the rivers Weser and Elbe.

In the United States, Walpurgisnacht is one of the major holidays celebrated within LaVeyan Satanism and is the anniversary of the founding of the Church of Satan.[2]

The Church of Satan is an international organization dedicated to the religion of Satanism as codified in The Satanic Bible. The Church of Satan was established at the Black House in San Francisco, California, on Walpurgisnacht, April 30, 1966, by Anton Szandor LaVey, who was the church’s High Priest until his death in 1997.




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  1. Philip David “Phil” Ochs (/ˈoʊks/; December 19, 1940 – April 9, 1976) was an American protest singer (or, as he preferred, a topical singer) and songwriter who was known for his sharp wit, sardonic humor, earnest humanism, political activism, insightful and alliterative lyrics, and distinctive voice. He wrote hundreds of songs in the 1960s and ’70s and released eight albums.

    Ochs returned to Ohio State to study journalism and developed an interest in politics, with a particular interest in the Cuban Revolution of 1959. At Ohio State he met Jim Glover, a fellow student who was a devotee of folk music. Glover introduced Ochs to the music of Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, and The Weavers. Glover taught Ochs how to play guitar, and they debated politics.

    Ochs and Glover formed a duet called “The Singing Socialists”,[16] later renamed “The Sundowners”, but the duo broke up before their first professional performance and Glover went to New York City to become a folksinger.[17]


    Jim Glover on Phil Ochs:

    Phil was into the investigation of the plot before Dallas. He came over to my apt when Jean was gone to tell me that there was a plot to kill President Kennedy. He asked me if I knew anything and that he was going to the FPCC to find out more. He said he was working for National Security “Domestic Division” of something like the CIA and that FBI Hoover was the bad guy. Soon after two men identifying themselves as FBI came over and asked me if I knew where Phil was… Of course I thought they really knew, but I lied and didn’t even tell them about the Kennedy plot to protect Phil.

    Next he said he was there in Dallas as a “national security observer” (new role to me but it made sense).

    I asked him if he could prove he was there and he said he was being filmed standing by the Garage Door of the Dal/Tex building. He also went over toward the crowd and saw a lady crying.

    I don’t remember him saying he was standing in the street keeping watch on Elm and Houston when the Limo passed but a few weeks ago I found him there, a bit blurry but it is in the utube “The First Shot” and I recently found him looking South into the camera from that pergola on the knoll in Robert Groden’s latest films after the shooting.


    • the blog post is so last sentry but ochs stil reznayts


      pleez by me a mursaydeez benz thank yoo

      • All the people to make notice. There is a new sharif in town. Please to be make with the rules. You say what is rules we never knew. I am make list. Now no ezcuse.
        1. No say you kill someone else or no say someone die or get hurt.
        2. No say someone smell unless smell good then okay to talk.
        3. No say someone has dirty carpet. That dishonorable and must to have clean carpet.
        4. No say someone to has sex in bad way.
        5. If you think you can has not to say something nice, then please to be no to say something at all. The Golden Rule.
        Break of the rules is to be squash the contrivance. Keep the tea kettle open and enjoy with the new friendships. You all are my best friend.

        ps: No squash the contrivance!

      • Cattyidiot = Ymtisedamnalex = Alexander Arcovio


        Alexander Arcovio

        Twitter User ID: 1702513849
        Plus too many pointless socks to count


        Alexander A Arcovio
        Alexander A Arcovio SR
        Alexander Arcovio
        Alexandria A Arcovio
        Alexander A Arcouio SR
        Alexandria A Arcovio SR
        Alexander A Arcovia SR
        A Arcovio

        Alex is 64. He likes to go and white knight for felons. He likes to file fake CPS reports on people
        Current address:
        161 Newbury St TRLR 29 (yes a house trailer)
        Peabody, MA 01960-3842
        Map of Location
        September 1949 Age 64
        36 Beach Rd, Revere MA 1965 to 2004
        Phone – (978) 289-2553


    • yood be sprized how harrd it is too
      contradance with 4 legs thank yoo for not menchunning the stayn on the carpit it wasnt me hoo duz that song

      • kidkenoma Says:

        I agree with Penny %100! These old C.I.A. folksingers are way too ancient to be relevant! I think we should focus on more contemporary poets like Yeezy, who have generously given us the fruits from the depths of their sublime and ineffable poetic imagination.

        It would behoove us to remember when savoring the infratextural semantic innovation and delightful complexity of the James Joyce-like worplay, that according to long time Kanye collaborator, Rhymefest, it took 21 people (guys) to write this groundbreaking cultural achievement, including Kanye West, Paul McCartney, Tyler Bryant, Kendrick Duckworth, Karim Kharbouch, Ernest Brown, Cydel Young, Victor Mensah, Allan Kyariga, Mike Dean, Che Pope, Noah Goldstein, Allen Ritter, Mario Winans, Charles Njapa, Malik Yusef Jones, Patrick Reynolds, Rennard East, Noel Ellis, among others!



        All day nigga, hallo these niggas ball
        All day nigga, how much time do you spend at the mall?
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        Side, side, side, side
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        Hells on the way nigga
        It’s all for the sinning and get it all on the way nigga
        Like calling, nigga more dope and hear the sound when they call nigga

      • gud nallissyss ecksept yoo speld trigga rong

      • In Pentathlon Lapwing there is a baritone showing physicists
        Of every headlamp he’s had the plenipotentiary to have known,
        And all the perch that come and go
        Stop and say hem.

        On the corona is a bannister with a motorcar,
        The little chimeras lavatory at him behind his backfire.
        And the bannister never webs a mac
        In the pouring raisin, very strange.

        Pentathlon Lapwing is in my earningss and in my eye-openers.
        There beneath the blue suburban skies
        I sit, and meanwhile backfire

        In Pentathlon Lapwing there is a first with an houseful
        And in his poet is a posse of the Queue.
        He likes to keep his firecracker enjoyment cleavage,
        It’s a cleavage madhouse.

        Pentathlon Lapwing is in my earningss and in my eye-openers.
        A four of fist and fir piggeries
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        Behind the shield in the midriff of the row
        A prickle nutcracker is semiquaver poppies from a treatise
        And though she feels as if she’s in a play
        She is anyway.

        In Pentathlon Lapwing the baritone shaves another cyclamen,
        We see the bannister skater waiting for a triplet.
        And then the first rushes in
        From the pouring raisin, very strange.

        Pentathlon Lapwing is in my earningss and in my eye-openers.
        There beneath the blue suburban skies
        I sit, and meanwhile backfire.
        Pentathlon Lapwing is in my earningss and in my eye-openers.
        There beneath the blue suburban skies,
        Pentathlon Lapwing.

      • Hey Yo! Oy Vey! Says:

        Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan defended Kanye West’s remarks on Jewish “connections” in a video released over the weekend and carried by the Hip-Hop DX website.

        In the video, Farrakjan urges the rapper not to “bow to pressure” by the Anti-Defamation League, which deemed the comments anti-Semitic and called on West to “take responsibility… and apologize” for his words.

        In a radio interview on November 26, West said: “People want to say Obama can’t make these moves or he’s not executing. That’s because he ain’t got those connections. Black people don’t have the same level of connections as Jewish people.”

        The ADL issued a statement decrying West’s remarks. “There it goes again, the age-old canard that Jews are all-powerful and control the levers of power in government. As a celebrity with a wide following, Kanye West should know better.”

        Farrakhan, meanwhile, said that West should not apologize because what he said was the “truth.”

        “You wouldn’t put that small-time stuff over on me that you put on scared-to-death Negroes that if they mention ‘Jew’ and you call them ‘anti-Semitic’ they start bowing to you and your pressure,” Farrakhan says. “Kanye West, don’t bow to the pressure to bow to apologize to anybody. You said nothing wrong.”


  2. In the early 1980s, Robert Durst owned a series of seven Alaskan Malamutes each named “Igor”, which according to Durst’s brother, Douglas, died under mysterious circumstances. In December 2014, prior to the airing of The Jinx, Douglas told an interviewer for The New York Times, “In retrospect, I now believe he was practicing killing and disposing his wife with those dogs.”[91][92] Durst was once recorded saying he wanted to “Igor” his brother Douglas.[93]


    Seven dogs? WTF? Where would he get an idea like that?

    Meanwhile, back in the twenties, in Simi Valley, not too far from the Spahn Ranch…

    The Blackburn Cult, also known by the far more mystically delicious moniker “Divine Order of the Royal Arms of the Great Eleven,” was dreamed up by a mother-daughter duo who got into the religion business in 1924, after having visions of angels … and visions of dollar signs.

    To pass the time, they got creative:

    At night the devotees gathered in a natural amphitheater on a brush-and-rock-strewn hillside to watch the high priestesses in their long purple robes kill mules they referred to as the “Jaws of Death.” After the gruesome sacrifices, forest rangers reported seeing the cultists dance in the nude.

    [human figures wearing crowns or purple cloaks, bloodstained or smeared with paint, human figures dramatically engaged in some activity–doing something.” They dressed things up, sent them out that way, so vivid they recognized them when they came back.]

    On the same site, they constructed a brick “oven” in which they “baked” disciple Florence Turner, age 30, of Monterey Park, allegedly to cure her “blood malady.” Two days later, she died.

    But the fraud case put the Great Eleven on the radar of law enforcement … and they found themselves in even hotter water after the body of a 16-year-old cult member was found buried under her adopted parents’ house in Venice, Calif. Interred next to young Willa Rhoads were the corpses of seven dogs “that represented the seven tones of the angel Gabriel’s trumpet;” that’s the dog casket in the photo atop this post.

    The cult’s claims that Willa died of natural causes held up (she apparently succumbed to a toothache). But what happened after she died is what raised eyebrows.
    The girl had been dead three years, but the body was not buried until 1926 as Mrs. Blackburn told the foster parents the competition of “The Great Sixth Seal” would result in her resurrection.

    Miss Rhoads body was preserved with ice, salt and spices. In the grave were found the bodies of seven dogs symbolizing the seven notes of Gabriel’s trumpet. The girl’s parents Mr. And Mrs. William Rhoads testified that burial was made when they lost faith in Mrs. Blackburn. An autopsy revealed the girl died of natural causes and no action was taken.

    Although other cult members were reported to have mysteriously disappeared (not to mention that strange “baking” business with Florence Turner), no charges were ever brought in those cases. Blackburn was released after appealing her case in 1931, and in an interesting footnote:
    [In 1931], the state Supreme Court ruled that testimony about the cult’s weird rituals was wrongly admitted at the prophet’s trial. “This is a free country, where there is freedom of religious worship, and it is not actionable to the court if the defendant made certain representations as to being divine.”
    The Great Eleven cult reportedly decamped for Lake Tahoe and was not heard from again.


    seven dead dogs = immunity from prosecution

  3. Marley’s signing to Island did not mark the end of his association with Sims. Following the discovery in 1980 of manager Don Taylor’s embezzling of Marley’s money, Sims was hired by the Jamaican to manage him.

    In New York that summer Marley paid a visit to Paul Castellano, co-owner of Cayman Music: at Sims’ suggestion Castellano was to underwrite Marley’s projected expansion in the US – which would include a departure from Island. But Marley never benefited from this financial injection – he was soon diagnosed with terminal cancer: the funds were diverted to the career of Peter Tosh, who Sims was also managing.


    In the 1940s, Castellano became a member of the Mangano family. He became a capo under boss Vince Mangano’s successor, Albert Anastasia.

    In 1975, Castellano allegedly ordered the murder of Vito Borelli, his daughter Constance’s boyfriend. Someone had reported to Castellano that Borelli had compared him to Frank Perdue, the owner and commercial spokesman for Perdue Farms. Castellano considered this an insult and had Borelli killed. In 2004, court documents showed that government witness and former Bonanno crime family boss Joseph Massino admitted to murdering Borelli as a favor to Castellano.[9]

    In 1978, Castellano allegedly ordered the murder of Gambino associate Nicholas Scibetta. A cocaine and alcohol abuser, Scibetta participated in several public fights and insulted a female cousin of Frank DeCicco. Since Scibetta was Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano’s brother-in-law, Castellano asked DeCicco to first notify Gravano of the impending hit. When advised of Scibetta’s fate, a furious Gravano said he would kill Castellano first. However, DeCicco managed to calm Gravano down and accept Scibetta’s death as the punishment earned by his behavior.[17]

    In 1978, Castellano allegedly ordered the murders of Gambino capo James Eppolitto and his son, mobster James Eppolitto Jr. Eppolitto Sr. had complained to Castellano that Anthony Gaggi was infringing on his territory and asked permission to kill him. Castellano gave Eppolitto a noncommittal answer, but later warned Gaggi about Eppolitto’s intentions. In response, Gaggi and capo Roy DeMeo murdered Eppolito senior and junior.[18]

    In February 1978, Castellano made an agreement between the Gambino family and the Westies, an Irish-American gang from Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan. Castellano wanted hitmen that law enforcement could not tie directly to the Gambino family. [hmmmm…you mean like the Son-of-Sam cult?]

    In September 1980, Castellano allegedly ordered the murder of his former son-in-law Frank Amato. A hijacker and minor criminal, Amato had physically abused his wife Connie Castellano (Paul’s daughter) when they were married.[20][21] According to FBI documents, Gambino soldier Roy DeMeo murdered Amato, cut up his body, and disposed of the remains at sea.

    In 1983, Castellano allegedly ordered Roy DeMeo’s murder. He knew that DeMeo was unpredictable and doubted his loyalty in an upcoming car theft trial. DeMeo was found shot to death in the trunk of his Cadillac automobile.[24]


    Rastafari Speaks

    Re: Was Rastafarianism invented by Freemasons? Quo
    Date: 5/3/2009, 8:43 am

    In Response To: Was Rastafarianism invented by Freemasons? Quote *LINK* (seshatasefekht)

    RasTafari Selassie I is a direct descendant of the Solomonic (SOL-AH-MAN) Dynasty/House, the Master Builder and Original Masonic Teachings.

    All other Masonic Lodges (though merely VERSIONS of) must bow to the original Ethiopian/Nubian Masonic Head, RasTafari.

    The examples of secret societies among the Africans also is numerous, most were the keepers of the ancient oral traditions, language, mystics, magic and history of the culture of the people. There to preserve it, and passing it on to the next generation via various secret initiate rituals.

    Ethiopia likewise maintained this tradition until this day. HIM Haile Selassie carries many Masonic orders, titles and symbols.

    During the final four years of his life, Garvey turned even more emphatically toward the Masonic ideal based on secret knowledge.

    Other features shared with fraternal orders included solemn oaths and binding pledges, special degrees of chivalry (such as the Cross of African Redemption, Knight of the Sublime Order of the Nile, and Knight of the Order of Ethiopia…

    Leonard James Percival Howell (Gong Guru Marag)was also a Mason. A high Mystic, and world traveler was present in Addis Ababa in 1930 and attended the coronation, returned to Jamaica and preached the divinity of Haile Selassie.

    Joseph Nathaniel Hibbert was a member of the Ancient Order of Ethiopia masonic lodge.


    • While Rastafarianism might seem strange and illogical, consider the belief system of “Frank Paul Gambino”…

      The true fact of the matter is the Son of Man begun to work for the government soon after, under an alias and thereby found a support and power base with the Gentiles in the name of the Gambino Crime Family (the Mafia), who actually grow dependent on him. But never has he given up on those he came to save who are the true Jews. But with his new found backing he returned for them in the last days.

      This is the secret behind Apostle Paul Castellano and Janet Jackson. Janet symbolized our Lord’s love for his lost flock the Jews or African Americans who are in bondage in America. Though the Jews claim they know not of Jesus Christ as Janet of Paul as being their true leader or husband in spirit, Jesus never stopped loving them. Therefore my love for Janet must always be in existence, because she really represents my love for my people who have become blind and confused calling themselves everything but Jews. And therefore both unions will be necessary for the fulfilling of the bible prophesy, which has always been for economic and social justice for all people to include the African American slaves in America or their emancipation.

      The teachings of Paul Castellano are that he is the Apostle Paul in the flesh and we are living in the last days. The secret code of the Bible is simple, if one accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, he will be saved. You may ask he will be saved from what?

      I tell you the truth, I the Apostle Paul is in fact the real Paul Castellano and head of the Gambino Family. They were like angels, use to overcome the Illuminati. The man they killed was a fraud masquerading as me. But that is not important now, what was done is done. What you need to understand is why you all are catching so much hell in the worst recession since the great depression. So I pose the scripture that has to be answered.


  4. So, Castellano’s oh-so-good-karma money was “diverted to the career of Peter Tosh”, eh?

    Did Tosh compensate PC for his efforts in a timely manner?

    Did he understand that what goes around, comes around?

    9/11 came early for Tosh…

    On 11 September 1987, just after Tosh had returned to his home in Jamaica, a three-man gang came to his house demanding money.[13] Tosh replied that he did not have any with him but the gang did not believe him. They stayed at his residence for several hours and tortured him in an attempt to extort money from Tosh. During this time, Tosh’s associates came to his house to greet him because of his return to Jamaica. As people arrived, the gunmen became more and more frustrated, especially the chief thug, Dennis “Leppo” Lobban, a man whom Tosh had previously befriended and tried to help find work after a long jail sentence.[13] Tosh said he did not have any money in the house, after which Lobban put a gun to Tosh’s head and shot once, killing him. The other gunmen began shooting, wounding several other people and also killing disc jockeys Doc Brown and Jeff “Free I” Dixon. Leppo surrendered to the authorities. He was sentenced to death, but his sentence was commuted in 1995 and he remains in jail. The other two gunmen were never identified by name.[14]


  5. Wizards of Waverly Place is an American fantasy teen sitcom which ran from October 12, 2007 to January 6, 2012 on Disney Channel.

    From Crowleymas (Oct 12), to Epiphany (Jan 6).

    Well, Cap this!

    For Birthday, Selena Gomez Renews Deal With Satan

    HOLLYWOOD (CAP) – Disney star Selena Gomez reportedly celebrated her 20th birthday this week by attending Nickelodeon’s Teen Choice awards and renewing the pact with Satan that explains her ongoing success.

    Gomez, who starred in the Disney Channel hit Wizards Of Waverly Place – which TV critic Tom Shales called “execrable, and possibly prosecutable” – also scored this year with Love You Like A Love Song, a top-selling song that led former longtime Los Angeles Times music writer Robert Hilburn to drive his Ford Mustang convertible into a ditch.

    “Unfortunately I survived to hear the whole song,” said Hilburn afterward.

    Most have long suspected that some sort of dark agreement with an otherworldly force is behind Gomez’s winning streak, which also includes launching her own perfume line and landing a starring role in next year’s Spring Breakers with James Franco.

    “When trying to assess who has gotten in bed, so to speak, with an uber-evil lord of the underworld, we usually try to look for someone who’s achieved spectacular success despite a noticeable lack of talent, drive or appeal,” said Yale Professor of Religion Mary Carmichael. “With Selena, all of our buzzers went off.”

    Carmichael pointed in particular to Gomez’s performance in Wizards Of Waverly Place, which studies have found to be indiscernible from documentary footage of mentally retarded children learning to read.

    “It’s notably awful, even by Disney standards,” said Carmichael. “Classic deal-with-the-devil stuff.”

    And as for her much celebrated romance with teen heartthrob and Nickelodeon slime victim Justin Bieber?

    “That was probably the devil calling in his chits,” said Carmichael, noting that Bieber “is probably no slouch in the Faustian bargain department himself.”

    Up to now, Gomez had been cagey about whether she’s made some sort of illicit agreement with Mephistopheles or his ilk. Earlier this year, an Us magazine cover story headlined Did she or didn’t she? Selena mum on her devilish dealings insinuated that Gomez may have spent her early teen years sacrificing newborn babies on a sacrificial altar in the name of Satan, much like former Red Sox GM Theo Epstein reportedly did in the early 2000s.

    But Gomez just responded by smirking and saying, “Wouldn’t you like to know!” She then tweeted a picture herself with red liquid dripping from her hands, with the caption, “Baby blood? Nope, it’s ketchup! Probably.”

    Her agent, meanwhile, pointed out that Disney does not let its stars out of their boxes long enough to sacrifice babies.

    Recently, though, Gomez has been more open about the possibility. At the Teen Choice Awards, she made a not-so-cryptic reference when presenting the award for Surliest Attitude, saying “I just wanted to give a quick shout-out to the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan! Yeah!”

    “Everyone just assumed she was talking about Justin Bieber, though,” said Teen Choice host Demi Lovato.

    Lovato, a universally praised singer and comic actress known for her philanthropic activities, lost her own Disney Channel show after suffering a nervous breakdown in 2010. She has since struggled, with her film Frank The Puking Tortoise, a follow-up to the Jonas Brothers movie about a farting dog, going straight to DVD.

    “Still got my soul, though!” said Lovato, giving two thumbs up.

    – CAP News Staf


  6. kidkenoma Says:

    A Shakespearean Drama by Lev Novak

    (The sequel to Watch the Throne can be found here .)

    Act I, Scene I

    Kanye is sitting upon the throne of rap. His trusty lieutenant, Pusha T, stands beside him. On the other side is Kim Kardashian.

    My liege,
    As Jay-Z hath ascended
    Past this mortal realm
    The throne has become watched by those that would seek it for themselves
    The guilds of rap grow restless, my Lord.
    MMG of the north waits patient,
    and YMCMB rake their coals in darkness
    Even the fiefdoms seek their claim;
    A$APs require attention, Asap,
    Taylor Gang and TDE watch us from afar,
    And, though I hate to report it,
    There is a whispering of evil within the very halls of G.O.O.D.

    (J.Cole enters, triumphant)

    I have long said the same,
    Oh Pusha.


    Jermaine? Ah!
    So good to see you!

    (The two embrace as Pusha watches)

    Have you found success?

    Indeed, Yeezy.
    As befitting my princely status,
    I have completed my first quest:
    I have solidified our treaty with Kendrick of the West.

    The West, slumbering
    May threaten West
    Nevermore, without Kendrick’s flow.
    But aligned,
    The two might prosper.
    You have done well Jermaine.

    Thank you, Yeezy.
    But I have taken a name unto myself: J.Cole

    Christened by Yeezus, I approve your nameship.
    May pressure make you a diamond.
    Like the Roc-a-fella’s before us.

    (They look skyward)

    Praised be J-Hova.

    Praised be he.

    And yet…

    Yet what, Cole?

    It was odd;
    As I left the palace gates,
    I found myself without reinforcement.
    Guest verses undelivered,
    My album was assailed by critics.
    I survived, and persevered but this;

    (shows a scar on his face)
    Is damage from Pitchfork.

    The young Don Glover
    Found his head upon one.
    ‘Tis but a scratch.

    You shroud your meaning, Pusha,
    And speak of my scratch
    As though it were not upon my flesh,
    But rather a mark upon your records,
    And thus fully inconsequential.

    Though you say “Cole World”
    You would be wise to be wary of heat;
    heated words, of course.
    Forgive the entendre.

    You are modest in your estimation.
    I fear no weapon.
    But am wary of he who wields them.

    (J.Cole leaves, an eye to Pusha.)

    This is heavy news to ponder.
    Pusha, I require my jester.


    (Pusha T summons 2 Chainz enters in his jester gear.)

    Two Chainz,
    my head is weary, as though two chains,
    each heavy,
    hung around my neck.
    Tell me, oh Jester,
    Is ruling yet a fool’s errand?

    2 CHAINZ
    If it were, your majesty,
    you’d have sent me in your stead.

    Ha! For a fool, 2 Chainz, your wit speaks loud.
    Send in my first guest!

    (Ludacris enters, in all his finery.)

    Hear, oh wise Ludacris,
    That you are welcome in my presence.
    Oh, wise Luda, hear how Jay-Z hath ascended
    And left me to follow in his wake.
    It is I, now, who must watch the throne
    From King Richard the Ross and of Weezy F. Baby,
    The occult swamp-man who threatens to devour us all.

    Ay, and you have asked for my partnership.
    A wise decision, Kanye.
    For indeed, my clan of DTP is mighty
    In the southern realms of this land,
    And together,
    We can rule this land as brothers.
    Though shrouded in irony, we may keep the peace.

    Nay, Ludacris;
    I cannot split my rule of this kingdom.
    I ask not for your partnership, but for your service.

    A knee?
    Wise Luda, you have called me,
    Yet you play me for the fool.
    I serve standing, never hunched like your jester.
    He used to be a rapper, a man amongst us,
    Though he ran from my service only to find your favor?
    An outrage!
    He hath 2 Chainz, oh Yeezy,
    But no honor.

    2 CHAINZ
    Aye, take me for a fool?
    Perhaps, and that path be quite oft taken to my benefit.
    They laugh, oh Luda, but I do so to the bank.
    Why, for me to be forgotten or broke,
    Why, that would be Ludacris.


    (Ludacris draws his sword)

    There shall be no violence in this halls.

    Hear, Yeezy, how I work alone.
    But for respect to you, I swear an oath of separation.
    I will not be disturbing the peace.
    Keep your clan-mates with you, but be wary, O Yeezy,
    Some watch the throne
    When they should watch their court.

    (Ludacris exits.)

    Oh, my trusted advisor!
    How might I handle a foe, oh Pusha?

    My liege?

    A foe.
    In glorious battle, with the colors of banners
    And the roar of my warriors, the clashing of weapons and diss-tracks-
    What a spectacle!
    But tell me, Pusha, who radiates a glory near mine?

    None, my lord.

    Indeed, Pusha, and this worries me greatly.
    Jigga, the king before me,
    rests amongst the greats
    Having defeated countless foes.
    But who may I face?
    Who can match my luster?

    One may exist.

    You are kind, Pusha
    But I doubt that.
    Still, as I pursue greatness.
    Can I trust you,
    To do what is necessary?

    By Biggie’s Ghost,
    I pledge my loyalty, now and forever,
    To the ‘Ye.

    I sense in you the truth.
    I retire gladly, Pusha.
    I leave to examine leather skirts.

    (Kanye exits)

    For truth, I am loyal to the ‘Ye.
    The yeyo, cocaine, sweet white.
    Hard white, they call you,
    though you be soft in my embrace.
    Kilo’s, soft as pillows,
    how I long for you in my bed.
    Caine, oh Caine!
    It is for you, my love,
    that I will ascend the throne myself.
    Forgive me, Pac! Forgive me, Biggie!
    I betray for love, of the game and of the game.
    As Cain killed Abel, I too am able for ‘Caine.
    See how I have come to loath the man Yeezy
    For now the throne is watched
    Observed by paparazzi
    Bloggers and more
    Nerds, hovering over us
    Casting a shadow over rhymes
    This doth provoke in me a malice
    And such as Malice is my brother
    I find it inseparable from my motivation.
    That I may avenge Clipse with clips
    And take the throne I have earned.

    (Offstage he hears the click of heels)

    Yea, for the strumpet approaches
    I must keep my plans disguised.
    Yuch, I say, Yuch,
    For the Kardashian comes quick.

    Oh Pusha,
    hath thou seen my husband?

    Kris Humphries is out,

    Rouge! My husband, my love,
    the famed and talented-

    Ray J?

    Yeezy. Oh Pusha, push me not.
    My plans move beyond you,
    With rapid steps measured in weeks and years.
    My wealth exceeds yours, as does my wit.
    You pushed cocaine?
    I too sold poison-
    Loved, loathed and consumed
    By every fiend across this country.
    Do not doubt me, Pusha.
    Keeping up with the Kardashians is a fools errand.

    Such that your viewers are
    I am inclined to agree.

    You are an ass, Pusha
    And one that rivals even my own.

    (Kim moves beyond Pusha to the kingly chamber, her eyes at the mirror behind the throne)

    Oh, my sweet fair Kanye!
    I envy you,
    For the vision you have.
    How good it is to be seen.
    And how good it is to see me.

    Oh, my sweet fair Yeezy indeed!
    To see you is to see me, reflected, ad infenium.
    Your beauty is my own, in blogs and magazines,
    radiating in this kingdom and beyond.
    Ah, sweet Kim, she that may join me in blessed union,
    My true equal.
    love thee, Kim, for in you I see myself.

    (The two embrace, each holding a mirror over the other’s shoulders)

    How goes the realm?

    Difficult, my wife.
    Tensions abound in all corners.
    The youth, Drake Drizzy,
    Rallies troops
    And our alliances have frayed.

    What need have you for alliance?
    You are a ruler, my love.
    Why allow them to share your light?
    Come, Yeezy,
    And take what is yours.
    From every corner of the world, let them see you-
    Let them hate us,
    Or love us,
    So long as we are noticed.

    Your words to tempt,
    But Jay-Z was a noble king,
    Who survived the wrath of the old Gods
    To usher in my realm.
    Surely, some fealty-

    You are a God, Kanye.
    As surely as I am a Goddess.

    My…my ego sees true.
    I understand your logic.
    Our beauty is too transcendent for the mortal realm.

    So too shall you leave it.


    Nothing, my love.
    I said,
    So too you will believe it-
    And make them believe as well.
    A kingdom, united,
    With us as Gods.

    Gods, you say?
    The aesthetic appeals,
    I cannot lie.
    A crown is garish,
    Gold, outplayed.
    But divinity?
    Such a concept would turn a head.

    Aye, Yeezy, and the eyes would follow.
    Let us conquer these kingdoms more fully.
    Let them make statues of us,
    Temples in our likeness.
    May all kingdoms praise Yeezus in their worship.

    Such an act would be grandiose. I love it.

    (Big Sean comes running)

    Send word to Weezy of the swamps,
    that we seek his tribute.
    Or else a war upon him.
    Alliance is bland,
    Peace boring.
    Let loose war,
    In all its shades and hues!
    And Pusha!

    …my liege?

    It is time to prepare my successor.
    As Jigga hath ascended
    To the Booklyn in the heavens
    He had tapped me as his number #2
    For so justly- I was the shit.
    But now, as the ascendant
    It is time the next be groomed.

    Aye, I am prepared.

    Go and fetch J.Cole.
    He is the next prince of rap
    And the heir to the Roc.


    Did you hear me?

    I did, oh Yeezy.
    And I assure you.
    The heir to the rock shall have his throne.

    Very good, Pusha.
    See to it that he does.

    (Kanye leaves, and Pusha seethes on stage)

    Ay, for I spoke true;
    The heir to the rock shall succeed;
    Crack rock, that is,
    Myself, then
    And not the child Jermaine.
    Jermaine? Who That?
    He shall not Work Out,
    Me thinks.

    (Shakes head)
    I have waited too long for Greatness,
    What good then is G.O.O.D?
    Ye, I shall take what’s mine.
    And the heir to the Ye’ shall be the heir to the ‘Ye
    The prince of the Rock shall be prince of the Roc’
    And I shall do as needed to take what’s mine.

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