“There’s this guy from the CIA, he’s creeping around Laurel Canyon…”


7 Responses to “THE SLEEP OF REASON”

  1. His name wasn’t Jesse, was it?

  2. Well i see you finally got your comments mode working again!

    What happened to Tina? I’ve been trying to contact her for weeks. Where did she go? Back in early January she assured me that Robert Durst was going to arrested and indicted for the murder of Susan Berman, which seemed kind of far fetched at the time but now the time has come and we had planned a Bobby Durst arrest party and naturally wanted to invite Tina but we’re not getting any answer? Can anybody here help us? Did Tina have something to do with Durst’s arrest?

  3. Sirius Lee Says:

    30º in Antler today
    ꃪ ꎁ ꌶ ꑥ

  4. Sirius Lee Says:

  5. kidkenoma Says:

  6. Bee EmGee Says:

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