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    One of Arthur M. Young’s ideas is a theory of “process”. One of the ideas of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky is a fundamental law called the “Law of Seven”, which is also a theory of process. This brief paper attempts to establish the common identity of these apparently independent expressions.

    Both Young and Ouspensky were strongly influenced by ancient tradition and modern science. Both arrived at expressions, both practical and theoretical, of a correlation of these two seemingly diverse influences. Both arrived at remarkably similar conclusions which appear unrelated at first glance.

    I say their respective theories “appear unrelated” even though there is the obvious similarity that both have theories of process based on the number seven. That is, both theories claim that process proceeds by seven steps from beginning to end. So much for superficialities. To understand the remarkable parallels between these two theories, we must now look more closely at each.

    Arthur M. Young states in The Reflexive Universe that process follows a seven-step pattern which can be seen diagrammatically as a “V” shaped arc, descending through four steps and then ascending back though three steps as so:

    • Melissa Potnia Says:

      G. I. Gurdjieff said something to the effect that with a fragment of an ancient statue built according to exact laws, one could, with knowledge of those laws, reconstruct the entire statue. Today, this idea that a part of a whole contains complete information about the whole is known as a hologram.

    • In 1948 – after being discharged from the army on medical grounds – Puharich created the Round Table Foundation in Maine, to carry out ostensibly private experiments with psychics such as Eileen Garrett and Peter Hurkos. The Foundation soon attracted wealthy backers, even including Henry A. Wallace, Vice President of the USA under Franklin D. Roosevelt, who funded Puharich through his Wallace Foundation. Another supporter was Ruth Forbes Young, from the stupendously rich Forbes family, and her husband, the ubiquitous inventor Arthur M. Young, besides Alice Bouverie, heiress to the Astor dynasty.

      In parallel with the Vinod communications, from February 1953 until April 1955, Puharich was stationed at the Army’s Chemical Centre at Edgewood, Maryland – although he often returned to the Round Table Foundation. The exact nature of his duties remains unknown, but Edgewood was the Army’s research facility into both chemical and psychological warfare – and at that time it was involved with a joint project with the CIA’s notorious MK-ULTRA. Puharich’s Army career certainly puts a different spin on the debut of the Nine.

      And although Puharich seemed convinced that Spectra and the Nine were real, Geller calls them “a civilisation of clowns” – a perfect description of the Ultraterrestrial/Cosmic Joker scenario.

      Then the Nine entered the big time. In 1978 Whitmore introduced Englishwoman Jenny O’Connor to the Esalen Institute, the Californian centre for the alternative scene that attracted famous names from the worlds of art, entertainment, science and even politics. Incredibly, not only did the Nine give seminars at Esalen through her, but from 1979 until at least 1982 they effectively took over the Institute. In Esalen: America and the Religion of No Religion (2007), Jeffrey J. Kripal describes the founder Richard Price’s reliance on O’Connor: “Dick decided to ask Jenny and the Nine to help him make tough administrative decisions, which included firing and hiring individuals.” Esalen staff member and Price’s biographer Eric Erickson describes the Nine as “extraterrestrial hatchet men.”

      This period was particularly significant for Esalen. Many of those who attended O’Connor’s seminars became prominent in political circles both in America and the USSR (through the Institute’s Soviet Exchange Program), as Jack Sarfatti wrote (his emphasis):

      “The fact remains… that a bunch of apparently California New Age flakes into UFOs and psychic phenomena, including myself, had made their way into the highest levels of the American ruling class and the Soviet Union and today run the Gorbachev Foundation.”

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