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  1. Abbot Kinney Shoes Says:

  2. ArtFrödd Says:

    We finally have the conclusion to what happened to Terence after the FBI had caught him:

    Esalen December 1994:

    Questioner: I’m real curious about one thing. Why is it important for you to do this?

    Terence McKenna: I wonder myself. You mean am I the alien ambassador whether I like it or not? [laughs]. Well, often when asked this question, I’ve said it beats honest work. I mean, my brother is a PhD in three subjects and works in hard science and yet I don’t think it’s brought him immense happiness. Not that he’s despondent. But I was always kind of a slider. You know?

    And certainly when I reached La Chorerra in 1971 I had a price on my head by the FBI, I was running out of money, I was at the end of my rope. And then “THEY” recruited me and said, “you know, with a mouth like yours there’s a place for you in our organization“. And I’ve worked in deep background positions about which the less said the better. And then about 15 years ago they shifted me into public relations and I’ve been there to the present.

    True Hallucinations page 166:

    In February of 1970, a year before I arrived at La Chorrera, my fugitive wanderings had taken me to the island of Timor in Eastern Indonesia. Under indictment in the States for the heinous crime of importing hashish, I traveled and lived under the dramatic assumption that international police agencies were combing the globe looking for me.

    My cover, that of a graduate student in entomology doing field work for a degree—a butterfly collector—had worked well over the previous six months

    True Hallucinations pg. 186

    I swallowed hard. He didn’t look like the sort of person who would appreciate my stories of fighting the police at the Berkeley barricades shoulder-to-shoulder with affinity groups like the Persian ****ers and the Acid Anarchists. Nor did my participation in the Human Be-In or the rolling orgies of the Summer of Love in the Haight-Ashbury seem appropriate to mention. And my recent stint as a hashish smuggler in India and my subsequent move undercover to avoid capture by Interpol also seemed out of place in this particular interview.

    I decided to go with the usual half-truth reserved for straight people. “I am an art historian turned biologist. I went to Nepal to study Tibetan but found that I am no linguist when it comes to Asian languages. I have returned to biology, my first love. Specifically, I am an entomologist.

    • ArtFrödd Says:

      Having pondered the long bleary chain of pattern repetition, I have come to the conclusion that in those unavoidable social situations where you meet somebody, and when asked about what they’ve been doing recently, they say stuff like:

      – “I’ve been working as a free-lance journalist in South America.”

      – or “I’ve been working as a butterfly collector in Indonesia”

      …I always just assume that they must work for The Company, and don’t really want to talk about it, so I just let it go.

      One must be courteous.

  3. Blue Morpho Says:

    “Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss”

    In the new biography written by his brother Dennis, it is revealed that Terence had a bad trip on Mushrooms in the late 1980’s and never again resumed the use of Psilocybin. In the podcast linked above Lorenzo and Bruce Damer read excerpts from the new book that shed tremendous light on the personal life of the famous psychonaut. Not only did he permenently stop his use of that plant hallucinogen after the sour trip, apparently the tumor that took his life unmistakably took the shape of…… a Mushroom.

    Here’s the book excerpt:

    “Terence’s pivotal existential crisis came abruptly. Sometime in ’88 or ’89. Everything that happened after that event was fallout. I don’t know exactly when it happened and I don’t know exactly what happened. I am piecing it together from what Kat has told me and she has volunteered few details and I am reluctant to probe. It happened when they were living for a time on the Big Island and it was a mushroom trip they shared that was absolutely terrifying for Terence. It was terrifying because, for some reason, the mushroom turned on him. The gentle, wise, humorous mushroom spirit that he had come to know and trust as an ally and teacher ripped back the facade to reveal an abyss of utter existential despair. Terence kept saying, so Kat told me, that it was, “a lack of all meaning, a lack of all meaning.” And this induced panic in Terence and probably, I speculate, a feeling that he was going mad. He couldn’t deal with it. Kat’s efforts to reassure him were fruitless. After that experience, he never again took mushrooms and he took other psychedelics such as DMT and Ayahuasca only on rare occasions and with great reluctance.”

    Heres part of Damer’s “Ode to Terence”

    which can be found here in its entirety-

    3. How did you fare Terence?

    – In the 1980s dark thunderheads announced their throaty arrival, yet your course stayed ever truer, to your sense anyway

    – By 1990 business got scary, your marriage dissolved, and your Teacher gave you a frightful licking one night

    – Terence to Teacher: enough of the dancing mice, show me what you are for your self (black draperies lift and organs tone as the yawning infinite cracks open)

    – Teacher to Terence: why did you turn away? Enough of the Other, it’s time for a dose of Self, your self

    – The Teacher turned on Terence and he never again returned. Instead Terence launched on a dubious decade telling ever taller tales touting adventures on 5-7 dried grams while living in fear of these very plant medicines.

    – Language and the mind got you all the way to the domed vestibule of the elves my friend, but as the shamans taught, it is the humble heart that opens the inner sanctum, completing the true hero’s journey to healing and wholeness.

    – Shinola shifts to shit and the existential crisis accelerates… Dennis to Terence: is it time to pause for a reevaluation?

    – Terence hits the gas on his forward escape as Integrity entered the rear view mirror… it was now the Story that was the Thing

    – The Blue Morpho shutters his wings, the psychedelic light flickers and dies

    – Ram Das to Terence: your life is your message, Terence to Ram Das: my life is a mess, my message is my message.

    – Nominated as the Altered Statesman, anointed by the good Doctor Leary, and books flying off the presses, your trajectory arced high

    – Bills to pay and a web to be woven, your public persona had you in its grasp and kept your white knuckled grip on the wheel, navigating into ever less charted waters

    – A date in 2012 lay shimmering on screen as TimeWave Zero code came to life but it was destined to languish in the bardo of scientific non-falsafiability

    – Your fellow Trialoguers one day drew a line in the sand as the stories started dragging anchor, Ralph to Terence: that is a paranoid fantasy

    – Overtoning made you into a performer and you gloriously peaked in late ’98 but by then your personal singularity was barreling toward you

    – You began to experience dreams that were un-Englishable, and for you this is really saying something

    – By early ’99 we saw the fatigue of too many trips inscribed into your face and unbeknownst to us you were heading for one more encounter with the Teacher

    – On the eve of your concrescence I was honored to guide you, as avatar Zoneghost, to take a dip into the language built virtual worlds of cyberspace, your last taste of TechNovelty

    4. Where did you go Terence?

    – The Teacher announced its return one cruel day in May

    – The doctor’s ironic observation on the ‘shroom shape of your tumor kicked off your descent into the ultimate experience of Novelty

    – Y2K and your surgeries came and went without a hitch so the end of the world fell from favor but you still had your date with a forward escape

    – On April 3rd your final boundary dissolution was at hand and almost too late, mind disintegrating your heart forced its way open gifting you the ultimate wisdom of the teaching plants and of this and any world: its all about love

    – So, Terence, teller of Irish tales, we love you, we are all still here, its 2012 and in some sense “your year”, and yes, we kept breathing.

    – But where did you go?

    – Did you end up so stuck in muck the transcendental object could not even pull you out?

    – Did the mushroom wave come for you ten miles wide and sweep you away?

    – Or did the saucer ship pick you up on the pier and ply the star matrix to the elfin grey havens luxury condo complex?

    – In a dream with you in ’99 in Hawaii I saw you unfold yourself and step into an elf piloted, plush seated, bejeweled Faberge Egg which carried you up though the azure veil. When told of this vision you said “ahh the getaway car!”.

  4. Blue Morpho Says:

  5. Waterstruck! Not enough water. Too much water! Damn water, always seeking it’s own dam level

    • (generically neutered namby-pamby LA news anchor voice):

      Yes, it’s a fluid situation here at UCLA today, as a massive flood of awareness is wetting whistles and damping napkins all the way from Rolls Royce Hall to Pauly Shore Pavillion where Dean Wormer is anticipated momentarily to arrive in his Pontoon Popecar® for the pressed conference where he is expected to denounce these “Cherry-Bomb Toilet Terrorists” who launched their munition monkey-wrench into the local plumbing from the Gary Hinman wing of the Porcelain Pagoda, forcing unpopular cancellation of the annual Christopher Dorner Memorial BBQ…

      Film at Eleven!

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  7. AlphabetofBrookeShields Says:

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