10 Responses to “THIS IS NO RUSE!”


  2. Herbert_Quain Says:

  3. Uriel in her finest…

    And, the hotsie-totsi nazi himself


      Ron Brynaert appears to have been (and seems to admit in this audio) that he was integral in the scandal which hurt Anthony Weiner’s political career ( Weinergate ) attaining mainstream attention.

      For some reason Ron Brynaert is obsessed with slandering and lying about camgirl, ex-pornstar and blogger Monica Foster – the question is why?

      Could it be due to Monica Foster bringing awareness to Ron Brynaert’s associations with individuals attached not only to pornography, but to to the Republican party, the Free Speech Coalition and organized crime as well?

      Furthermore why does Ron (Uncle Irving) Brynaert utilize SOURCES from the porn industry?

      #chazzer #notkosher

      “He’s (Sean Tompkins) NOT a porn industry scumbag, he’s actually a pretty cool guy–he listens to hip-hop–in fact he’s met Scarface a bunch of times! He has pretty good taste in music!” (LOLOLOLOL!!)

      There’s been a strange renaissance of anti-Semitism in rap over the last couple of weeks. Scarface blamed the Jews for blacksliding in hip-hop in a YouTube interview, while Gunplay retweeted a Holocaust joke. It’s kind of a reach to call these two incidents a “moment,” and given Gunplay’s questionable swastika tattoo, people barely noticed his transgression.

  4. Squawk_Mulligan Says:

  5. Jane_Doe#59 Says:

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