not hunting for meaning
what was out there disappeared
where do you go from here?
the gone wait?
a kingdom he likes skirting the edge of the
humility of pain raining down diamonds when I took that train beyond the shadow of leaves to the door behind the place at the end of it all…
later on…
chair beside a window
staring at the cellophane
living in a moon so blue
modern dances follow your footsteps
you walk alone
this narrow road
on the way
the living end
somebody in the snow
blue corpse
one foot in the North
twelfth apostle
graven image
lost cause
glad to get away…
I woke up
the beginning…


15 Responses to “BABY GRACE BLUE”

  1. So sad.

  2. Cult_of_Gadget_Hackwrench Says:

    ready for the house
    interstellar discussion
    foreign keys six and six
    your turn to fall
    the rocks crumble
    the ruins of adventure
    telegraph melts
    what else does the time mean?
    put my dream on this planet

  3. Herbert_Quain Says:

    “Everyone thought that the encounter of the two chess players was accidental”

  4. Pious_Flea Says:

    Tina? wassup? no reply? “delivery failed”? WTF???

  5. Peace out Pete! Thanks for the memories…

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