20 Responses to “METAPOPCYCLE”

  1. Cult_of_Gadget_Hackwrench Says:

  2. AlphabetofBrookeShields Says:

  3. Herbert_Quain Says:

    for those playing at home
    with no decoder-ring
    looking for a way “in”


    two weeks after the end
    of a serpentine exhibition
    in London (2007)
    by an artist known
    for pop-culture celebrity references
    sightings are reported in the media
    of graffiti at random locations
    in London
    referencing a pop-culture
    female celebrity
    who achieved iconic status
    at a very young age
    whose alpha-bet is her own

  4. LIL_POP_ZEN Says:

    Even the swapmeets around here are getting pretty corrupt…

  5. And today IS National Cheese Lovers Day, so wheel on down to the Wheel Inn and roll yourself up to a cheese wheel made from any variety of animals they make cheese from, as explained in part in this article- oh deer!

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