1. #ricosuave

  2. SchadenFreud Says:

    The tormented soul of James McGibney registers his deep disappointment in a humanity that has failed to live up to the high moral standards of Robert Stacy McCain, and the ethical integrity of Ali Akbar. And yes, I know what you’re thinking: “these guys set the bar pretty high”, and then somehow come to terms with one’s failure to achieve such lofty gnomic wisdom as McCain & Ali.

    But to James McGibney, this is symptomatic of a deeper human emergency that he regards as a threat to him and his extended family members such as his sidekick boy-companion “@9riest”, and his loyal fluffer, “@Captien_O-Ring”.

    It is, of course, the unsublimated urges for wanton sexual congress with the “Big Womb”, that constantly torments Mr James McGibney, often manifesting in obsession with “granny panties”, and lusty maniacal focus on the specifics of anal rape, even to the point of fantasizing about conjugal visits with Neal Rauhauser in prison, apparently unaware that Rauhauser is actually a fictional character, a veritable “Man Who Never Was”, created on spec for Conde Nast and Mandane Media for the proposed, but aborted, alternate reality game ‘Succulent Nebraska’.

    So all of the barely digested contents of McGibney’s “consciousness”, which is a flimsy at best hodge-podge of meaningless platitudes and embarassing shopworn self-aggrandising cliches, must of necessity be projected upon the phantom non-existent Rauhauser to forstall any significant confrontation with self, which in this case would be the catastrophic equivalent of a black hole opening in one’s medulla oblongata, which even the tired old aggro platitudes and thinly, and not so thinly veiled threats will not sublimate or deflect.

    “Time wounds all heels”
    — ‘Achilles Sneezed’ by John Shade

    On the high seas
    Of frivolous litigation
    The tide recedes
    Faster than Randazza’s hairline

  3. lqgr3jMwIb1qedb29o1_500.gif

  4. Gfy581519Gfy Says:


    !NO EMAG

    triangulate & terminate ASAP

    NO 1/4

    GAME ON!

  5. Sibyl_Erythrae Says:

    “Every sentence filled with references, clues.”

    What’s it to ya? #clueless

    • The dew offers a clue, but not for you.

      I can see, but for me it’s hard to be.

      There’s but a thin line between many an enemy and many a friend. Where that line stops, there’s no beginning and no end.


  7. I enjoyed the Steely Dan.

    Steely Dan?

    Oh, no matter.

    I only come here for music an’ poetry.

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