16 Responses to “MANY HAPPY RETURNS”

  1. Jane_Doe_#19 Says:

    Oh, dear. It’s just sooo adorable the way @rchpriest is now trying to look innocently busy famewhoring with #OpWhitegirl & #OpLostpuppy.

    What an exemplary little gentleman!

    Such a hero!

    And you can take him at his word that he’s NOT Brandon Crismon, just as you can take his word that he never tweeted about raping anybody.

    Certainly not @Emeraldcityjazz!

    Oh, how she pesters the FBI with these baseless allegations!

    I dunno. Maybe his neckbeard was itchy that day. I guess he was just being sociable…

    Does he work for @bullyville?

    Discovery @email & DMs & money transfer papertrails should settle that Rico Suave question. Better start deleting now!

    “Rchpriest? Never heard of him! No, seriously! I was hacked!”
    #liablility #RICO #premeditated #interstate #cyberstalking #conspiracy

    Malice Aforethought:
    “my target is @emeraldcityjazz full and absolute destruction”

    So like #Anonymous tolerates affiliation with THIS asshole? #DERP

    Not making a judgement here.

    History will do that for me.

  2. Natasha_Rostova Says:

    R.I.P. Lou

  3. @Bullshitville Says:

    So I was at Bryce Canyon yesterday, when I realized, to my horror, the massive presence of obscene natural formations in the shape of jutting penis-shaped rocks and holes to receive them.

    This can’t be by accident.

    These formations are totally unnatural, and on display for the world to see!

    Would you want your kids to see this unholy display of wanton cocks & cunts and dangerous stone arches & bridges that might fall at any minute and squish your loved ones like a june-bug on a NASCAR windshield?

    Of course not!

    I refuse to be bullied by these degenerate queer rock formations!

    So I did what any right thinking American would do, and extracted my 5lb packs of Cordex and Composition C-4, which I keep with my AK-47, rocket-launcher, cattle-prod, cluster-bombs and other tools that I keep on hand in my Hummer in case I’m called upon for roadside assistance, and flattened that stone-age orgy right out of existence!

    Now before all the PC libtards twist this all out of proportion like it was a crime or something, you should know that I was doing it for The Kids (you know: lil’ white chillun’ with Blonde Hair & Blue Eyes), and if you object, that means you’re against The Kids, which would in turn be rock-solid evidence of your almost certain pedophiliac guilt.

    We will destroy you!

    Meanwhile, I’m headed back up that way next week to smash some of the ones we didn’t get to, but we need your help. Plastic explosive doesn’t grow on trees you know, so help us out with a donation today to make our National Parks safe for The Kids! Unless you’re some kind of pervert, of course.

    • Burt Bacharackalambamboom! Says:

      #Stupidville > #KYAnonymous> #Lostutter = #FakeAnon > #Bullyville = H-O-N-E-Y-P-O-T = #RealAnon V&

    • Long John Silver serves no king
      He’s the hero make that clear
      He’s seen a thousand countries
      They’re all the same
      Some men are crazy
      Some of them are sane
      But all men are ruled
      By a flag or a game
      And he knows nobody’s got you
      If you don’t sign your name

      • Captien_O-Ring Says:

        Hi, I’m @Captien_O-Ring and I’m NOT @Bullyville you liars!

        Me? I’m just an ordinary Village People lookin’ guy with a fake pool, and a fake wife with a fake ring. @CJWhodunnit believes me. Won’t you?

        James McGibney would no more stoop to using sock puppets any more than he would arrange a fake death threat against himself with RSMcCain & Ali & Brandon Darby!

        Seriously! Honest!

        C’mon, it’s not like he’s desperately trying to distract LE attention from his organized interstate harrassment, hacking, cyber-intimidation and witness threatening, not to mention accountability for a disasterously frivolous lawfare at the federal level that’s going to blow up in his face like a trick cigar!


      • Captien_O-Ring Says:

    • Willaim_Sullivan Says:

      I’m FBI if you’re FBI and we’re FBI and everybody else is FBI too

      Lots of jobs in the FBI, room for Barrett Brown & Sabu. Still more room for BV’s #Anons, and if you’re reading this, you know I mean YOU

      I know that you’re an informer for the FBI and now they’re comin’ after you. But you’re FBI and we’re FBI and it’s hard to tell who’s who

      I don’t know. Do you?

      I have more FBI contacts than ZAPEM & NEAL and @Captien_O-Ring put together, and I wear brown wingtip FBI shoes. They say I look a lot like Efrem Zimbalist Jr., But I think I’m more David Duchovny, don’t you?

    • @Bullshitville Says:

      FUCK YOU!!

      You ungrateful faggots!

      I still don’t get any respect from these haters!

      I fought for your freedom you assholes!

      I didn’t see any of you faggot scum around when I was in ‘Nam when we had to ditch our Huey in the river up in the Phat Phuc province near the rice patties on the Lo Bong Wank peninsula between Dank Nug and No Can Du with nothing to eat (or do) but Nam Sod!

      And still, you’d think that these haters would at least be grateful for my saving them from Sadaam’s Weapons Of Mass Destruction!

      But nooooooo!

      They don’t even care that I led the timely and efficient full frontal assault on Osama Bin Laden’s massive nuke-proof fortified fortress in Tora Bora and subsequent transparent public trial for Osama with final answers for all questions proving well beyond a shadow of a doubt of OBL’s proven guilt in 9/11!

      [’cause if OBL wasn’t – oh god forbid perish the thought – then wars in Afghanistan and Iraq would be useless, astronomically expensive, gloryless disasters now wouldn’t they?]

      Why, if it wasn’t for ME and my subordinates, these haters would just go waste billions of dollars on frivolous useless crap like education, health care, food relief programs, planned parenthood, and national infrastructure!

      And are they grateful? Noooooo!

      FUCK YOU!!!!

      I’m sueing all of you!

      You’ll be hearing from my Wop porn lawyer!


      Tick-toc tick-toc tick-toc…

  4. Some men are crazy?

    You can say that again.

    I just wish someone had told me it wasn’t a competition.

    I’m enjoying the Jefferson Airplane though.

    Now all this comment thread needs is some poetry from sibyl_erythrae.

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