6 Responses to “COLOURED FOLK SONG”

  1. R.I.C.O._&_Sepul-Veda Says:

  2. JenniferGeorge Says:

    not so hypothetical: Dinner With Jesus

    an off-season Seder with Maror, Cahzeret and Karpas; the whole schmear

    now The Nazz is a pretty cool dude but kinda picky about the guest list. naturally everybody wants in, angling for product endorsements, stock options, market shares, commodities, a chance for Jesus to change your luck, validate your parking, and cinch your pitch

    …so it’s a pretty tight list

    only TWO places left!

    from the following list only TWO persons got an invite

    can you tell me who, in accordance with scriptural text, those TWO people are?

    1 – Paul Ryan
    2 – the Koch brothers
    3 – Lee Stranahan
    4 – Patterico
    5 – Jack Idema
    6 – James McGibney
    7 – Michelle Bachmann
    8 – @MissMolly
    9 – a Tax Collector
    10 – a Prostitute

  3. Xenuphone_Grillus Says:

    R.I.C.O. Suave on the case

    #teamKimberlin #comingtogetya! #stinkbugsandwich

    hey, Ali and McCain! C-U-N-court!

    meanwhile: shame-d0x THIS, motherfucker!

  4. Natasha_Rostova Says:

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