29 Responses to “BABY BUMP BINGO BOOM!”

  1. “O’Hi”

    Greetings from the 7 sisters!

  2. Pernod, is that you?

  3. Baby_Bump_Bingo! Says:

    sooner or later the question must rise

    Who cares about these fucking creeps anyway?

    oh yeah, @Captain_Bullyboy @rchpriest etc

    the social legacy of post Tebow–Honey Boo-Boo–Victoria Jackson–Limbaugh–Beck–#FriendsOfHamas–#uniteblue–HellsAngels–“Anonymous” Birthers–Eminem–Kid Rock dumbass culture

    and the goddess of that particular culture

    oh my, how VERY unflattering! Would be horribly embarrassing if anyone still gave a shit…(check comments)

    yes, we also are sick of the dramatics and the drama-queens too!

    • Dr_TJ_Eckleburg Says:

      Just as Tuesday Lobsang Rampa quested for the Void…

      And Dr Hunter S. Thompson quested for the American Dream…

      Consider your bounteous fortune in finding them both in one package with far less effort than you’d think!

      no thing
      no object
      no talent
      not even raw charisma
      just the random results
      of a fertitlty drug freakshow
      to be parlayed into
      the pure anti-dharma
      of celebrity’s delusion

      brightly wrapped package!
      completely empty!

      And perhaps we should note, since no one else will (eh, wot?), the partisan political polarization around what one would reasonably assume is one of the very most trivial series of non-events to have ever oozed it’s way into the public consciousness, and now, with the alotted 15 mintues long past, be starting to smell mighty funny…

      …but K8&co somehow exert a kind of polarized identification with political factions active on Twitter, with more liberal types rooting for Jon G, or at least accepting him as the much lesser evil, while KATE is adored and worshipped by the obvious tea-baggers, and even more obvious fraudulent would-be liberal infiltraitors like oh, say for instance #uniteblue, or whatever new hashtag du jour is out there now…




      • Dr_TJ_Eckleburg Says:

        Could this all be more than it seems?

        A subtle, if repugnant way of influencing political opinion operating way down below the waterline, below WWF, and even below FOX “news”?

        What if it’s not “Reality TV” at all, but a simulation of reality TV that is scripted and enacted with subliminal agendas to deploy.

        Something like an ARG or hypersigilic Mummer’s play or something unknown that there is no cute acronym for yet.

        What if?

      • S. Miles Lewis!!!!!!!!!!

        Elfis has left the building!

      • JenniferGeorge Says:


        Mentally deranged internet tough-guy/moron @prepostericity threatens to sue!!

        In a move likely to overshadow even the @Bullyvile Clown Car Caper for sheer derpy irrelevance, @Perpostericity aka Socrates aka “Boston Bun Boy”, announced plans today to sue the entire Western Hemisphere for saying bad things about him!!

        Pro bono, of course!

        Absolute #Tangodown on Osborne & Rauhauser!!

        They’re SO going to jail this time!!

        I just KNOW it!!

        (insert @Bullyville/#Uniteblue-style prison anal rape sex fantasy here…)

        Meanwhile, @Perpostericity confers with fellow good-hearted librul @Politaire whose brilliant hashtag strategies are known to be infallible, just like @Sdzzz & @Ziletrezo!


        Try to stay away from the “Beak Speaks” forum where they discuss Seth Allen’s mental illness and his claims of allegedly “Socratizing” his alleged two daughters!

        “No, that wasn’t ME! It was some other guy with the same name! No, REALLY!!”

        “Muster Quark” is to Socrates what @Captien_Obvious is to @Bullyvile

        Now write your own @Pervpostericity tweet below, using any random combination of the approximately thirty or so words in Soc’s vocabulary:

        Team Kimberlin
        Team Numbnuts
        Numbnuts (soc’s favorite word)
        human filth
        I’m done
        Hal Turner
        spy factory
        regular guy

      • Muster_Quark Says:


  4. Dr_TJ_Eckleburg Says:

    Las Vegas Nevada

    A Naval officer on the phone:

    NAVAL OFFICER: Yes sir, this is a secure line. Just enter the access code and click in…

    Yes sir, that’s when I was with Operation Earnest Voice from back at MacDill.

    OEV was strictly for foreign export, so now we have a black budget to set up shop out here where we won’t be in anyone’s way, and work on a couple of ongoing domestic experimental psy-op projects to keep our Great Republic from falling into the hands of online cyber-bullies.

    Well, back with the old Ntrepid software during OEV, operators could only control ten sock accounts apiece. We’ve gone such a long way in the exponential increase of those numbers that we thought the appellation “Operation Infinte Jester” would be quite appropriate for this Op.

    Recently, some jokers at the Company devised a new kind of Compulsive Entertainment Feature that pushes buttons on a whole other level, creating vastly disproportionately intensified emotional obsessions over the characters in the “story”, with subliminal idealogical overtones.

    Naturally, some smartass elitists think that they’re above all of that popular entertainment stuff, and start squawking about how bad they think it is and start asking questions and drawing attention to the Project. So we needed to smooth things out. We needed to flatten the problem. With Infinte Jester we could bulldoze right over them.

    So we needed plausible denial with someone in charge who’s capable, but expendable, to keep the squad organized and the feed-flow direct to the pimply, neckbearded, sociopathic scumbag tweakers subcontracted to drive the socks.

    And no, we didn’t really have any expendable Naval personnel on base at that time, but we did come up with a discharged jarhead who fit the bill.

    Just competent enough to organize this, but way too stupid to bother us with any embarrassing questions about the implications of domestic deployment, and is, as I say, expendable, should any problems arise…

    • @Bullshitville Says:

      Smirk if you want you stupid cunts, but this time Rauhauser and Osborne had better lawyer up and lube up because they are going to jail BIG TIME!

      I’ve got proof of Rauhauser filing false FBI reports against people for filing false FBI reports aganst people for filing false FBI reports against people for filing false FBI reports!!!!!

      He’s SO evil! Kimberlin too!

      So you thought you deleted all of the evidence!

      Like this DM? Hmmm?

      Game over! Lube up! Hello jail!

      TOTAL PROOF!!!!

      You’re FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!


      • Darrah_Ford_Fairlane Says:

        Looks like Mr Prison Sex/@Bullyvile is running out of quotes.

        How about some poignant plagarism?


        Quite an effort to not look just like some illiterate jarhead dumbass! #FAIL!

      • Bullshitville Says:

        a-and lay off on trying to bully @prison4you you assholes!!

        I’m going to sue you for libel!

        @Prison4you is NOT @AnonVengeance!

        Or @doxsex!

        Or @Ghostofhonor!!

        -and @prison4you is NOT affiliated with @psychoCr3w!!

        At all!

        So don’t even think about it!

        Nobody cares anyway so stop lying or I’ll rape all of you !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bullshitville Says:

    @prison4you is not the @MadBritishGuy either godammit!!

    Quit lying and saying he is you menopausal kyke yenta bitches!!!

    Now leave me alone! I’ve got websites to build! Lives to ruin!

    ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME!

  6. Bullshitville Says:

    Some of my closest friends are bullies, and we use words like honor, code, loyalty and twist them around to their opposite meaning every day!

    And to my haters. I’m going to take your defamatory words and shove them so far up your ass that shit comes out of your mouth.

    Just like ME!!!!

    God, I just LOVE rape and rape metaphors!!

    Oye vey! [sic] And just remember, you old dried up menopausal Yid cunts, I fought to protect your freedom!!!

    I fought to protect your freedom of speech!!

    And you DARE disagree with me?

    You hear me?

    Taste some real combat experience, you cowardly faggots!!!!

    • @onestinkycarrot Says:

      You’re all just a bunch of @MissAnonnooz socks (or Rauhauser), you libelous crapburgers!

      I stand with @Bullshitville!

      I’ve got all of your IPs and you’re all going to pay for crimes against The Mask.

      By the way, all Old School #MoralFag are banished for good. Or they would be if we could still find any.

      Morals, compassion, reason, ha! what a corny bunch of shit! Fuck that!

      We all #summerfag now, and perhaps I should take this time to remind you all of the #Anonymous charter as currently defined:

      –(try to)terrorize with swarm attacks on elderly infirm women for the heinous crime of verbally disparaging annoying pretentious abusive celebrities who beat their kids with wooden spoons

      …because, after all, what is the lofty enobled vocational function of #Anonymoos if not to be amoral ruthless tools for bottom-feeder ex-celebs trying to claw their way back onto the Gravy Train?

      –remember: if anyone ever disagrees with you, or questions @Bullshitville’s tactics, they must be bat-shit crazy and/or pedophiles

      –make the Kenyan Usurper show a REAL birth certificate not that fake one drawn up by those little brown-skinned Polynesian savages! Of course they stick up for O-Bomb-A because they’re half black! Native Americans too. Fuckin’ niggers.

      –dis the jooooos & #fags too

      –Sit around on yer ass on twitter all day threatening to d0x each other when not terrorizing the aforementiond elderly women, and sucking up to @bullyvile @Todkincannon @TomRyan @rufus_lingo @Patterico @DMatthewStewmeat and an assortment of #uniteblue dickheads

      –help perpetuate a RAPE friendly discourse as though this is now “normal” and acceptable

      –play a lot of shithead games and watch a lot of Anime & infantile “action” movies to reinforce your basic delusional self-concept as an oh, so baaaadass nimjeh. (you scary bro! ooooh!)

      –and remember: #Spamblocking is the most sublime & meaningful human activity possible, you genius!

      You AWESOME bro!

      Can I be on Vinceinthebay now?

      • Veronica_Larsson Says:

        LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL!

        All of the morons still fapping about “Selene”!

        Scott Fayner? #FAIL D0X! LOL!

        Just because @Bullshitville’s 80,000 Earnest Voice socks repeat the same crap over and over in lockstep echo chamber unison to create a bogus illusion of consensus doesn’t make it real. Not even if @nazi_kitteh sez it too.

        But hey, don’t let that distract you from your onanistic self-gratification!

        Jennifer, Darrah, Selene, Alicia, so many names ago since that fine March day when I snuffed Breitbart…

        Ah, the memories!

        And the SWATings! 🙂

        Although, of course, I do NOT take credit for the SWATings!

        (strictly cash y’know!)

        Do I get my own blog now? HEU HEU HEU!

        @Captien_Bullyguy and @Zephyr (Zapem) tweetin’ all palsy-walsy n’ stuff. How adorable!

        Be seeing you!


      • Darrah_Ford_Capri Says:

        stupid is as stupid does

        #FAILDOX du jour?

        got just three words for ya:

        Capri Lynette Jones


        HEU! HEU! HEU!

        between this and the Scott Fayner dox, you have all revealed yourselves to be the #BIGFAIL moron #ClownCar that you truly are LOL! LOL! #summerfag! LOL!

        But puh-leeze keep trying! Still got plenty of popcorn! you amuse me!

        And Veronica, dear, you know very well that you had nothing to do with snuffing Breitbart! It was Pious Flea with that tainted gelato that he bought at Wal-Mart, and the Flea has already collected the reward money, so no use going on with this charade.

        And as for the SWATs, to clarify, let this in no way imply by any means whatsoever that I endorse or take credit for the SWATs.

        (I like bitcoin tho!) 🙂

      • Karen_Eliot Says:

  7. Squawk_Mulligan Says:

    How, if you don’t mind my asking, did the carrot get to be so stinky?

    Although, if it has something to do with “standing with @Bullyvile”, I probably don’t want to know.

    Anyway, thanks for standing firm against those awful cyber-terrorists!

  8. #Yentaville Says:

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but for the sake of accuracy, I think the descriptive phrase “elderly infirm women” should more accurately read “elderly infirm JOOOOISH women”. Shouldn’t it?

    Oye ve! [sic]

  9. Has the Gov’t shutdown got you down?

    Nothing much to eat because the granny starvers would rather destroy the country than cooperate with a president of a darker skin color?

    A man who they feel deep in their hearts shoulld be serving mint juleps on the porch of their mansion, or standing on the lawn with hand outstretched so’s you can tie your horse up. Often referred to as “the Nigger-In-Chief” by a certain set of people when they think no media is within earshot.

    No reason for it at all, but that’s how it is, with a clear message: “Hungry? Tough tittie. I got mine, so fuck everybody else!”

    So, to this I have a Modest Proposal:

    Let’s eat The Tea Party!

    Oh yeah, I used to be a lot less open to such things before the last 6 or 7 years of watching a hateful, heartless faction in this country operate without the slightest trace of human compassion.

    Fuck that shit!

    I say eat ’em!

    And while it is very well known that Tea-Baggers have appallingly bad taste in every category imaginable as a symptom of a stunted, malformed personality, they themselves are actually quite delectable in spite of the alarmingly high fat content, if marinated in lime and Tabasco, and spiced with corriander, cumin, curry, turmeric, and chipolte, grilled on a mesquite & oleander fire and topped with mango chutney and a raspberry vinaigrette with cilantro, a side of fava beans and a scone with a scoop of gelato

    Unspeakably toothsome!

    Jolly tasty if I do say so myself!

    Of course you do want to thoroughly examine and clean any Tea-Party meat that you obtain. Gotta watch out for toxins, and have that ol’ geiger-counter handy since Tea-Partiers don’t have enough understanding of science to be wary of the effects of nuclear radiation, which they consider to be a hoax like “global warming”. Nor do they have enough common sense not to build residential dwellings in the middle of huge mounds of highly explosive bovine feces. So be careful out there.

    Hope to see you all on my upcoming two and a half city book signing tour promoting my new cookbook “Tea-Party Bar-B-Que (eating your way through these tough times)”!

    • Rubber_Duck Says:

      Dumbshit Truckers Ride for “the Constitution”

      Event spokesman: Peter Santilli

      Peter Santilli?

      “Miss Hillary Clinton needs to be convicted, she needs to be tried, convicted and shot in the vagina. I wanna pull the trigger.”

      “I want to shoot [Clinton] right in the vagina and I don’t want her to die right away; I want her to feel the pain and I want to look her in the eyes and I want to say ‘on behalf of all Americans that you’ve killed…”

      THAT Peter Santilli!

      Hammer down on this Rubber Ducky, see you on the flip-flop!


  10. Out of the blue. The sudden twist. The knock at the door.

    Fraulein Burstner had warned me that they might come back, and now Willem & Franz were just outside the apartment door waving some pretentiously official looking document and droning on in a squeaky, ill-fitting voice,

    “Ya, ve haff papers here. Subpoena for all Qritiq posts on K-blog! Legal paper signed by ZAPEM attorneys Hungadunga, Hungadunga, Hungadunga and McCormack! Now open pleese!”

    They’d already confiscated the passkey from The Landlord anyways, so now they’re in here removing the entire disk format archive of Qritiq’s posts at the K-blog.

    A certain transparency of effect as the crew flinches in anticipation as the pallet groans under the strain of the enormous weight of the voluminous archives as the forklift looks ready to flip over in protest.

    Taking pity on the poor bastards, I stroll over to Willem & Franz, who are clutching their clipboards while nervously eyeing their crew struggling with the archives. Only eight more pallets to go.

    “If it makes your effort any easier,” I say, above the din of the forklift, “you should perhaps know that the Qritiq posts are entirely imaginary.”

    “Oh, I know sir,” sez Willem, “and so is this subpoena, and that entire crew and forklift, and ZAPEM’s lawyers, and Franz…and me sir…” as they all fickered like old black and white film and then dissolved into the component atmospheric molecules in Higgs Boson now twice removed in the full embrace of total nonexistence.

  11. JenniferGeorge Says:

    My, my.

    A change in the tone of the Twitter.

    The beastly belligerent @Bullyville and his hilariously transparent sockpuppet @Captien_Obvious, and @Rchpriest and @Rufus_Lingo and so many many others that we have on file seem to be…
    …not in such a threatenijng mood anymore? Hmmmmmm…?

    Seems like only four or five days ago that one could observe a constant barrage of threats, abuse, and vows to “ruin” and “destroy” the lives of people for the crime of not being impressed by K8 Gooseling or whateverthefuckhernameis…

    Remember: “I’m going to drag you face first through the legal system”? Uh, how’s that working out for you, eh? LOL LOL LOL

    And how’s that big big FEDERAL lawsuit on behalf of K8 going?

    K8 throw you under the bus?

    Awww… I’m sure that judges at that level of jurisprudence just luuuuv to have their caseload gummed up with frivolous porn lawyer publicity stunts on behalf of desperate ex-celebs, and will warmly thank Mr Randazza accordingly. 🙂

    It would sure suck to have that blow up in your face while you’re trying to sell your web-sites whose current owner tweets regularly about what a psycho he is, and backs it up with dozens of tweets of lip-smacking drool-flecked evocations of well-lubed anal-rape fantasies

    (also, keep in mind that Rauhauser is still out there on the loose somewhere, ready to rematerialize back into our space-time coordinates and put stinkbugs in your sandwich when you’re not looking…bad Public Relations-no good no bueno…)

    Yes…better stick to the photo-op #Ops to help photogenic little Anglo-Saxon-Caucasian-Female-Blonde-Hair-Blue-Eyed-Angels. Awww.

    And what about the darker skinned, ethnic, and possibly non-English speaking kids that have been molested, abused, bullied, brutally murdered, or gone missing?

    Eh, not so much.

    @Bullshitville: “If people want touchy-feelie-huggy politically-correct help they can go elsewhere.

    “We want total ‘Access Hollywood’, ‘Entertainment Tonight’ demographic saturation and we’re not going to get it with ugly pix of unphotogenic little brown frito-banditos and nappy-headed ribbon-braided pickaninnies, so if you don’t like it SHUT THE FUCK UP!! I don’t care what you think, you–GAHHHHH!!!!”

    Perhaps in closing, we should offer a tidy summation of that fountain of profound philosophical introspection that is @Bullyvile

    “To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world…and that’s who deserves your undivided attention and love.”
    –Ariel Castro

    “Life’s not about being liked, it’s about being hated for who you are.”
    –Joseph Mengele

    “It’s the cowards that don’t like you for standing up to them. You also have a shit load of people that appreciate your work.”
    –Jack Idema

    “There are over 7 Billion people in this world. Do you really think I give a shit what you think about me?”
    –Pol Pot

    “Don’t ever give a shit about someone’s opinion who you have absolutely no respect for.”
    –Kate Gosslin

  12. Jane_Doe_#19 Says:


    Oh dear Gawd, please let there be an end to it!

    Please, dear Lord, deliver us from the scourge of SWATing!

    We beg you Mr Jesus, to put an end to this scurrilous and dangerous pastime.

    Although I must concede, dear Lord, that Thy ways are mysterious, and light years beyond the comprehension of mortal men.

    So for all I know, the SWATings might have a place of profound importance in Thy grand scheme of things, and would be thereby a vital & important part of our spiritual learning process and participation in the Creation, like War, Plague and Genocide! Perhaps even, for all I know, the very point of existence itself, wherein Great & Profound spiritual truths shall in time be revealed.

    And so Dear Lord, if SWAT Thou must, then please God, do the entire human race a favor and pick, if Thou wouldst, a name from the list of grotesque, spiritually corrupt, malevolent, racist, misogynist, homophobic, distorted, devovled, hateful, deceitful and hypocritical personas below for punitive smiting. Some, Thou might notice Dear Lord, claim to have been SWATed before, but as in inadequate babtism, if it don’t take the first time, Ya gotta try, and try again, as coach Lombardi used to say.

    1- RS McCain
    2- James McGibney(Captien_O)
    3- “Kathleen Sweets”
    4- “Patterico”
    5- Mike Stack(@stayoffinternet)
    6- Eric Erickson
    7- Todd Kincannon
    8- @rchpriest
    10- Zephyr5_(Zapem)
    11- Rufus Lingo
    12- Aaron Walker
    13- MissMollly
    14- Ali Akbar
    15- #uniteblue #tcot #TGDN
    16- any GOP Congressional Rep.
    17- all frackers
    18- Stranahan

    [First Amendment protected prayer and religious speculation]

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