52 Responses to “INDIAN SUMMER SALT”

  1. The horror … the horror …

  2. Dr_TJ_Eckleburg Says:

    notes for screenplay:

    ‘Wrong Turn on Death Boulevard’

    with Napoleon-complex
    a cheap Vegas hustler
    like those quantum losers
    on old ‘Twilight Zones’…

    …who is
    a frantic
    desperately trying
    to claw his way
    up the food chain
    by sinking his hooks
    into the closest thing
    resembling Celebrity
    that he can latch onto,
    offering his services
    as Personal Goon…

    which in this case means
    bottom of the ‘D’ list:
    quickly fading
    reality TV trash
    languishing in the
    vast wasteland of
    never weres…

    whose aspirations
    were naught but
    Ashes in the Valley…
    all negotiated
    by an obvious
    sleazily cartoonish
    Organized Crime
    straight out of a
    low-budget film-noir…

    (there’s more, I’m sure)

    • Starchild11:11 Says:

      Yo-it’s been way over 48 hours now and guess what?

      I ain’t crying!

      This the craziest party there ever could be! And we all laughing at YOU, fool!

      The pizza never arrived so we ordered Chinese food. We still partying. Still waitin’ on that d0x

      Where’s little bullly-boy? He ain’t tweetin’ so much right now. Hope he OK.

      All that Cialis & crystal-meth musta tuckered the little fellow out for the night.

      • Starchild11:11 Says:


        shim-peen boy back to quotin’ ‘Scarface’ again!

        Yo! between that and the Doors quotes I be all scared n’ shit!

        he be all Hannibal Lecture crazy scary white-rage guy now!


        …but I still ain’t crying, biatch!

        Heu! Heu! Heu! Heu!

        where dat pizza @Bullyvile?

        try and get the RIGHT address this time, dumbass

      • i wud lyk myn with bacon thank yoo

      • Starchild11:11 Says:

        Oh, someone be all smug now, just like Karl Rove on Election Eve, “…yep, Mitt’s got this one all wrapped up…I wonder if they’re going to have those cute little Filipino boys serving at the victory party later…ahhhhhh…got that feeling of total satisfaction…ah, VICTORY!”

        …like early Mussolini, kickin’ back after a hard day’s work doin’ the thing he love, thinkin’:

        “Man, I kicked those Ethiopian’s asses!
        I baaaaaaad! I’m AWESOME!
        ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME!
        You mess with me, I fuck you up!
        I’m smarter than everybody!
        I’m crazier than everybody!
        My lawyer’s better than your lawyer!
        My dad can beat up your dad!
        (jumping up & down, beating his chest and scratching crotch, eyes glazed over with pure simian rage)
        I got a wife and kids and I still fuck the shit out of awesome hawt big-titted bitches every night of the week while you live in your mom’s basement!
        If anyone says whatever I don’t like,
        I kick your ass motherfucker!!
        Just STFU or I ruin your life bitch!!
        I destroy you!!
        I’ll have your employer fire you!!
        I’ll have one of my thugs throw acid in your face and break your legs!!!
        So STFU bitch!!!

        “Er, excuse me, time for my anti-bully seminar. Got to go! Ta-ta!”

        #Untieblue #RemembertheMaine! #Dyeddeadred #MLK-Mustardcooki3

    • John and Jane Does, twenty in all. Can’t forget those.

  3. Someone got papers with My name on ’em?

    Lookin’ for Me?

    Well, come on down!

    The Woodchipper Of Identity awaits…

    Don’t be late!

    I am your annihilation.

    I am inevitable.

    I am eternal.

    I am closer to you than your jugular vein.

    Don’t be shy!

    Call me some time.

    Drop me a line.

    Be seeing you…

    (1st amendment
    protected poetry,
    so fuckoff!) 🙂

    • New Bedford?


      Unless you’re hunting some Moby Dick…

      …which, now that I think about it,

      you probably are! (pucker up punk!)


      • David M Heine of Georgetown Tx,
        we salute your pornstache! #butthurt



      • “Hello? Cyber-Police? Yes, I’d like to report a pair of stolen eyelids…a-and it also seems that some kind of toxic caterpiller is occupying my top lip! Can you help? Will the consequences ever be the same?”

      • David has candy because he ran into Marcus down at Picadilly circus.


        Rumor has it, David was once quite close to Peter Guillam, too.

      • JenniferGeorge Says:

        Oh GOD!

        Now everyone knows that I’m Scott Fayner!


        Oh noes!!


        No! honest! I’ll be good! Oh please don’t d0x me!

        Please don’t tell my employer!

        Don’t RUIN me!

        Oh god, don’t DESTROY me!!

        [any of this sound sorta, you know, familiar?…like from a kk post or two ago when the previous d0xed-former-Hustler-editor was pleading with that hellacious dynamo of d0x power, @bullyvile, when BV #FAILED as always, to find his own ass with both hands.

        (Although according to the deposition of one of the #Hookers, who would be in a position (literally) to know, BV has no such problem finding his own ass at all. Far from it, in fact.)

        Choice of Fayner in this particular #FAILED d0x, seems to have less to do with any IP trail, no matter how ineptly pursued, than it has to do with @Bullyvile’s excruciatingly obvious and public prison rape fantasies, salivating while bending over the object of his lusty desire to lube up some bitch and then forcibly thrust his 3/4 of an inch of ponderous manhood into Fayner’s carport… MOOOOO!! MOOOO!!

        Doubt what I say? Check out BV’s Timeline. He talks about this all the time.


        Hey, Boston’s not that big a city.

        Pop. 625,087.

        So that’s two down and only 625, 085 to go!

        Good luck!

        Keep trying!

        Still here! 🙂

        Jane Doe sez hai!

      • And @Bullyvile’s closest supporters?

        Do even they think that he’s a vicious, dishonest, hypocritical, self-aggrandising, lying asshole?

        Of course not.

        They KNOW he is.


      • JenniferGeorge Says:

        Reason to hate K8?

        Fill up your plate!

        Don’t be late!


      • I don’t care what you creeps say

        @Prepostericity/Socrates/Seth Allen vouches for @Pullyvile, and that’s good enough for me!

        THIS Socrates:


    • This is K8 M8 H8. It’s gonna be GR8, don’t be L8.

  4. deer mistirr burt barackabamboozle

    what the third werld needs now
    is cookys
    sweet cookys
    thats the ownlee thing
    that thayrz just
    too littul of and awlso bacon

    i herd yoo herd peepul in the third werld put mustard in thayr cookys and yor mad and yor gowing to punnish them well im with yoo becawz yoo shud nevver put mustard in the cookys but what if they dint put mustard in the cookys then maybee yoo shud MIND YOUR OWN GODDAMN BUSINESS thank yoo

    • if you’re in oppostion to #MLK-MustardCooki3, then you’re attacking the Progressive Ideal you divisive scumbags!!

      if MLK were hear today he’d stand with Todd Kincannon, and Paul Ryan, and Robert Stacy McCain, and Ron Paul in freeing us from the tyranny of Obamacare and public education, and in support of voter ID laws to keep this a free nation!

      support #MLK-MustardCooki3

      or we’ll ruin you!

      we’ll destroy your life!

      don’t even question it!

      just join!


      This is the True #Hashtag that Jeezis himself promised in that episode where he’s in His Monster Truck thrashing the shit out of those scary dinosaurs. The real Progressive Ideal!

      by the way, did you hear how @D0ct0r_DOom says one should bury recently murdered “pedos”?

      • @Malgadzooks! Says:

        It only stands to reason, that Obamacare, having been denounced as equivalent to slavery by no less an Authority on African American culture than Todd Kincannon himself, would be repugnant to #MLK, as he was oppposed to slavery.

        Much like #MLK would have shunned the Democratic Party, the party of Hitler, Vlad the Impaler, and Rauhauser!

      • Jonathan_Swift Says:

        If MLK were here today, he would stand in solidarity with David Marsters and his God-given 1st amendment right to post a Facebook picture of Obama captioned “Shoot The Nigger”, which some whiny libtards have taken way out of context and twisted all around trying to impart a “racist” significance to it!

        Can you imagine?

        MLK would say: “Right on brother-man…Freedom of speech! Fight the power! Shoot that nigger!”


        “I stand in righteous solidarity with Robin Thicke in his brave groundbreaking litigation against the estate of Marvin Gaye and all of the other ethically challenged dark-skinned savages who have been imitating, oppressing, bullying, and exploiting Mr Thicke, Mr Bieber, Adele, and other true originators of the R&B genre! Let this lititgation put an end to these inequities right now!”


        “Right ON, brother Rush! Nobody tell YOU what to say! Trayvon got what he deserved! And as for those nappy-headed hoes on that girl’s basketball team, just let me say…”

        Anyway, he does go on a bit, but I know that MLK would not be fooled by these fake liberals and their dvisive civil rights and anti #waronwomen bullshit!

        He would stand with us in singing: “I have a Dream…I’m dreaming of a White Christmas…”

        #Uniteblue! #Groinswell #MLK-Mustardcooki3


        (1st amendment protected satire, so fuckoff porn mooks!) 🙂

  5. Burt Bacharackalambamboom! Says:

    LA is a great big freeway
    Put a hundred down
    and buy a car
    In a week, maybe two,
    They’ll make you a star
    Weeks turn into years
    How quick they pass
    And all the stars that never were
    Are stealing cars
    And huffing gas

    Do you know the way to Pinochet?

    Going back to find
    Some piece of mind
    in Pinochet…

    Do you know the way to Pinochet?

    • JenniferGeorge Says:

      So like Linnette Eller writes a biography about her sister, the Cougar, Janeal (Jan-Neal) Eller aka @STDzzz:

      “Winter Woman who is Legend, as is her son, the handsome, sensuous Chief, both knowing without knowing and sharing the mystic power of the Cougar of Spirit Lake.”

      Well, at least it’s not US Marine Leonard Lake, but if you really want to hear the uh, intimate details of what happens in that little tee-pee between “the handsome, sensuous Chief” and the insatiable “Cougar” of Spirit Lake, you’ll have to shell out $3.82 (Kindle edition) for the crotch-grabbing conclusion of this epic.

      My loins swelleth with excitement just thinking about it!

      Martin Luther King would have given it two thumbs up!!


      (constitutionally protected book review, so fuck off! ~JG)

      Order today – keep the Cougars away!

  6. JenniferGeorge Says:

    It is important for lying-sack-of-shit-teabaggers-pretending-to-be-“liberals”, to not become ensnared in the Godwin Theory while trying to intimidate some “progressive” into believing that they are not sufficiently “lefty” enough to qualify for liberal credibility according to @STDzzz’s stringent criteria. After all, it’s up to her!

    So in avoiding the “Hitler” thing right off the bat, yet not wanting to abandon the exclusive use of conversational cliches entirely (“you’re an “aspie!” or “back on the meds?”), you may want to diversify your predictable and entirely impotent attack by suggesting for instance, that your opponent resides in a trailer park, which of course implies Low Income, which everone knows is redolent of Bad Breeding. An alternative to the Trailer Park, would be to insist that your opponent lives in the basement of their female parent’s dwelling. This floors them every time, and your fellow trolls will look upon you anew in undisguised admiration for your deeply ponderous, and VERY original ideas!

    And if all else fails, and they start linking to well documented sources depicting in great detail your long past as a low level tea-party twitter-thug even though you were trying to maintain a ridiculous facade as a “progressive” #hashtag “activist”, then the proper response to all questions is:

    …and if, after all that, they still persist in referring to the original topical focus of the conversation, start yelling:
    “Stop changing the subject!!
    (fingers in ears)

    Always works for @Patterico! 🙂

    • Burt Bacharackalambamboom! Says:

      When will it end?

      Stop bullying those poor Tea-Baggers!

      Have you no basic human decency?

      Twee little Ben Shapiro has had ENOUGH!

      Now he goan come whup you upside the head Motherfucker!!!!!


    • Looks like @Captien_Bully has put trusted information source @nazikitteh back in the drawer for the rest of last week.

      We, of the Hypersigilic Viral Wordflesh Interface Paradigm Feedback Looping Realignment cult find this denial altogether plausible. At least for individual Intelligence Quotients topping at room temperature or below.

      They’ll believe ANYTHING

      • yor awl prejewdist my aplikayshun to the Hypersigilic Viral Wordflesh Interface Paradigm Feedback Looping Realignment kult wuz deeniyd becawz my iykyew is les then rewm temperchor but my heerings reelee gewd and i defnitlee smel a lot better then awl of them and awlso i hav mor nippuls then ennee of the kultists i think that shud kownt for sumthing

    • LOL! LOL! LOL!




      • JenniferGeorge Says:

        Here be some more of that fancy “librul” talk, courtesy of #Uniteblew:

        Born Blue @Ziletrezo

        @Gothhat [ZAPEM] @Sanguinarious [William Welna] Besides being anti Breitbart, these people are part of “Team Kimberlin”

        My, my, wasn’t that just a chummy little conversation among fellow liberals?

        I mean, don’t ALL libruls leap at the chance to defend Brietbart, and where have I heard the term “Team Kimberlin” before? Hoggie? Stranahan? Patterico?
        Aaron Worthing? …one of those libruls…

        Definitely the most pathetic bubble-dance I’ve ever witnessed.

        This whole #Uniteblue scam is entirely dependent on finding enough dupes who are even stupider than the justly world-famous #Cauldronofstupid, which is an incredibly minescule demographic at this point.

      • That Kim Berlin, whatever became of her? She was such a nice girl, too.

      • @Captien_Bullyvile Says:

        KIM BERLIN!
        KIM BERLIN!
        KIM BERLIN!
        KIM BERLIN!
        KIM BERLIN!
        KIM BERLIN!
        KIM BERLIN!
        KIM BERLIN!
        KIM BERLIN!
        KIM BERLIN!
        KIM BERLIN!
        KIM BERLIN!
        KIM BERLIN!
        KIM BERLIN!
        KIM BERLIN!
        KIM BERLIN!

        Hey, have you met KIM’s ally COBRA?

        Like totally non-linear dude!

        As a brazen serpent raised up on a pole in the wilderness that sees your every thought before you even think it.

        Brace for the dreaded B.I.T.E.

        The Kookpocalypse is nigh!

      • jenniferGeorge Says:


        How’s THAT tinfoil working for you?



        Would you like some toast with that spamblock?

        Already know what you’re going to say, so no need…

        Bee seeing you!

  7. Burt Bacharackalambamboom! Says:


    Celeste Fassbinder @celesfassbinder

    @MissAnonNews Wait a second…You are an Anon or a RETARD?

    Celeste Fassbinder @celesfassbinder

    @MissAnonNews Bye JEW

    Celestene Fassbinder @celesfassbinder

    People of #Syria, my heart is with
    you. I wish you strength to survive
    this new bloody injustice perpetrated
    by the #Jews

    Celeste Fassbinder @celesfassbinder

    @icanhasbailout IsraHELL and all the JEWS should be deleted of the planet!

    Celeste Fassbinder @celesfassbinder

    All the #Zionists will die!

    …etc etc…there’s more – lots more, but I’m sure you get the drift…

    Celeste! the imperious (metaphorically) leather-clad Euro-Trash? German? Argentine? dominatrix from everybody’s most disturbing dreams!

    Yo! Oy! Meshugenah!!

  8. Dr_TJ_Eckleburg Says:

    Pretty transparently obvious that #uniteblue
    is the #tcot – #groundswill retaliation for
    the #BrookesBayneProject.

    Remember when everyone was blabbing
    non-stop about Brookes Bayne?

    People were concerned!

    All that confusion and enhanced divisiveness
    between those who wanted to reason with him,
    and those who denounced him as insignificant,
    but did so in an overkill way so as to confer
    upon him an illusion of significance that he
    would not otherwise have attained.

    So some #butthurt teabaggers decide to run
    the same scam, fueled by their primitive
    belief in the magical power of #hashtags.

    We are, after all, discussing the folks who,
    if I recall correctly, were sending donations
    to @Todd Kincannon, who by “managing” the
    #TGDN hashtag, could confer magical protection
    from being sent to the abysmal hellish confines
    of the hideous, soul-crushing #TwitterGulag.

    But it does bring a wry smile to my face
    to think of all the vile deeds that NEAL
    has been held justifiably accountable for,
    up to and including, on the short list:

    ~ Rigging the 2010 elections

    ~ The great Beandog uprising

    ~ Personally harrassing every single citizen
    in the states of New Jersey and Texas and
    suing the entire population of Montana for
    some reason

    ~ Sinking of the USS Maine (ACR-1)

    ~ The crash of the Hindenburg

    ~ The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand

    ~ The fixing of the 1919 World Series
    (although I think that NEAL might have
    had a little help from Kimberlin and
    Meyer Wolfscheim on that one)

    But they could never nail NEAL for the #BrookesBayneProject, so their severe
    #butthurt rage was diverted into the
    creation of the loser #hashtag idiocy
    of the pathetic #uniteblue bubbledance,
    with the flimsy bubble of illusory
    “liberal” cred having burst long ago…

    …and it seems like only yesterday,
    looking across the skyline of Vegas
    just after dawn, when NEAL explained
    the project to me on the roof of a
    very popular hotel on the strip that
    we shan’t mention by name, as per the
    settlement on a gargantuan snowball
    of a hotel bill run up in a state of
    temporary insanity, which is not well
    understood in a state like Nevada,
    which in the context of Las Vegas,
    is a state of permanent insanity.

    NEAL had somehow threatened, bribed,
    bullied and cajoled the hotel personnel
    into covering the roof with some kind
    of golfy astroturf, and was now teeing
    off with an FT Optiforce driver, whacking
    several boxes of HX Diablo Tours in the
    general direction of the parking lot below,
    where #defcon stragglers could be seen
    staggering back to their cars…


  9. Burt Bacharackalambamboom! Says:

    1- Can you say “Rustle my Jimmies?”

    2- Can you attach the suffix “fag” to almost any word? Can you simulate an inbred conformist argot of very offical sounding, pretentious & fraudulent Law Enforcement jargon of “#ops” and “perps” as though you were the Cyber-Police or some ridiculous shit?

    3- Can you upload one of those Guy Fawkes masks for your Twitter avatar? Or pose in one yourself? Got ’em at Wal-Mart now for under 10 bucks.

    Good. If you can honestly answer “yes” to all three questions, then YOU can be #Anonymous!

    *poof!* You’re Anonymous!

    You can be the CEO of #Anonymous!

    Your personal army awaits your every command!

    You can be the Czar of Anonymous!

    And also the Duke of Montana, the Emperor of Wyoming, the King of Marvin Gardens, and a Bishopric in the Old Orthod0x Catholic Church!

    So it must not have been that difficult for @Zapem/@G0thhat/Joanne to infiltrate #Anonymous to be her own personal army according to the plan that she submitted to Breitbat just before that fatal ice cream cone. What the hell, might as well dream up another mystical #hashtag and infiltrate the Democratic party too, or at least one extra gullible, if not downright stupid, faction of it.

    That lame Alinsky crap is gettin’ kind of stale, but hey, it got you this far, so knock yourselves out! #Lost2012 #Losing2016

    #Uniteblew! #RemembertheMaine!

  10. Alicia_Plain Says:

    Zap @G0thhat
    Stack @stayoffinternet

  11. R.I.C.O._Suave Says:

    I hear that there’s a Big Bad “WE” & “Us”
    threatening people on the interwebz. You
    know who you are.

    And so do I.

    Time to look into that.

    I will be glancing into some of the rooms.

    Be seeing you…

  12. Daisy



    give me your answer


    half cra


    all forrrrrrrrr thhe lllllove offffff


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