Certain Missouri (pronounced mi-ser-y) Klowns have asked the question, “do you want to see Obama Run over by a Bull?”, which we suppose is their 1st Ammendment right to do so. Just as our posted response here to the Missouri Morons is also protected by the First Ammendment. – Nick Beef


42 Responses to “BOVINE JUSTICE”

  1. #Justice4-Emily_Bauer!



  2. JenniferGeorge Says:

    ZZZZZZZ……ZZZZZZZ……MMMMMPFF…ZZZZZZZZZ…*yawn*…….is that “d0x” dropped yet?…still waiting….

    …so how’s the big pedXing hunt going? Still got plenty of pix of kids (without consent) for

    Not like @Patheticville & co give a shit what happens to the kids in the pix they use illegally.

    At least as long as they can strut around bragging about how they’re gonna “destroy’ and “ruin” people. LULZY.

    And seeing as how these knuckle draggin’ fuckheads can’t even distinguish between @LaneLipton & @OccupyRebellion (which is a glaringly obvious distinction that even these remedial pinheads should be able to see), I doubt they hit the right target very often.

    But who cares as long as there’s LULZ!

    The consequences will never be the same!!!

    • theKingofTwitter Says:

      • “Man who use quotes all the time have nothing to say, and squishy at center, like Twinkie” – Charlie Chan

      • JenniferGeorge Says:


        An ugly tract house (well known to local pizza delivery personnel) in the most soul-less metropolis in the West. Plenty of ghosts: Bugsy Siegel, Elvis, Sinatra, Marylin, Howard Hughes, Sam Giancana, but no soul. Anywhere.

        It’s a man’s man’s town, and they’re whooping it up at GOMER’S brown tract turd house. The boys are chugging celebratory brewskies, playing pool & video games, high-five’n, and doing that “BOO-YAH!” chest bumping thing. Male bonding, I daresay.

        We slow-zoom in on two hookers in the b.g. sneaking a joint while observing the Bumping Boys with alternately amused & disdainful mirth

        HOOKER #1: …about twice a week for three and a half years now…I mean the pay’s good, but what a sick fuck! He’s got all of these Twitter groupies to do all the really gross stuff, but believe me, tonight will be sick enough…

        HOOKER #2: He seemed so nice though, what with that high nerdy voice and that beard, I thought he was Rod McKuen or something…

        HOOKER #1: I thought he was the mayor of West Hollywood come to invite us to the Parade, like those dudes from Florida that thought we were trannys…

        HOOKER #2: You mean you’re not??

        HOOKER #1: I–

        Gomer, sensing that he may not be the center of attention in all eyes as he spews his philosophical quotes & aphorisms, is now moving toward the hookers with that stealthy combat stalk he perfected while making a difference in Afghanistan.

        Never let any pinko libtard tell you you can’t make a difference in this world! Gomer sure did, and there’s massive files detailing the results of cluster-bombs, daisy-cutters, direct sniper face hits on some random mooks who were just there, and destroyed homes, and massacred wedding parties to prove it!

        See? You CAN make a difference!

        Gomer approaches…

        GOMER: Uh, you girls got something you want to share with me? Hmmm?

        HOOKER #1: Oh yeah, here…knock yourself out…(passes roach to Gomer)

        GOMER: No, I mean are we having some kind of problem with our arrangement now? Some kind of misunderstanding? Hmmm? Am I going to have to discipline you again old school, like last time?

        HOOKER #1: No, hey let’s not get all aggro here, we cool with the usual deal…no problem, the bread’s OK…but if it’s all the same to you sarge, I could do without the finger in the a**hole thing just for once…

        GOMER: You f**king ungrateful C**NT! Don’t EVER tell me what to do bitch! I’ll ruin your f**king life! I’ll destroy you!! It’s MY finger, and MY a**hole, and I’ll do what I please!!

        HOOKER #1: Whatever…

        CUT TO: MONTEL


        page 8 of 112

    • JenniferGeorge Says:

    • STARCHILD11:11 Says:

      Turning over the rocks in the field of Twitter yields new grotesque surprises every time!

      Meet “@Zephyr5_”
      …Pro-NRA, Military #USMC InfoSec GOD & COUNTRY – #BENGHAZI #TCOT #2A #PJNET

      …in other words, another dumbass cracker teabagger who, incredibly, against all odds, has a low opinion of “vile racist bully” Lane Lipton as of one day ago…

      …in fact, @Zephyr is so offended by Ms. Lipton’s “vile racist bullying” that he wants everyone who even follows @LaneLipton to be spamblocked. Guess who was cc’d on that one?

      “If you’re a total FAIL, and can’t d0x ’em, then they must be NEAL!” – Prof. Brian O’Blivion

      • Alicia_Plain Says:

        Fake pedo hunters exploit children’s images for bogus “sting” ops as a cover for partisan (RWNJ) twitter hits. Stalking, menacing, harassment, spamblocking.

        @STDzzz – Another oh, so baaadass twitter ninjah! Almost as scary as ZAPEM *yawn*

        The entire right-wing agrees that NEAL is FBI. Gosh, that must hurt!

        Connect the dots

      • Agent_Zip_Connolly Says:

        So NEAL is FBI…

        …unless NEAL is a “perp” “with outstanding warrants and an FBI investigation on him” about to be arrested any second now!!

        Yes, I KNOW it’s coming!! They’ve got the house surrounded!! Now the combined Police/FBI task force is coordinating this strike with the ground troops as they wait for the arrival of ZAPEM & Mike Stack as a courtesy for the crucial efforts of this Dynamic Duo of expert law enforcement consultancy in prosecuting this case, much like the ZAPEM/Stack team solving the Great SWAT caper with the help of Shaggy, Fred, Velma, Daphne, Scooby, and the whole team, who are now gathered here outside of NEAL’s compound, awaiting the impending blitzkrieg on this day of Twitter Rage.

        YES! He’ SO going to jail! I just KNOW it!

        …any second now… like yeah, the Big N is either an FBI agent/informant or whatever, or he’s working his way up the 10 Most Wanted list, or something, I guess…shit, I dunno, it’s a tough call, maybe @Prepostericity will know!

      • Starchild11:11 Says:


        Attention all TwitterNSA personnel!!

        @Bullyv–er, excuse me, I mean @Captein_Obvious has excreted this very special announcement finally clarifying the issues! Thank Grid!

        It seems that neither @Captein_Obvious or @Bullyville (we will, for now, charitably humour their insistence that these are in fact two seperate entities) know @Patterico!

        Uh-uh, no way Jose, just couldn’t be!


        (the kkblog semiotics analysis team finds this denial altogether plausible, but then of course, we ARE on drugs)



        The silliest lie yet, is that there is some political motivation behind the absolutely, totally, debunked allegations of a connection between @P & @B.

        Politics? Ridiculous.

        We all know that this is about something far more important than mere partisan strife, and by that, of couse, I mean K8 Gooseling.

        Ah, Kate! Incomparable! Pure as the driven snow! A veritable goddess of civility and reason! Mother of the century! Ahhh….(fap!fap!fap!)…must decapitate all who would talk smack on the divine K8…

        So you see, to profess otherwise would be as ludicrus as the notion that @Patterico, a Southern California Deputy District Attorney, would be having secret lil’ chit-chats with criminal mastermind Barrett Brown about illegally sabatoging R.S.McCain’s blog.

        Can you imagine?

        How absurd!

      • starrrrchyld yoo nuhglektid to reelayt the captin reeveeld a importunt revlayshun he sed neel schnauzerbowser sez that okyoopie bellyun is probalee reelee gud at forchun 100 biznuss reekwiurrrrmintz uhnaluhsiss JUST LYK the vyl raysist bullee laynliptintin


        i gess the captin hazzint lernd how to skreenkap yet but it duzzint mattirrrr becawz he is compleetly trustwirrrthee i meen he is a captin aftir awl it wud probalee be hy treezun to ask for prewf of his brillyunt revlayshunz

      • Burt Bacharackalambamboom! Says:

        Well, people scoff, but if it wasn’t for the @Captein and his fellow Noble Ninjas (they so baaad!), the interwebz would be overrun with Bad Thotz, that is to say, anything not in total agreement with the #P2 #Uniteblue #Groundswell #Felchers4freedom agenda.

        You must not think Bad thoughts!

      • JenniferGeorge Says:

        Unite THIS, motherfucker!

      • Sheddep_Y'Mouk Says:

        “Man’ who quote Eminem reveal only limitation of intellect: IQ well below room temperature.” ~ Charlie Chan

      • Sheddep_Y'Mouk Says:

        It is important, when fighting a war overseas, to have access to spiritual solace in the form of the Book of Deuteronomy (pronounced: due to Romney) Literal belief in Gawd’s Word. No, seriously, I see people quoting this all the time!

        Deuteronomy 20:10-20

        As you approach a town to attack it, first offer its people terms for peace. If they accept your terms and open the gates to you, then all the people inside will serve you in forced labor. But if they refuse to make peace and prepare to fight, you must attack the town. When the LORD your God hands it over to you, kill every man in the town. But you may keep for yourselves all the women, children, livestock, and other plunder. You may enjoy the spoils of your enemies that the LORD your God has given you.


        [According to Professor Oskar Mier of the School of Theology at the University of Bologna, that latter part about “enjoying the spoils” is giving tacit permission to forcibly sodomize not just the plundered women, but also the children and livestock too. God sez so! Enlist today!]

      • That’s what I love about the Bible: simple, practicle solutions to problems in my day to day life! Pass the LORD and praise the ammunition!!

        Deuteronomy 25:11-12

        If two men, a man and his countryman, are struggling together, and the wife of one comes near to deliver her husband from the hand of the one who is striking him, and she puts out her hand and seizes his genitals, then you shall cut off her hand; you shall not show pity.

        [that “not show pity” thing reminds me of a certain twitter time-line @bullyville Shared values perhaps? Enjoying the spoils?]

      • JenniferGeorge Says:

        Don’t be talking shit on #Uniteblue!

        Ziletrezo (rhymes with vile bozo) doesn’t like it!

        And fer gawd’s sakes, don’t mention convicted kiddie porn child exploiter @Political_Bill aka William Glenn Talley of Nashville TN, lest Zile and his pedo-hunt posse of dudebros & neckbeards come after you. They are quite merciless unless the pedo in question is a friend of theirs or shares common political goals. Or both. Or something. Then it’s OK.

        And furthermore, how many hundreds of thousands of methinks-therefore-I-protest-too-much words is ZAP-er, excuse me, Zephyr gonna have to write to connvince us that she is not ZIPEM?

        Oh please believe! Don’t be a hater!

      • JenniferGeorge Says:

        @SDzzz = Janeal Eller

        @ziletrezo = Steve Hadlestad




      • Dr_TJ_Eckleburg Says:

        Some professional advice tweeted today by @bullyville’s bosom-buddy and admiring minion @D0ct0r_DOom:

        “If you murder a pedo, bury the body 6-10 feet under a dead dog. Body sniffing hounds will dig up the dead dog and think it’s a false positive”


      • Dr_TJ_Eckleburg Says:

        “I bring pain, mayhem, agony and DOOM to lives of pedophiles, bullies and all-round cunts.” ~ @D0ct0r_DOom

        I wonder: is that snappy bury-the-pedo-under-the-dog advice also applicable to “bullies” and “all-round cunts”?

        If so, exactly which “all-round cunts” might you be referring to?

        ~Not partially-round cunts, but exclusively all-round cunts?

        ~A twitter account or blogger you don’t like?

        ~Someone who disapproves of Kate whatsherface?

        ~That arrogant frosty bitch at school who turned you down flat, possibly having to do with your lame-ass neckbeard?

        How many has @D0ct0r_DOom buried already?

        And what would @bullyville say?

        Oh yeah…


        1-The opponent is getting no mercy, mark my words, I ain’t letting up. Relentless, I smell blood, I don’t give a f*ck

        2-Vengeance is mine, for the day of their calamity is at hand, and their doom comes swiftly. ~ Due to Romney

        3-I need to be brutally honest with you. I’ve never wanted to destroy someone’s life as much as I want to thoroughly destroy yours.

        4-I’m not the type of person who makes veiled threats just to scare you. I plot my revenge silently and psychotically.

        And a tweet to the awesome @D0ct0r_DOom himself:

        5-Great job my friend. You are truly making a difference in our society.

        Amen to that!

        So, let sleeping dogs lie, I guess.

        Probably not the only ones…

      • @Extortionville Says:

        I don’t suppose the average passerby would somehow mistake the Cheaterville website for a cheap-grift shakedown racket.

        Would they?

      • Sgt_Carter Says:

        You scumbags make me want to puke the way you talk shit on my fellow US Marines!

        I didn’t see any of you overseas decimating entire civilian populations with enriched uranium munitions to protect this great land of ours from Sharia towelheads and sand-niggers, so fuck you!

        You just tear down and criticiize others, instead of getting up off your ass and making a difference in this world, like US Marines Charles J. Whitman, Joseph M. Swango, Leonard Lake, Anthony Sowell, “Izzy” Ocampo, Charles Ng, Amir Mirzaei Hekmati, Howard W. Ross, and Cesar Lauren,

        They all made a difference, and they all deserve our respect, just as much as @Bullyvile deserves our respect, you ungrateful dickwads!

    • Go ahead and laugh Ms. Jennifer George, but we can prove that you were one of the ringleaders of #friendsofHummus, and participated in the #CorleyConspiracy

      Ha! Busted!

      • Ron & Rand in 2016!! Your only hope!
        –Julian Assange

      • JenniferGeorge Says:

        *More Saki!*

      • Burt Bacharackalambamboom! Says:

        “And so I must wonder, what does this make Wikileaks now, eh? A Ron Paul outreach program?”

        Assange>Drudge>Alex Jones

        You’ve all been played…

      • JenniferGeorge Says:

        And so all of the sanctimonious quacking about Wikileaks (remember when nobody could talk about anything but?) leads to one inevitable punchline: President Ron/Rand Paul


        By the way NEAL, would it be too much to ask to have our own KKblog bubble-graph thing? That guy at @defcon wanted three hundred bux for one, and I’d just dropped a bundle on these authentic antique estoques and descabellos from my fencing instructor.

        So come on and be a sport.

        Free descabellar lessons in exchange!

      • V.A.L.I.S. Says:

        “You shall not molest or oppress an alien, for you were once aliens yourselves in the land of Egypt.”
        ~Exodus 22:22

      • Mike_Corley Says:

        Jeezis! I had this horrible dream where I was being spied on by a whole phalanx of alphabet acronym government agencies who were listening in on my phonecalls and reading my mail and monitoring my email and watching me thru my TV and listening thru my iphone and, oh wait…



  3. Erzulie_Dantor Says:

  4. Ni**er_Jim Says:

    I picked dah cotton massa! May I get my cornbread now massa?

    I suppose it’s just coincidence that this asshole is framed inside of a stars ‘n bars pyramid like he’s Albert Pike or some shit.

    Tinfoil THAT, motherfucker!

  5. I am SO disappoint.

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