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  1. JenniferGeorge Says:

    note to d0xers:

    Somewhere on your way, as the terminal vertigo sets in, and you start to notice, almost imperceptibly, the shift in scenery as things morph from bad to worse, and nothin’ seems to make sense no more…

    Well, right about then you’ll be wishing you had a descriptive guide, a map, if you will, to the End Of The Line, that ultimate destination that you have secretly longed for so desperately.

    Don’t ever say that you weren’t warned!


    1 – the Labyrinth of Identity

    Can be confusing, but also potentially amusing and informative if one pays attention, but if you really paid attention, and thought it through, you’d probably let it go right there and not even bother to continue on to…

    2 – the Whirlpool of Identity

    Fun in the same sense as a defective roller coaster at a de-regulated, maintenance-free amusement park in some dumbass knuckle-draggin’ Red state is fun, at least until you sober up enough to realize how potentially dangerous it really is.
    A compass and some Dramamine and a barf-bag might help with the inevitable dizzyness at this point.

    3 – The Vortex Of Identity

    Kinda like the Whirlpool, but much more so. Hard to gain traction at this juncture. Golf shoes & grappling hooks recomended.

    4 – The Waring Blender Of Identity

    Oy! Still in the whirlpool-vortex mode, but much faster and sharper. Slicin’ & dicin’ like you never seen it! Ever wonder if you’d make a nice fillet? This is where you find out. Abandon all linear precepts, ye who enter here.

    5 – The Wood-Chipper Of Identity

    Uh, you’ve seen ‘Fargo’, right?

    In the interest of full disclosure, I guess it’s only fair to reveal that there are two more proFOUNDly unpleasant levels of identity which, while not secret, are still lodged in the You-Don’t-Wanna-Know file. We shan’t ruin your breakfast with further details.

    Happy hunting!

    Mazel tov!

    • Alicia_Plain Says:


      Oh, I wouldn’t recommend that.

      That wouldn’t be very prudent…

      Now would it?

      • Burt Bacharackalambamboom! Says:

        Gosh, I sure miss @Rustleleague & @Rustleville.

        I wonder what happened?

    • Starchild11:11 Says:


    • JenniferGeorge Says:

      I thought it would never happen.

      Oh god, I’m so sorry I ever tangled with @Bullyville & D0ctor_Dumb – uh-er, Doom, @rchpriest (Scott Alexander Brown), and @__X13 (Brandon Charles King)!!

      I been totally d0xed!

      I has a sad. 😦

      Please you guys, try to have just a little human compassion, huh?

      Please don’t post this as a pastebin doc.

      Please don’t call my family, my wife, and my mistress, neighbors, friends, employers or other business associates.

      Most of all, please, oh please don’t go to the local media about me!! I beg of you! I’ll do ANYthing you say! Oh please, oh PLEASE!!

      Please don’t ruin my life!

      Please don’t destroy me! oh please!

      OH, NOES!!!!

      Oh, PLEASE!!

      Please don’t deface the Mass.Arf magazine site, oh please!


      And fer gawd’s sake please don’t make up a bunch of fliers and saturate my neighborhood, and all the stores that I shop at, and the bank, and the babysitter, the freeway onramps and local tunnels and bridges, and any other observable srtuctures in the area.

      OH, PLEASE!!!

      (because it would be wrong)

      BTW, didja run any of this past @bullyville’s scumbaggerous Porn-Lawyer yet?

      Good! Just checking! 🙂


  2. Reddy_Kilowatt Says:

  3. JenniferGeorge Says:


    • Starchild11:11 Says:


      Did @D0ct0r_Doom use a photographic likeness of Emily Bauer (and possibly others) for ped0-bait without consent?


      Hmmmmmmmm…sounds kinda, you know, illegal (not to mention morally and ethically repugnant in the extreme), don’t it?


      …or others in the #Hellmouth bully-swarm knowing parties to these alleged felonious activities?

      Was @bullyville’s Celebrity Porn Lawyer appraised of this alleged criminal conduct?

      If so, did he report the offenders to the appropriate authorities in a timely fashion?

      A quick browse thru email and phone records should clear all of this up in no time, eh wot?



  4. JenniferGeorge Says:


    Someone looking for me?

    Wyncha just say so?

    Don’t just sit there in the d0x of the bay…

    Step into the whirlpool…

    …just pull your face a little closer to the screen…ever read ‘Flicker’ by Theodore Roszak? No, of course not. Enjoy anyway!

  5. BlusterVille is in total timeline prolapse mode tonight.


    Call your FBI handler, you’re being bullied……you’re going to jail. I’m smarter than you bitch…..you’re going to jail, lube up. #soap

    • Dr_TJ_Eckleburg Says:

      We do indeed note the lip-smacking gusto @Bullyvile invests in each feverishly imagined (or relived?) prison-sex encounter.

      Even here, remotely watching from above the Valley of Ashes, one can plainly discern the chocolatey coloured stains on @Bullyvile’s Freudian slip.

      • JenniferGeorge Says:


        “A good Marine is a prepared Marine”

        Yo-that mean he all lubed up n’ ready!!

        Whimper-fi, dude-bro, whimper-fi!

        Yo-McGibney! Where my pizza, biatch?

        Can’t you get the address right jus’ once, dumbass?

      • JenniferGeorge Says:

        Real Anon notices @Bullyvile’s FBI snitching
        and hilarity ensues


        @fucks_around poses the questions:

        @Bullyville snitching is always the best way to deal with your problems right? And cyber terrorists really? LOL

        @Bullyville what’s up with all your comments about putting shit in people’s asses? Is that a military thing? [other people are starting to notice, james mcgibney]

        @Bullyville and stick your finger in their butt at the same time [seems like I read a screenplay a whole lot like that somewhere recently]

        @Bullyvile gettin’ all Genghis Khan n’ shit!

        He be all scary-crazy like that Hannibal Lecter! Ooga-Booga.

        Remember all of those extra-pretentious yuppie dickheads in the 80s & 90s who be reading ‘The Art of War’ and thinkin’ they some baaadass paperclip-ninjas n’ shit?

        Well, guess what? Things ain’t changed much for the cockroaches at the bottom of the cultural dumpster. Same old bullshit. Tryna be all scary n’ shit! LOL! How quaint! Simply adorable!

        Yo – where that pizza, micro-peen?

        And you wash your hands first, you hear?

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