WORD DUST (pt. 2)


22 Responses to “WORD DUST (pt. 2)”

  1. Burt Bacharackalambamboom! Says:

    After considerable ponderance on the matter, it does occur to us that our tentative ID of the always witty & effervescent “@Prle57” as directly related to the “@Zapem” entity, plural, singular, or otherwise, may have been erroneous.

    A recent d0x of the “@priest57′ character seems persuasive enough in their focus on Scott Alexander Brown

    …who is aready back with a new account, although somewhat less obsessed with certain personages, some real, some fictional, who were also harassed, stalked, and obsessed over by @ZAPEM.

    In perusing the timelines of @Prle57, @Bullyville, @Rustleleague, and others even more repugnant, and their obssesive attacks on Lane Lipton, Jennifer George, Qritiq and others, it looks the like the most obvious common denominator here is @Patterico, old jester John himself.

    • do yoo no the way to seereeya

      • Burt Bacharackalambamboom! Says:

        Take US Route 666 east out of Barstow on through Ludlow, Amboy Dukes, and Old Needles, until you arrive…finally (thank Grid!) in Bagdad (as seen on TV!)

        …and just kind of meander south from there down State Route Starchild111 until you hit Mecca, (famous Kaa-bar depicted)

        …which is on the far shore of the Salton Sea, which, for those without benefit of an expensive Liberal Arts higher education, is where L. Ron Hubbard divided the loaves & fishes, precipitating an odious botulism scandal that has since killed off most of the wildlife in the area. Pretty sure Snooki has a summer home nearby.

        Anyway, it may not be Syria, but it’s somewhere between the Devil’s Golf course and Babylon. Close enough.

        These monsters talked to Jeezis personally back in The Day, and should be able to answer any or all of your questions, should it come to that.

  2. Melanie_l'_Heuremaudit Says:

  3. John Smith-Doe Says:


    • Burt Bacharackalambamboom! Says:


      speak rite up

      don’t bee a’Frey’d

      • SchadenFreud Says:

        gurdjieff devils compromise Tor!

        this must stop!!

        greece must pay!

      • By the way, is Breitbart still dead?


        Just checking! 🙂

      • Pious_Flea Says:

        Yell a lie long enough
        yell a lie loud enough
        and the Truth will kill you

        –Sheddep Y’Mouk
        Ipissimus Maximus
        (12th degree)
        Temple of Zurvan

        Poisoned pistachio helps too! 🙂

      • Malgadzooks! Says:

        Yo-where that pasty-faced shit-sucking cracker dickhead Wayne LaPierre?

        Ain’t seen his ugly-ass excuse for a face in a month or two.

        Wass he hiding anyway?

        Mentoring the assassins for the Big Event?

        Coordinating the escape route?

        Depositing certain specific amounts of cash into discrete numbered Swiss bank accounts?

        Just wonderin’…

  4. AlphabetofBrookeShields Says:

    • Starchild11:11 Says:

      • Burt Bacharackalambamboom! Says:

        And now, in the spirit of fair play and cultural diversity, we present a spiritual message from an alternative religious faith, in accordance with Our 1st Ammendent right to do so.

      • JenniferGeorge Says:

        Oh, by the way, by the mere act of reading these words, you are all now defacto characters in my current screenplay. You can go ahead and pretend to yourself, if it gives you comfort, however illusory, that you are still operating under the delusion of your own Free Will.

        But we know better.

        Don’t we?

      • half-buck Rogers
        waitin’ for
        the future shock
        neutron jesus
        dancin’ through
        the crosswalk
        there may be a line
        but it’s only pretend
        where gnosis recedes
        warfare begins
        bad dreams disowned
        flashback delayed
        watching falling thrones
        instant tape replayed

        celebrity target
        terminal fashion
        in the time
        of the assassins…

  5. Burt Bacharackalambamboom! Says:

    Toward the end of understanding the finely nuanced complexities of divergent interests in our society today, it is important to have access to unpopular opinions which, as disagreeable as they may be, are still protected by the First Ammendment.

    Second Ammendment too. 😉

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