23 Responses to “WHO RAN THE IRON HORSE?”

  1. X-Ray_Spex Says:

    @Prle57 you fucked with the Wrong People dumbass

    your show is cancelled


    • Vindice Says:

      some of the loudest hate on the internet at this associated account @bullyville which
      seems to have toned down the threats a notch since the Priest sat on a candle stick, using a lot of quotes for filler


      (keepin the world safe for K8 Goslin!)

      that’s James McGibney

      who also maintains the high-profile ‘Bullyville’ site

      …and who just happens to have served several tours of duty with ‘Third Surveillence Reconnaissance Intelligence Group’ and ‘Marine Security Guard Battalion’, according to wiki. (and if that’s what wiki will cop to, imagine what the truth must be)

      nice resumé Jimbo


      • JenniferGeorge Says:

        Yo-limpdik Jarhead James!

        Yeah, you McGibney, boah!

        Order me some pizza NOW bitch!

        XL mushroom – olives – artichoke hearts extra parmesian on the side

        !Yo-say hello to Lisa & Jeremy for me, morons-oY!

        Nice d0x Derp! LOLOLOL!


      • JenniferGeorge Says:

        jeezis! i’m typing as fast as i can!

        must deactivate account before @Impotenceville drops the d0x!!

        oh god no! n-not THAT!!

        no wait! please! just one more chance! don’t push that b–GAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

      • Starchild11:11 Says:

        did someone say d0x?

        by fudgie-wudgie @Bullyville??

        ooooohhhh…that sounds like fun!!

        maybe more links to @cryingwolfe shimfest for that solid hard-hitting no-nonsense lawsuit-level “PROOF”


        that would be sooooo hawt!!

        speaking of hawt, hope that pizza gets here soon…

        it’s all you Dare Afford…

      • Starchild11:11 Says:

        where the hell is that pizza?

        seems you can’t rely on anything these days

        we don’t need a lot of pizza

        now this is just sheer gluttony – nobody needs THIS much pizza

        better just one big pie and add our own toppings

      • Starchild11:11 Says:

        all of those deperate wannabees flaunting their little Guy Fawkes/V for Vendetta mask images in a frantic attempt to maintain their otherwise probably nonexistent #Anon cred?

        too bad chumps

        you all #potato by act of Congress

        U been Biebered




        Meanwhile news of this unfortunate turn of events seeps through #defcon2013 like onion farts on a muggy day…

  2. JenniferGeorge Says:

    Kids being bullied? Who you gonna call?


    some inspirational philosophy for the kids!

    the wit and wisdom of James McGibney:


    No one gives a fuck what you think, so stop begging for attention by acting like a psychopath

    Oh, the tears of unfathomable sadness! Mmmmmm yummy

    Love me or hate me is still an obsession….if you love me then thank you! if you hate me then F*CK YOU

    What are the first words out of bullies mouth once you bully their pathetic little ass back? “Stop bullying me.” Ummmmm…kiss my ass.


    If someone won’t stop bullying you, grow a pair & bully their asses back. Use your God given intellect & destroy every aspect of their life.

    Do you ever just wanna grab someone by the shoulders, look them deep in the eyes and whisper, ‘No one gives a fuck.’

    I don’t get nearly enough credit for managing not to be a violent psychopath

    Because you help rape victims right @missanonnews? You and your psychopath puppet-master days are numbered #cowards

    Remember this @miissanonnews? I’m legally coming for your ass & your puppetmaster. #swatme #sueme #unlimitedresources

    [HO HO ya might want to rethink that one big guy. in fact, you just might want to STFU altogether, dig?]

    here’s a hilarious pastebin addressed to @occupyRebellion/Sheridan where apparently our hero @bullyville speaks with the full authority of “Anonymous” LOLOLOL

    Finish this sentence ~ If I could get rid of one twitter account it would be….Lane Lipton

    [this one is on page 10 of topsy, for future reference]

    [so what does an “ex” military-intel operative turned “bullying expert” to the likes of Anderson, ABC Nightline, Extra!, Dr Phil, Howard Stern and other assorted media dupes have against Lane Lipton? seems that the late @prle57 had a bit of that too, eh? don’t tell me these drooling cretins still think LL is @miissanonnews??? LOLOLOLOL!]

    [not only that, apparently high-paid bully “expert” is under the impression that Lane Lipton, Occupy Rebellion/Sheridan, and @missanonnews are the same person. we deep in da stupid now LOLOLOL I mean if Extra! Dr Phil and Howard Stern accept you as an “expert”, you just couldn’t be a total MORON. Could you?]

    [yr lawyers get back to you yet? whimper fi bro, whimper fi LOL]

  3. Melanie_l'_Heuremaudit Says:

    • AlphabetofBrookeShields Says:

      We do want to thank Ty Brown aka Dreamsend333, who owns and operates the
      @kidkenoma twitter account, (and who is solely responsible for its content) for the attempted comment with the “Elderly Homosexual” humor.


      Ty, have you ever applied at Pat Dollard’s blog? With your highly nuanced sensitivity level, and like totally scrupulous sourcing of assertions, you’d fit right in.


      Banta say Ty/Dreamsend333 is a “good man” over and over again. Some concur. Some bet the farm on him at the expense of others.

      So it goes.

  4. The_Log_Lady Says:

    “When the Fox hears the Rabbit scream he comes a runnin’, not to help, but to fall into the Rabbit-hole.”
    — The Silence of the Lambs (paraphrase)

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