“We have to talk in some kind of code, naturally,” continues the Manager. “We always have. But none of the codes is that hard to break. Opponents have accused us, for just that reason, of contempt for the people. But we really do it all in the spirit of fair play. We’re not monsters. We know we have to give them some chance. We can’t take hope away from them, can we?” –GR p756 Viking Press 1973 edition


61 Responses to “PYNCHONOPOLIS”

  1. MelissaPotnia Says:

    • Melanie_l'_Heuremaudit Says:

      “Sour grape become bitter wine” – Charlie Chan

      • AlphabetofBrookeShields Says:

        ‘V.’ ?

        Wait a fucking second here…

        1-Victoria Wren
        3-Vera Meroving
        4-Veronica Maganese

        OK. I get it.

        You don’t fool me!

        Five “V”s? Oh yeah. V.V.V.V.V.

        V. Cinco? V.C.? Obviously, Pynchon is…

        V-I-N-C-E-N-T C-A-G-G-I-A-N-O!!!

        You see?

        I just knew it!! Total Proof!!!

        You know, if an unstable mind wanted to highjack, spin, and dominate a topic, the most likely procedure would probably be old-school Alinsky tactics as reinterpreted by current Tea Partiers, even though the perpetrator of said tactics might identify themselves as a “progressive” (like @perpostericity & Dreamsend333), which in reality would probably translate to something like “C-a-s-s S-u-n-s-t-e-i-n O-p-e-r-a-t-i-v-e”.

        First, the projection of your own agenda upon your targeted Straw Man, who is to be accused of exactly what you are really doing.

        Best Straw Man is someone tangental to the case being damage controlled, about whom the least is known, so you can pretty much make anything up about them, and then demand that they identify themselves to prove their non-involvement in the activities of which you have accused them.

        Lots of luck on that.

        This is parallel to the Tea-Bagger tactic of finding a Straw Man like oh, say Brett Kimberlin, or Neal Rauhauser, to be built up as a boogey-man by sheer repetition of The Big Lie.

        I’ll be back to finish this up after I return from a chic and totally hip dinner at Musso & Frank’s. The Lasagna Milano there is unspeakbly toothsome.

      • AlphabetofBrookeShields Says:

        OK, we’re back! The Rigatoni Tuscanique was awesome, and not nearly as overpriced as you might think. Alright, maybe it was a tad uberpricen, but it was on somebody else’s expense account. As a result, the basic cost of Fine Literature may upspike just a little, but it should soon correct itself, and smooth out just fine.

        Now where were we?

        Oh yes, once having established your erzatz nemisis Straw Man, the next step – and this is so very, VERY crucial – is to position yourself as The VICTIM.

        This is the preferred procedure making the rounds in the Tea-Bagger twitter wars. Various Tea-Baggers like Aaron Worthing, Lee Stranahan, E.W. Erickson, R.S. McCain, Patterico and probably others too grotesque to remember, have built a flimsy little Urban Myth around Brett Kimberlin, with Neal Rauhauser as an alternate, to be used as a boogieman to shake down their Depends wearing, Rascal riding readership for donations:
        “OMG!! Kimbelin has my address!! He’ll come and blow me up!! I have to move NOW!!” etc etc blah-blah-blah

        Of course nobody moves anywhere or gets blown up. Just pocket the $$$, and oooze on out to the next C-PAC boozefest (oh, by jingo what fun too! Steve Crowder will be there! He’s soooo funny! tee-hee! Greg Gutfield too!! Ooooh!)

        Someone posing as a “progressive” would probably skip the donation part, their audience not nearly as moronic as Tea-Baggers, and be content merely with damage control, spin, and very, very muddy water.

        Never mind that there are real-people-who-have-died-under-at-best-dubious-circumstances, make it all about YOU and your tragic Victimhood.

        Yeah, sure these other people died on terms of fear and anguish, but how trivial and self-indulgent that all is compared with the terrifying experience of being sent hostile and incoherent emails causing a total psychological meltdown!

        Oh, the humanity!

        Tears well in my eye at the sheer relentless torment some individuals suffer from the brutal effects of The Holy Toenail Law, and the silly incoherent mentally incapacitating emails with which it is enforced! *sob*

        Well, keep those waters muddied Ty, and tell Cass I sez hai!

        By the way, did you notice that that Rosamond guy is head of the Knights Templar or som–GAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

      • Melanie_l'_Heuremaudit Says:

        Well, we’ve got this “Rosamond” Templar guy beat five ways from Sunday.

        Of course, anybody paying attention in the slightest knows that all roads lead to Tuesday Weld.

        So in the interest of filling in some of the fuzzy blank spots in the Akashic Record, we present our kkblog exclusive ‘Pynchon-Farina Cross-Pollination Flow Chart’:

        TP is best man at his very good pal Richard Farina’s marriage to Mimi Baez, which sets the game in motion, so to speak:

        Richard F. -> Mimi B. -> Milan Melvin -> Janis Jolpin -> Emmett Grogan -> Tuesday Weld!!

      • Nina_Rechnoy Says:

        I mean it’s not like Pynchon is even aware that he’s a character in the ‘Last Statue’ or anything.

        So few people are.

      • Nina_Rechnoy Says:

        “Now add the Zorthian sisters and Nancy Van Brasch…”

      • Karen_Eliot Says:

        am I having a deja vu yet?

      • Melanie_l'_Heuremaudit Says:

        A deja vu? Perhaps. Might just be:
        “The Phantasmagoria of Military Intelligence Training”

      • John_ShadenFreud Says:

        Nabrokov backward mask subliminal kiddie-porn into short story for gurdjieff party with Zorthian ranch (un)dressing!

        Greece must pay!

  2. Melanie_l'_Heuremaudit Says:

  3. the hammer of los needs your help

  4. dey fucking wid my pm’s
    dey fucking wid my posts

  5. i need to speak in safety with grant morrison immediately
    i mean no harm

  6. Hi der

    Love ya all.

  7. I good man


    Dem FBI agents are dangerous!

    Dey Know not Way of Perfect Dao!

    Way of Perfect Dao is;

    Seek none harm!

    Say sorry if harm by mistake or necessity!

    Always regret all harm done!

    Always seek to make amends!

    Always rest secure in the karma dharma.

    Dat is my kamma damma.

    It be Way of Perfect Dao.

    You not understand Way of Perfect Dao.

    You harm me not.

    I practice Perfect Dao.

    I teach Perfect Dao.

    To highest bidder.

    I intuit all secrets of Perfect Dao.


    I don’t read nuthin’.

    Chuang Tse!

    He Greatest in Perfect Dao!


    He Greatest Magus!

    Infinite be my resources.

    I split infinitely.


  8. ….




    • …[center][size=200]




      TURN IT UP![/size]

      [size=200]TURN IT UP![/size][/center]

  9. …[center][size=200]




    TURN IT UP![/size]


    [size=200]TURN IT UP![/size][/center]




    TURN IT UP![/size]


  11. Help!



  12. May all the Gods in Heaven keep me and my kith and kin and all my family safe in my good endeavours.

    I harm none and look after all.

    Get me Grant Morrison to comment here only on my blog.

    Thank you.

    I am Professor X.

    And I can prove it.

    I know Way of Cosmic Dao.

    Int 24 baby.

  13. Nina_Rechnoy Says:

    I mean it’s not like Grant Morrison is even aware that he’s just a character in ‘The Last Statue’ or anything.

    So few are these days. Tsk.

  14. maybe da wize unnerstan

  15. Sibyl_Erythrae Says:

    call me some time. leaf me a message.

    real important please! this is no answer!

  16. Sibyl_Erythrae Says:

    loops of lost universe
    through the wire
    wailing for years

    • Sibyl_Erythrae Says:

      for this sort
      of thing
      hogging two seasons
      whenever pleases…

      in crowns
      in purple robes
      running under
      white on white…
      (doing something)

      • Sibyl_Erythrae Says:

        the entire collection
        still waits in
        its entirety
        to be unearthed
        all at once
        all over
        in split screen manner
        by strangers
        oh so unsuspecting

  17. Sibyl_Erythrae Says:

    chasing through
    the apple orchard
    and yet
    in the dark night
    it’s snowing on
    the flowers
    while fruit gum
    from climbing trees
    and falling and running
    sticks on our hands
    and even thighs,
    or was it the pine tar?
    or some sticky else?

    • Sibyl_Erythrae Says:

      my apple tree
      my brightness
      it’s time
      we were together
      for I smell of the earth
      and am worn
      by the weather

      in the shade
      of the blackthorn
      and the chill
      of the frost

    • Harpo-crates Says:

      “Whatever is unnamed, undepicted in images, whatever is omitted from biography, censored in collections of letters, whatever is misnamed as something else, made difficult to come by, whatever is buried in the memory by the collapse of meaning under an inadequate or lying language-this will become not merely unspoken, but unspeakable.”

      –Adrienne Rich

      • Rosa_Rojas Says:

        the substance of things longed for

        the evidence of things not seen

      • Rosa_Rojas Says:

        “on the verge of becoming unspeakable”

      • Sibyl_Erythrae Says:

        “…challenging and indeed trying at times with its intentional incoherence…”

        “endless Easter eggs of clarity”

      • Alphabet_of_LouiseBrooks Says:

        “pada ata lane pad not ogo old wart alan ther tale feur far rant land tal told”

        (if you’ll pardon my french)

      • SchadenFreud Says:

        Vladimir Putin?

        Yeah. Right.

        I am soooo sure.



        So, Putin=5=cinco
        And Vladimir=(5)V

        =V. Cinco…which means…

        Caggiano you bastard!!!

        I just KNEW it!!

        Invalid analo(r)gy!!!


      • V. Botkin Says:

        “We recognized right away that we were doing a completely new kind of writing…”

        “…newer forms of networked narrative (and personal blogs foremost among them) have helped facilitate a sense of the self as a networked subject…”

  18. Sibyl_Erythrae Says:

  19. Harpo-crates Says:

    “long sobs of Autumn violins”

  20. Sibyl_Erythrae, that’s some damn fine poetry there.

    Come talk to me at my place.

    I get lonely.

    Sorry ’bout my incoherent drivel.

    Wolfmother sang of Cosmic Egg.

    God realisation ain’t all it’s cracked up ta be.

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