23 Responses to “DELCOT OF TONDAM”

  1. AlphabetofBrookeShields Says:

    the doshery lutt is crenned with glauds
    a gomway deaves to kiloff and kirf…

  2. yoo yooz the letterrrs N E A L a lot

  3. KimBerlin Says:

    D(E)(L)COT OF TO(N)D(A)M

    (N) (E) (A) (L)

    Everybody is NEAL!

    DELCOT = 6 letters
    TONDAM = 6 letters



    Minus “O” & “F” from “of”

    Leaves a value of five per word.

    DELCOT = 5 = V

    TONDAM = 5 = Cinco

    V. Cinco = V.C.

    V.C. = V-I-N-N-I-E- C-A-G-G-I-A-N-O!!!!

    (he’s NEAL too)

    You SEE? This PROVES it once & for all!!

    • And I’d have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for you meddling kids.

      • SchadenFreud Says:

        Da! Is goot, komrade R! As defacto Czar of #friendsofHamas only make logic to be known by many names hear through many ears see thru many eyes.

        As per your directives, we initiate agenda as commanded by BK (Burger King) here list of activity currently doink:

        1- smear @pervpostericity. Have set auto twitbots and phantom self-replicating blogs to continue to smear @prepostericity automatically in perpetuity for all forseeable future at least until year 9327 AD in event of unforseen catastrophe extinguishing all sentinent life on planet, in which case Doomsday Smearbots kick in.

        2- defecate under automobile of Aaron Wankering so Mrs Wankering find when check under car for usual brett-bomb.

        3- prepare arrangements for staging and orchestration of Scriabin’s ‘Mysterium’ to be performed in foothills of Himalayas in specially built cathedral that will shift shape in time with music to be played for seven days after which: End O’ World.

      • KimBerlin Says:

        No, sorry Neal, but as per your private request, I must say that it would be dead-set against the kkblog’s basic sense of ethical decency & integrity to forward @kidmelanoma’s IP# and attached file complete with crucial hacked emails, at least for the paltry sum offered.

        Anything less than a starting bid of $500.00 would constitute an egregious affront to our deeply ingrained sense of idealogically scrupulous moral principles. It may be a dox, but it’s an Ortho-Dox, and therefore Kosher, so make that payout to Paypal at the Crispis account after filling out special application including SS#, full credit access code info, fingerprints, retina-prints etc…

        Mazel tov!

  4. AlphabetofBrookeShields Says:

    …a dream like where you come in during the middle of a movie, only this was like almost the end of the movie…a black & white film noir with dramatic eastern-European flavored orchestral soundtrack by Dimitri Tiomkin, or Miklos Rozsa…strings swelling up for the climactic final scene where I’m locked in a shadow-framed fatal embrace with Barbara Stanwyck, with her head tilted back, eyelids half-closed…ruby lips parted whispering, “Oh, Walter…” So like what? I’m Walter now? Yeah, but Walter Neff? Or Walter O’Neil? Does it matter at this point? Did it ever? Is she Phyllis Dietrichson, or Martha Ivers? One of us has a gun. A shot goes off. Was she hit? Was Walter? But Neff or O’Neil? What if she didn’t mean me at all? What if she meant Walter Breen? And then it occurs to me that They had come to the same conclusion as Sun Ra, that Space Was the Place, sci-fi ├╝ber alles, and that Star Trek would become an all-immersive belief system tatamount to a religion obsessing over characters who were perceived by Them as meddlesome enforcers for the Federation which was seen as an overregulated bureaucratic Demo nanny-state, and after all, Kirk & Spock are ultimately a couple of Liberal Jews. Obviously, a correction was in order. A new myth to be hewn. Decent, upstanding, Aryan heroes. Probable gun owners. Oh sure, ya got Carrie Fischer as the annoying JAP (Jewish American Princess) and those cute little robots like the ones that used to whisper in your dreams that you were special…that you would become an important pampered theoretical (completely impractical) physicist…with the help of Ayn…L. Ron…Leo…and…Walter…Walter…Walter…

  5. Frausto Says:

    “The more GMO’s you eat…the less human you become.”

  6. Nostrildamus Says:

    Gray goo gai pan!

    Remember last year, near the Yew-Mei Green condos at Chou Chu Kang? (You-Me Green?)

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