20 Responses to “BOOKHOLM CATACOMBS”

    • RubyTuesday Says:

      Ah! Les Lunar Mardistes…

    • Alphabet_of_LouiseBrooks Says:

      • Melanie_l'_Heuremaudit Says:

      • Melanie_l'_Heuremaudit Says:

      • Melanie_l'_Heuremaudit Says:

      • Alphabet_of_LouiseBrooks Says:

      • Melanie_l'_Heuremaudit Says:

      • Alphabetof_JeanBrooks Says:

        Vladimir Ivanovich Leventon, or Val Lewton, as he was more popularly known, was the nephew of Nazimova. He also produced this shadow-nuanced thriller about interesting underground social connections in WWII era NYC.

      • Seth_Klippoaf Says:

        ‘Garden of Allah’? Don Henley?

        “Cryptic stoner lyrics in the manner of the Eagles, crooning about “Hotel California…oh, what a lovely place.”

        WTF? First Steely Dan, and now this!

        Are you TONE-deaf or something?

        Old West Coast has-been soft-rockers crooning cryptic stoner nonsense from 1995?

        Can’t get much more irrelevant than that!

        “We were stokin’ the fires
        and oiling up the machinery
        until the gods found out
        we had ideas of our own

        and the war was coming
        the earth was shaking
        and there was no more room
        in the Garden of Allah

        Today I made an appearance downtown
        I am an expert witness
        because I say I am…

        and I said, ‘gentlemen…
        and I use that word loosely…

        I will testify for you
        I’m a gun for hire
        I’m a saint
        I’m a liar

        because there are no facts
        there is no truth
        just data to be manipulated

        I can get you any result you like
        what’s it worth to you?

        because the is no wrong
        there is no right
        and I sleep very well
        at night

        no shame no solution
        no remorse no retribution
        just people selling t-shirts
        just opportunity to participate
        in this pathetic circus
        and winning

        it was a pretty big year for predators
        the marketplace was on a roll
        and the land of opportunity
        spawned a whole new breed
        of men without soul

        this year, notoriety
        got all confused with fame
        and the devil is downhearted
        because there’s nothing left
        for him to claim

        and the fruit is rotten
        and the serpent’s eyes shine
        as he wraps around the vine
        in the Garden of Allah

        fuckin’ cali stoners…

      • Mrs_Peel Says:

        The Evil Guy in the Henley video was played by one Issur Danielovitch, otherwise known as Izzy Demsky, or just plain Kirk Douglas to you. He’s been around long enough to have heard some of the Garden of Allah stories first hand.

  1. SchadenFreud Says:

    Gurdjieff devil music play in elevator of Infinite Library hexagon catacomb for soundtrack to Total Book!

  2. SchadenFreud Says:

    333 Darkman Street

  3. Champion_Sax Says:

  4. ConstanceContraire Says:

    “…so from ’73…I ran into all these weird people…witches and warlocks in London…”

    “In fact even Ayn Rand had connections to Crowley.”

    –Jack Sarfatti May 1970

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