A pretty little office up in Michigan’s Thumb…


6 Responses to “WHEN IN MICHIGAN…”

  1. Attn: Librarians
    4/26/13 9:00pm PST
    Zuma branch
    KD access code
    Five Moon dance
    Benedict Canyon Benediction

  2. SchadenFreud Says:

    Filthy Gurdjieff statue spy on Detroit!

    Tried to kill Robocop!

  3. AlphabetofBrookeShields Says:

    Remember when c2w? was Kate Coe?

    Just checking! 🙂


    • EnderWiggin' Says:

      “Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici”

      Get it? Five “Vs” = 5 fives = V. C-i-n-c-o

      V = 5
      Cinco = 5
      V. Cinco = V.C.

      V.C. = V-I-N-N-I-E C-A-G-G-I-A-N-O!

      You SEE! This PROVES it! I just KNEW it!

      • ConstanceContraire Says:

        Five “V”? Oh yeah.
        “Five” = Cinco
        V = V
        = V. Cinco = VC = Vinnie Caggiano!!!!!

        Ha! You see? That PROVES it! I just KNEW it!!

  4. HieroglyphofKateMoss Says:

    Remember when Eve trolled ‘Theremy’ as “Bee”?


    And when Coe happened to stop by for another spin and missed the Barnes by a mile? Couldn’t tell Pancho from Lefty if your life depended on it.


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