…she winds back the clock
and turns back the page
of a book that nobody
could write…


13 Responses to “DEJA VOULEZ VOU”

  1. KimBerlin Says:

    @Prepostericity socrates 4/17/13

    Look where the US Military says
    they’re running first alternative reality
    game. In Cambridge, Massachusetts…


      • AlphabetofBrookeShields Says:

        Well, here’s how they do it downtown…
        (who dat picture on the side of the building?)

        …but out in California…time to smoke some hash…and then some more hashhhh…then pour yourself a mint-avocado-kale-cucumber smoothie and dig some overly produced light radio pop-schmaltz pseudo-jazz by interchangable Muppets while cruising down PCH, haphazardly preoccupied with the special effects picture postcard sunset, in the general direction of Zuma…

        “I’m reading last year’s papers
        although I’m don’t know why
        assassains cons & rapers
        might as well diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii–”

        …ah, Mellow…

      • GreenKit Says:

        Snake Mary dreams along…

      • GreenKit Says:

        While we appreciate your posting the ‘Hip Death Goddess’ video, we are somewhat concerned that folks will get the Wrong Idea about certain cultural luminaries on the serrated cutting edge Detroit music scene, what with that mural of Manson on the side of the building and all.

        So in the interest of providing a more balanced portrayal of that milieu, we present:

      • Rev.Seth-Klippoth Says:

        Thanks for “clearing” that up.

  3. Pentagon=5 sides
    You SEE!! This PROVES it!! I just KNEW it!

  4. Mir_Izgadda Says:

    Open letter to Kim Jong Un:

    Rodman told me you subscribe to this blog for some reason, (I don’t see why personally, all of this cryptic hipster ping-pong gibberish–what the fuck are these people talking about anyway?) so I thought I’d drop you a note here.

    We do want to apologize for sort of ignoring you lately. I mean, I think we’re at war, with the imminent deployment of nukes ‘n stuff, and of course we’re just queasy with concern, but we’ve been a little distracted by domestic security problems.

    Seems these Chechnyan punks were tryna terrorize us into fearful submission, and while they did inflict a measure of pain, death and ruined lives, it was only to ultimately provoke this spirited and all-too-American response:

    “Listen here voodoo punks!

    “You think you can come over here and push us around with your stupid pressure cooker bombs?


    “We cause more death, carnage, and sheer mindless, needless destruction by our own corruption, sloth, and stupidity, than you could with your lame wimpy plots against America! And we just proved it again!

    “Your only significance was as entertainment value during the manhunt, especially since nobody was going to confront, question, or even slightly inconvenience the owners of the explosive cowshit factory.

    “Folks in these parts don’t cotton to no Yankee commie queers comin down here with their reg-u-lay-shuns restricting our constitutional freedom to build residential dwellings in close proximity to big steaming mounds of explosively volatile bovine fecal matter!”

    So Kim, if you’re still reading, maybe come back next month when we’re not so busy, and we’ll try it again. We’ll do lunch! I know a place that serves up hippo, snakes, and spiders, to be washed down with a fine Bordeaux, then maybe snort some bath-salts, have a few shots of Johnnie Walker (red label) and dig my archive of exclusive Beatle outtakes.

    Be there, or be square!

    And just remember, Tina Delgado is alive!



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