37 Responses to “GLOKAYA KUZDRA”

  1. SchadenFreud Says:

    Also, need to move this 5 metric ton lot of GMO gluten import from Malaysia.

    Positive review at Red State blog!

    Barely tainted!

    Good value!

    • AlphabetofBrookeShields Says:

      “…someday a real bird was going to sing at Disneyland and uncover the first reality.”

      • Hieroglyph_of_KateMoss Says:

        …perhaps it is a more universal dispossession…

      • ConstanceContraire Says:

        “The mold of a man stems from the mind of a child. Educators and emperors have known this from time immemorial. So have tyrants.”

  2. AlphabetofBrookeShields Says:

    Oh! Blair bespeaks the flood!

  3. From “Soror H.” undated Process newsletter London vol. 2 no 1. 1970:

    “Manson went astray where others in the PROCESS have succeeded. He was suckered into the whirlpool of Fame and when he didn’t cut it, he decided to cut it up. He testifies to those areas many of us deny exist. Perhaps the fascination is he carried out his ideas in action, and showed many of us what it’s like to actually commit the crime we’d like to commit.”

    “Manson was clever in his choice of beliefs: the whole Beatles Helter Skelter thing was, of course, a model to instill the PROCESS into his followers, who were more likely to respond to such “turned-on” symbols than the more traditional ones. The whole thing was a scam; a guru trick, but Manson’s intention was to open up the occult centers of perception by a unique, pop-based outlook influenced primarily by the PROCESS.”


    “the crime we’d like to commit” Groovy. Yeah. Let’s see what that would be like, shall we? “A unique pop-based outlook influenced primarily by the PROCESS”? Bon apetit:

    Always awesome to see the PROCESS do it’s thing!

    WHAT? Oh, you thought that was shocking, crude and tasteless?
    Wow. Lemme totally fucking apologize. Jeez, what was I thinking? Unlike Mr Burroughs, you probably didn’t want to see what’s on the end of your fork anyway. You probably wanted the cute PROCESS, the silly PROCESS, you know, the FUNNY PROCESS, with our favorite debunking straw-man of choice! Whyncha just say so? Enjoy:

    • Vin-dolph Says:

      Still making satanic panic talking points because you don’t realize it’s all just an ARG, silly.

      All this “Arliss Perry…ritual murder…Oct 12…satan” yaddah-yaddah-yaddah. Making a big deal about stuff that happened so long ago. So what if things got a little out of hand. Is that such a high price to pay for religious freedom?

      Thank Aiwass for the upstanding individualists like my good friend Marion David Pettie. If not for Col. Pettie and his good work, we would almost certainly see the extinction of revered American traditions, such as the slaughtering and evisceration of baby goats by young nude pre-adolescent children.

      Would you stand against tradition?

    • AlphabetofBrookeShields Says:


  4. AlphabetofBrookeShields Says:

    OK. I see what’s going on here.

    Five moons-five ballerinas-five statues…

    Get it? f-i-v-e->5->V. Cinco->”V. C.”->Vinnie Caggiano!

    You SEE!! That PROVES it! I just KNEW it!


    [but seriously, R.I.P. Maria T. you will be missed]

  5. κινέζικο_καπέλο Says:

    … so where d’yathink might Dr. Larry Ford fit in with all this?

  6. KimBerlin Says:

    The knuckle draggin’ paradise of Galt’s Gulch.

    Now it all sorta makes sense…

    • MstaphaMond Says:

      Neil Pert said he has renounced Rand’s influence, that as he grew older, he got wiser. Not many wiser in Tennessee, I’d gather.

      • Tennessee_Tie Says:

        We in Nashville the Athens of the south don’t need no fancy Injun ballet dancers like those faggots in Tulsa. I got a Remington 12 guage double aught to keep any spoox or red skinned savages from dancing on my lawn. We don’t need no fucking ballet shit we got country music dammit!

  7. Jeftin_Nag Says:

  8. HieroglyphofKateMoss Says:

    Gun control? Meh.

    I’m talking about expanded background checks, and much tighter restrictions for the purchase of guitars!

    Guitars should NOT be available for emotionally disturbed people with clearly diminished mental capacity.!
    For example:

    • Tennessee_Tie Says:

      I guess it just figgers that a buncha dope-suckin’ California snobs wouldn’t like Mr Polack’s songs but the 14 or 15 people at this rally liked him just fine!

      I think he’s better than that other jew back in the 60’s with the big hair and big nose and big words wrote all them real long songs on a carnival organ! This is just like that without all them confusin’ big words like the other fella.

      • KimBerlin Says:

        Wow. Who wouldn’t rock out to a Jason Po-lock acoustic set?

        “Why children and vagina’s of course.”

  9. HueCornfield Says:

    … and don’t miss the upcoming thrilling sequel, “Zardoz Goes To Africa”

    • Tennessee_Tie Says:

      Zardoz is awesome! He’s bettter than Toby Keith any day!

      I saw Zardoz do the opening set at the Brad Paisley show at the Grand Ole Opry. He rocks!

    • Mrs_Peel Says:

      ZARDOZ says: “Guns good–penis bad”, whereas the NRA seems quite unable to make a distinction between the two at all.

      A lot of snub-nose .22s pretending to be .357 magnums, I daresay.

  10. ConstanceContraire Says:

    Was the late Walter Breen capable of creating the “voice”?

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