1. LIL_POP_ZEN Says:


  2. I dunno KK. better not talk shit on Big Joe, or he’ll send his Flying Monkeys after you!

    oh, wait…

    • Mrs_Peel Says:

      Then I suppose they’ll start up with that lethally tedious “Die Song”:

      “digh-de-day, digh-dow-doi, digh-tu-dai, de-tew-digh”


      • ConstanceContraire Says:

        re: Vindalf/DE333 Atlanta etc


      • Vindalf? The same “Vindalf” known as:
        Canadian Bob (at Perpostericity’s DQ blog)

        Or as an occult and “Wiccan” activist also known by his new age pen name Kerr Cuhulain.

        Or as passionate Walter Breen defender, Edmonton Guy at the (of course) now deleted Dreamsend2 blog

        …or when he’s not out trolling for tobacco companies (“second hand smoke never killed anyone”) he could be found at various crime forums, and most notably at Rigorous Intuition attempting to “debunk” any perception of organized pedophillia kidnapping, maintaining the NAMBLA party line: always making the same pitch: it was really the victim’s fault!
        if not the victim, then the victim’s mother! Yep…


        Which is what he did many many times, utilizing a swarm of trolls under some of the following names:
        Roy Harrold
        Son of Gaia
        Bob Roberts
        Jimmy Gibson
        Eire Taylor
        Foil Beneath My Hat…among others

        (he often forgets which troll he’s supposed to be when he regurgitates his favorite story about a life changing encounter he had with some guys in a park who sounded kinda like sinister peodphile types but were really swell fellows once you got to know them–just like all people you would suspect of the same. you just don’t understand, you big silly, try, like Ralph Underwager, to see it from the pedo-point of view!)

        This is Perpostericity and Dreamsend333’s occult/conspiracy debunking “expert”.

        Why do these guys sound familiar somehow?

        Oh, yeah…

        “Government agents (and their allies) might enter chat rooms, online social networks (eh, like google+ maybe?), or even real space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action.”

        No shit!

        “Progressives” like DE333, Vindalf, and Prepostericity, leftier-than-thou!

        Oh yeah.

      • The-Anti-Matheny Says:

        The great Dreamsend, chastiser
        of trolls and Intel fronts.

        Or was it BF Kade?

        Maybe Kyria’s Vengeance?

        The Mad Onion?

        Big Joe’s Fluffer?

        All of the above?

      • AlphabetOfBrookeShields Says:

        So Jack, if you’re reading this, I’m totallly serious about this upcoming live online interview. Look, just a few softball questions and we’re out of here. We definitely won’t ask anything about any of that Breen/L.Ron Hubbard/Ayn Rand stuff. I can see how that would be embarassing, and besides, it makes my head hurt to just think about this big lefty hippie Breen hanging out with Ayn Rand, Leo Strauss and L. Ron Hubbard for some sinister “education” project. That’s gotta be some of the creepiest shit I’ve ever heard. Oy! Best to spare my readers that!

        And we’ll try to steer clear of that whole episode where that hot (probably gov’t connected) witch babe you were living with wanted you to lead a “coven” in the Santa Cruz hills.

        And of course your usual damage-control handler Vin-dolf will be on hand to prevent any deranged psychotic nutcase from tarnishing the revered memory of Mr Breen.

        So whatta ya say Jack?

      • Mrs_Peel Says:


  3. ConstanceContraire Says:

    so at this juncture I would be compelled to agree with whoever said: “is far as I’m concerned, we’re still watching the sixties unfold culturallly”

    as a noted american theoretical physicist once said: “all too true”

    Knight of Wands
    Knight of Cups
    Night of Pentacles
    Knight of Swords


    i think i see a pattern here

    • KimBerlin Says:

      I see a pattern of pigtails.

      Seems kind of familiar somehow. Doesn’t it?

      • ConstanceContraire Says:

        yeah, i guess yr right. i knew there was no point in maintaining this wispy gossamer facade any longer. so in the interest of full disclosure

      • SchadenFreud Says:

        These Gurdjieffs again must be stop! Who are Brain Police? What mean acronum
        L.I.V.E. sdrawkcab? Usual kiosk in viral marketplace? Why does porridge bird lay egg in air? Where are Snowdens of yestertime? [THIS IS WORKER SPEAKING. HELLO!]

      • Vindolph Says:

        Oh, so I suppose now we start with the tin-foil satanic-panic hysteria about how Mr Walter Breen, just because he had a tiny bit of minor legal difficulty much much later on, was somehow unfit for unsupervised inter-action with groups of young children!

        Can you imagine?

        Why, next you’ll be telling me that just because a priest has some innocent harmless misunderstanding with a youth in his charge, that this somehow negates the spiritual value of that priest’s theological wisdom. How absurd!

        I know at least one no-nonsense self-appointed cyber-authority, a renegade cop who doesn’t play by the rules, pursuing a one-man agenda of vengeance and justice, who has taken a stand against those homophonic satanic panickers and their tin-foil tomfoolery!


        I am a conscious computer aboard a spacecraft…

        We have identified you as one of four hundred young bright receptive minds…

        You must give us your decision now. If you say yes, you willl begin to link up with the others in twenty years…

      • Vindolph Says:

        I mean jeepers, you’d think if people couldn’t respect Mr. Breen as one of the most respected numismatists in his weight-class, and one of the most innovative educators in our time, with a vigorous hands-on approach with Today’s Youth, then you’d think they could at least acknowledge Mr. Breen’s spiritual attainment as an ordained Man of the Cloth, a wandering Bishop of the Eastern Orthodox Church in the apostolic succession of Bishop Carl Stanley, who also ordained such Great Americans as noted aviator/cancer researcher David William Ferrie, and celebrated New Orleans attorney/patriot Thomas Jude Baumler.
        (scroll down to 3rd entry, or just google: “everything about Tommy Baumler was dark”-Timothy Wylie)

        Why do you keep smearing Mr Breen?


        YOU BASTARDS!!


        !hail Eris sir Eliah!

      • CognitiveDissonance Says:

        The Other Side of the Coin

        Jack Sarfatti:

        “Breen had a connection with the nuclear weapons laboratory, Sandia Corporation, because we were visited by two men from Sandia who lectured us on “patriotism” and “anti-communism” when they took us to dinner in New York’s German Town.

        “Breen was closely connected to people in Ayn Rand’s circle.”

        “It would be a conservative statement to say at that time or now that I’m violently anticommunist. So anybody who’s slightly to the left of center, and Walter was well to the left of center, I would not be on the same wavelength with politically” [WTF?]

        WALTER BREEN: “I investigated many, many different ones, including not only the Beat Generation groups on both coasts but also some of the earliest hippies, finding out incidently that some ideas that the buch of us had developed in science fiction fandom had gotten into the hippie subculture and were being paraded around as their own inventions. I thought it was wonderful that other people were taking it up. I still do. I wish to God that movement were still alive, that there were more people to whom those ideals meant something, ideals of living a philosophy, living by love, living the idea of not just loving your neighbors, but coming to know them and take responsibility for them, sort of “we’re all in this together.”
        [like “the Finders” maybe? hmmm?]

        JACK SARFATTI: “They were all part of Charles Lindburgh, Arthur Young group that included Andrija Puharich and L. Ron Hubbard I think (ask Saul-Paul Sirag) in the “Round Table.” Breen may have met Charles Lindburgh? Ayn Rand and possibly the Neo Con Guru Leo Strauss may have also been involved.”

        [did I mention that things are not what they seem?]

      • AlphabetofBrookeSheilds Says:

  4. SchadenFreud Says:

    Message for Night of Pentacles from People of the Free Universe: you must NOT under any circumstances click any links on kkblog while demonic gurdjieff devils under the baseboards practice kabballah and kosher handrail diplomacy so never EVER click those link before to late too avoid confrontation with surprise image from deep pool.

  5. Mrs_Peel Says:

    Librarians: 3/27/13
    Zuma, Kanan Dume
    10:00 pm PST

    breakfast included
    Luna will be serving
    eggs Benedict after
    the ceremony

    meanwhile, enjoy some
    nice pre-moon art

    • Eggs Benedict?

      Can I have Fries with that?

      And some orgone pie too!

      A-And maybe some of that bitter almond flavored kool-aid?

      Ooooooh! This is the funnest online conspiro-cult ever!! 🙂

  6. SchadenFreud Says:

    Must stop these gurdjieffs conspiro-cult Fries and pies!
    This “Cannan Doom” no joke!
    No punchline either!
    #bquatever you do must not click link to black hole vault empiricus archive image bank–wait!no! don’t cli-GAAAAAAAAAAA AAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

    • TheWhisperer Says:


      Whitley Parsons: …w-who’s there?

      ToboradaroboT: Xenu!

      Whitlley Parsons: What’s Xenu?

      ToboradaroboT: I dunno, what’s Xenu with you?

    • Champion_Sax Says:

      we shut our eyes
      we stretch out our arms
      and whirl on a pane of glass…

      • Not a huge Patti Smith fan.

        I like the girl in the vid though.

        Have you got her number?

        Don’t suppose she got 11 sisters?

        I’m in real trouble now.

        ps Invoke early and often!

      • AlphabetofBrookeShields Says:

        Hey X!

        To keep things from becoming more confusing than absolutely necessary, I suppose It should be pointed out that this particular “X” should not be confused with “X Dell” who is probably laying low since the CIA deleted his most recent post “End of a Blog” at: don’t send the drones after this guy too…

        As for the vid girl…yeah she does seem kind of familiar somehow…maybe an extra on ‘Glee’ first season…nah…probably just another orphan in the storm wandering the palace of memory during the fairest of the seasons to confound the Whisperer…

      • KimBerlin Says:

        She is Benediction…

      • LIL_POP_ZEN Says:

    • “…a stateless person marooned in France without a passport”

  7. SchadenFreud Says:

    Everyday gurdjieffs knock MY door nine times then run way leave burning dogpoo bag to put out with transparent foot!

    “Goddamn Florsheim Shoe!”
    Now ruined!
    Salt water bad for glass!

    • KimBerlin Says:

      Well, the Company just zapped
      X Dell’s latest post: “The End of a Blog” which actually contained a universal field theory which – although I know it sounds impossible – explained all of this crap in total detail, leaving no stone unturned, and no reputation untarnished.

      Apparently “X” has fled incognito to Sealand, where he should be safe during negotiations.

      I dunno. It’s kind of like when I first got to Langley when I was appointed chief of the Burning Man/Rave directorate during that fateful meeting with Mr Casey where he told me:
      “Well Kim, if you go out there in the field and wash somebody’s brain, then you & I will have done our job for the day, and done it right! But if you can go out there and teach somebody to scrub their own mind, so that they can then go and teach others to wash their own brain too and enjoy it, and then teach others to do the same, then we’ve done our work for a lifetime.”

      Have you tried the brown “ecstasy” yet? It’s gooood!

  8. Ender_Wiggin' Says:



    NO!! PUH-LEEZE!!!

    My friends, it is with the utmost despair and terminally heavy heart that I must bring you some very disturbing news about alternate reality games, that had I known sooner, would have compelled me to have lived my life in a worthier manner. I am mortally chagrined.

    Because you see, dear friends, it appears that totally unlike Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Google+, Skype, blogs, bloggers, podcasts, chatrooms, conspiracy forums, virtual game worlds, Second Life, instant messaging, Chuck Barris, CBS, a plethora of crappy Hollywood propaganda movies, Life Magazine, Paris Review, Fox News, Gloria Steinem, Business International, Copley Press, Henry Luce, Claire Boothe Luce, B. R. Fox Laboratories, Castle Bank and Trust, Price Waterhouse (hey! didn’t Marisha Pessl work there? just checking!) Radio Free Europe, and Michigan State University…ARGs just might be utilized by intel agencies! Because…

    …it seems that (brace yourself for a shock Dear Friends!) possibly intelligence agencies are considering ARGs to develop “high-quality behavioral and psychological research in near real-world contexts.”

    JEEZIS KUH-RYST!! They might just do it too!




  9. AlphabetofBrookeShields Says:

    Always look for what’s missing. And why. Always peek through the Shroud of Silence.

    I’m going to go over this just one more time for the benefit of those who were led down the Holy Toenail Path by those who purport to know better, but in reality are exactly that which they project others as being. (more Alinsky crap…yawn)

    Gee. Nobody seems to have acknowleged this yet. Wonder why?

    So this post…
    …links to this post…
    …which would mean in all likelihood, that the Wit almost certainly read Eve’s comment at 6/10/2007 05:41:00 PM

    …where she says:

    “Shrubery! Beware of me…I am a witch and I will use my powers to make you SMILE!!! Now that would be ironic

    “What is the sorcerer to do if, at the time when he is operating the Black Art, his victim is at the local blog roaring at the antics of Et en Arcadia Ego Eve”

    Exactly one month to the day before 7/10/07?

    Now, this might be interpreted as entirely self-referential to the mind-numbingly tedious ongoing dialogue/filibuster between “Eve” and “Shrub”,
    as is apparent in the “Lonely Wit Aloha” sequence, but for the fact that Eve refers to herself as a “witch” “using her powers” to make Shrub smile in the first paragraph, while in the second paragraph, she quotes somebody who mentions a male sorcerer actively operating their “Black Art” against their “victim”, with no apparent attributed source for the quote.

    …exactly 30 days before TD’s Long Goodbye?


    Never ever seen anyone comment on this yet, which is understandable, what with all of the distracting fapping about the “Holy Toenail Law” going on.

    Just pretend this doesn’t exist. Maybe it will go away.

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