An interesting post at DE333 on 2/6/10

which refers to this forum where the Incunabula material is discussed:

This was DE333’s big indictment of Joseph Matheny as all round Dr Moriarity/Anti-Christ/Windom Earle internet thug/terrorist.

At least back when DE333 was pushing that narrative. Flip-flop.

Scroll down to the last five or six paragraphs, which describe the alleged online harassment. It seems that a small group of about a half-dozen Incunabula “players” felt uncomfortable with the presence of “very strange trollers lurking around”. Soon, as they communicated amongst themselves and inquired further into what ever was going on, the group allegedly began to experience prolonged harassment and defamation.

A particular focus of vicious harassment and smear campaigns, was the group’s leader, a female known as “H”, who was employed as a paralegal.

That’s right. Lemme run that by again for those who might be on drugs, or otherwise impaired:

I said: “a female paralegal known as “H”.

(yeah, just how many paralegals are there in this fucking narrative anyway? Guessin’ it ain’t Eve/Beth, so that leaves…?)

“H” as in Helen? Hannah? Heddy?

How ’bout Harla? “H” as in H-A-R-L-A?


Like Cynthia Garcia aka Harla Quinn?
Cynthia S Garcia


Well anyway, they (the Incunabula inner circle, allegedly Matheny etc) supposedly really hated “H”, and hijacked her identity, making it look like she had said things that she hadn’t said, with the effect of making her appear to be “schizophrenic”.

Uh, would that include a synchronized effort to deride and harass this “H”, and characterize her as a vicious gamejacker accused of the very activities that were first attributed to Matheny & company in the posts linked above, nine years ago, and apparently still going on, as witnessed here:

Still after “H”, Ty Brown aka DE333?

And what does that make you exactly, Mr Ty Brown/DE33 of Nashville Tennessee?

Joe Matheny’s fluffer?

Run along now, impotent little man!

Go ooze back into your spider hole!

Go delete your blog like you always do!


Before everyone
sees you for


17 Responses to “BEHIND THE CURTAIN”

  1. Champion_Sax Says:

    “Matheny is an awesome human being, far removed from a caricature bad guy.”–some dumbass who dislikes “Artists messing with people’s minds on corporate money”. (or some such chirpy froth) And yet works for Ben Mack. And evidently sees no irony. In. That.

    Or, as Richard Bandler was famously overheard to exclaim to Robert Anton Wilson at a very hip Santa Cruz party during the Four-Pea sponsored Kemper-Mullin Memorial Barbecue: “Straight shot to the side pocket and that’s all she wrote! Can’t live with ’em, can’t live with ’em! Coke whores? I need that like a hole in the head! Get out of jail free card. See? Eye! Eh?”

    Or something like that. How soon we forget. *sigh*

    • Champion_Sax Says:

      Well, big Joe be gettin’ fluffed real good again!

      OMG! NO! (gasp!) N-not the standard documentation-free kidkenoma-is-an-internet-predator letter that we predicted would soon be appearing in this comment back on 2/14/13.

      As usual, verrry predictable.

      Shorter DE: “Waaaah! I’m still relevant! I figured everything out! You must believe me! You must! Waaah! There’s no ARG! I duped myself by the Holy Toenail Law! Waah! I’m still a chump! Waaaah! I was a vicitm! I had a meltdown because somebody sent me moronically confusing emails! Oh god it was SO terrible! Waaah! Please send donations so I can keep up the good work! Waaah!”

      • LIL_POP_ZEN Says:

        Remember the Dreamsend3 Twitter account?

        228 tweets, of which at least 70 were negative Kidkenoma references, and/or the increasingly desperate KK-is-Matheny narrative that he thought was so clever at the time. So, how’d that work out for you, Ty? You and Zapem still sharing porn links?

        But then, big Joe gave DE333 the real scoop…

        Yes he did! (LOL) : -)

      • KimBerlin Says:

        Well, I’m glad that everybody is so smug and all, ridiculing the latest Dreamsend post. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, but then, suddenly, it was clear as day!

        Tina Delgado…Cynthia Garcia?

        Get it? Two vaguely spic-sounding names. Both first names contain the letters “i” and “a”. Both last names contain the letters “G” and “A”.

        Do I have to spell it out for you?

        Can’t you see that this is obviously the monstrous internet predator!

        Some people say that according to unamed sources close to the investigation, that this Garcia person was the real-life model for the character Keyser Souse in the film ‘The Usual Suspects’, targeting a series of victims across the internet, leaving only the lifeless shell of a dried withered husk, which she then devoured before going on to similarly kill and devour everybody who was related to the victim, or friends, or acquaintences, or people they owed money to, or even heard their name once, or ever followed their twitter timeline. As if none of them ever existed.

        For God’s sake people! Wake up before it’s too late!

        The mere fact of lack of evidence, or any trace of the victims ever even existing, is the very proof of these monstrous predators’ blatent guilt!

        Don’t be duped by their flunkies and lackeys in Law Enforcement and the Judicial system when they try to come on with all of this “not enough evidence” bullshit!

        These people must be stopped!


      • LIL_POP_ZEN Says:

        By the way, did DE333 ever stop beating his wife?

        Just checking! 🙂

      • KimBerlin Says:

        Psycho Teacher still at large!

        Vatican elects new Holy Toenail!

        Ham sandwich indicts Grand Jury!

        Bat eating spiders are everywhere!

        (only Antarctica is safe!)

  2. Announcement
    for those of you
    who are just never
    going to get it

    For those who still,
    think this is all a game.

    It is not a game that you’re
    confusing with reality

    it’s Art.

    Art that will blur the lines of division
    even as it brings things into focus

    it is the Royal Art
    it will get up in your face
    and live rent-free in your head

    it will impinge
    it will supplant
    it will subvert
    it will prevail

    it doesn’t need your permission or approval
    it is everything you feared it might be
    and everything else besides

    not on the usual maps
    not part of the regular cirriculum
    not on the beaten track
    or off either

    and yeah
    you might think it’s confusing
    but it’s a lot cheaper than
    a real apocalypse

  3. KimBerlin Says:


    FRICK: So whaddaya think about that new Crying Wolfe Blog post?

    FRACK: Who? Zapem’s lapdog? Just when ya think he can’t stoop no lower, he goes and reblogs a DE333 post. That’s Stack, he never disappoints!

    FRICK: Ya figure he’ll buy that whole C.S. Garcia=Kidkenoma thing?

    FRACK: WTF? Look. This is the same moron that gave all of his crucial personal information to Joel Pollack, and then starts a blog just so he can whine and snivel about the functional implications of that ill-advised decision: “I’m a martyr! Waaaah! Donate today! Waaaah!”

    And then goes on to host the great Terje Lie dox as “It’sgettingbleeker” at Qritiq’s blog.

    What do you think?

    • PiousFlea Says:

      I think that for maybe the first time, that Ann Coulter was right “these Tea Baggers are all pussies”

  4. Never really had cause to stop by here before. But the time has come.

    Awake Undine!




  5. LIL_POP_ZEN Says:

    …enough to base a movie on…

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