There’s a good chance that if you got this far, that you very well might have already seen X Dell’s page, but if not, you might just want to check out his current series. It’s a focused look at some dark mysteries as seen through fresh non-partisan eyes. Well worth your time.



16 Responses to “TIMELY MUST READ”

  1. Kid_RebeIIion Says:

    Here’s some highlights from Seth Allen/Socrates/Pervpostericity’s tweets today:


    socrates @perpostericity
    Kid Kenoma/Tina Delgado also
    harassed me circa 2007-09
    (tough to recall dates) @
    HuffPo’s original blog Debate
    Both Sides @FoolishReporter

    Socrates @Perpostericity
    I think Kid Kenoma is OR. Why
    Wouldn’t KK be on Twitter? And
    when he [sic] posted as anon at
    DFQ2 it was the same craziness. @FoolishReporter

    [The “OR” that @Pervpostericity refers to is
    apparently @OccupyRebellion, who is interchangable with KidKenoma in @P’s “mind”.
    He’s been trying to sell this tidy little idea to Patterico for several days now. Will Paddy buy it? Well, just how stupid is Patterico? We shall see…]

    socrates @Prepostericity
    Sometimes but rarely OR seems
    half-normal. The pattern of its
    Voice (a distorted lyricism?) do
    remind me of KK.

    …and from @FoolishReporter’s TL:

    Hugh Briss @FoolishReporter
    @Prepostericity the only thing
    relevant about that seemed to be
    a pastebin that alluded to the
    fact [sic] that KK was good at
    finding…(continued 2nd tweet)
    mentally unstable people and
    pushing them over edge. seems
    like that dynamic has been in
    play in most of this crap

    [Like convolution? Yeah, me too.
    Also irony. Big heaps of it. So here
    we have the rather delicious irony of
    these mooks quoting Neal’s pastbin which
    is in turn quoting Dreamsend333’s classic documentation-free “kidkenoma-is-an-internet-predator” letter that he compulsively sends
    to anyone that he suspects might be in contact with KK. He just can’t help himself.]

    And speaking of mediocracy:

    Hugh Briss @FoolishReporter
    @Prepostericity often wondered if this isnt some elaborate ARG being played for inscrutable reasons.

    […yawn…] and:

    Hugh Briss @FoolishReporter
    @prepostericity only know of
    dreams end tangentially. kid
    kenoma was the one that put
    a decent mindfuck on me

    [We are indeed sorry to hear that. Although frankly, we have no idea of what FR is talking about. Look on the bright side: at least it was a decent mindfuck. An elaborate ARG it was…

    Many years in the planning. No expense was spared.

    Definitely something to be feared.

    It’s probably coming for you next!

    Just wait until The King in Yellow gets here…



  2. Schadenfreud Says:

    These Repooblicans is strange peoples. Not sure I overstand. Mr. Gurdjieff say it were be creepy. He wright. Entirely.


    • Yes, the Big G was right.

      Verrrrry creepy

      Republican Rape and Reproductive humor



      By the way, is Breitbart still dead?


      Just checking! 🙂

      • Schadenfreud Says:

      • PiousFlea Says:

        I am SO pissed, goddammit!

        I’m gonna sue that lying sack of shit Chris Faraone aka @Fara1 at the Boston Phoenix!

        You won’t get away with lying like that you fucking weasel!!!!!

        No, I’m not talking about Faraone’s excellent series on the Nadia Naffe case, or his dead-on accurate characterization of Patterico, James O’Keefe, and Aaron Worthing as the worthless criminal scumbags that they are.

        Nor would I quibble with his very accurate portrait of that brain-damaged, toothless criminal cocksucker, Seth Allen.

        No, my problem is with the title of Faraone’s new book: “I Killed Andrew Breitbart”.

        I call bullshit on Faraone here, because I know for a fact that *I* killed Breitbart!!

        ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME!

        Nailed that asshole with a poison ice cream cone (pistacio) just down the street from his stupid bloated house.

        No way did Faraone have anything to do with it!

        And don’t try to Christian me out of the reward money either, Faraone!

        When my team of Holy Toenail Lawyers is thru with you, you’ll be nothing but jellied consumé, you lying unethical schmuck!!!!!

        I’ll get you if it’s the last th-GAAAHHH!!!!!

      • That’s total bullshit flea, and you know it.

        ‘Twas I who snuffed the rank, bloated adnoid we called Breitbart. Neither you or Faraone were there, SO KEEP YR GREASY PAWS OFFA MY REWARD MONEY GODDAMMIT!!

        You spelled “pistachio” wrong too. So there.

        Anyway, I gotta get ready for #operationidesofmarch at #blogsmash2013.

        Texas Tim got a GPS read on the phones of @ali @aaronworthing @rsmccain @stranahan and that grotesque shit-sucking FBI informant that beats down on little girls as “security” enforcement.

        The specialists hired by Mr Soros will then recalibrate those GPS signals into our drone’s tidy little memory archives in time for the big event.

        Should be epic LULZ

      • What was it that Col. Kurtz had scrawled across the last page of his report at the end of ‘Apocalypse Now’?

        Oh yeah!

        Bee seeing you…

      • Sheddep_Y'Mouk Says:

        In my capacity as Imam of the caliphate of New Jersey, I hearby decree by the sacred Holy Toenail Law (which now supplants your local municipal code, and even Sharia law itself, by order of O-bomb-a), that all are now forbidden to use the word “trend” as a verb, particularly if the suffiix “ing” is attached.

        Also, no more “Gangnam”. I don’t EVER want to hear about that shit again, or there will be reprecussions. You know, like drones ‘n shit. Got that?

        As for #blogsmash2013, all I can say is, “I love the smell of napalm in the morning”

    • Schadenfreud Says:

      Is again time year that the Gurdjieffs leave body at night to kill enemy with darkdream. Last year smite Breitbat this year who no? Greece must pay!


  3. Attention Librarians:
    3/1/13 MCA DV
    1485 Delgany St.
    Near LoDo
    Bee there 🙂

  4. Special delivery!

    Urgent easy-to-understand message for Dreamsend333!

  5. MelissaPotnia Says:

    Secrets of the Bees

    death to HIV


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