For those landing here after a close, and possibly confusing encounter with ‘The Last Statue’, perhaps a few words of clarification are in order…

–the @kidkenoma/Jeanine Salla Twitter account has no connection whatsoever to Kidkenoma’s Blog or ‘The Last Statue’. Same deal for the “Obermeyer777” blog run by the same blandly parasitic entity. Anything found posted there may be reliably assumed to be the exact opposite of reality. Both the kidkenoma twitter account, and the Obermeyer777 blog have been inert for quite some time.

–TLS is not a game. It IS a puzzle. It IS a Memory Palace. It is an open source, chance operation divinatory implement, possibly analogous to I Ching, Tarot cards, scrying stones, alchemystic woodcuts, or those “8 ball” things with the words that appear on the bottom, but it’s NOT a fucking game.

However, with a mixture of drugs, apophenia, and rampant unbridled paranoia, anyone (like Rigorous Intuition, Dreamsend333 etc) could probably hallucinate a pretty good ARG–if that’s your idea of a good time–but it’s still not a game.

Now, ‘Crying of Lot 49’, ‘House of Leaves’, ‘Twin Peaks’, and ‘Mulholland Drive’ – THOSE are games.

–TLS is only partially posted. It is an incomplete work online thus far. About 1/3 of it is posted so far, the rest to be uploaded posthumously.

–And yes, the editing is…well, nonexistent basically, with sudden jumps in setting and character…sort of analogous to the “missing scene” cards, and flagrantly nonlinear editing in ‘The Last Movie’, which after all, seems to have something to do with the content of TLS. And so it is with the utmost regret that I must concede, that unlike Grand Master Licio Gelli, I will probably never be nominated for a Nobel Prize in literature, inasmuch as I do so desperately seek the recognition of ruthless, amoral munitions barons who gladly utilized copious “labor resources” from Auschwitz, before, during and after the fact.

Such is life.

Go figure.


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