…way back into the brain
back where there’s never any pain
and the rain falls gently on the town
and over the heads of all of us
and in the labyrinth of streams
beneath the quiet unearthly presence
of gentle hill dwellers
in the gentle hills around
reptiles abounding
fossils…caves…cool air heights…

–Mr. Mojo Risin’

we’re gonna raise up the ghosts
of the Topanga Canyon freaks
gettin’ stronger from the heat
and burnt from the meat
that we didn’t eat last week

you want hallucinations and signs?
go and have mine
we’ve got a lot of work to do
sometime around nine
as the moon begins to shine
we’re gonna come looking for you

gonna take you back to ’72
that’s what I’m gonna do
in a tequila-soaked backseat
gonna die a little each day
and make our own way
to the heros down the street
got scars & designs
& holes in my mind
and the cameras begin to roll
we’re gonna save up time
build up our minds
and then we’re gonna save your soul

got a side door entry
to the 21st century
for the Topanga Canyon freaks
gonna take a ramble
on a midnight gamble
that it all won’t go to the meek
we’ll take it by land
roll the taco stand
and wait till guns are drawn
turn on the charm
defuse the alarm
and move on

it’s 2001
but before we’re done
we’re gonna take it back to ’69
the streets are clean
the money’s lean
and we got a lot of Thunderbird wine

we’ll wait outside of your drive
look for signs of life
and then we’ll drive away
we don’t fuss
but from the looks of us
you’ll know we’re ready to play

your mom was 17
when it started to get mean
by Mullholland Drive
now you’re 22
and there’s not much
you wouldn’t do
to feel more alive

we got the faded old photos
and nowhere to go
but we drive until we drop
we just push the line
an inch at a time
until we’re forced to stop

–Steve Wynn


68 Responses to “JANE DOE #59”

  1. http://mansonatwar.tumblr.com/post/17322594222/is-suzanne-scott-jane-doe-59-suzanne-scott-was

    Here’s a nifty little Manson blog that will “finally lay to rest the ‘Manson Myth’ created by the media and prosecution…”

    You know, those ridiculous and scurrilous assertions that Charlie was in any way involved in anything illegal, or unwholesome. At last! An end to the lies besmirching the reputation of this great spiritual leader and environmentalist! Thank you Jeezis!

    Jane Doe…was she really Suzanne Scott?

    Let’s see…

    –Went to Mendocino with Susan Atkins and Patricia Krenwinkle? – CHECK

    –Photographed (possibly) at Baker Ranch? – CHECK

    –Mugshot pic at Spahn Ranch? – CHECK

    –Jane Doe #59 corpse identified as “girl who was at Spahn Ranch” by Spahn Ranch caretaker? – CHECK

    There! Glad to have cleared that up!

    As you can see by this devastating piece of debunkery, there couldn’t have been any culpability on the part of Charles & co, other than in the minds of tin-foil kook fundamentalist X-ians like Ed Sanders and Maury Terry!






  2. PiousFlea Says:

    Here’s a no-nonsense Jehovah’s Witness who is not fooled in the least by bogus Mike Warnke level SRA straw man satanism that has no other purpose than to be debunked with the hope that the debunkation will extend to other, perhaps less ridiculous examples (like the Finders for instance–remember debunking the Finders Vindalf? DE3? hmmmm?). But there is a difference between honest skepticism and gatekeeping damage control. A distinction apparently lost on those moron “debunkers” Vindalf and Dreamsend3 that Kid linked to way back in the earliest pages of this very blog. This particular Jehovah’s Witness seemed to make a distinction between reality and fantasy without the kneejerk spin evinced by the aforementioned “debunkers”.

    After all, he’d been to Topanga. (Canoga Park too)


  3. Kidkenoma Says:

    I really haven’t seen Vindalf or DE333 around much lately.

    They did team up for a while there to debunk those pesky rightwing satanic-panic tin-foil conspiracy wingnut trolls who were responsible for all–and I mean ALL accounts of occult ritualists who might possibly be involved in illicit activity, and by their kooky tin-foil wingnut disinfo, had brought on a tidal wave of violence and ruination upon untold millions of harmless, innocent nature lovin’ spiritual seekers.

    Oh, the humanity!

    Also, most vehemently denied, was the possiblity that any of this, anytime, ever, had anything to do with covert intel ops. I mean, c’mon, just because Grady McMurtry, Poke Runyon, Robert deGrimston, and Michael Aquino were all high-ranking military and/or intel operatives who presided over very sinister themed occult organizations, wouldn’t be an indication of anything shady going on now would it?

  4. “certain star-crossed research at Lawrence Livermore labs”


    “star struck, she became the Star of Darkness”

    “Baron Harringa”>”Wilfred Smith”

    • Gosh, what a small world! Coincidence springs forth at every turn.

      Uh, isn’t Joseph Matheny’s “real” name “Michael Kelly”, with one “E” instead of two? Just wondered.


      • Heh. Matheny? Harla Quinn? I forget which one is supposed to be moi currently, but here’s Mr. Ong’s Asshat outing himself as Mike Kelly, not to be confused with Mike Kelley with 2 “E”s.


        If it’s the same one, it shouldn’t worry DE333 too much, since his “occult expert” Vindalf has declared the O.T.O., the Process, and the Temple of Set as being completely harmless, and in fact the vanguard of enlightened spiritual seekers unfairly maligned by mean people like that unscrupulous Ed Sanders just to sell books, including his string of gargantuan bestsellers that have been dominating the NY Times bestseller list since the mid-70s. Hard-hitting bestsellers like ‘Tales of Beatnik Glory’, ‘1968: A History in Verse’, ‘Glyphs’, ‘The Cutting Prow’, and so many more, for which the movie rights bidding war is still raging past the $750 million mark. Not to mention the hit mega-platinum album ‘Beer Cans on the Moon’.

        However, the most insidious act commited by this vile self-serving slanderer of spiritual seekers, was his clandestine takeovers of the Greely Colorado ‘Daily Tribune’, and the Long Beach California ‘Independent Press-Telegram’ , which he accomplished by traveling back in time to December of 1969, two years prior to the publication of ‘The Family’ (in one of those Ong’s Hat fuck-pod time-craft no doubt!) just so he could smear innocent pet rescuers!

        Is NOTHING sacred!??


      • Kidkenoma Says:

        A different Michael Kelly apparently. Not Joseph Matheny.

        The TOS Kelly seems to physically resemble Karl Rove a bit, and writes heroic novels like ‘Dragonscales’, which as far as I can tell, chronicles the swords ‘n sorcery doings of the groovy guyz ‘n galz of the Manx people (not the cats) who seek to build a superior civilization without all of those pesky dark-skinned freeloaders expecting “entitlements” and Obama Phones. Or something.

        If you google up Kelly’s “Draconian Rune Poem” on youtube, it is–I think you will agree (as difficult to imagine as it might be) every bit as lethally tedious as any Joe Matheny podcast.

        And as I’m sure you all well know, Joe sets the bar pretty high!

        Just got back from Vegas, where Ed Sanders is kicking off his 2012 global tour. We scored second row seats, and it was just awesome!

        Naturally, just about everybody in The Biz was frantically scrambling to get on board, which was why Nicki Minaj, Celine Dion, Jay-Z, Soft Cell, Radio Werewolf, and Slayer were all on the opening bill.

        What a night!

  5. “The director of a film promoting the late conservative media provocateur Andrew Breitbart said that his movie’s anticipated release date has been pushed back after the Motion Picture Association of America gave it an “R” rating for vulgar language.

    “Oddly enough, he’s blaming the Congressional Black Caucus.

    “The film was originally scheduled to debut on October 12, but had to be pushed back until October 19 to give the producers time to appeal its rating.”


    October 19th?? WTF?

    That totally sucks! This just ruins everything! WE WERE PLANNING ON OCTOBER 12th!!Grrrrr…this make Tea Bagger mad!!! Grrrr…


  6. http://www.johngilmore.com/Celebrities/dennishopper.html

    “Frequent parties took place in Hollywood at a small alleyway house on Melrose near La Cienega.”

    “Everyone was stoned and cheap wine flowed by the gallons.”

    “…and the sex orgies just happened – no particular cue – blooming on the big old movie-prop couch or on the mattress in the narrow step-down bedroom where the walls were painted with black sunrises and people hanged by the neck and women being skinned alive.”

    “Blonde Tuesday Weld was barely fourteen but made her appearance at these gatherings, as did producer Norman Jolly’s daughter, Judy Jolly, an energetic girl who was drawn to Dennis’s “torn and twisted monologues.”

    “Dennis (Hopper) was urinating on the side of the kitchen range while tapping his foot to the music. Squatting beside me against the wall in the living room, Jack (Nicholson) watched Dennis and said, “A guy that keeps telling you how sick he is and doing numbers to make you think he is sick, for whatever reasons. I mean, this guy doesn’t have to knock himself out to prove it…”

    • Yeah, well Hopper wasn’t the only one. Such lithesome 14 yr old nubile nymphets were also popular with Lawrence Livermore MK-ULTRA madmen as well. Or so I heard.

      “The same month as (Pat) Price’s death, Andrija Puharich was hosting a visit by Ira Einhorn and Holly Maddux at his “Turkey Farm” in Ossining, New York, where they witnessed a fourteen-year old child in a remote viewing session “visit” the Pentagon, the White House, and the Kremlin.”

      ‘Sinister Forces Book Three’ by Levenda
      page# 327

  7. seven and seven is?

  8. This seems to be the chat room so I thought I’d stop by with a couple of observations on what might be going on here.

    I have to admit that I didn’t get it at first. It seemed like a random maze of colours, numbers (7, 14, 49) and linked associations. But viewed as a sequential linear/nonlinear memetic sigil narrative, I now see the post entitled Moon Over Damcar is the key. After repeated listens to the video entitled “Lunar Society” (WTF??) by Modell Doo, I noticed that at 1:13 a sort of dialogue begins between two sampled voices utilized in a manner not unlike that recommended by William Burroughs in his “Invisible Generation” essay. The voices explain how jetstreams shape weather conditions forming stormfronts with rain and wind. Then at 2:44
    voice #1: “a fine breeze”
    voice #2: “a threat of wind”
    voice #1: “a small gale”
    voice #2: “a storm”
    at 3:16 another voice: “winter snow-summer squalls…jet stream air-current”
    Then, at 3:25 yet another voice: “MAYDAY! MAYDAY! …146…47[47%?]…we’re getting into a life raft here–we’re goin’ down!”

    Which brings us to the video at the bottom of the post entitled “Horns of Tristero” by the Slumber Party, which is an early stylized animation of the sinking of the Lusitania. More like the sinking of the “Slumber Party” by the horns of Tristero, which some say is analogous if not identical to the L.A. Lunar Society. If Karl Rove only knew!

  9. Anybody heard from kk?

    Remember back around the time of the RNC? The kk screenplay ‘Tampa On’? Another spy in the house of love?

    From ‘Tampa On’:

    She said “ciao” at the corner of Acacia & Valencia, according to the technician. Now, I think it would be beneficial if we could appreciate how an asocial provincial beautician like Marcia Garcia, would associate the official racial pronunciation by the politician’s crucially beneficial mathemetician in that special artificial Cialis commercial, with the excurciating sciatic disassociation now masked by the facially glacial expression of renunciatory sacrificial apathy, like the very sociable infomercial physician’s (or was he a pediatrician?) magician-like, but superficially, musicianesque insouciance back at the estancia…

  10. I saw the DFQ references to kk. a desperate cry for attention from Socrates/Seth Allen/Prepostericity? why else would he be spewing about kk?

    how desperate could somebody be for attention? here’s soc accusing himself of stalking. oh yes, THAT desperate:

    is soc a Republican bitch? that’s what they say at pffugee camp

    is soc an untalented racist misogynistic pedophile troll? ask the Beak and Donal

  11. 11:11…

    “It is not down on any map; true places never are.” – Herman Melville

    “Place is something the soul makes for storing images.” – Albertus Magnus

  12. Very tidy summation. I hope Paddy Pathetico likes it!

  13. Some thought Sandy was overrated.

    Some thought Sandy was a literary conceit.

    Some think Sandy doesn’t exist at all.


    It’s OK with Sandy.

    • They say that no woman is an island. But was her name ‘Sandy’ or ‘Sable’? And if she’s not an island, does that mean she’s a starr? Does she even exist? Do you? If a tree falls in the forest, does the branch llibrary re-open?

      • Don’t believe any of that tripe up at Huff-Po. They may have a respectable Arts&Culture department, but their geo and topographic reporting still sucks. Of course Sandy is a real island as documented here in volume XLVI of The Anglo-American Cyclopedia pages 111 to 114. The central government in Sapphopolis, which consists of a council presided over by an informal assembly known only as the “Weather Witches”, will hopefully be amused at the speculation of their nonexistence. If perchance, they are NOT amused, as in their recent exhibition of elemental displeasure at a certain American political candidate, then one might well contemplate rethinking that speculation.

        Fact or Ficciones?

        Is Sandy real?

        More real than you might think…

      • “It is not down on any map; true places never are.” – Melville

      • Not to be confused with Mlejnas, which is famous for the Invention of Morel.

      • et tu Casares?


        but who invented Morell?

        unlike Petraeus and Allen Dulles, but like William J. Casey, Morell’s wiki bio lists no parents or family. almost as if he’d sprung right up out of the ground. very mysterious. (probably a fictional character anyways) must go to llibrary to verify as soon as I tidy up.

        I lay claim in this novel to the essential features of all games: symmetry, arbitrary rules, tedium…

      • Morell was invented by OHIO, where bear’s buzz bothers bees.

      • I play my part on my stage.

        I tell what I can to form the perfect answer.

        But that answer cannot come before all are ready to hear.

        So I tell what I can to form the perfect answer.

        Sometimes my anger at the fire is evident.

        Sometimes it is not anger, really.

        It may appear as such, but could it be a clue?

        The fire I speak of is not a kind fire.

      • “My Tres Jolie House in France taken over by Satan Worshippers 2004”

  14. Da! Goot show trial at @Pinochettico!

    #WAR! on Stalinist comrade @qritiq!

    Ignorance is strength!

    Freedon is slavery!

    Up is down!

    Foxnews is reality!

    Very Prudent @Pathetico!

    Very Prudent indeed! Da!

    (must go tidy up now!)

  15. JudgeDread Says:

    WALKER vs KIMBERLIN dismissed!

    Aw, it looks like those adorable little pirate #hashtags didn’t help. Just like the election. LOL Not since Rove lost Ohio and everything else, have I seen such cluelessness. : -)

    Hey, dumbasses! It’s #war! alright, and you lost it fuckheads. Once again. Wimps.

    Judgement Day for Pathetico coming soon, probably after the massive upcoming doxdump of detailed records of Frey blogging and tweeting on the Company clock. Tsk-tsk. Witness intimidation and evidence tampering? Tsk-tsk.

    Viva Karoli!

    Oh, and will someone out there in Twitterland talk to #Perpostericity or something? His 15 minutes of fame are long over and he’s still cluelessly stumbling around touting his own imagined self-importance: “I coulda been a contenduh…bleh…” with no takers.

    Nobody wants to talk to a fake lefty Republican bitch.

    It’s lonely in Palookaville.

  16. There’s a special message, in fact, two special messages for DE333 in this painting.

    Can you guess which ones they are?


  17. Attn Librarians:
    12/14/12 Tara Topanga 9:00pm PST
    private gate
    (access code at Crispis account)
    New Moon Hecate Nightside
    Dark Glamour

    On 2/22/12 we convened to deal with the Breitbart problem.
    On 10/15/12 we convened to respond to the Romney/Rove/Ryan agenda.

    This Friday night primary target will be those behind the Margaras domain issue. Bring plenty of change for The Parking Meter, as no quarter will be given.

  18. Librarians: Destiny Rising
    1/27/13 10:10 pm PST
    Private gate
    see Crispis account for
    access code

  19. LIL_POP_ZEN Says:


  20. “I’m playing the villain, baby, just like you want.”

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