10 Responses to “COMING OCTOBER 12th…”

  1. Let’s just stop and review the chronology here for a second, shall we?

    on 9/3/12, eight days before the 11th

    Studio six? Lord of Light? C.I.A.? Fake low-budget movie? Embassy attack? ‘Argo’? October 12th??

    “The ice is gonna break!”
    “I can see for miles…”
    “nam daed no em nrut”

  2. MarciaGarcia Says:

    “Mad movie, be there”

  3. Review of Dylan song:
    “Early Roman Kings”


    It begins with Romulus, if you want to know, historically speaking. He is one of the legendary early Roman Kings (753-717).  Dylan describes the “new” Early Roman Kings for us; they are bow-tied and brassed and booted and blinged and essentially spatted. They are the guys that all the girls want to be with.  You see them coming. They are sluggers and muggers, lecherous and treacherous, he warns yet still all of us women are just still going crazy for these new early Roman Kings. Just what has come over us, I wonder.  Is it the bling, the boots, the costume, the outfit, what? Surely not the criminal element, or what sounds to be criminal (I don’t want no mugger, thanks you can keep it anyway).  These guys are decked out. As to Dylan, he may or may not be one of them – I can’t tell. He tells us, “I ain’t dead yet. My bell still rings. I keep my fingers crossed like the early Roman kings.” In other words, if you cross your fingers, you don’t really mean it. Or maybe it’s a finger-crossing of a promise (“I’ll keep my fingers crossed and wish for the best” sort of thing). Who knows. He’s either hoping or fibbing or both or hoping he doesn’t get caught in a fib.

    What about the real first Early Roman Kings: They were basically final arbiter in all – they could judge, legislate, officiate, they were head of state, commander in chief, owner of the law who worked with the help of two criminal detectives (back when).  These “new” Early Roman Kings about whom Dylan uses the work “muggers and sluggers” (maybe these are his hired thugs, his two detectives).  Well, he could mean that any number of ways: you can mug someone in a more civilized legal way and get away with it as anyone who has been to court well knows. It all depends on how things go. Here Dylan makes himself final arbiter. He has the power. He will decide just as the early Roman (and new) kings decide and decided.  Note, the king was also head of the national religion and so was also Chief Priest.  Here is Dylan laying down the law of the land and his own special brand of voodoo…

  4. Romney Shoots Kid!

    Only a 47%er. No big deal.

    Now the campaign is really getting under way!

    I can’t wait till they “unleash” Lyin’ Ryan.

    Maybe at the next orgy/fundraiser, or out by the Seymour Durst memorial firing range at Untermyer.

  5. MarciaGarcia Says:

    A client of mine, a certain Mr. Z-man, down in Nuevo Laredo, is sending a delegation of representitives up here to confer presents upon certain selected members of the Norte Americano conservative blogging community for services rendered.

    We have addresses for a Lee Stranahan and Brandon Darby, but not quite sure about, DMatthewStewart, Mandy Nagy, or Michelle Lessick.

    I am informed that the PiousFlea, who posts here, has files on all of these folks.

    Care to share? Mr. Z-man would be soooo grateful. Thanks.

    • Yep. I has files. Lookin’ at a very detailed map of route to @dmatthewstewart right now. Got the others too. Just post your e-address on Kid’s Aelia Laliea Crispis account and we’ll shoot that right to you. In no way would I want to stand between these fine folks and what they’ve got coming to them. LOL

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