Please Mitt, although I am sure that Ali Akbar & Lee Stranahan & Robert Stacy McCain & Pat Dollard will certainly be of assistance, we desperately need immediate funding for our proposed death squads in order to defend ourselves from vicious Libtard thugs & knee-grow kids wearing hoodies & uppity slut-women who challenge decent God-given Patriarchial values, and of course, the homos, who are all trying to silence our brave Warriors For Truth. We are hoping you will come to our assistance in the same manner that you have helped other worthy charitable causes in the past, such as your investment partnership with the Salaverria, de Sola, Poma, and Dueñas clans in El Salvador.

We know you’re on the Right side, eh?

May the angel Moroni bless you. Hie to Kolob!

“We in the trenches will fight encroaching Leftism to the last man. We will show no quarter to traitors who lurk within our ranks.” Whoa dude, these guys must be Federalists. Patriarchy rules!

Ahhh! Sublime tonal perfection as only a true Patriarch can lay it down. U rock bro! Yeah!! It’s a real #Undead Revolution! Woot!

Meanwhile, back in the Trenches…


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