11 Responses to “UP ON THE SUN”

  1. ErinGorba Says:


  2. Anaheim police shooting protestors.

    Picket Disneyland!

  3. Erin_Gorba Says:

    Mmmmmmmm…Fresh chicken plucked from the hellish fecal-smeared cage in a state of maximum pain and fear, and then beheaded and butchered and plucked and pressure-cooked and fried in grease and MSG.


    MSG? Yum! No Obama-appointed commie faggot is gonna regulate how much MSG I consume ever! And THBQ and carcinogenic food coloring too!

    So there!

    And obviously, Jesus hates chickens almost as much as queers, or else he wouldn’t have them be tortured in such painful and unhygenic conditions.

    Mysterious are the ways of The Lord.

    And thank the Lord for antibiotics. Because Lord knows there’s plenty of antibiotics in Chick-Fil-A to keep the residual fecal viral index to an acceptable level, and to add a delectable counterpoint to the plentiful MSG and TBHQ. Yummy!

    And I don’t care if it’s not good enough for those hoity-toity fancy-ass faggot Libtard “goumets”! Sarah likes it, and that’s good enough for me!


    So remember, fellow God-Fearin’, queer bashing patriots and Warriors for Freedumb, eat more Chick-Fil-A! If it tastes like chicken, then it probably is chicken! Have some today! Eat till it hurts! (or till your ass bleeds–whichever comes first)

    You deserve it!

  4. Erin_Gorba Says:

    MSG is an excitotoxin. It can excite brain cells to death, ie “KIMBERLIN! KIMBERLIN!! KIMBERLIN!!!” (remember when everyone was “blogging” about that strawman? booing and hissing Snidely Whiplash? raised a lot of money to stay safe from the boogieman, and then what exactly? lol)

    MSG > Chick-Fil-A > Dumbass RWNJ bigot consumers = Rapid Brain Cell Death

    Not that it should be any kind of surprise at this point. Explains a lot, actually.


  5. Erin_Gorba Says:




    Verfluchte Goim!

    • PiousFlea Says:

      Say what you will about our rapidly deteriorating society, and the many tragedies and disasters that occur on a daily basis. I for one, find consolation in the fact that Ron Brynaert is out there making a difference by protecting poor Brandon Darby from all of those unfair smears that have so besmirched the reputation of this stalwart sqare-jawed all-American Hero.

      Thank you RON!!

      Thank you for making a difference!

      And to think that some schmuck at the now apparently defunct Breitbart Unmasked blog was claiming that RON was a LE informer! Ha!

      How absurd.

      • kidkenoma Says:

        Goddammit Flea, let’s put an end to this tin-foil nuttery right now!

        Look – I’m tryna run a respectable blog here, so let’s not go off the deep end with the MK-ULTRA mind-control stuff.

        Whadda you think this is? Rigorous Intuition?

        Just because Wade Michael Page was a White Supremacist Army “Psy-Ops” specialist doesn’t mean anything! Army Psy-Ops is a noble and respected intelligence unit of long standing, staffed with fine upstanding distinguished elite, cream-of-the-crop personnel, like Col. Michael Aquino for instance, whose extended liason with the Rev. Gary Hambright has exemplified the potential for collaborative private-sector childcare options without interference from nasty Big Government.

        Perhaps Ron or Seth will step in to quell the unfair smear campaign that Rauhauser has directed towards these uncompromising American Patriots as well.

        Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?

        Now you know Ron & Prepostericity & Darby don’t like “conspiracy theories”, “convolution”, and SWATT-mockery, so don’t even go there.

        They would not approve.






        You don’t want to court disapproval, now do you?

        (can’t you just feel that knee jerkin’?)

        So just put it out of your mind. Let a credible no-nonsense journalist of heroic proportions explain it all away for you so that you don’t have to even think about it.

        JFK? Oswald did it. Case closed.

        Sharon Tate? Obviously Manson was the first #OWS leader. Need I say more?

        9/11? Buncha mooslim towel-heads in a cave somewhere. Like al-Queda n’ stuff. Guilty as charged!

        Darby? A total patriot. Just a proud American doing his duty to protect and save lives like your own – you miserable ungrateful stinkin’ unwashed rabble!


        Cut to:

        Darby & Stranahan’s benefactor, The Fatboy, is beside himself with moral outrage…
        He rants:
        (drops dead in shuddering convulsions–no wait! a few last words as we lean forward to hear the impromptu last will & testament):
        “…Stranahan is my heir…my protegé…tell Lee to make T-shirts imprinted with my jowly bloated face to sell at swapmeets…go ahead Lee…make some money…buy some teeth with my blessing…maybe get a rug for Darby too…bleh…”

        UPDATE: No impropriety in Fatboy’s repugnant demise!

        REPEAT: No conspiracy…Darby did NOT use one of those CIA-designed-but-now-commercially-available-heartdart-guns to remove the annoying obstacle between him and $10,000,000…(fadeout)

        Cut to: press-conference in front of the Alinsky Foundation…the Coroner pontificates: “It is our indisputable, and entirely credible finding that Mr. Fatboy’s untimely demise was largely the result of the ill-advised consumption of an entire $18 Brentwood Bar n’ Grill serving of Mac n’ Cheese with a desert of Hot Fresh Doughnuts with hot fudge strawberry sauce and spiced rum custard in one sitting…no convolution…….
        everything’s OK…everything’s explained….. …yes…..nothing to see…just go on home…”


        Feel better yet?

        Let’s do lunch!


  6. Erin_Gorba Says:

    Even if the FBI doesn’t trust their own informant Brandon Darby, Ron Brynaert does, and that’s endorsement enough for me.

    I sleep easier at night knowing that vicious terrorists like Crowder and McKay are off the streets and behind bars where they belong. Thank God! And thank you Brandon and Ron for keeping it real and not letting us get sidetracked by these piddling punk misdemeanor pranksters like Loughner, Holmes, Page, and assorted would be #Obamassassins who are just using their 1st amendment right to express themselves.

    Ron, please help stop the smearing of poor Brandon Darby, who has had to endure so many indignities and baseless accusations since vile lying liar Riad Hamad drowned himself in Lady Bug Lake with his hands and legs bound with duct-tape, just to embarrass this fine Americam Patriot, Brandon Darby.

    It must be tough for Darby. A lone crusader for truth and justice. A two-fisted Patriarchial Patriot fighting a bitter #WAR for freedom from reason, and for the brutal subjugation of feminist ideology wherever it may be found, with nobody to cover(up) his back but Ron Brynaert. Thank you Ron! Keep up the good work! It must be great knowing that you haven’t been wasting your life!

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