10 Responses to “REMEMBRANCE”

  1. Every new day is a gift
    it’s a song of redemption
    any expression of love
    is the way to return
    to that place that I think of so often
    but never mention
    the one the voice
    in the back of my head
    says that I don’t deserve

    Come fire,
    come water
    come karma
    we’re all in transistion
    the wheel of becoming
    erases the physical mind
    till all that remains
    is a staircase of misinformation
    and the code we inherit
    the basis
    the essence of life
    inside some cloudy nostalgia
    where there are no features
    look at ourselves through a porthole
    the passage of time
    See that sunny day
    that we snuck down
    hid under the bleachers
    kissed as the band marched
    everything fell into line

    So I go
    umbrella under my arm
    into the green of the radar
    How’d I get so lost?
    I’m amazed
    It’s just so bizarre
    all the things I’m afraid of
    Why do I hide from the rain?

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