In which Swatterico and his trolls discuss the super secret Breitphart emails…

Branson Derpy to Swatterico: Remember that winter’s night, up in my cabin in Maine, just you & I?

Swatterico: Oh…heh-heh, all right!


4 Responses to “SWATTERICO”

  1. PiousFlea Says:

    Jeezis, my loins swelleth with rapacious desire just thinking about it…

    “And the winner is…Lee Stranahan from Breitbart, because he looks like he could score us some biker meth.” [LOL]

    Ali Akbar? er…


    And–yo, speaking of HAWT conservative women, compare Liberty_Chick/Mandy Nagy seen on the left side of the screen at the end of this vid, to her twitter avatar:


    Who says flattery will get you nowhere?

  2. Phaedra Says:

    Back in Michigan: Not welcome back McCotter


    And remember, Republicans like kids!

  3. PiousFlea Says:

    Zapem/X0pht! (Xs & Zs are way cool! or at least less-sick)

    The complete collection! So far.


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