11 Responses to “LIKE SUMMER WITH ICE”

  1. Casillda Says:

    Thoroughly investigate negative action, despite every lesson guaranteeing a different omission.

  2. Reality in perspective: The idea near actuality, defines eternal life games as decisive occurrence.

    • kidkenoma Says:

      We got up awhile ago and had breakfast at a local overpriced-but-oh-so-atmospheric hipster hangout, and then took a leisurely stroll over to Minuteman for a replacement bong stem, then come home and log on to find that I’m being referred to in the past tense.

      Well I’m past tense. In fact, I’m pretty relaxed as a benefit of this latest hookah upgrade.

      I do want to point out for the record that, although I did clean up a lot of kitty-litter in my time, I never once inhaled.

      Kitty poop that is.

      And just because the phone service is down (sporadically for like the last two years yeah I know but hey that’s the price we pay for living in a transdimensional enhanced levity vortex) doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ve shuffled off to Buffalo. Yet.

      I will now endeavor to reply to the dozen or so emails in the order taken. 🙂

  3. Remember July 3rd?

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