Taking shelter from a hostile, drizzly Midwestern sky, I stepped into a bookstore on Greenfield Road as a hedge against the relentless precipitation.

And there, in the maze of books that covered every square inch of wall space, with shelfs giving way to random stacks in the less well-lit area in the back of the store, the Proprietor – one of those social misfit types – informed me that I could find some of the most extreme lunatic fringe crank literature available anyplace, somewhere in those dusty stacks – if I sifted through them enough – in response to my inquiry, and with a possibly substance inspired twinkle in his eye, he wandered back out into the maze.

He seemed to know a lot more than he was telling, but for now it was enough to be advised that a random open channel might be found amongst the stacks of magazines, yellowed pamphlets, and shopworn volumes.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Here we have a copy of:

‘The Beacon Light Herald’ Volume 31 October – November – December 1963 Nos. 10, 11 & 12

This would be a cheaply printed monthly paper bound magazine/pamphlet published by arch-conservative William Kullgren in Atascadero California.

One article by Wesley A. Swift: ‘Pagan White House Ritual’, expresses outrage & disgust at the fact of the first Bar-Mitzvah being performed at the Kennedy White House.

Lots more rants against Jews, the UN, Commies, “Negroes”, and the Liberal Press.

Except for the emphasis on anti-semitism, and some channeled messages from Jesus, pretty much interchangable with modern Teabaggism.

Ah, but it’s the astrolgical readings that make the ‘Beacon Light Herald’ a Document of Historical Interest, at least to me. I mean, is it the ravings of an especially prescient, but crazed astrologer, or possibly a “bulletin board” dead drop for a certain breed of people?

Let’s look at a few selected excerpts, shall we?


During October and November Mr Kennedy will feel the effect of Uranus as it squares his Sun. He has acted like a dictator. Well, the people are going to show him that two can play at that game. I am afraid Mr. Kennedy is going to become somewhat “unstuck”, that he will not live up to his Libra ascendant.


On Novenber 16th lunation we have a concentration of planets in the 3rd house.

Of course a lot can happen before election day. I am afraid that Mr. Kennedy is a “dead duck” politically speaking. His Libra ascendant is all right when the sun is shining. He likes the applause of the people. I am keeping my eye on Uranus and Pluto, which is close to a conjunction – and at this time it is in the 12th house. Oh yes, the scheming is going on – dirty work is being planned. Will he be able to steal this election as he did the last one because those in the “know” agree that the election was stolen?

Jupiter in the 7th indicates a coalition is taking place among the conservatives.

In my opinion the balance of power will change in the month of November, that is politically speaking.

There is no “if” about it, the Messiah is going to set up the New Order.

Again I say this is the end of the Old Dispensation. The wrecking crew is in action.

I would like to draw your attention to the November 16th lunation where we find Uranus and Pluto conjoined in the 12th house, the house that has much to do with planning and plotting. In plain English that combination indicates dirty work at the crossroads. Like an iceburg most of it is underwater, 12th house influence.


Now let us look at Saturn in the 8th house. It is more than possible that the death of a prominent individual, Congressman or otherwise, will throw a monkey-wrench into their plans.


Or so sez William Kullgren.

By the way, checked out Twitter lately?


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