1. kidkenoma Says:

    For those of you playing at home, in case you missed the connection, Universal Auto World was co-owned by hate-monger birther extrordinaire Pamela Geller and her then husband Michael Oshry. A real snake-pit.

    And even a passing glance at her grim visage reveals the extent of her obvious demonic possession. Ms. Geller has four children. Lucky them.

    She sure seems uh, “empowered” by that telescope…


    Also, to clarify: No relation or direct connection is implied between Collin Thomas and Clarence Thomas, at least as far as we know. The point – or one of them – being made here is the level of ubiquitous criminal misconduct all across the spectrum of Teabagger wingnut aspirations.

    What once might have been a fringe aberration in the Nixon/Watergate days, has grown like a bloomin’ tumor, and is now the accepted ethical norm.

    So let’s kick in some donations for O’Keefe, Worthing, Akbar, Patterico, AssOfHats, Robert “Fudgy” McCain, and Perpostericity, who really need that dough to continue their good work.

    Yeah, I know there’s a bunch of starving toxified humans dying slowly all across the third world, and maybe in our own country, your own state, or even in one’s own town.

    But hey, fuck those losers!

    Buncha commie queer knee-grow Mooslims anyhoo.

    Serves them right!

    Pennies For Pinochet!!

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