7 Responses to “TIME OF THE ASSASSINS (Foster FrieSS)”

  1. In case anybody thought the Republican War On Women was just a “fluke”…

    “Hey, is that an asprin between your knees, or are you just glad to see me?”

    Wonder if old Frosty owns any Bayer stock?

    • Aw, I don’t think that Bayer would ship HIV tainted vaccine overseas, what with that cute lil’ baby on the logo and all…

      “The correspondence between BAYER and the Auschwitz Concentration camp gruesomely documented experiments on humans. BAYER put an order for 150 women, necessary for new experiments. They were deemed ‘sufficient’ despite ‘their miserable state of health’ after ‘delivery’.

      There it meant, ‘the experiment has been carried out. All test subjects are dead. We would like to inform you that we will be needing a new delivery shortly.”

      Guess they started their War On Women early. Kudos on the Repugs for catching up.



  2. Ever check the wiki entry on Foster Friess?

    Usually, conservative “christian” businessmen with nothing to hide will blather on a quite some length about their parents – especially Dear Old Dad, and the awesomely impressive lineage of their pedigree.

    So who raised Foster Friess?

    Something missink from wiki entry.

    Did he have foster parents?

    Like to see this dudes birth certificate, ja? JA?

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