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HOCUS POTUS (zap’em Breitbots)

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Say, aren’t some of these folks ultra palsy walsy with Pamela Geller & Robert Stacy McCain?


ROMNEY’S JIHAD (9/11/57)

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“We will trample down our enemies and make it one gore of blood from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean. I will be to this generation a second Mohammed, whose motto for treating for peace was ‘the Koran or the Sword.’ So shall it eventually be with us – ‘Joseph Smith or the Sword!”

–Joseph Smith Oct 14 1838

Cited in ‘No Man Knows My History’ – by Fawn Brody

pages 230-231

Vintage Books edition 1995

(this speech is based on the accounts of seven men, including the affadavits of T.B. Marsh, Orson Hyde, George M. Hinkle, John Corril, W.W. Phelps, Sampson Avard, and Reed Peck in ‘Correspondence, Orders, etc, in relation to the disturbances with the Mormons; and the evidence given before the Hon. Austin A. King, Judge of the Fifth Judicial Circuit of the State of Missouri. at the court-house in Richmond, begun in November 12, 1838, on the trial of Joseph Smith Jr and others for high treason and other crimes against the state.’)

So you probably want cause & effect, so howzabout Mormon militia dressed as Native Americans to mercilessly attack immigrants, slaughtering all and slitting the throats of children begging for mercy, all to be blamed on the “injuns”, because “God”, who lives on the planet Kolob (hie!), said it was OK.

The year? 1857

The day? September 11…

Heh. Kinda brings to mind something that Georges Santayana (or was it Jim Jones?) said:

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

False flag provocateur act of terror…9/11?

It’s your choice…


Reading from the ‘Carlton Report’ 1902


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So lemme see…

An FBI informant

Based in Dallas

Posed as a leftist in New Orleans

Made an “unofficial”, but important trip to Venezuala, or was it Russia?

Jeeez…sounds kinda familiar…

Oh yeah, I think I know who you mean…

Is everybody in?


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Why does Stranahan cover up 403 area code caller to his show?

Why is Patterico trying to frame Brynaert, while covering up and lying about his own alleged SWATting?

Who pays the traveling expenses for Stranahan, Darby, and Mandy Nagy?

Harlan Crow? Foster Friess?