45 Responses to “13 SEASONS”

  1. Doppelgänger Says:

  2. Do something with something. Do.
    Indeed! 😀 Words to live by. Wish I could do something. Just feel like I’ve been doing nothing…hope everybody’s OK…K…Kkk k k

  3. Doppelgänger Says:

    Don’t know where the Kid is, but I hope that she knows that her Curse has worked once again: DEAD BREITBART.

    Sodomizing male escorts while honking big gobs of cocaine probably a contributing factor in Breitbart’s demise, but The Curse must have helped put it over the edge. Either way, that’s all for that vile cocksucker roasting in hell. All of your lies will not help you now. Can’t take your Big Porn money with you. Boo hoo.

    • JackCulross Says:

      What? The Kid Kurse? Heh, maybe. I had just assumed that it was much needed divine intervention in preparation for 2012 Mookpocalypse providing absolute proof once and for all of a diety of divine justice at work in an otherwise chaotic and often meaningless world. Or maybe it was just Rauhauser with that Heart Attack Gun he got from Chet Uber. Either way, I guess we won’t be seeing that Obama college radical video now. Or will we?

    • Yes, either way. Absolutely. (snark)

  4. That’s right, wow… her Curse has no bounds. But where is she?

  5. Doppelgänger Says:

    I remember seeing this video posted on kkblog a while back and like most of the stuff posted here, no matter how incomprehensible, is probably there for a reason. Especially when considered in the context of other material posted here as part of a conceptual jigsaw puzzle.

    • Yes it’s a matter of time
      if you were wondering
      The angel of History
      turned his head
      to look at me
      burning in the speed
      of time preceding
      but I got distracted
      and my thoughts
      they wandered away

      …current return me to the sea…

      –the Sandwitches

  6. As reclusive & elusive as Pynchon, ! ..well, happy annual celebration of Equinox, Spring, Easter, and other beginnings…..

  7. Bee Emgee Says:

    (aren’t you even curious to know if your voodoo worked?)

  8. Bee Emgee Says:


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