16 Responses to “DAM”

  1. RIP MK.

    Just heard yesterday. This is so very sad.

    Terri, are you OK?

    Please email me at the old account. We need to talk.

  2. R.I.P. Michael Davis DAM

  3. What goes around, comes around:

    So he wants someone to fire the first shot? Cool! Mind if I fire the second? 🙂

  4. Lots of Teabaggers are unhappy with their current presidential prospects as they melt down in front of them, and see no improvement no matter how often they invoke the holy acronyms POTUS and SCOTUS.

    If only a Real Patriot would come along that embodies their basic core values with a flash of political clarity as bracing as a cattle-prod to the genitals.

    Ah, a Teabagger can dream, can’t they?

    • Yo!

      Team Themis

      Project Veritas

      Team Breitbart/Team Murdoch

      As a noted conservative philosopher, whose racial policies were almost identical to modern Teabaggery, was heard to say:

      “Don’t do anything illegal–Beware of the eagle!”

    • DL_Chastain Says:

      LIBER OZ GOAT: (must plane steel hit kite?)

  5. It’s a beggar’s life said The Queen of Spain…

    • So yeah, Patterico has opted for a little diversity from his usual MO in a stunning departure from his serial stalking, harrassing, bullying, and intimidation of perky, attractive young African-American ladies (Gennette Cordova, Nadia Naffe etc.), to harrassing, bullying and unsuccessfully (once again) attempting to intimidate a caucasian woman this time, The Queen of Spain, who seems VERY unimpressed with the Big P.

      I’d like to see a review of P’s past caseload with special scrutiny applied to John Patrick Frey aka Patterico’s interactions with women of colour in the jurisdiction of Compton and elsewhere.

      Seems kind of like a deeply ingrained pattern.

      Is Justice still being served even if you don’t leave a big tip?

      I wonder…

      He thought he could push The Queen of Spain around? Just wait until you meet The King In Yellow pal. It’s inevitable, as you will soon find out.

      Just ask Andrew. 🙂

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