[the following comment is entirely by Prepostericity’s most loyal and athletic supporter, Donkeytale at Pffugeecamp forum]

This is your great winter romance isn’t it Socrates?

Why don’t you talk about the real reason you have been after Brad eh? You once worked for him, then when you pulled your take over his blog shtick he dumped you over the side, and when that happened, well, you got mad. Then Mr. Lou Aubuchont got in your face calling you a homosexual, which got your blood pumping for his hide. Ever since then Lou Aubuchont has been on your radar screen, and as a matter of fact, you still stalk him to this day.

Well one day your stalking went too far, Brad may have slipped up and gave your info to him and others probing your fakery, and it was at this point you decided to go after Brad with a vengeance. And it was because he gave your so called private info which he had on you to Lou, and Lou then called the police on you and possibly they visited you and forced you back on your medication, thus clearing it up that you needed to stay away from Lou or else face arrest.

It was at this very critical point in your life that you claimed to others that Brad was going to pay, and pay well for his giving your private info up as Jay Reynolds to Lou. (This is documented)

Ever since then you have been acting like a rejected lover who goes after his ex lover until he kills him. This is why Lou called you a homosexual, because in fact you were coming on to him as one, and he took it personally and told you to back off. Now, I don’t really have anything to say about you being gay or not being gay or whatever, because this is not about gayness. What it is about is the reality that you went after Brad because he leaked your personal info which he had on you to Lou, and ever since then you have been after Brad, and when they stopped you from going after Lou because Lou was going to have you arrested, you started going after the weakest link in the chain, and that was Brad. And it was because you felt that Brad was a weak sister, and one to pound day after day just like a rejected lover would do knowing that Brad would probably never respond to you in kind. At any rate, I think you are in fact gay, but not a nice gay, but a guy who threatens people or destroys them when he is rejected by those he loves and or respects.

You have given many people indications that you fall in love with them when you see them. This is your special kindred bond you have with various people on the net, and when it goes further and people wake up and see it for what it is and reject you, you strike out like a spoiled child, looking to destroy that which refuses to love you back. That is about what it is right Socrates? It is about rejection right? Same happened with Donkeytale your best friend. Once he called you out on your gayness he also became another enemy of yours, now you even call him a pedo just to cover up that donkeytale knew all about you and how you were in real life.

Anyway, as I said, this isn’t about your gayness or your mental issues. This is about who you are and what you are, and we know who you are, and we also know what you are. Remember Socrates, the right wing will eat their children if it suits them and one day you will find that out. Until then, enjoy looking for love in all the wrong places…

–Donkeytale at Pffugeecamp 10/15/10 AM UTC



    • kidkenoma Says:

      Judex rules! 🙂

      Judex is on the case.

      Judex might be slightly rattled on Judexedrine, which is not at all kosher, although it kinda sounds like it would be.

      Judex is down with the doves.

      Like the Shadow, Judex can peer deep into the heart & soul of any human, and whereby having done so, Judex is not amused…


      Sounded like some interesting books you were starting on last week. I wonder how it’s going?

      Narby seems like the leading cutting-edge contender in the psychonaught competition, and seemingly the least compromised, although it may be that I just don’t know that much about him.

      I often listened devotedly to Terrence McKenna on late-night public radio, and have scrutinized ‘The Archaic Revival’ in detail for some years now, and have always found it full of fascinating ideas on a whole range of subjects that I’m interested in, and consider much of the information to be potentially quite crucial, but over time, as we pan back to get a little bit more of the Big Picture into the frame, it becomes glaringly apparent that McKenna was quite selective in his presentation of the history of the use of psychedelics, and that stuff that he left out acquires even more weighted significance in light of TM’s connection to the Esalen Institute, and some of the political science social engineering that has been taking place there pretty consistently for decades.

      Also, when in the course of human events, someone sez: “So yeah, I was traveling through the far east for a while”
      And I sez, “Oh, where did you go? How did you afford it?”
      And they sez, “Well, In Nepal, I studied Tibetan painting, and smuggled hash, but I had to split to avoid a bust, so I went to Indonesia to collect exotic butterflies for a research institute, and then I worked as an English teacher in Tokyo,”
      …I just usually figure they must work for The Company and don’t want to talk about it.

      I don’t know if you’ve ever encountered DMT, but the first thing to get used to is the smell, which is that of some very weird, pungent plastic that evokes some liminal memory of a long forgotten toy from early childhood. But that’s only until you light it, and start inhaling a nice big, deep hit, which you suddenly realize to your dismay, tastes exACTly like mothballs seasoned by a 20 year stay in a hermetically sealed trunk, as you’re wondering, “Is this a joke? Is this the real stuff? I guess it must be, but is it even fit for human consumption? Well, Terrence McKenna smoked this stuff all the time and it didn’t hurt him, or did it?” But it’s a moot point by now, as you notice a tunnel opening in front of your closed eyes, out of which is pouring a cornucopia of symbols, letters of unknown languages, geometric shapes, impossible angles, word molecules, cubes, pyramids, merkabahs…and a weird high-pitched tone that sounds a whole lot like one of those 528hz samples that I’ve tucked into various corners of this very blog…

      And of course Terrence McKenna was the most credible sounding of those promoting the 2012 meme, which I neither rule out, or buy into.

      McKenna’s take on 2012, was his hypothesis of an event, a singularity that would cast a shadow backward in time. I find this to be a fascinating idea, which is consistent with my suspicion that other events including the JFK assassination, the Tate-LaBianca murders, and most especially 9/11 all seemed to leave a retrocausal imprint in the linear timeline, which was alluded to in my own whimsical fashion in ‘The Last Statue’, by the concept of ‘The Book of JNDK’, which left (apparently unnoticed) traces in retrocausally altered pop-culture.

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