4 Responses to “PLAN BEE”

  1. That’s a lot of snake handling! And a few bird holding, even a dove. But never both at once, i think. I seem to remember some birds being terrified of snakes, ribbons, things with little faces, or anything resembling a snakey thing!
    On a similar note, just got 3 book in the mail, The Cosmic Serpent being one.
    DMT the Spirit Molecule & The Archaic Revival the others. Time to read.

    • What a marvellous reading list!

      I trust you will find the experience enlightening, little bird.

      I agree to trust in the Goddess. I fear not the void.

      I put my faith in the dumb luck.

      I kinda know how that works.

      This all reminds me, I must continue to carve my snake wand!

      Cya later.

  2. I see I’m in that weird part of WordPress again o_O

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