9 Responses to “OPERATION ARCHANGEL (Warren Worthington III)”

  1. Find out what about @AaronWorthing’s novel has upset left wing criminal Ron Brynaert @ronbryn: http://www.amazon.com/s/?tag=patterspontif-20&link_code=wsw&_encoding=UTF-8&search-alias=aps&field-keywords=archangel+aaron+worthing&Submit.x=0&Submit.y=0&Submit=Go


    This review is limited to the Kindle preview, but since I’m probably the only person other than Aaron who read his entire conspiracy theory motion in the Brett Kimberlin vs. Socrates saga…that’s probably more than most of his cheering friends will read.

    I’m not sure which upset me more: Aaron’s writing or Dustin’s editing.

    Opening with an attempted gang rape of a virgin bride who is “practically bursting” on page one may appeal to the red staters, but even some of them will get offended at the lightning quick jump to 9/11 which Worthing introduces with a body falling from the sky.

    Chapter One is kind of fun and comic booky, but when a FDNY captain tells his firefighters on 9/11, “We find anyone trapped in the building, or too stupid to leave, and we get them out,” I wondered how a 9/11 victim’s relative might feel upon reading it.

    In Mr. Worthing’s book, the passengers on United Airlines Flight 93 turn the tables on the terrorists and Jeremy Glick – one of the real victims that day – helps by holding a gun. Mr. Glick’s son got into a famous shouting match with Bill O’Reilly and something tells me he hasn’t been sitting around waiting for the day when lawyer who spends most of his waking hours as an anonymous troll – and ran a blog that posted cartoons to offend Muslims – would resurrect his dad in a comic book right wing fantasy.

    Real names enter the mix, but Mr. ahem “Worthing” doesn’t get inside their heads, he just assumes you know who they are already because they’re famous. This ain’t Tom Wolfe, this is more like Bill and Ted.

    “A gunshot tore through his words. The priest gurgled as blood poured from his bullet-torn throat.”


    “At that moment, she noticed something standing in the door leading to the rectory. It was only still for a instant as its eyes – green, with elongated pupils – scanned. It sprang across the room, toward her and the would-be rapist. As it flew through the air, its left hand thrust out in the direction of the soldier guarding Melquiades. Without making contact, the soldier flew back, smashing against the wall. The creature swerved in mid-air and landed on the dress-tearing soldier.”


    “A soldier was killing her husband’s relatives left and right as they approached, the soldier in full panic, until his gun jammed. As the charging Filipinos reached him, he struck out with the butt of his rifle. It only delayed them as they grabbed him and pummeled him to death.”


    “She pushed him against the side of the plane and touched his body as she inspected for weapons. In hi suicide video, Saeed had specified that no woman (a.k.a. “infidel whore”) should touch his genitals. Now this one was groping his body in a way that made Ahmed burn with fury – fury born in part from desire.”


    “Below them all, the capitol was in full panic, the Congresspersons, their respective staff members, tourists and members of the press scattered at word that a fourth plane was in the area. On the steps of the Capital Building, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry emerged from the building to see the plane passing over the White House and diving straight toward his position. Kerry froze, stunned by the sight as the plane rocked and pitched in the sky. Arizona Senator John McCain emerged from the same building and after a stunned moment began to run. Then, seeing Senator Kerry, McCain ran back to where he was and shouted, “John!”

    “Kerry suddenly remembered himself. “Shit,” he said as he began to run, McCain following close behind, his stride rendered awkwar by his Vietnam-era injuries.

    • Comic book heroes on 9/11? See vid at top of page^^^

      Warren Worthington III aka “Archangel



      Check out this vid at 07:00

      Squint hard and look at it Cyde Weys. If you click to this vid’s youtube page, and are able to retrieve comments from the last three days, you will find several comments–now deleted–that reference personage in vid as “looks just like Dustin” and other variations with that name. Coincidence or no?

      • Haha, it does.

        Cyde Weys is indeed responsible for whatever that Wikipedia page does…and Dustin claims to know him, but that’s an article i need to edit….and apologize to readers for….

        The original picture of Dustin for the @dust92 account is not Ben McIlwain, it’s somebody else who had the Twitter account prior.

        However, Dustin, most probably, does indeed live or work in Georgetown, Texas.

        I haven’t been in a rush to fix it for some strange reason…but almost definitely will soon.

        There’s lots of stuff I got wrong. Probably lots of stuff I’ll get wrong in the future, too, since this is a crazy story.

      • But you’re ignoring the comment by the real Socrates just below it.

        He left the paragraph in the above comment many places but someone put the May41970 sentence in.

        He could be telling the truth about that….it’s really hard to say.

        PS: Do you think Soc really told the cops that you were cyber smearing him like he claims in his blog?

        “Hiya Elvis, Russ was kind enough to let me start over. I am using a proxy, so my exact hometown isn’t given away. Maybe someday I will emerge. I am trying my best.

        The person above stole my online identity. This is the third known website that this person has done this. But like you told me before, it is something you are well aware of being that you are the real Elvis. {humour}”

      • SallyShears Says:

        It does seem sort of quaint, doesn’t it, that none of the morons at Qritiq’s blog, on the “Meeting of the Minds” thread who were discussing the review of Worthing’s “novel” by one “Mason Smith”, seem to connect the delicious irony of Mr. “Smith’s” alleged place of residency, Monte Rio California, as being the home to Bohemian Grove, or is that just too woo-woo far out?

        Stay in your box!

        Meanwhile, back to:

        “You’re a liar!”

        “No, YOU’re a liar!”

        “No, you!”

        “No, YOU!”


  2. Left side of frame in background: twin rectangular structures jutting into the sky apparently in, or close to, some very non-commercial jet traffic, while jagged angular lightning bolts flash between twin structures and elsewhere, and at the end of the road is a future so bright you have to wear shades….


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