1. kidkenoma Says:

    “I’m very grateful that you let me back into your life, T, and I’m very grateful for your expressions of affection and care. So much has happened in the last six months or so, in terms of a change in my thinking. You have, from the beginning of our correspondence–and even during the worst of times–treated me with great respect. You have been loyal to me, in spite of my own laspes, and your forgiveness has been swift and sincere. Your example of loyalty has been a great lesson to me.”

    “You needn’t to be concerned that I will fall sway to ‘another wacky-but-malevolent ** ***** explanation of who I am’. I think I’m too wide awake now to fall back asleep like that.”

    • kidkenoma Says:

      Videos? Well, if chosen carefully, they can sometimes express a great deal. Or so I was led to believe…

      • kidkenoma Says:

        In a way, videos are sorta like snapshots to be referenced for comparison lest things be remembered differently later…

  2. Everything is a remembrance to me.

    My eyes fill with tears.

    Why am I drawn to this place?

    Shall I always and ever be alone?

    Why must I intuit the secrets of the ancients?

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